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Top Casinos to Play Hot Drops Jackpot Slots Online

| June 12, 2022 10:00 am PDT
Bovada logo on left, Ignition Casino logo right, Hot Drop Jackpots imagery centered

Hot Drops Jackpots are here and if my first impressions are anything to go by, they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. 

Although this new feature is hot off the press, I’ve enjoyed trying some of the top slots with Hot Drop Jackpots. As anyone with experience playing progressive jackpot games will know, it’s tough to keep your eye off that growing prize in the corner! Where Hot Drops are concerned, there is more than one you could potentially land.

Some might call me a cynic, but I only like to spin at sites where I’m guaranteed to be paid out. I must be nuts, right? But let’s leave jokes to one side for a minute and try to imagine winning a jackpot and never seeing a red cent of it in your account. I know, right? 

I will be looking at the best casinos with Hot Drops progressive slots today to help you avoid getting stung. While I’m sure you intend to play Hot Drops at a secure online casino, not everyone will be able to discern a ripe Granny Smith from a rotten apple. 

Before I get to the top sites to play progressive Hot Drops Jackpots online, you might wonder what the fuss is about.

Where are my manners…

Hot Drops Jackpots in a Nutshell

OK, so let’s quickly cover a little about these guaranteed payouts with Hot Drop Jackpot Slots. Why are they a big deal in the real money slots realm?

Well, first off, they are new. And like any innovative change to playing slots, they have captured the imagination of a lot of players. The reason why is simple — jackpots. Multiple jackpots. That means prizes that can, figuratively, drop into your lap.

In the old days, players trying to find a way how to make a progressive jackpot drop would ultimately arrive at the same conclusion. There was no science behind it. Instead, that growing pot of cash would randomly be triggered by some lucky randomer somewhere in the world.

The worst part was that it would progressively grow, adding to the excitement, before just shrinking one day for no apparent reason.

Well, there was a reason. Most crucially was that you didn’t win.

So, cue another bunch of money fed into Mega Moolah and other games until the same happens again and again. If you’re reading this — and were one of the lucky winners of the biggest progressive jackpots of all time — I’ll say congratulations. But one of the fingers on my right-hand doesn’t seem to want to go down at the thought of your success.

If you are also on the team “I never won a progressive jackpot,” you can understand the frustration. You might also be sympathetic to why players are hitting the top casinos to play Hot Drops Jackpots in big numbers. Not only are there numerous jackpots up for grabs, but they can be won much more frequently.

How Frequently Do Hot Drops Jackpots Pay Out?

Good question. If you’re wondering how often progressive jackpots payout, you should know it’s completely random.

But if you’re playing Hot Drops Jackpots at the best casinos, the good news is that one of the three pays before every hour. The second hits before the end of each day. And the other? Well, that’s slightly different as it drops before a certain amount. But it can be triggered just as easily as the other two if you are lucky.


Please don’t confuse “as easily” with as frequently. While you could potentially win the Hot Drops Super Jackpot with just one spin, you’re far likelier to land the hourly prize or the Daily Jackpot.

I put together a sneak preview for those hoping to Hot Drops Jackpots slots for real money. It covers what you need to know about these games in a little more detail without stressing over the basic points.

Give it a read below if you have any questions. Otherwise, let’s move on to a few recommended casinos for playing Hot Drops progressives. 

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Hot Drops Jackpot Slots Coming Soon

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of me announcing that Hot Drops Jackpot Slots are almost here! What did you say? You want to know what Hot Drop Jackpot Slots are. Well, I’ll explain all of that to you today. I hope to answer any questions you...

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Play Hot Drops Progressive Jackpot Slots at Bovada

Bovada logo

Bovada is consistently rated as one of the best online casinos in business today. 

And what do you know? It’s also the first site to play Hot Drops Jackpots that I have mentioned by name. Of course, this doesn’t diminish the appeal of the casinos on this list. All are here on merit and simply placed in alphabetic order. 

What makes a top casino with Hot Drops Jackpots is the complete package. What you might label an excellent all-around site might differ from my take. But I would happily wager that if we’re on the same page, we’re incredibly close. 

Here are a few reasons Bovada is among the leading casino sites for jackpot slots, in general.

  • They Have Hot Drops Jackpots.
  • Safe, Secure, and 100% Trustworthy.
  • Excellent Selection of Games.
  • Great Site Design.
  • Option to Play Slots for Free via Demo Mode.
  • Huge Catalog of Progressives and Regular Slot Titles.
  • Generous Bonus Scheme.

That is by no means an exhaustive list of reasons to play Hot Drop Jackpots for real money with Bovada.

Naturally, you’re not going to be able to find ways to win the Hot Drops progressives playing for free. It’s impossible. But you can potentially land a nice helping hand as a welcome bonus. Doing so could give you a better chance of dropping a pot.

If you’ve read our review and are sold on this site, you can play Hot Drops Jackpots online at Bovada now.

Slots.LV Has Hot Drops Jackpots Games

Show me the best online casinos to play Hot Drops Jackpots on, and I’ll show you someone who is thinking logically. 

