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Best Cash Out Betting Sites for 2021

The future of sports betting is on the internet, and we all know that. Modern technologies mean that online betting offers plenty of advantages over traditional methods of placing wagers. The cash out feature offered by many of the bookmakers on the web is just one example of that, but it’s a very good one.

This feature allows you to settle your bets before the relevant event has finished to either lock in some profit or mitigate potential losses. It’s become hugely popular with bettors and is now offered at a wide range of online sportsbooks.

Below, you will find our recommendations for the best cash out betting sites. These sites have all been evaluated by our resident gambling experts and come highly recommended.

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If cashing out your bets is possible at most online betting sites, what is it about these particular sites that means they’re the ones we recommend using? Well, there are many reasons. It would be easy enough to simply put together a list of all the sites that offer the cashout feature, but that’s not our goal here. We want to make sure you’re using the BEST sites, and that means assessing several factors.

To start with, we only ever recommend gambling sites that are safe to use. We want to ensure you bet and play with operators that will take good care of your money and personal information and pay you your winnings in a timely manner.

We also look at factors such as the number of sports and betting markets covered, how competitive the odds are, and what bonuses and promotions are on offer.

You’ll find full details of the main criteria we use to rank the leading cash out betting sites further down this page. There’s an explanation of how cash out works, too, and we also assess the pros and cons of cashing out your wagers early.

What Is Cash Out and How Does It Work?

We should start this section by mentioning that some betting sites use different names for the cash out feature. They might call it cash in, for example, or early settlement. Cash out is the most widely used, though, and the feature works the same regardless of what it’s called.

The main concept behind this option is simply to close your bet early before the event is actually finished.

For example, let’s say you place a wager of $10 at a price of +100 (American odds) or 2.00 (decimal odds) on an NBA game. You back the San Antonio Spurs to beat the Houston Rockets. Winning this wager in the standard way would return a total of $20. You’d receive $10 in winnings and your initial $10 stake back.

Now, let’s imagine the Spurs are up 10 points five minutes before the end of the match. You are in a good position to win, but you feel that the Rockets might still have a chance and could actually mount a comeback. You don’t want to risk losing your bet, so you decide to use the cashout feature.

Since your wager is going well, and there’s not much time left in the game, you’re likely to get a fairly good return. You would probably be offered around $18. This would mean sacrificing $2 of your potential profit, but you get the return no matter what happens by the end of the game.

This scenario is only one of the many that have made cash out a favorite among gamblers. Sometimes the feature can be used to secure your profits, like the example above. In other situations, you can use it to cut your losses.

There are some simple rules you need to remember when using the cash out feature.

  • You always sacrifice at least some of your initial maximum profit when using cash out
  • If your bet is going well, the bookie will offer your stake back and some profit
  • If your bet is not going well, the bookie will offer you less than your initial stake

That’s the basics covered, but there’s more to consider before deciding whether to use cash out in any given situation. We elaborate on that in our next section.

Should You Use the Cash Out Feature?

There is no straight answer to this question because many factors play a role. Let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of cash out before sharing our final verdict.

We’ll start with the positive sides of the feature, as there are certainly reasons why it would make sense to cash out your bets in certain situations.

You Reduce the Variance

We all have been on the receiving end of late drama in sports. You have a bet that looks certain, and suddenly, it all changes in a matter of minutes. The variance that comes with the luck factor of sports betting can be nasty.

Sometimes, it seems like you simply can’t get a break. Losing a couple of solid wagers in a row simply because of a late twist can harm your bankroll and play with your head.

If you use cash out, you reduce that variance. You can close your bet once your team is ahead and prevent a late heartbreak. The control you get provides a lot of flexibility in terms of when to actually get out of a wager.

You Can Secure Big Profits

In certain scenarios, you might be getting close to a huge profit that’s really significant for you. For example, you placed an extraordinarily large bet because you saw extreme value in a betting market.

Another example is that you tried an accumulator mostly for fun, but it’s actually about to hit all the selections.

The reason doesn’t matter. The point is that there are situations in which the money on the line is too important to risk waiting for another 5 or 10 minutes. Anything can happen in sports.

In order to avoid losing such large sums right at the death, it might be a good idea to use cash out. It would certainly help you sleep better and reduce the stress of waiting for the final seconds. Not to mention the disastrous cases where you would actually lose everything in a heartbeat.

Those are the two main advantages of using cash out. Now it’s time to check out the disadvantages.

