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Super Bowl 56 Props – 8 Crazy Prop Bets Worth Targeting in 2022

| February 2, 2022 10:18 am PDT

Super Bowl 2022 features a matchup few expected before the season began. Many felt the Los Angeles Rams could make it this far, but the Cincinnati Bengals?

Not so much.

This year’s Super Bowl matchup is pretty crazy, so it only makes sense to keep the wacky times going with some weird Super Bowl 56 props. Betting on Super Bowl props is part of what makes Super Bowl Sunday so appealing, and these are some of the craziest options out there.

You can bet on the 2022 Super Bowl however you want, but these crazy Super Bowl 56 props are worth a look. Here are my favorite eight for Super Bowl 2022.

Will Any Kick Hit the Upright or Crossbar?


This is a weird Super Bowl 56 prop you can find at Bovada, just because it’s not something I’d ever think to bet on. Oddly enough, it’s also interesting, seeing as the Cincinnati Bengals love to kick field goals.

Why wouldn’t they? They got themselves a total boss at the kicker position.

Seriously, they got to this point by knocking in game-winning field goals. Rookie kicker Evan McPherson has put the team on his back down the stretch, even earning himself a cool nickname.

The odds are decent that Cincy won’t pass up an opportunity to convert a field goal, and then there’s Matt Gay on the other side, who made 32 of 34 tries on the season.

There could be a good amount of kicks here, but I don’t love the likelihood that any hit the upright or crossbar. Both kickers are quite good, and it’s likely that they show up in the biggest game of their lives.

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Which Team’s Jersey Will Drake Wear?


Drake is known for his music and public appearances, including his adoration for his hometown squad, the Toronto Raptors.

He’s also notorious for cursing teams due to the jerseys he decides to sport. Here’s a quick rundown of the Drake curse to remind you what’s at risk here.

Of course, this only feels scary if you’re the team Drake opts to roll with. Right now, the Rams are favored to earn that honor, and the match checks out on that one.

L.A. arguably has more ties to Drake. That’s where a lot of the big events are that Drake attends, and he also has a good relationship with Odell Beckham Jr.

So much so, that Beckham Jr. reportedly lived with Drake for a bit, and was working out at his house.

Maybe that means nothing – and perhaps the Drake curse doesn’t live on at Super Bowl 56 – but the Rams do look like the right pick here.

Who Will the Super Bowl MVP Mention First?

None of the Above+1600

One of the best Super Bowl 56 prop bets to target is undeniably who will win the Super Bowl 2022 MVP.

You can take it one step further with this weird Super Bowl 2022 prop, however, and bet on who the eventual MVP will mention first.

There are endless routes to consider here, but Bovada checks every box. You can bet on the options given, or simply bet against all of them being the first words from the MVP winner.

Here are two things that you should keep in mind before trying to figure out who the Super Bowl 2022 MVP will mention first.

  • The MVP almost always comes from the winning team
  • A quarterback is often the Super Bowl MVP

It really is (probably) as simple as that. That likely leads bettors to Matthew Stafford or Joe Burrow, and then you just need to decide which quarterback you think will win the Super Bowl.

My pick is the Rams, which has me leaning toward teammates or family. Stafford’s wife had a public battle with a tumor, and both have leaned hard on each other in recent years.

Of course, Stafford came to a new city with a new coach that finally helped unlock his elite ability, so you could consider just about every venue here.

If you roll with Burrow, I’d put the focus on the city. Burrow is an Ohio native and if the Bengals win, it’d be the franchise’s first Lombardi Trophy.

He’d know how special that is to the city, so mentioning Cincinnati first at +500 odds would have serious appeal.

Will a Non-Quarterback Throw a Touchdown?


Ready to bet on whether there will be a trick play in the 2022 Super Bowl? Here we are, as Bovada is offering a crazy Super Bowl prop featuring a passing touchdown by any position other than a quarterback.

I’d imagine most of the passing scores will come from Matthew Stafford and Joe Burrow, but there is reason to believe the Rams and Bengals could get creative here.

For one, both teams have some dynamic weapons that can get the ball down the field. Odell Beckham Jr. has a history of tossing touchdowns, after all.

The other thing is head coaches Sean McVay and Zac Taylor know each other very well. Taylor worked under McVay, and the two deploy similar offensive systems.