You can find numerous Hot Drops progressives online. But as alluded to earlier, you only want to be playing at safe and trustworthy sites. This is something to keep in mind whether you are betting on sports or sampling the many top progressive slots in the Slots.lv library.

If the name hasn’t already given it away, this casino is steadfastly committed to providing slots lovers with a place to hang out. Love slots? If so, this is somewhere to check out. Although it’s obvious why they are in my recommended sites to play jackpot slots like Hot Drops, there are more reasons why I like this crowd.

For instance, it’s one of the first sites I recommend for those who ask where to play slots with Bitcoin

If you’re playing Hot Drops Jackpots with Bitcoin, you can get your hands on up to $7,500 in bonus cash on your first nine deposits.

Furthermore, the company behind the site has a solid reputation. Neither our expert casino reviewers nor I have heard of any scandals involving the site, and they appear to be on the ball with paying out winners. 

Oh, and did I mention they have A Night with Cleo? That’s a solid game right there. One consistently gets good ratings in the best jackpot slots to play online. 

The most pertinent reason you should consider giving this crowd a try is that they are one of the best sites with Hot Drops Jackpot Slots. End of the conversation!

Spin Some Hot Drops Slots at Cafe Casino

If Cafe Casino invokes an image of sitting down in Sorrento with a nice espresso, playing some games, all the better.

Unfortunately, you’re not guaranteed to get a nice caffeine boost from playing here. But you will find some of the best Hot Drops Jackpot games on any casino out there. And who needs coffee when you can amp up the fun by trying to land a pot before the morning is out?

As with the other casinos on this list, you will find a range of the top Hot Drop Jackpot slots online on their site. These include the following titles. 

Golden Buffalo logo
  • 777 Deluxe
  • Golden Buffalo
  • A Night with Cleo

You can expect the library of games you can play for Hot Drops Jackpot wins to expand soon. 

Remember, these progressives are like the new kid joining school halfway through a semester at this stage. They’re still finding their feet, so don’t throw crunched-up paper balls at their head before you get to know them. Throw oranges instead. Duh.

Moving on, Cafe Casino makes the grade when it comes to online casinos for Hot Drops Jackpot games. You can check out the review at the top of this section or sample what the site has to offer right now.

Try Your Luck at Ignition Casino

Our unbiased Ignition Casino review will tell you what there is to know about these guys.

And while I’m a fan of what I have seen, you shouldn’t take my word for it. After all, what I rate with mega points of approval might be a little further down your list of criteria. But these guys deserve a mention if you’re looking for one of the top Hot Drops casinos for real money.

With over 30 of the best progressive jackpots to play online, including Hot Drops titles, what you see is what you get. And what you get, especially if you love slots, is pretty dang impressive, especially if you are a fan of sites with real money slot apps.

As you can see from the video above, there is a combined $5 million Hot Drops Jackpot payouts each month. 

The Super Jackpot averages out at $250,000, which is awesome. Especially when you remember that these jackpots must pay out at a certain point, if that’s not enough to get you excited, maybe you’re harder to please. I see nothing wrong with that at all.

Whatever is on your mind, Ignition Casino is open for business if you want to give Hot Drops Jackpots a shot now.

Other Top Sites to Play Hot Drops Jackpot Slots

That’s four of the top sites to play and hopefully win Hot Drops Jackpot slots at. 

Understandably, there are others out there that also provide these games. In the end, I considered adding some but didn’t feel comfortable doing so. I have my reasons for that. Those reasons are that, well, they just weren’t really up to scratch in other areas. 

The good news is that you can always find other casinos with the best progressive jackpot games and try them out for yourself. That is, if you feel it necessary not to go with one of the sites above. Or, you could perhaps give Bodog a try if you are playing from Canada or other eligible jurisdictions outside of the United States. 

You can see Cleo, those Buffalo, and a trio of as equally non-sentient 7s in their latest tweet promoting Hot Drop slots online. 

Bodog is a solid site, most definitely, for anyone eligible to play with them. If you would like to give our balanced review of Bodog a read before you try them out, feel free. But if you’re ready to test your fortune on one of their Hot Drops titles, go ahead.

Will More Top Casinos Offer Hot Drops Jackpot Slots?

I’ve covered what I believe to be the best casinos with Hot Drops progressive jackpot slots. But to answer the question above, yes.

Many other sites will offer Hot Drops Jackpots online in the coming months. It’s not a case of if but when. As the popularity of these progressive slots surges, the volume of sites offering games with these unique prizes will grow with it. That’s how these things work.

You can look for more of the best sites with Hot Drops progressives by visiting our best new casinos.

While it will take a while for most leading casino sites to get onboard with Hot Drops Jackpots slots, you have several solid suggestions on this page. So, make sure to bookmark this guide to Hot Drops Jackpot slots so you can come back and try them out. 

If slots aren’t your thing, and you have found yourself here by way of a rolling wave of curiosity, that’s cool. Perhaps you can find something else to get stuck into if you are a fan of online gambling in the US.

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