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English Premier League Betting Tips and Advice for Beginners

Most top-flight domestic European soccer leagues have a lot in common. The rules are similar, they have a rich history, and there are at least a couple of big clubs that typically dominate the higher positions.

And yet, each of these leagues has its own characteristics that make it unique.

Learning more about these leagues and finding ways to exploit their characteristics is an excellent path to making money from betting on them. Soccer bettors should always make an effort to understand as much as they can about each league if they have ambitions of being profitable.

Naturally, the English Premier League (EPL) is no exception. In fact, we would argue that this league is probably the most exceptional of all the major soccer leagues. Its worldwide popularity is unmatched by any other, and the quality of the players and teams involved is incredibly high.

This makes betting on the English Premier League different in many ways from betting on any other soccer competition. If you want to be successful, you need to learn all about the relevant factors that set the EPL apart. This is not an easy task and can take a while, but reading this page will give you an excellent start.

Here you’ll find A LOT of useful information and advice about betting on the EPL. Our goal when creating this page was simple – we want to provide all the EPL betting tips a beginner needs to approach things in the right way and have a chance of making money.

We cover all kinds of topics that the average bettor likely pays little attention to. These include the key stages of an EPL season, the biggest rivalries, the trends and traditions of the league, and much more.

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend that you also take a look at the following page. Also aimed at beginners to EPL betting, this one explains some of the more basic information you need to know to get started.

The Nuances of the EPL Schedule

On the surface, the schedule of the English Premier League seems rather standard. There are 20 teams that face each other twice, hosting one of the games and traveling for the other. The matches start at the beginning/middle of August and then continue up to the end of May. Most of them are played during the weekends.

It’s nothing that special compared to other top European leagues, right? Not exactly! There some key stages during each season, and knowing what to expect from each of them is vital. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Summer Preparations and Start of the Season

The first round of English Premier League matches takes place in August. The exact dates can vary depending on if a big international tournament, like the FIFA World Cup or the UEFA European Championship, took place in the summer.

The important thing to understand about the start is that not all clubs have the same strategy. Since the season is long, and there are lots of games (especially if you include the other competitions teams will be playing in), you can’t expect a team to be in peak condition for nine months straight.

Following a team’s preparation during the summer can tell you a lot about how it is likely to perform during the upcoming season.

Some teams will be happy with the overall quality of their squad and make just one or two additions to freshen things up and ensure there’s competition for places in the first eleven.

These teams usually benefit from a largely settled squad with some enhancements, so you can expect their performances to be at least on the same level as the previous season.

Other teams will require a more substantial overhaul of their squad and be very active in the transfer market.

If they add enough players of the right quality, then it’s reasonable to expect improvements on the pitch.  There’s always a risk, though, that an overhauled squad will take time to gel and reach its potential. Plus, there’s never any guarantee that new players will fit into the team and perform as they’re capable of.

Some teams will also have limited funds and be unable to improve their squad in the way that they’d like. This isn’t necessarily disastrous, depending on the current strength of the squad, but it’s not exactly optimal, either.

These are just a few possible scenarios. The point here is that you need to look carefully at how each team has improved (or otherwise) its squad during the summer. It will help you assess things more clearly once the season starts.

There’s more to the season preparations than just making moves in the transfer market, of course. There’s the training schedule and friendly fixtures to consider, too. The manner in which teams prepare in these areas can have a huge impact on how their season goes.

For example, some teams prepare in a way that is designed to give the teams maximum strength and momentum from certain stages in the season. This is why you’ll often see some teams start really well, with the goal of getting as many early points as possible. The idea here is that they may be able to achieve their objectives even if they have a drop-off in form later in the season.

Other teams will start a little slower, conserving energy and fitness so that they can push on during the latter stages of the season. A good example of this approach is Manchester United during the Alex Ferguson years. His teams would often get average results early on, only to turn into an unstoppable juggernaut later in the season.

Again, studying these kinds of factors can help you a lot when it comes to making decisions.

There’s one other factor that’s become especially important during the most recent years of the EPL, and that’s overseas tours. Nowadays, many teams are forced to spend time in other regions during the summer as part of a drive to improve the worldwide brand exposure and popularity of the club.

If a team has to go on an extended tour of somewhere such as Asia or North America, they’ll be playing in unfamiliar climates and probably exerting more energy than the manager would prefer. There’ll also be less time to spend on training and tactics. Once more, this is something that will affect a team at the start of the season and possibly beyond.