You Lose Some of Your Potential Profit

One of the obvious downsides of the cashout feature is that you have to sacrifice some of your profits to close the bet early. Even if your wager is almost certain to win, you won’t get the full return.

This is the price you pay for reducing the risks, as technically, there is still time for the event to go wrong from your perspective.

You Lose Value

Losing a chunk of your potential returns is not the worst thing in the world, and we feel it’s an acceptable trade for offsetting the risks.

The bigger problem with the cash out feature is that you actually lose value as well. Essentially, when you close your wager before the event has finished, you place another bet on the opposite outcome.

You can actually do the same thing that cash out does on your own.

For example, you back the San Antonio Spurs to beat the Houston Rockets initially. When you decide to cover your bet later on, you place a bet on the Houston Rockets to win. Let’s take a deeper look at that so that you understand the logic.

Your first wager on the Spurs is $10 on the price of +100 (2.00 in decimal odds), so your potential return is $20. The game starts, and the Spurs lead by 15 points with 10 minutes to go. At this point, the odds for Houston to win are +900 (10.00).

If you place $2 on that price, your return will be $20. Since you already have the same return if the Spurs win, you have invested $12 and will get $20 for a pure profit of $8, no matter what happens by the end of the game.

What the cash out feature does is save you the effort of placing a second bet and calculating how big it should be. In the scenario above, you will be able to cash out your bet and receive $18 (the $10 stake and the $8 profit) with the click of a button. The result is exactly the same, but it’s easier to use the cash out feature.

The problem is that your second wager, or the usage of cash out, comes with the applied betting margin of the bookmaker. For the example above, the true value of your bet at this point won’t be $18, but $18.90 or even higher.

By using the feature, you lose the $0.90 of the value, because this is the betting margin of the sportsbook. This is why using the cash out feature will too often eat the advantage you managed to find when placing your initial wager.

Cashed Out Bets Don’t Count for Promotions

Another reason why the cash out feature is hardly ideal is related to the bonuses and promotions of the betting sites. They usually have a sign-up offer, loyalty clubs, and a bunch of other deals that provide extra value.

Every single one of them comes with certain terms and conditions. For example, first deposit bonuses have pre-determined wagering requirements. After receiving the extra cash, you will have to place bets worth a specific amount before you can use the bonus as real money and withdraw it.

Wagers that are closed with the cash out feature are excluded from the vast majority of bonuses and promotions. You can’t clear the terms and conditions if you use this option, which is a notable downside.

So, should you use the cash out feature? With all of the pros and cons on the table, let’s try to answer the question.

A lot of professional sports bettors will tell you that you should NEVER use the cash out feature. We completely understand this point of view, but we don’t fully agree with it. The argument is that you’re effectively “paying” the bookmaker’s margin twice by cashing out early and that this will cost you overall value in the long run.

While that argument is absolutely right, there are other considerations. We don’t advocate using the cash out feature with any kind of regularity, but there are definitely some situations where it has merit. Especially for recreational bettors.

The flexibility provided by the feature and the reduced variance should not be ignored. Here are some scenarios where it’s well worth considering.

  • Good value offer
    • If you feel that there is value in the return you get, you should go for the cash out feature. For example, if your team is in the lead, but it’s looking shaky, then a solid return can be worth it.

  • Huge profit available
    • If the money on the line is very significant, the cash out can make a lot of sense. If you’ve taken a flier on a big-priced wager, and there’s a big offer available, there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe.

  • You need a win
    • You can sometimes be in a tough spot where your confidence is shot after losing a few bets in a row. Cashing out a wager for a quick win in this kind of situation can get you back on track.

What Is Partial Cash Out and How Does It Work?

Some betting sites also offer the so-called partial cash out option. As the name suggests, you could actually close just a fraction of your bet and leave the rest.

For example, you place $100 on the San Antonio Spurs to beat the Houston Rockets on a price of +100 or 2.00 in decimal odds. The game is going well with 10 minutes to go. You get a solid potential return from the cashout feature, but you still prefer to keep some of your wager alive for various reasons.

You decide to cash out half of the bet, so you don’t end up losing everything if disaster strikes. You get something like $90 or so back and still effectively have $50 left open for another $100 back if the Spurs win.

In the worst-case scenario, you will lose $10 of your initial stake, but that’s an acceptable defeat. In the best-case scenario, you will be $90 ahead.

We certainly like the partial cash out feature, as it’s way more flexible than the standard option. You still have to remember that the betting sites add a betting margin, though, so don’t be too quick to use it all the time.

