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Betting Guide for the Giro d’Italia

The Giro d’Italia is one of the most exciting and challenging races in cycling. It’s one of the three Grand Tours of cycling, along with the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana.

Also known as the Tour of Italy, the race takes place over three weeks and multiple stages. This means plenty of opportunities for betting on the Giro d’Italia and making money.

This guide can help you with that. We’ve covered the best Giro d’Italia betting sites online, tips on finding the top wagers, and key information about the race as a whole.

Top Giro d’Italia Betting Sites and Apps

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We recommend these trusted sites and apps for betting on Giro d’Italia for multiple reasons. For a start, they have an excellent reputation and apply all the required security measures to make them safe for users.

They offer excellent odds for the Giro d’Italia and bonuses and promotions that you can use for gambling on the Tour of Italy with real money.

The best Giro d’Italia sportsbooks online have other perks too, including fast payouts, responsive customer support service, and a good number of markets for the race.

They also have offer gambling on the go thanks to the modern Giro d’Italia betting apps that will be at your disposal.

For more reliable options, you can visit the following pages.

How to Bet on the Giro d’Italia

Now that you know where to bet on Giro d’Italia online, it’s time to focus on the different gambling markets at your disposal.

There are various opportunities to win cash from the race and you should carefully consider all of them when you place your Tour of Italy wagers.

Giro d’Italia Winner

Giro d'Italia Winner

The most obvious option is to bet on the Giro d’Italia winner. This means backing a specific cyclist to finish first in the general classification when the entire race is done and dusted.

It’s a simple market, but the context changes heavily depending on your timing. Giro d’Italia odds for the winner are up relatively early, sometimes weeks or even months in advance.

You can bet at this point or wait for the race to start first. The winner market is available right through the competition, so you can easily watch a few stages or even most of the Giro before risking your money. That’s what many bettors prefer to do.

On the other hand, going for the winner early can mean better odds for some of the riders that the Giro d’Italia betting sites have underestimated.

Stage Winner

Giro d'Italia Stage Winner

Most athletes that enter Giro d’Italia know that their chances to finish first in the general classification are close to zero.

There’s always the opportunity to win an individual stage, though.

Betting on the stage winners is exciting. The overall leaders are not always the best choice as the variety of conditions during the tour is staggering.

There are usually plenty of cyclists challenging for each of the different stages.

You can place a wager on the winner of any stage of Giro d’Italia and we share specific tips on how to do that successfully later on.

Top Finish

Giro d'Italia Top Finish

If you believe that a cyclist will perform well in Giro d’Italia but fall short of actually winning the race, you should consider the top finish markets.

Many of the best sites for betting on Giro d’Italia offer odds on any rider to bet in the top 3, 5, or 10 in the final standings.

This is an excellent way to offset the risks a bit but still back a rider that you believe in.

Naturally, the prices are lower than going for a rider to win the Giro, and you should factor that in your decision.

This betting market also gives you the opportunity to spread your money across multiple riders.


Giro d'Italia Head to Head

The head-to-head Giro d’Italia gambling market is among our favorite options for the race.

Many online sportsbooks offer head-to-heads for both the final rankings and selected stages.

The cyclists are split into couples that are on a similar level, and you can pick either one to win the head-to-head duel.

It’s a great choice because you don’t have to worry about the large field and can focus solely on two cyclists.

Some betting sites also offer group head-to-heads, with more than two competitors to choose from.

Other Giro d’Italia Betting Markets

Our top-rated Giro d’Italia gambling sites online have even more betting options for the race that you should check out.

Here’s what you will find once the competition is near.

  • Nationality of the Winner – You can bet money on the nationality of the Giro d’Italia winner.
  • Points Winner – You can back any cyclist to earn the top spot in the points classification.
  • Green Jersey Winner – Some riders go to the Giro with the goal of winning the green jersey for the best mountain climber and you can bet on who does it.
  • Young Rider Classification – If you follow the rising talents in the sport, betting on the best cyclist under the age of 25 is an excellent option.

Now that we’ve covered the main Giro d‘Italia bets online, it’s time to move on to the specific traits of the race and our tips on how to recognize the best wagers.

Giro d’Italia Race Structure

One of the most important factors when it comes to Giro d‘Italia betting with real money is the structure of the race. You must know what to expect if you want to be successful, so we have prepared this section that goes through the most important details.

The first thing you need to know is the length of the race. The Tour of Italy takes place over three weeks and includes twenty or twenty-one stages. They vary greatly based on different factors.

There are two main formats for the stages.

  • Individual Time Trials – The racers start one by one and their time is tracked individually. The length is usually much shorter, so these stages are essentially sprints.
  • Mass Starts – All contestants start at the same time and the stages are much longer than time trials.

