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3 Harry Potter Slots I Wish Existed (Plus the Best Slots for Harry Potter Fans)

By Gary Mills in Casino
| November 29, 2019 3:16 am PDT
The Harry Potter Slot Machines I Wish Existed

Are you looking for a Harry Potter slot machine? I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but they don’t exist. There isn’t a legit Harry Potter slot game created by a trustworthy gaming developer.

While that’s disappointing, it makes sense. The Harry Potter series is a young adult book (even though the fanbase spans multiple generations), and it’s not legal for young adults to play slot machines.

I still want one to play, though. I’m a huge fan of the movies (I’ve seen them at least a dozen times), and I’m currently halfway through Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Then, there are the Fantastic Beasts movies. These additions to the franchise help keep that Harry Potter enthusiasm going. I just wish I had a Harry Potter-themed slot to add to the fun.

But since there aren’t any that I know of, it got me to thinking about what I’d like a machine to look like. The gears in my head started to turn and, before I knew it, I came up with the 3 Harry Potter slots I wish existed. These 3 different fictional machines are all based on the Harry Potter books.

Check my ideas out below, and don’t hesitate to let me know what you think of them in the comments.

#1 – Harry Potter and Dumbledore’s Army

My first idea is a slot I’d call “Harry Potter and Dumbledore’s Army.” This would play off the 5th book, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Like nearly all the books in the series, Hogwarts needs a Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Every year, they get a new teacher, and at the end of that year, the teacher leaves.

This year, the students get an awful teacher, Dolores Umbridge, the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic. The Ministry sent her to Hogwarts to get involved with how the school runs since there’s some friction between the Minister and Professor Dumbledore (and Harry Potter).

Umbridge takes a totally different approach to how she teaches Defense Against the Dark Arts. The students learn from a book instead of taking a hands-on approach.

So, Harry, Hermione, and Ron start Dumbledore’s Army, or DA for short. The goal is for Harry to teach students various spells they’re not learning from Umbridge.

There’s far, far more to this book, but the point here is that Dumbledore’s Army is a huge part of it. I figured it’d make sense to use DA as a theme for my first slot machine. Here’s what I think that slot should look like.

Dumbledore’s Army Symbols

This machine would use the following symbols.

  • Harry’s scar (a lightning bolt) and his glasses
  • A wand
  • Dementors
  • Dumbledore’s Army
  • Dolores Umbridge
  • The Order of the Phoenix
  • Cornelius Fudge (the Minister for Magic)
  • Newspaper with the headline Dumbledore: Daft or Dangerous?
  • Sirius Black
  • The prophecy
  • A picture of cats with a pink frame
  • An Educational Decree

I’d want this machine to have more ominous looking symbols and aesthetics since this book had a darker tone compared to the previous books.

Dumbledore’s Army Features

I’d take a simple approach to the bonus game.

You’d trigger the feature when you get two or three Dumbledore’s Army symbols (with “Feature” written on it). Get the symbol on the first and third reel to start the game.

Once you trigger the feature, a wheel would take the place of both symbols. Here’s what each of those wheels would do.

  • The first wheel would have five characters. Each character would represent a different bonus game. I’ll share what those games would be in a second.
  • The second wheel would give you a multiplier. This would apply to your winnings from the bonus game.

There would also be a third wheel. While the first two wheels spin, the fifth reel would spin. If you get another DA symbol, you’d get a third wheel.

The third wheel would have several numbers on it. Whatever number you landed on would be the number of free games you’d get to play with that character and multiplier.

If you didn’t get the third wheel, then you’d only get one attempt at the bonus game. Here are the different bonus games you could play.

  • Expecto Patronum (Harry Potter):

    A stag would run from side to side, leaving a trail of wild symbols in its wake.

  • Wingardium Leviosa (Hermione Granger):

    Hermione would perform the Wingardium Leviosa spell to a feather. The higher the feature floated, the more credits you’d win.

  • Expelliarmus (Neville Longbottom):

    Neville would practice his disarming charm. He yells “Expelliarmus,” and any Dolores Umbridge symbol would get replaced with a wild symbol.

