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How to Ensure an Easy Cash Out at Online Casinos

| April 8, 2022 10:04 am PDT
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Almost as much fun as the gambling itself is, “getting paid” is part of the process. Something about all that cash coming to you that you can put into a big pile and dive into like Scrooge McDuck… well, it just satisfies.

But how do you find that elusive easy withdrawal online casino? And what makes that withdrawal so easy?

Glad you asked. We’ve found nine ways to ensure that you experience nothing but easy withdrawals from whatever online casino you select.

#1: Pick a Reputable Casino

The best way to ensure easy withdrawals from an online casino is to gamble with reputable online casinos. But how do you know which online casinos are reputable?

Use your favorite search engine — Google, Bing, Swisscows, or even DuckDuckGo — to locate mountains of information about the online casinos quickly you’re considering signing up with.


Read the reviews and blogs relating to your prospective online casino, but pay particular attention to the gambling forums. This is where you find genuine opinions about your targeted online casino.

Of course, you’ll want to keep a few grains of salt on hand while reading the forums because—in case you haven’t noticed — people can have very unreasonable expectations about many things, particularly things involving their money.

C’est la vie, says I, but your mileage may vary.

Seriously, though, know this: through oversight, error, or fate, gamblers will experience difficulties making withdrawals from virtually every online casino in existence. So, choose wisely.

Need help choosing? Check out the guide below.

#2: Know Your Online Casino’s Withdrawal Process

If you haven’t already created an account with your chosen online casino, do so now. Typically, this will happen in conjunction with your initial deposit—for which you may be entitled to a “sign-up bonus,” which I’ll cover below.

You’ll be asked to make your initial deposit once you’ve provided all the info necessary to sign up, including your full name, address, telephone number, etc. You’ll be asked to make your initial deposit. Remember the method you use since some online casinos will insist on paying out all withdrawal amounts using that same method.

Regardless of your status with the online casino—new player, seasoned veteran, VIP—the withdrawal process will be straightforward.

  • Go to the Cashier section and choose to make a withdrawal.
  • Select your payment method from those offered by the online casino.
  • Provide any additional information the online casino requires, such as an address and identification cards (scans of the front and back of your driver’s license are typical for first-time withdrawals.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw. At this point, you may be required to enter your online casino password again.
  • Hit the “withdraw” button (it may be named something different, like “Finish” or Complete Request,” but it will be a button even your idiot cousin Willard can intuit is the button to press to complete the transaction.

Here is a pro tip – choose an online casino that works in the same currency as you do. If you pay all your bills in dollars, look for an online casino, the native currency of which is also dollars. Otherwise, you’re introducing exchange rates into an already complicated process.

#3: Get Familiar with Withdrawal Reversal, Withdrawal Lock, & Manual Flushing

All three terms sound vaguely threatening or mildly concerning. Still, they represent specific choices you can enable and disable with your account at many, if not most online casinos. Let’s look at them one at a time.

Withdrawal Reversal

Withdrawal reversal is how the gambler (that’s you) can stop a recent withdrawal request. Perhaps you changed your mind or want to re-do the withdrawal request at a different amount.

If your online casino offers the withdrawal reversal option, you usually have between 24 and 48 hours to do a withdrawal reversal. Incidentally, during that one to two-day period, the amount you requested for withdrawal is “pending”—the accounting word for limbo (some call it purgatory).

Whatever term you use, the problem is simple: Your money isn’t moving. You can’t use it, and neither can the online casino.

Withdrawal reversal allows you to instantly cancel that withdrawal request, putting those “pending” funds back in your gambling account and making them available for your continuing gambling pleasure.

You may have already guessed that withdrawal reversals benefit the online casino. Your withdrawal represents money they no longer can win. Giving you the option to reverse that withdrawal puts that money back in play. And guess who always wins.

Manual Flushing

Many online casinos offer this option that permits you to override any withdrawal request’s 24-48-hour “pending” limbo. It usually requires you to contact customer support at the online casino within an hour of making your withdrawal request.

Simply put, manual flushing removes the one- to two-day “pending” delay in the withdrawal process.

It’s a good idea to make a pre-emptive call to your online casino’s customer support department to learn the exact way you may activate a “manual flush.”

Withdrawal Lock

While withdrawal reversal and manual flushing pertain to single transactions, Withdrawal Lock is an account-level option that ensures all your future withdrawal requests will skip that one-to-two-day “pending” limbo and move directly to “processing.”