There’s a significant difference between the stages of the Giro d’Italia in terms of the terrain.

Here’s what you need to know.

  • Flat Stages – There are no big hills or mountains in this case. It’s flat roads only and these stages are better suited for sprinters.
  • Hilly Stages – The hilly stages have small summits here and there, but they are mostly flat and don’t include big climbs.
  • Intermediate Stages – This type includes a few tougher climbs and steeper summits, so they slightly favor the better climbers.
  • Mountain Stages – The mountain stages are focused on high and exhausting summits, followed by downhills. They are the toughest for the racers and they often decide the overall winner of the Giro.

It’s vital that you evaluate each day of the race and we have tips for how to bet on Giro d‘Italia stage winners later on.

There are at least three or four stages of each type included in every edition of the competition. There are also two or three rest days designed to help the contestants get some much-needed break and prepare for the remainder of the Giro.

What Type of Cyclists Excel at the Giro d’Italia?

Leaving a mark at the Giro d’Italia is not an easy task and many riders fail to achieve glory. That’s only natural when we’re talking about one of the biggest cycling events in the world.

If you want to bet on the Tour of Italy, you should know what type of cyclists excel in the race.

We have prepared a list of the main qualities required to find success in the Giro d’Italia to help you learn how to evaluate the chances of each contestant.

Complexity and the Ability to Adapt

If you’re looking for the potential winners or at least riders that could finish high in the general classification, you should narrow down the favorites to athletes who are solid on most terrains.

The Giro d’Italia is long and features all sorts of stages that represent different challenges. You can’t afford to be exceptional in sprints on flat terrain, but fall off big time when it comes to climbing summits.

You have to adapt and perform well in most stages, so that’s why adaptable cyclists end on top of the standings when the Giro is over.

Experience and Mental Strength

The Giro d’Italia tests every athlete on multiple levels and many can’t overcome the mental challenge. Cyclists need experience and a strong spirit to stay ahead of the competition for such a long period full of exhausting obstacles.

There’s a reason why a separate classification for riders under 25 exists and it’s very rare for a youngster to finish at the top.

Most winners and contenders are in their prime years, as the list of recent Giro d’Italia champions proves.

Year Winner Age
2011 Michele Scarponi 31
2012 Ryder Hesjedal 31
2013 Vincenzo Nibali 28
2014 Nairo Quintana 24
2015 Alberto Contador 32
2016 Vincenzo Nibali 31
2017 Tom Dumoulin 26
2018 Chris Froome 33
2019 Tao Geoghegan Hart 25
2020 Richard Carapaz 26

As you can see, many of the athletes who won The Tour of Italy were over 30 and only Nairo Quintana in 2014 was below 25.

You have to look in the 26-33 range bracket when gambling on the Giro d’Italia winner because that’s where the riders have enough experience and are still physically at their best.


There are only three grand tours during the cycling season and the Giro d’Italia is one of them. They are longer and much tougher than any other competition out there.

The distance covered, the challenges faced, and the days the athletes spend racing make this event extremely difficult even for the top athletes. Finishing the Giro is an achievement in itself.

Riders have to be prepared for all sorts of difficulties. Cramps and injuries happen all the time and there are even regular crashes and falls.

Only the most durable cyclists manage to stay consistent enough to challenge for the title, so make sure to stick to those who have stamina and strength when you bet on the Giro d’Italia online.

The Giro d’Italia is insanely tough on even the most prepared athletes.

Climbing Skills

There’s little doubt that the mountain stages decide the Giro d’Italia. That’s where the biggest time differences occur because of the nature of the terrain.

Competitors have to be a good climber to win the race and there’s no way around it. They can afford to be in the middle of the pack in the flatter stages because that usually means losing small amounts of time, but that’s not the case in the big climbs.

A single stage could help a cyclist gain many minutes over the competition. Chris Froome’s performance in one of the last stages in 2018 is a brilliant example of this.

The eventual champion was far behind but destroyed the competition in one of the toughest climbs just days before the finish line.

Mountains are where the race is won every year, so be sure to back the riders who can perform there when you bet on the Giro d’Italia with real cash.

3 Vital Tips for Betting on the Giro d’Italia

You now know what the profile of a potential Giro d’Italia winner looks like but there are other factors that you should consider when evaluating the contenders.

Here are some more useful tips that can help you decide how to bet.

Study the Preparations

Giro d’Italia is one of the most challenging competitions in cycling and the proper preparation is crucial. It takes careful planning and months of hard work to hit peak form around the race and stay fit enough to make it throughout the three weeks.

That’s why you’ll rarely see top athletes perform at their best in all three grand tours of cycling. They usually pick only one.

Let’s take a look at the months in which they take place to understand why.