  • Bat-Bogey Hex (Ginny Weasley):

    Ginny would perform this hex on Draco Malfoy and bats will start flying out of his nose. This would increase your multiplier (at random) on top of your current multiplier.

  • Dumbledore’s Escape:

    Dumbledore would escape with Fawkes the Phoenix (like he did when the Minister came to take him to Azkaban). He’d leave you with a credit, ranging from 5x to 50x your wager.

Like I said, these are simple bonus games, but I don’t think their simplicity would make them any less fun to play. Quite the opposite, in fact, since fans of the show would recognize where each one came from.

#2 – Harry Potter Returns to Hogwarts

In the first six Harry Potter books, the first chapter or two shows Harry Potter on his summer break. He usually starts at his aunt and uncle’s house, then he goes to The Burrow (Ron’s house) or, in The Order of the Phoenix, 12 Grimmauld Place.

Every book mentions the sorting of first years into their houses, the start of the term feast, and announcements (usually) from Dumbledore, too.

That’s why I thought returning to Hogwarts would make a fun theme. I’d call it “Harry Potter Returns to Hogwarts.” Here’s what that machine would look like.

Harry Potter Returns to Hogwarts Symbols

These are the symbols I’d use for this slot machine.

  • Hogwarts Castle
  • The Dursleys
  • A Quidditch pitch
  • A broomstick
  • A steaming cauldron
  • Hagrid
  • A turkey leg, pastille pasty, and butterbeer
  • The Sorting Hat
  • Gryffindor banner
  • Slytherin banner
  • Hufflepuff banner
  • Ravenclaw banner

These images would symbolize Harry Potter returning to school, eating tasty food, and the sorting of first years into their houses.

Harry Potter Returns to Hogwarts Features

This slot machine would have a couple of features, mostly cascading wilds and free games. The inspiration for this machine is Invaders Return from the Planet Moolah.

This slot machine is a lot of fun to play, so I figured Harry Potter fans would love if the machine had a good theme. I know I would. Here are the features I’d include in this machine.

Cascading Wilds

When you hit the winning combination, you’d hear “Expelliarmus.” The spell would remove all the winning symbols, then new symbols would cascade down from the top of the screen to fill in the gaps left by the old ones. This process would repeat itself until you lose.

Your goal would be to do this enough to trigger a free game. If you got four wins in a row, you’d get seven free spins. Get five wins, and you earn ten free games. You’d be able to win as many as 50 free games in one go.

What’s great about this feature is that you could trigger additional free spins while playing a free game. This means you can trigger dozens, if not hundreds of free spins (if you’re lucky enough).

This feature is fun enough on its own, but I’m going to place a spell on it and take it up another couple of levels with the following bonus symbols.

Bonus Symbols

There would be four bonus symbols, one for each house at Hogwarts. The symbol would be the house’s sigil with the word “Bonus” written on it.

When you get one of these sigils, it’d be added to the left side of the screen. There’d be no limit to the number of sigils you could collect.

Each sigil offers a different perk if you happen to trigger a free game. They’d apply to your free game winnings once it was over. Here are the benefits to each house’s sigil.

  • Gryffindor:

    Every wild symbol would have credits posted on it. If that wild symbol is part of a winning combination, you’d get the winnings for that combo and the number of credits on the wild symbol. There’d be no limit to the number of wilds/credits you could get.

  • Hufflepuff:

    Get a 1x, 3x, 5x, or 10x multiplier on your winnings.

  • Ravenclaw:

    Double the free spins you won. For example, if you won four times in a row and trigger seven free games, this sigil will double that to 14.

  • Slytherin:

    Every wild you’d receive would be used on that spin and would become sticky for the next spin. After that, it’d disappear.

I think these would add a ton of fun and stickiness to this slot machine. If you get one or more of the sigils, stick around so you can trigger a free game and use them.

Progressive Jackpots

There would be four jackpots that you could win on this machine. You’d trigger each one by getting five of the same Hogwarts house sigils in one spin, one on each reel.

  • Slytherin – mini jackpot
  • Hufflepuff – small jackpot
  • Ravenclaw – medium jackpot
  • Gryffindor – progressive jackpot

You could only win the progressive jackpot by making the max bet. Otherwise, you’d receive a consolation prize. There’d be no other betting requirements to win any of the other jackpots.