How We Pick the Best Cash Out Betting Sites

You now know how the cash out feature works and what the pros and cons of using it are. We are not the biggest fans of this option, but we still believe it would be helpful to have it at your disposal. If you use it wisely, it can be beneficial for you as covered above.

This is the reason we decided to create a list of the best betting websites that offer cash out to their customers. Naturally, we applied a bunch of other criteria in our selection process, as we are always trying to recommend our readers a truly exceptional betting experience.

Here are the different aspects that are part of our review process.

Factors we look at when ranking the top cash out betting sites

Regulation and Reputation

Our main priority is to find safe betting sites that can be trusted. We don’t want to recommend online bookies that have a shady reputation, because the safety of your money and personal information is always the most important factor.

One of the best safety nets when it comes to sportsbooks on the internet is the gambling license they have. It should be issued by a respectable authority that makes sure to control the activities of the betting site. If that’s the case, the bookmaker is legit, and you can trust it.

Of course, we don’t stop there and always go the extra mile. We check if the reputation of the sportsbook is solid, and we inspect the measures used to protect the customers.

Things like SSL encryptions for any transaction of data or money and trusted payment providers are important, as they add an extra layer of security.

You can rest assured that our recommended cash out betting sites cover all of the criteria for safety. You can comfortably join them without sweating on your cash.

Range of Sports and Betting Markets

The variety of sports and betting markets that are offered is another aspect we value. You should be able to pick between all the mainstream events out there but also some competitions from a lower profile.

The best betting sites on the web will easily cover this requirement. They include a bunch of sports and tournaments, so you can find many interesting betting opportunities.

It’s not only about the sports and the competitions, though. The number of betting markets available for each game also matters. The more of them you can pick from, the higher your chance of finding a profitable wager.

Odds and Lines Available

The next one is rather simple, but we feel obliged to mention it. You should always be aiming at the higher possible prices, so we make sure to only recommend bookmakers with a low betting margin.

They offer the most competitive odds on the internet, and you will get better value for every wager you place. The difference might seem small most of the time, but it actually accumulates over time.

If you are serious about sports betting, you should be looking for the highest prices all the time. Our recommended cash out betting sites are certainly among the most competitive on the market when it comes to odds.

Size of Betting Limits

There are plenty of people who prefer to bet small amounts just to add a bit of extra excitement to the games they are watching. Others are the opposite and have worked hard to build a betting system that allows them to place huge wagers.

Both groups matter to us, which is why we try to stick to cash out betting sites that work with flexible betting limits. The minimum stake should be low enough for people looking for some fun and high enough for experienced high rollers.

Bonuses and Promotions on Offer

One of the biggest advantages of online betting is the huge variety of bonuses and promotions. It would be criminal to join a bookmaker that doesn’t offer at least a couple of juicy deals to its customers.

We believe that each sportsbook should have a solid sign-up bonus for a start. Some of our top rated betting sites offer a huge welcome bonus, while others will give you free bets that are extremely easy to obtain. Either way, you should get rewarded for opening a new account and making a deposit.

Once you’re done with the welcome promo of the bookmaker, there should be other ways to keep earning. Loyalty programs, other ongoing offers, and exclusive promotions for huge events are what we expect to see, and you should, too.

Usability of Betting Interface

Getting the most value in terms of real money is the key, but there are other factors that are important. One of them is the user interface of the sportsbook you decide to join. You will be spending a lot of time browsing throughout the different sections, looking for games, and so on.

If the navigation and the website are not intuitive and well-organized, you might end up losing precious time in pointless clicks. We don’t like that, so we don’t recommend bookmakers with such issues.

Since the cash out option is the cornerstone of this list of betting sites, we also consider whether this feature is designed well. You should be able to find and use it quickly and with no hassle whatsoever.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Next in line are the payment options at your disposal. You should be able to quickly fund your account or withdraw your winnings using a reliable provider.

Here is a list of the best banking methods for online transactions.

  • Credit and debit cards: Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Diners Club
  • E-wallets: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller
  • Money transfer services: Western Union
  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Other: Wire transfers, Paysafecard, checks

The top cash out betting sites on the web work with at least a couple of them, so you should be able to comfortably find a suitable banking option for your needs.

The deposits are instant with most of them. The withdrawals usually take up to 2-3 days for e-wallets and crypto, or 3-10 working days for the rest of the banking methods above. If you have to wait for longer than that, it’s probably time to change your online bookie.