May-June Giro d’Italia
June-July Tour de France
August-September Vuelta a Espana

The gap between the major races in cycling is around 40-50 days and that makes it close to impossible to perform at a high level in all of them.

Most athletes pick one grand tour and you can find out which one by their preparation. If they hit more minor events in the spring, they are more likely building up their form for the Giro.

If they skip on the races leading to the Tour of Italy, they might be focusing on long-term goals related to the Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana.

Assess the Team Structure

Most people believe that cycling betting is only about individual performances, but that’s not exactly the case. Each athlete is part of a team and there is a clear hierarchy within each organization.

There is one leader who is the best rider of the team and a potential winner of the Giro. The main effort of the other cyclists in most stages is to support him in various ways. Here are some examples.

  • Form a Group – Form a group and surround the main rider in mass starts, so no one else stands in his way or pushes him accidentally.
  • Set the Pace – Racers are used to set the pace early in the stage so that the leader can act according to the plan.
  • Cutting the Wind – Teammates called domestiques will often ride in front of the leader to cut the wind for him and reduce the energy required to keep up the required pace.
  • Water Bottles – Team members will grab a bottle of water from the team car and pass it to the leading man.

It’s important to pick teams that are well-organized and include riders who know their roles when you’re looking at the Giro d’Italia betting odds.

Of course, it’s not only about the cyclists. There are strategists, mechanics, physios, and many other people who are responsible for certain aspects of each athlete’s performance.

The organizations with the most funding can make the best out of their most talented riders and that’s something you should always consider when you gamble on the Giro d’Italia for real money.

Bet on More Than One Winner

One of the factors that make Giro d’Italia betting so exciting is the large number of cyclists who could end up winning. There are always a few favorites before the start, but the competition is so long and gruesome that we often witness surprises.

Not many people saw Tao Geoghegan Hart as a potential winner in 2020 and the same can be said about Richard Carapaz the year before him. You could’ve grabbed insane odds for both and they are not the only examples.

It’s not uncommon for a cyclist priced +1000 by the best Giro d’Italia apps and sites to win. That’s why you should play it smart and look at a wide range of cyclists when you bet on the race.

Placing a few Giro d’Italia wagers on the winner instead of one is a good approach and can be profitable. Going for one of the main favorites and one or two dark horses is usually the optimal strategy.

The Giro can have surprising winners like Hart and Carapaz.

Betting on the Different Giro d’Italia Stages

Most of our Giro d’Italia betting tips so far have been focused on picking the winner of the general classification. Many bettors also love gambling on the different stages of the race.

That’s only natural because you don’t have to wait for almost a month before you know if your bet is a winner. Not to mention that many riders can fight for a stage victory and that makes each one very exciting.

We have a set of tips and tricks that can improve your chances to win money when betting on Giro d’Italia stage winners.

Essential Tips for Betting on Stage Winners

Before we move on to our advanced tips designed for every stage type, there are some essential factors you need to dissect in your analysis.

They can help you understand the overall context for each Giro stage you target.

  • Determine the Type of Stage – Is the stage a time trial or a mass start? Is it a flat stage, a mountain stage, or somewhere in between? These are the first two questions you have to ask.
  • Goals in the General Classification – The riders who are fighting for the Giro d’Italia title are unlikely to push too hard and spend too much energy because they are focused on the big picture. Those who can’t win overall might prioritize a certain stage, especially late in the race.
  • Previous Stages – Athletes that pushed hard in previous stages might be out of energy and vice versa.
  • Rest Days – If the stage is soon after a rest day, most of the cyclists should be fresh and ready to challenge.
  • Physical Condition – It’s not uncommon for certain riders to get sick, fatigued, or injured at some point during the Tour of Italy. Make sure to follow the team news so that you know the condition of the athletes.
  • Weather – Any stage that takes place when it’s raining is significantly harder to predict than ones under better weather conditions.

Going through the points above is an excellent start if you want to bet on Giro d’Italia stages, but there’s more depending on the stage.

Betting on Time Trials

  • Terrain: Flat
  • Number of Stages at the Giro: 2
  • Distance: Short
  • Best for: Sprinters

There are usually only two time trials at the Giro d’Italia. They tend to take place at the start and around the end of the competition. It’s a unique type of stage in which the riders start one by one instead of alongside the rest of the field.

There’s no teamwork here and the terrain is flat for most of the stage. Time trials are where sprinters shine and you should be picking cyclists who can reach high top speeds when betting on time trials.

It’s also important to check the distance. The first time trial at the Giro is usually way shorter, around the 10 km mark. That doesn’t leave much room for strategy; it’s a pure sprint from start to finish.

The second one is longer, usually around 30 km, and towards the end of the competition, when most riders are exhausted. That’s why they have to distribute their energy properly to win.