And that’s all there is to this machine. This would probably be my favorite Harry Potter slot machine since I’m such a fan of Invaders Return from the Planet Moolah.

#3 – Harry Potter Plays Quidditch for Cash

The third and last slot machine I’d love to see developers create would be based on the game Quidditch. I’d call it Harry Potter Plays Quidditch for Cash.

The goal of quidditch is to score the most points. The “chasers” score by throwing the “Quaffle” through the opposing team’s hoops. Each goal won is worth ten points.

The “seeker” has to catch the “Golden Snitch.” Catching the snitch is worth 150 points and ends the game. Usually, the team that catches the snitch wins, but in some cases, the opposing team can win if they’re ahead by 160 or more points.

Harry Potter plays quidditch starting with the first book. In his sixth year, he became the quidditch captain. Quidditch is not only played at Hogwarts, but on a professional level too. There are many domestic and international quidditch leagues, like there is with soccer.

In fact, other than the quidditch matches held at Hogwarts, the book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, started with the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.

That’s why I’d want to add different levels or leagues of quidditch to this slot machine. Here’s what that slot machine would look like.

Harry Potter Plays Quidditch for Cash Symbols

These are the symbols this slot machine would use.

  • Golden Snitch
  • Hoops
  • Quidditch Pitch
  • Gryffindor sigil
  • Slytherin sigil
  • Hufflepuff sigil
  • Ravenclaw sigil
  • Firebolt
  • Holyhead Harpies logo
  • Chudley Cannons logo
  • Beater bat
  • Harry Potter flying on his broom

I’d like the developers to animate some of the symbols so that, when you hit a winning combination, the symbols would move.

For example, maybe Harry Potter could grab the Golden Snitch or a Quaffle could go through one of the hoops. I think animations would make this machine that much more fun to play.

Harry Potter Plays Quidditch for Cash Features

The features I’d add to this slot machine are inspired by the Wizard of Oz slot machine you can play for free on our site.

Your goal would be to get three feature symbols. When you do, you’d have the option to choose one of them. Here are the features you’d get.

  • Credits (20x your wager)
  • Free Game
  • Bonus Round

The credits would be added to your account automatically. And the free game would give you ten free spins. Owls would fly over the top, dropping wild symbols onto the reels at random.

The bonus would be a multi-stage pick me game. There’d be three stages to this bonus.

  • Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch
  • Quidditch League Pitch
  • Quidditch World Cup

There’d be 20 Quaffle symbols on each pitch. Your task would be to take your “Beater bat” and flip each symbol over. Here’s what you’d find.

  • Goals/Credits:

    These’d be added to your winnings.

  • Golden Snitch:

    This would turn over all remaining goals, and you’d collect all the credits. You’d then progress to the next Quidditch pitch.

  • Quidditch Pitch:

    This’d be the next Quidditch pitch, or both, if you were still on the Hogwarts pitch. You’d move forward without collecting any more credits. Progressing or skipping a pitch would reduce how much you could win overall.

  • Beater:

    A Beater knocks you off your broom. Get this symbol three times at any point during this bonus game, on any Quidditch pitch, and the bonus game would end.

At the end of the bonus round, the crowd would cheer as your credits were added to your balance. Then, you’d go back to the main game.

Progressive Jackpot

Bet the maximum bet. If you get five Golden Snitch symbols with the word “Jackpot” written on them, you’d win the jackpot. The symbols could be on any location of the reel. You’d just need one jackpot symbol on each one to win.

And there you have it. Those are my ideas for Harry Potter slots I’d like to see a major slot developer create.

These are basic ideas, no doubt about that. But you don’t need every feature or an intense, multi-level bonus to have a good time.

Every slot idea I shared here captures many of the things that people love about Harry Potter. I think anyone who played one of these slots would be reminded of what they like most about the books and movies.

And isn’t that the point?

3 Slot Machines Harry Potter Fans Can Play Instead

Yeah, I know, this page has been nothing but a tease and a letdown so far. You came here looking for a Harry Potter slot machine to play, and instead of giving them to you, I told you they don’t exist. All I gave you instead are a couple of ideas for what I’d like to see.

