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Best Live Betting Sites for 2021 – Bet on Sports In-Play

Betting real money adds an extra level of entertainment to watching sports. It increases the tension and suspense. It gives another reason to care about the outcome.

Live sports betting dials things up even further. Placing bets in real-time, with the odds constantly changing, can be seriously intense. It can also be very profitable, as well as a great deal of fun. If you want to give it a try, here are the top live betting sites for 2021.

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We’ve carefully vetted these online sportsbooks and can assure you that they are safe. They also offer competitive odds, the best in-play features, mobile betting, and more.

We explain more about what the best live sports betting sites have in common below. We also talk you through getting started with live betting, and detail some of the challenges. Best of all, we offer some tips to help you win money from live betting on sports.

What Makes the Top Live Betting Sites So Great?

Top Live Betting Sites

Before we get into what the best live betting sites have in common, we should point out that we’re focusing purely on what matter for betting in-play.

We didn’t want to include all the other stuff about finding an online sportsbook or betting app that is properly licensed, safe for online sports gambling, pays their customers, and so on.

A lot of that is common sense. If you join an online sports betting site that doesn’t have the required core qualities, nothing else about them matters. We explain more about the core qualities of top betting sites elsewhere.

So, the following qualities are what the best live betting sites share on top of the essential requirements that every online sportsbook should share.

Plenty of Live Betting Markets

Back in the day, only the most popular sports were covered for live betting. Nowadays, you’ll find that sportsbooks cover a lot more sports, but only the very best have the widest coverage.

Keep in mind that that what’s available fluctuates. Most sportsbooks only display the sports they currently have lines for – which coincides with what’s in season.

For example, you’re not going to find MLB baseball listed for live betting in January. There might be some futures available for the next season, but there won’t be any in-play wagers.

So, when researching sportsbooks for live online betting, you’ll want to remember that the current selection isn’t necessarily a good indicator of the sports they cover. A much better way to figure this out is to read our reviews or reach out to the sportsbook’s support team.

Lots of In-Play Wagers Available

The same thing as above. We want lots of unique bets. We want lots of betting options – which the best in-play sportsbooks will have (sports depending, of course).

The greater the variety of live betting options, the greater your chances of making money form live betting. It’s easier to find value when there are more bets to choose from.

The good news for both markets and betting options is that you can check out a sportsbook before you create your account. Most sportsbooks will let you scope out their live betting section so you can get an idea of how good it is.

Live Streaming of Sports Events

This is an option that’s become more widely available at online gambling sites and sports betting apps in recent years.

Live-streaming is where your chosen site or app provides real-time video coverage of matches. You can watch the action on their website or using their app on your mobile device.

If you can’t watch a game on the television for some reason, you can log in to your betting account, watch the action, and bet money at the same time.

Don’t worry about the legal issues. We’re not talking about some dodgy streaming sites here. The top live betting sportsbooks stream matches legally.

Mobile Apps for Live Betting

The best sportsbooks for in-play betting have a mobile app – or, more likely – a mobile website. This means you can stream matches from your mobile device, place bets, check scores, and keep tabs on the action as it unfolds.

With mobile betting so popular these days, this is a “must have” option. All the top live betting sites we recommend offer real money gambling apps or mobile betting websites.

Cash Out

This is a unique betting feature that more and more online sports betting sites now offer.

The idea is that you can “cash out” of a real money bet before it’s been settled.

Why is this a good thing?

Well, if you’re watching the game and think an outcome is going to be different than you first thought, you can cash out for less than the value of the stake to limit how much you’d lose if you otherwise followed through. It’s more or less a stop loss.

Using live betting sites with the cash out feature also allows you to take a profit from bets that look like they’ll win, but could still lose. You won’t get the full potential payout, but can lock in a win.

Live Betting Promotions

This is one of those cliché points, but it’s true – it’s nice when sportsbooks offer live-specific bonuses.

Most of our recommended sites for in-play betting offer free bets or rebates when you first start live betting for real money.

This is just to encourage you to check it out. It’s a great way to test the waters without having to risk much money.

It’s not uncommon for sites to offer additional bonuses and promotions for live sports gambling, either. So if you bet in-play regularly, you can likely earn some extra cash on the side.

Getting Started With Live Sports Betting

If you have no experience with in-play wagers, you shouldn’t worry too much. The top live betting sites are intuitive and you will get used to their services pretty quickly.

There are basically just two steps involved in getting started.

  • Choosing where to bet
  • Opening an account

Here’s what’s involved in these two steps

Choosing Your Site for Live Sports Betting

Finding trusted sportsbooks for in-play betting that offer high odds and various ways to earn extra value is crucial. Our top-rated live betting sites certainly deliver all of that, and more.