Betting on Mass Starts

The vast majority of Giro d’Italia stages use a mass start format which means that all riders are unleashed at the same time.

There are several factors to consider here, no matter what the terrain is.

  • Teamwork – Mass starts are where the power of teamwork shines, with the different members of the same organization helping each other.
  • Higher Risks – The risk of contact with other riders, falls, and other incidents is much higher in mass starts which makes them more unpredictable, especially if the weather is bad.
  • Visual Contact – In mass starts, cyclists can see what their rivals are doing. This allows them to adjust their strategy on the move.

The rules above apply to betting on all types of Giro stages with mass starts, but there’s another layer to consider based on the terrain, too.

Betting on Flat Stages

  • Terrain: Flat
  • Number of Stages at the Giro: 5+
  • Distance: Medium to long
  • Best for: Sprinters

The flat stages are similar to time trials in terms of terrain and the attributes required to win. Riders who mostly rely on top speed and can push hard on flat roads excel in them.

Teams prioritize their sprinters in such stages, so their teammates often help them in any way possible.

Betting on Hilly and Intermediate Stages

  • Terrain: Mixed
  • Number of Stages at the Giro: 5+
  • Distance: Medium to long
  • Best for: Complex riders

We decided to combine the hilly and intermediate stages because they are similar to each other. Both include large flat sections, but also some climbing. The big difference is that the summits are not that high in hilly stages, and there are at least one or two medium climbs in intermediate stages.

You should be looking for well-rounded riders here that can do well on all sorts of terrains. There will be sprints, there will be climbing, and there will be downhills.

Betting on Mountain Stages

  • Terrain: Hard, with a lot of steep climbs
  • Number of Stage at the Giro: 5+
  • Distance: Long
  • Best for: Climbers

The hardest stages at the Giro d’Italia are in the Italian mountains and they usually come in the last ten days of the competitions. They are long, hard, and include steep summits and fast downhills.

Sprinters have no chance here and the mountain stages are the domain of the specialists in climbing. They also usually decide the winner of the Giro, so that’s something to consider when gambling on mountain stages.

Giro d’Italia History and Stats

The history of the Giro d’Italia starts way back in 1909 when the first event was held. Technically, the idea was born a year earlier.

Inspired by the Tour de France, the editor of La Gazzetta dello Sport Tullo Morgagni wanted to start the first cycling tour of Italy./p>

After the owner of the newspaper financed the idea, the first Giro took place in 1909 when 127 drivers fought over eight stages and 2,448 km. 49 of them finished the competition and Luigi Ganna won.

The event was very successful and continued to grow throughout the years. Here are some of the interesting moments in the Giro d’Italia’s history.

1912 The only Giro d’Italia without individual classification.
1915-1918 Not contested because of World War I.
1941-1945 Not contested because of World War II.
1950 Swiss rider Hugo Koblet becomes the first non-Italian to win the Giro.
1976 A rider dies during the race, stunning everyone involved in Giro d’Italia.
1988 US cyclist Andrew Hampsten becomes the first non-European to win the Giro.

Now let’s take a look at some of the stats and records that can be useful when betting on Giro d’Italia with real money.

Giro d’Italia Stats and Records

There are plenty of cyclists who have left a mark in the history of the race and some became legends of the sport thanks to their heroics at Giro d’Italia.

Here are the most successful riders in the all-time winner rankings.

Cyclist Giro d’Italia Victories
Alfredo Binda 5
Fausto Coppi 5
Eddy Merckx 5
Gino Bartali 3
Giovanni Brunero 3
Fiorenzo Magni 3
Felice Gimondi 3
Bernard Hinault 3

It must be mentioned that winning more than once has been very hard to achieve recently and lifting the trophy in consecutive years hasn’t happened since Miguel Indurain did it in 1992 and 1993.

The all-time stage wins table is interesting and it shows how dominant some riders have been.

Cyclist Stage Wins
Mario Cipollini 42
Alfredo Binda 41
Learco Guerra 31
Costante Girardengo 30
Eddy Merckx 25

Mario Cipollini has never won the Giro despite his success in stages. The reason is simple – he was almost a pure sprinter that often struggled in mountain stages.

Another thing to consider from a betting perspective is that local riders have dominated the Giro, as you can see by the titles per country.

Country Wins
Italy 69
Belgium 7
France 6
Spain 4
Switzerland, Russia 3

This trend has been changing, though, and only two Italians managed to finish first in the Giro d’Italia general classification since 2012.

Giro d’Italia Predictions and More Betting Tips

We cover the three grand tours in cycling every year, along with other races.

If you’re looking for Giro d’Italia predictions and more useful content for the race or the likes of Tour de France and La Vuelta, you should check out our sports blog.

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