It’s also called “automatic manual flushing” by programmers and web designers with no access to dictionaries or irony.

Not all online casinos offer this option but ask your online casino about it if it interests you (and should).

#4: Make Sure You Understand Bonus Limits

As I mentioned in another blog concerning what to do when a casino isn’t paying out, most withdrawal delays are due to failure to read the online casino’s terms & conditions carefully, particularly those related to bonuses.

Sign-up and reload bonuses are popular ways to extend your gambling bankroll, but any winnings you might accrue are governed by very specific restrictions on your access to the same.

Most bonuses have a set playthrough and rollover before you have access to them, typically expressed in multiples of the total of your deposit plus your bonus amount.

Your access to your deposit, your bonus, and any winnings you accrue while completing the required rollover (20x your deposit+bonus is typical) is limited if not prohibited.

#5: Understand Other Withdrawal Limitations

Besides limitations on your access to bonuses, as noted above, there are usually specific limitations on the number of times you may withdraw available funds from your account.

This is normal. Every online casino puts various limits on the amount and frequency limitations on withdrawals.

Amount limits range significantly between online casinos. Some allow a maximum of $500 per withdrawal request, while others tout $100,000 limits. And at the higher end, you can usually expect the process to take longer and more likely to involve processing fees.

The same goes for the frequency of withdrawals.
Each withdrawal costs the online casino (and the payment target) time and money to process. While that’s part of the business for all concerned, everyone wants to keep you happy while not spending any more than necessary to accomplish that.

Depending on the casino, this can translate to as little as once a week or as often as once a day.

Another pro tip I’m providing is that VIP players at your online casino are typically permitted larger and more frequent withdrawals.

#6: Have Identification Ready

Be sure to have some form of government identification ready—which means scans or readable images taken with your phone for your passport, the front and back of your driver’s license, and the front and back of the credit card you’re using for deposits/withdrawals.

You might also be required to provide a scan/pic of a recent utility bill or bank statement with your name and address.

The online casino needs all this to confirm the legality of taking a deposit from you and ascertaining that you are, in fact, the person who owns the gambling account on their site and, like this, have every right to withdraw your money.

#7: Make Sure You Have Sufficient Funds Available for Transfer

As I mentioned earlier, the total funds in your online casino account aren’t necessarily the available funds in your online casino account. Make sure you can tell the difference.

Most online casinos will simplify this by identifying total funds, available funds, and bonus funds in separate, distinct, and marked amounts. If you’re unsure, ask customer service to explain.

#8: Choose an Appropriately Fast Account to Receive Payment

For many of us, “easy” is a synonym for “least time waiting” as far as the withdrawal processing speed is concerned.

Different types of accounts to which you may transfer withdrawals vary greatly in the amount of time it takes for the transaction to complete, meaning the time it takes to take possession of your money.

Instant Gratification

Nothing is as satisfying as instantly putting money in your pocket after a hard day spent splitting tens online. And there are a plethora of deposit methods ready to provide that instant gratification.

They include Paypal, Neteller, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, and Skrill. Of course, depending on your jurisdiction, you may only have access to one or two of these, so be sure to research what is available to you before you start the withdrawal process.

One to Two Days

Debit and credit cards are generally a fast target for your withdrawal requests. Still, while many online casinos accept deposits from debit/credit cards, not as many will accept withdrawal requests to those same cards.

Please Note

Also, you may be charged a small fee for processing the withdrawal.

One Week or Longer

Paper checks via mail and wire transfers have a good reputation for reliability. Unfortunately, they both add days to the payment process and usually involve fees.

Make sure you’re aware of all the costs—in time and money—for any payment method you choose.

#9: Have Reasonable Expectations about the Process

Easy withdrawal means stress-free withdrawal—and that usually means a withdrawal that is in the amount you requested and completed within a reasonable time frame.

Even if everything works and all the moving parts of the withdrawal process operate like a well-maintained machine, failing to allow for unseen obstacles or simply having unrealistic expectations can be stressful.

It’s your money but recall that each step of the withdrawal process requires attention to detail on every person—employee and patron alike—and time.

Hidden processes like the online casino’s security department’s vetting of your identification and the accounting department’s confirmation that all applicable anti-money laundering and currency transaction reporting have been observed.

All these steps add time to the process.

With all those wheels and gears and levers moving at once, it seems miraculous that you get paid at all, but it happens—every day.

You can simplify that process with your first step: Choosing your easy withdrawal online casino wisely. Begin your vetting process by looking at our safe online casinos.Safe Online Casinos
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