Long story short, they all operate under a legit license for offering real money sports gambling online. They also cover plenty of sports and events, their prices are high, and the payouts are fast.

Add the helpful staff and the smooth mobile version to the picture and you will understand why we like them so much. You can choose any one of our recommendations and we’re pretty sure you’ll have a good experience.

Opening Your Online Betting Account

Once you found a sportsbook that fits your needs, it’s time to open a new account and start playing. All of the best live betting sites make the process really easy. You simply have to fill in a short form that requires some personal information such as your name, address, and email.

You also have to pick your login credentials like username and password. Make sure to follow all best practices when picking your password, so it can stay private.

At this point, you should have a functional account and now just need to add some cash. The top in-play betting sites usually support at least a few banking options such as credit and debit cards, e-wallets, Bitcoin, and more.

Top Tip
Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus when you deposit for the first time!

With your account open and funded, you can now start live betting for real money.

At this point you likely have a couple more questions. Namely which sports can you bet on live, and what types of live bets can you make?

We have the answers!

Sports You Can Bet on Live

Most live betting websites offer plenty of options and here are the most popular among them.

  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Horse Racing

There are often other sports available too, so make sure to carefully explore what’s covered. Live betting continues to grow in popularity, which means more and more sports and being covered by in-play gambling sites.

Types of Live Bets

The variety of markets offered by the best sites for live sports betting online is huge and it depends on the sports you pick. Most of the time, online bookmakers offer a combination of traditional options that are available before the game starts and markets that are unique to live betting.

Here are several examples of popular in-play wagers that can be found in different sports and betting sites.

  • Team to score next
  • Player to score next
  • Team to reach 10 points first
  • Over/under for the quarter
  • Team to win the first half

The top sportsbooks for live bets have plenty of other markets, so make sure to keep your eyes open. Try to study all of your options to find the most profitable wagers.

Challenges of Betting Live

There are lots of reasons why you should try in-play betting. For example:

  • It’s exciting. Bet on matches you’re watching right now.
  • More opportunities. More betting options, live or otherwise, presents more chances to find arbitrage and hedging opportunities.
  • No waiting. You can make a bet and see the outcome within minutes, if not seconds, after placing it, rather than waiting until the end of a match or event.
  • More promotions. More betting options gives sportsbooks more reasons to offer bonuses and free bets (as if they needed another reason).

If you plan to watch the game you want to bet on, we strongly encourage you to try betting live. Chances are you’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

That said, there are some challenges to betting live. Here are some of the bigger challenges that sports gamblers face.

Remembering the Numbers

One of the reasons so many people love live betting is that they can watch a game and capitalize on their immediate impressions. The eye test is certainly a game-changer and you should rely on it to spot trends and changes in the clash you are observing.

However, bettors often forget other crucial factors. Arguably the most important among them are the raw numbers that can often pinpoint tendencies that you might be missing.

Pro Tip:
The best in-play betting sites have a feed with live stats for every event covered. Checking the key numbers is easy and can often help you avoid big mistakes.

Staying Disciplined

With live betting there’s a longer delay until your wager is accepted. If the odds change in the meantime, you might be forced to start all over again and choose another bet.

For example, you might want to back a soccer team to score the next goal and it does exactly that while you’re waiting for your bet to be accepted.

That’s very frustrating and some people are so eager to make up for the missed opportunity that they lose their discipline and start placing bets they wouldn’t usually.

Pro Tip:
Don’t place a bet immediately after you missed a good opportunity. Your frustration could be preventing you from thinking clearly. Just take a long breath and wait until you’re calm once again.

Doing the Proper Preparation

Many bettors believe that you don’t have to prepare beforehand when you intend to place in-play wagers. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you know what to expect from the teams and players involved, you’re more likely to find good opportunities and avoid huge mistakes.

Just imagine that two football teams meet. One of them has been very good in the first half of its games, while the other usually performs better after half-time. If you don’t know that, you could place some pretty bad wagers in the first two quarters.

Pro Tip:
Be sure to dig deep before the start of the game you are going to target. Research all sides involved and try to figure out the most plausible scenarios. That would allow you to quickly recognize them once the event starts.

Avoiding the Shady Books

We heard of an example where a sportsbook cheated a client out of €2,500 made from live betting. They waited until the match was over to say the customer “past posted,” which means the customer made a bet on an outcome that already happened.

An honest sportsbook will catch this and any other mistake or shenanigan right away. They’ll void the bet immediately, which is the right move to make.

The bottom line is that a shady book can and will find any way to take advantage of you and not pay you for a legitimate bet.