Obviously, I can’t create a Harry Potter slot game out of thin air, but what I can do is give you a few alternative slot machines that you can play instead. These should be appealing slots for Harry Potter fans.

#1 – Witchcraft Academy

Witchcraft Academy is a slot machine developed by NetEnt. It’s the closest slot machine I was able to find to Harry Potter. The intro screen says that this is “the most ancient and mysterious school of magic, full of secrets and charms.”

That’s close enough for me. The symbols this machine uses includes a witch, dragon, owl, and various jewels. That’s okay, but I’d like to also see a cauldron, wand, and/or broomstick.

There are a couple of features that you can play.

Bonus Scatter – Receive three or more of the bonus scatter symbols anywhere on the reels during the main game to trigger the elements bonus.

During the elements bonus, you’ll choose between Efora the Witch or Earthan the Wizard. The wizard you choose will cast an “element shot” at a random column. If they hit three or more scatter symbols, then you’ll trigger the free spin feature.

If the shot hits a guard, then the guard will explode and hit all the symbols adjacent to it (horizontally or vertically).

Free Game – One of the features you can trigger during the bonus game is to turn the first and last reel into a wild symbol. This can lead to huge wins as you can see for yourself in this video.

Overall, this is a basic machine, but it has the wizard element I’m looking for. The 96.38% payback percentage doesn’t hurt either.

#2 – Merlin’s Millions

You’ll hear about the famous wizard Merlin in the Harry Potter books, movies, and games. You don’t see him, though, because he was born so long ago (c. 982 or later according to this Harry Potter wiki).

You hear about him via the cards you get inside the Chocolate Frogs. Here’s what his card says about him.

“Medieval, dates unknown. Most famous wizard of all time. Sometimes known as the Prince of Enchanters. Part of the Court of King Arthur.”

For that reason, I thought that another good Harry Potter slot alternative would be Merlin’s Millions from NextGen Gaming.

I like the symbols on this machine more than the last slot. The symbols include Merlin, a glowing orb, an owl, a spell book, staff, glass flask with an eyeball in it, and medieval-looking letters. There are a couple of features in this game too.

Super Bet – Make an additional wager (50x to 300x your current bet) on all 50 lines, and all Merlin substitutions will have a 2x to 10x multiplier.

Free Game – You’ll get five free games when you get three orb symbols. During this round, Merlin will stand next to the reels and turn random symbols into wilds. You can trigger additional free games during a free game, too.

Owl Bonus – Get three owls to trigger this feature. The owls on the screen will have prizes. Continue picking owls and adding to your winnings until you get one that says to collect.

That’s all there is to this machine. I played it and had a great time. Merlin’s Millions is another good example of an alternative slot machine for Harry Potter fans. You can play a demo of the game here.

#3 – Great Book of Magic Deluxe

This game comes from Wazdan, a gaming company that launched in 2010. They have licenses with the MGA, UKGC, and others, so finding this machine shouldn’t be too tough.

What drew me to this game was the wizard, who reminded me of Dumbledore, Merlin, or even Gandalf the Grey. The game even looks like it takes place in Dumbledore’s office.

The symbols include the wizard, an owl, snake, spell book, castle, and medieval-looking letters. The background definitely looks like a wizard’s castle with the gargoyle statues and potions on the desk.

This machine has the most basic features of the bunch. You can trigger a free game round when you get three scatter symbols.

There’s also a gambling feature you can play to double your winnings. You’ll choose which potion to dump into the cauldron, and you’ll either double your winnings or lose all your money.

I didn’t win much on this game, and I’m not sure it’d be my first choice for a Harry Potter replacement, but I think this slot beats the other two as far as aesthetics and symbols go.

You can learn more about this slot machine by visiting Wazdan’s website.


Harry Potter is one of my favorite movie series. I’m enjoying the books, too, and I’m excited to see how the books play out compared to the films.

I’m such a fan that I wish there was a Harry Potter slot machine I could play. That way, I could enjoy the best of both worlds. I think my slot ideas would be a great place for developers to start.

Until then, though, I’ll have to make do with fantasy and wizard-themed slots. The three slots I shared above are a good place to start.

Give them a try, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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