For more information on how to use the summer to give yourself an edge when EPL betting, please visit the following page.

Intense Christmas Period

Unlike other European competitions, the English Premier League has no winter break. Instead, it features a heavy schedule of games around Christmas and New Year.

For most soccer fans, this is the best period of the EPL season. They love the fact that the games come thick and fast, with fixtures played almost every day over roughly a two-week period.

However, there has long been a debate about whether the league SHOULD introduce a winter break. The fans might love the run of festive fixtures, but most managers are not so keen.

This is an intense time for teams and players, and even the strongest squads can struggle to cope with the burden.

The intensity of this period can be nothing short of gruesome for the players. Their bodies are put under immense physical strain, and the mental pressure of so many (often very important) games also takes its toll. This forces managers to rotate their squads frequently, with the depth of their squad being tested to the extreme.

Although the EPL has recently decided that there will be a week of rest each season during the winter months, the schedule around Christmas time will still be fairly hectic. The potential impact of this busy schedule is something you need to keep in mind when placing wagers at this time of year.

Spring Battles

Near the end of the English Premier League season, the competition again becomes extremely intense. Many of the teams in the league are fighting hard at this stage to achieve their objectives, such as winning the title or avoiding relegation.

During this period, it’s more important than ever to consider the motivation of teams before placing your soccer wagers.

The clubs that have something to play for at this stage of the season are naturally more motivated than those that have already achieved their objectives and those that no longer can.

Teams involved in the relegation battle are especially worthy of close consideration towards the climax of the season. The vast amounts of money that come from the participation in the EPL and the pride of playing in the top division of the country play a huge role in their motivation. Teams that face losing their place in their league will often find higher levels of performance in an attempt to survive.

This means you need to be very careful about betting on games involving teams that are fighting to avoid relegation. These are typically some of the most unpredictable fixtures during April and May.

You also need to be wary about games involving teams that are comfortably in the middle of the table and have nothing left to play for. The natural assumption is that these teams will start coasting as the season draws to its close, and that’s often the case. However, sometimes the lack of pressure on a team can lead to better-than-expected performances as the players are able to relax and play with more freedom.

We typically prefer to back teams that are chasing something during the latter stages of the season, as the extra motivation definitely has an impact. This is by no means an absolute rule, though. The key, as always, is to consider ALL the factors that are going to affect the outcome of a soccer game.

The Importance of Rotation and Squad Depth

The number of games being played is an important factor to consider when betting on the EPL. You should always study a team’s fixture list when betting on their games and pay close attention to how many games they’ve been playing recently and how many they have coming up.

One of the key influences in a team’s ability to perform throughout the season is how they handle the demands of their schedule. This is where rotation and squad depth come into play.

There was a time in the EPL when a squad of 13-14 good players and a few youngsters thrown in would’ve been enough to cope with the schedule. Nowadays, however, that’s simply not the case.

Teams need to have quality throughout their squad of 25 players, and they need to make use of all those players at one point or another.

Generally speaking, games in the EPL are faster and more physical than they used to be. This puts an extra strain on the players, and very few are able to play in every single game of a season. They need to be rested on occasion, which is why managers have to be able to rotate their squad effectively if they are to succeed.

This is especially true for the top teams. Not only do they have to combine EPL fixtures with the domestic cup competitions, but they’re also competing in European competition. Many of the players on the top teams also play for their country’s national team, so we’re talking about an enormous number of games each season.

Each manager constantly has to deal with fatigue and injuries. The only way to do that effectively is by building a squad that has enough players that can contribute and then using them properly.

You should always have that in mind when betting on the English Premier League. The depth of each club’s squad and the manager’s ability to rotate at the right times can have a huge impact on performance levels and results.

English Premier League Rivalries

One of the spiciest things in any sports competition is the long-term rivalries between different teams. They exist in pretty much every soccer league to at least some extent, and the English Premier League is a great example of that.

You will find plenty of fiercely contested derbies and other battles that have been going on for years in the EPL. The pride of the fans and the emotions of the players create an excellent atmosphere for the big rivalry games, and they lead to some classic matches.

The huge influx of foreigners into the EPL has meant that many derbies are not quite as intense as they used to be. They still maintain a special something, though.

It’s essential to learn about the major rivalries from a betting perspective. When two teams that genuinely hate each other are playing, the intensity often affects the outcome. As many pundits say, the form doesn’t matter in these games.