Mobile Compatibility

If you are going to use the cash out feature, you most certainly want to have access to your account and your wagers at any given moment. You can’t stay in front of your computer or laptop all day every day, though.

The simple solution would be to join an online sportsbook that has a smooth mobile version. Our recommended cash out betting sites cover that with ease. You simply need to open them on your phone or tablet, and the page will automatically adjust to your device.

Our top rated sportsbooks support iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and pretty much every popular option on the market.

You will be able to place wagers, manage your account, and most importantly, use cash out on the go. This will allow you to use the feature when it matters the most.

Live Betting Platform

We love live betting, and we firmly believe that it’s one of the best ways to make money from sports and leagues you are proficient in. The bookmakers don’t have that much time to compile the odds and have to react quickly when the event is running.

The margin for error on their side is much bigger. A person that understands the sport well enough will be prepared to take full advantage of that increased margin for error.

We want our readers to have such a profitable opportunity, which is the reason we stick to online betting sites that offer live betting. Not to mention that the cash out feature is usually limited to only games that are available for in-play wagers anyway.

Quality of Customer Support

Finally, we always check the efficiency of the customer support service of each of our recommended cash out betting sites. You might think that you won’t have to ever talk to the staff, but you never know what might happen.

There are all kinds of misunderstandings or slight issues. If the sportsbook has a detailed help section and agents that are eager to assist you, that’s not a problem. However, it could turn into a nightmare that could cost you a lot of time and money if a sportsbook lacks helpful customer support staff.

No one wants that, so you can rest assured that our trusted online bookmakers will respond properly to your requests.

Other Exciting Features Available Online

The most popular unique feature of online sports betting is cash out, but there are other upcoming innovations that could change the future of the industry for good. Let’s take a closer look at some of them and see how bettors could benefit.

Bet Builders

The leading bookmakers on the web are eager to provide their customers with the largest selection of betting markets possible. You will see some of them offer more than 100 different options for popular sports and events.

One of the direct results of the strive for stronger variety is a new feature that some betting sites have implemented. It’s called Bet Builder or Prop Bet Builder in most places. It allows the customers to create their own betting markets by combining different outcomes.

For example, you could select a basketball player to score 15+ points and provide 5+ assists while his team loses in a certain NBA game. You can’t normally place such a wager, but the Bet Builder feature lets you get creative. Simply add all the selections you like, and if the final price offered by the bookie suits you, go for it.

As it stands, the option works mostly within single games and for popular sports only. The early signs are that Bet Builders are here to stay. We believe they will develop even further and could open the door to many untouched betting opportunities.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has been around for a while, but that doesn’t decrease its value for the users in any way.

Some of the best bookmakers on the internet provide their users with a live video stream of hundreds of different sporting events. You can watch the NBA, top European soccer leagues, NHL, MLB, horse races, and various other competitions.

The requirements of the sportsbooks are usually quite easy to meet. Most of them simply want to see some funds in your account or a bet that has been placed in the past 24 hours. That would give you access to a bunch of options.

We love live streaming for two reasons. The first one is that you obviously can watch plenty of cool games for free. The other is that you have the chance to bet live and watch from the same place. It makes the whole in-play betting process so much easier.

Unfortunately, many of the betting sites that offer live streaming are not available to players from the USA and other countries with a more restricted online gambling legislation.

Live Updates and Push Notifications

The last feature we would like to explore is available mostly on mobile. You can set up live updates and push notifications that will alert you for various events, like the start and end of a game, half-time breaks, and so much more.

Staying in touch with the flow of the games you placed a wager on is crucial, especially if you are open to using cash out. Timing is the key for this feature, so you should always be able to stay ahead of the curve even if you don’t have the time to actually watch the game.

Setting up push notifications for important changes and updates allows you to easily understand what’s going on and find the perfect moment to use cash out.


Features like cash out are not entirely designed to help the users, and the bookmakers often benefit from them. However, if you are smart and know how and when to use them, you can certainly come out on top. It is important that you use sites such as the ones we recommend, though, to ensure a good all-around online betting experience.

If you’ve decided that the cash out feature is not something that interests you after reading all about it, that’s perfectly understandable. The sites we list on this page are still worth joining, though, as they’re not JUST recommended due to having the cash out feature.

Alternatively, you could take a look at our main list of the best online sports betting sites. This is where you’ll find the sites we recommend as the very best in an overall sense. You’ll also find rankings for the top sites in a variety of other categories, so it’s well worth taking a look.