Tossing a wrinkle – or trick play – into the game plan may make sense here, if only to just keep the opposition guessing.

Obviously, this is a tough bet to fully embrace, and even if a non-quarterback throws a pass, a score isn’t guaranteed. However, there is a precedent here, and the value is worth a shot at +375.

Will a Player Be Ejected from Super Bowl 56?


This prop does specifically deal with a player being ejected from the Super Bowl for fighting and/or throwing punches.

This is a family event, believe it or not, so fighting won’t be tolerated. The NFL has cracked down on taunting and physical activity beyond the whistle this year, too, so players really need to be on their best behavior.

Top Tip
I’ve got a tip for this one, though. It still isn’t that often that a player gets tossed from an NFL game. Even when they do, it’s usually for targeting a player with a dirty hit, and not for fighting.

Has a player ever been ejected from the Super Bowl? Absolutely. Bruce Irvin got tossed from Super Bowl XLIX, becoming the first and only player to earn that designation.

That said, it’d take special circumstances to create that type of instance again. There isn’t value in betting against a player being ejected from the 2022 Super Bowl, but I still doubt it happens.

Never say never, though.

Will Any Player Propose Following Super Bowl 2022?


If you’re hunting down crazy Super Bowl 2022 prop bets, this one might take the cake. For one, it has literally nothing to do with the game itself.

Secondly, it’s an insanely unpredictable bet, as there’s just no way anyone could know for sure a player had this planned. Not only that, but if a player did propose after Super Bowl 56, chances are it’d be a spur of the moment thing.

  • They’d probably need to come from the winning team
  • They’d need to be in a relationship with their significant other at the game

Those are two key details you’d need to vet before betting on whether there will be a proposal at Super Bowl 56.

My guess is a Super Bowl proposal doesn’t go down this year, but crazier things have happened. In fact, Greg Jones literally did this after his team won, so you can’t rule it out.

Will the Power Go Out During the Super Bowl?


This is a shout out to Super Bowl XLVII, which ended up being one of the best Super Bowls in NFL history. It almost wasn’t however, as the 49ers were getting waxed before a blackout interrupted the game and gave them new life.

Many argue it had a huge impact on the game, but it also created comedy. It was such a huge moment in sports history, that SNL just couldn’t help themselves.

While the Super Bowl blackout was pretty crazy, it’s tough to imagine it happening again anytime soon.

The odds indicate as much. Yes, the value with the “yes” side is alluring, but SoFi Stadium and any other venue that hosts such a huge event is going to take every precaution to ensure something like this never happens again.

This is one weird Super Bowl 56 prop that could be worth a shot just due to the odds, but it isn’t very likely to hit.

Will There Be a Flea Flicker Attempt in the Game?


There are a ton of fun Super Bowl 2022 props, but if you ask me, the crazier, the better. One last crazy Super Bowl 56 prop bet you may want to take a shot on, though, is whether there will be a flea flicker in this game.

As I mentioned before, these two coaches know each other pretty well, and that could lead to either side taking a few risks they normally don’t.

Both coaches are also creative, of course, so whether they were facing each other or not, a flea flicker would probably still be on the table.

There is precedence here, too. Cincinnati actually ran a fake flea-flicker this year, and Zac Taylor has dialed one up in the past, as well.

Sean McVay even dialed one up in the NFC title game.

None of this guarantees we see even one flea flicker in the Super Bowl. However, both coaches have capitalized on this play before, and they may opt to get extra creative in the biggest game of their lives.

Betting on Super Bowl 2022 Props

Super Bowl prop betting can be done in a less crazy fashion, to be sure. There are endless amounts of Super Bowl 56 props you can target, ranging from the halftime show to Super Bowl commercials.

In due time, I’ll highlight some great Super Bowl player props, and much more, as well.

This looks at weird Super Bowl props at least gets the ball rolling, and gives you some fun prop bets to target.

If you want to keep up with the best ways to bet on Super Bowl 2022 – props or not – be sure to bookmark our Super Bowl betting blog. There is so much that goes into betting on Super Bowl props, however, and these crazy Super Bowl 2022 props are more fun than advantageous.

You can bet on Super Bowl 56 props online or just play along at home. To do that, use our free printable Super Bowl 2022 prop betting sheets below.

Printable Super Bowl 2022 Betting Sheets - Free Sheets for Super Bowl 56 Props

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