In games like the North London derby between Tottenham and Arsenal, and the Manchester United versus Liverpool fixture that’s always a war, the normal rules don’t apply. Anything can happen, regardless of the overall quality and current form of the teams involved.

The emotions are always strong, and the pressure is high, so you can expect more surprising results and often more goals and cards in the biggest rivalry games.

This is why you need to consider this factor when analyzing each game and looking for the best betting options. If the match you are exploring is, in fact, a derby, you should know that and understand the potential ramifications.

The Power of Traditions and Trends in the English Premier League

England is regarded as the original “home of soccer.” It’s certainly the place where the first official competition was born, and that’s the FA Cup, which was founded as early as 1871. The English First Division, which eventually became the Premier League, followed shortly after, so the competition has more than 100 years of history.

That’s quite a lot for a soccer tournament, and there are plenty of traditions that were born during that time. And if there is a competition in which traditions do matter, it’s the English Premier League.

Despite all the changes in the past 20 years or so of the EPL, many things have remained exactly the same.

A good example of an ongoing trend in the EPL is the fact that teams from London often find away games in the north of the country a real challenge. Arsenal’s struggles during the latter part of Arsene Wenger’s tenure are clear evidence of that.

You’ll also find lots of teams that consistently have difficulties against a specific opponent, even when they’re actually much better “on paper.” And some teams regularly perform badly in away games or against teams that employ a certain playing style.

The list of things you have to consider in this area is long, so you have to be careful when it comes to your research. Probably the best approach would be to do your homework for each English Premier League match you are willing to bet on. Take a closer look at the previous meetings, and check if there’s a pattern involved.

While you shouldn’t always use this as one of your main betting indicators, completely ignoring the trends and traditions of English soccer could certainly harm your chance of building a profitable long-term strategy for your EPL betting.

The Influence of Public Betting on the EPL

The English Premier League is one of the most attractive sports competitions in the world when it comes to online betting. Every single game attracts millions in wagers across all the online betting sites and the land-based bookmakers out there.

Since the majority of the cash is placed by recreational bettors, mostly from the United Kingdom and Europe, this provides a lot of profitable opportunities. Recreational bettors are often not the most skilled of bettors, and many are simply trying to guess the final outcome or bet on what they WANT to happen.

Things like betting for value, assessing probabilities, and strategic thinking are not considered by the majority of casual EPL bettors. However, the collective volume of wagers that these bettors place often affects the odds set by the bookmakers.

Bookmakers set and adjust their odds based on multiple factors. Two of those factors include the way the majority is likely to bet and the need to balance their books based on wagers received. This means that the way the general public bets can have a big impact on odds, and betting the opposite way may become the profitable choice.

You should always try to figure out what the majority of bettors are chasing. It’s a good way to potentially exploit the English Premier League betting markets for value. In fact, there are whole strategies built around this logic.

The Impact of Pressure and Intensity

We already mentioned the competitive nature of the English Premier League, so it’s time to dig a bit deeper in this regard.

The first thing you need to know is that the tournament represents a huge physical challenge to each player. Obviously, the intense schedule we talked about is among the reasons, but the style of soccer played by most clubs is important, too.

Even the weaker team in a game will often do a lot of running and will put relentless pressure on their opponent. The pace and intensity of the games is extremely high, so you should have that in mind when making betting decisions.

The English Premier League is very demanding on a mental level as well. The actions of all players, managers, and even the referees are subjected to constant scrutiny by the media and the supporters.

Every mistake in the EPL is shown to the whole world, and there are tons of comments and sometimes even abuse on social media and other platforms.

When things are not going right, it could go from bad to worse in no time at all. Simply take a look at Jose Mourinho’s last season at Chelsea for a classic example.

Mourinho won the English Premier League in 2014, but after falling out with a couple of players and a subsequent bad run of form, the whole team completely collapsed in the next campaign. This led to the sacking of the manager less than 12 months after winning the coveted EPL trophy.

You often see clubs in bad moments that are essentially forced to take some kind of action simply because the pressure is so high. This usually means sacking someone, most likely the manager.

The result of this pressure and intensity is that teams that are underperforming can find it very hard to turn things around. It starts with some question from the media or some boos during the games, and suddenly a manager’s job is on the line.

Looking for these tell-tale signs of increasing pressure can help you when it comes to your EPL betting. If you know that there’s a generally negative vibe around a team, it’s reasonable to assume their performances are going to suffer.

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