Pro Tip:
The easiest way to avoid a shady sportsbook is to join one of the sportsbooks at the top of this page. Another option is to read our reviews and heed our recommendations.

Now, we’re not trying to be negative or cast live betting in a bad light. We just want to make sure our readers have the best time, and the only way we can achieve that goal is to ensure you have the right expectations before you start betting live.

With the main challenges of live betting out of the way, let’s move on to some tips for in-play wagering.

Tips for Live Sports Betting

Tips for Live Sports Betting Sites

Live betting is easy to get started with.

Making money form live betting is much harder. It requires at least some sports gambling experience, and a good amount of sports knowledge.

You’re likely going to lose money initially, so make sure to keep it slow and try to avoid big investments early on.

That’s our first and most simple piece of advice, but we have more tips that can help you get win money from in-play betting.

Let’s get on with them!

Stick to Sports and Leagues That You Know Well

The best live betting sites offer a plethora of different sports nowadays. We’ve already talked about what’s available for betting on.

While it’s great that you can find all sorts of events to bet on at almost any given moment, you need to be careful about going too far with it.

All sports and leagues come with their specifics. You must know the key players and the unwritten rules well enough to make money from live betting. Avoid going after games you don’t know much about and you will dramatically improve your chances.

Stay Rational and Selective

One of the biggest problems with live betting is that the action just doesn’t stop. Some people tend to get too impressionable when winning money is an option.

They see a trend in every minor detail. Every basket or completed pass affects them, every point scored looks like the beginning of something big.

That’s the kind of mindset that could bring you down. Don’t let wishful thinking take over and try to stay calm and collected. You are unlikely to find a ton of value bets every single time you’re watching a game.

Don’t Bet Immediately After Major Events

It’s rarely a good idea to bet right after a major event has happened.

By major event we mean things like touchdowns in a football game, or goals in a soccer game.

The rule of thumb is that any event that could affect the final outcome significantly or is related to a big pause qualifies as a major event.

The problem with betting after such big moments is that you don’t really know how they would affect the momentum of both sides. Certain teams and players might react positively when they are put under severe pressure, while others might crumble.

You can’t know for sure before the play continues, so watching for several minutes could make a monumental difference. The body language and the initial reaction of both sides are the key to predicting the flow of the game after big moments.

That’s all for our live betting tips, but you should also check out these sports betting tips. They’re written with “traditional” sports betting mind, but many of them apply to in-play betting, too.

Frequently Asked Questions About Live Betting

Do Live Betting Sites Offer Traditional Sports Betting?

Yes, all live betting sites offer traditional sports gambling too, so you can place your wagers both before and during the event.

What Are the Best Sports for Live Betting?
AFrom a general perspective, sports with plenty of events, twists, and turns. The likes of football, tennis, basketball, soccer, and similar. From a personal perspective, the sports you know the most about are the best.
Can You Win Money from In-Play Betting on Sports?
AYes, you can win money from live betting online. In fact, many pros prefer in-play wagers and build their strategy around it. However, most people lose in the long run, so it’s not an easy task.
Are There Bonuses and Promotions for Live Sports Betting?

Yes, the best online sportsbooks for live betting offer special bonuses and promotions that apply to in-play action only.

Can You Use Gambling Apps to Bet on Sports Live?

Yes, all of the top-rated sites for live betting with real money have a mobile version that works on all mainstream phones and tablets.

How Do Live Sports Betting Sites Set Their In-Play Odds?
AMost sportsbooks online have a trader that’s responsible for the live event. He watches the game and uses various software tools to set up the odds and move them constantly based on how the event is unfolding. Some moves are automatic based on the score changes, the time passed, and the money wagered, others are manual and set by the trader.
Why Is There a Delay When You Place a Live Bet Online?
AThe system of the live betting sites waits for a while in case they have lag in their streaming service or you might have tried to place your wager while something important is happening. If that’s the case, the sportsbook will wait for the latest developments before accepting any bets.
When Do Live Sports Bets Get Paid Out?
AIt depends on your bet. On certain occasions, the wager might be settled before the event is finished. For example, when you bet on the next team to score a touchdown in football or on the team to win the first half. Other wagers are settled after the event is finished.


You should try in-play betting. It adds another level of fun to an already entertaining and addicting hobby.

If you’re an experienced sports bettor, between the tools and additional betting options, you have so many more opportunities to make money.

And if you’re an inexperienced bettor, betting live will make sure that for every minute of the match, your butt is glued to your seat so you can watch the action unfold…so you can see if that bet you just made is a winner or not.

That sounds like a great time to us. If you’re anything like us, we recommend you pick a sportsbook from our list above, create an account and make a deposit, and make your first live bet today. You won’t regret it.

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