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Top Online Casinos in Florida – Ranked for 2022

The best Florida online casinos can be hard to identify if you’re new to gambling online for real money. How do you determine what makes one gambling site better than another?

Well, you don’t need to because we’ve done it for you. This page is dedicated to helping you find the best online casinos for Florida in 2020.

Rank Gambling Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
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You can try to figure out the best Florida casino sites for yourself, but this will be very time consuming due to the number of options. There are (at least) dozens of online casinos accepting players from FL.

Even if you have the time to spare, do you really want to end up wasting your money at several casinos before you find a safe and trusted one that’s top quality? You might get lucky and pick a top online casino right away, but there’s no guarantee of that.

It’s really much easier, and safer, to join of our recommendations. We’ve applied our expertise to rank the very best online casinos in Florida and these are the only options you need to consider. You can make a real money deposit and start playing at any one of them with total confidence.

Best Florida Online Casinos

Florida Online Casinos

What sets these sites apart from the all the other FL online casinos?

All kinds of things, but most importantly of all these are safe, trustworthy casino websites that are operating legally in the jurisdictions they operate in.

Keep reading to find out more about what why we’ve chosen them as the very best Florida online casinos.

Assessing Top Online Casinos in Florida

We are a team of highly experienced gamblers that know exactly what to look for when ranking online gambling sites. We’re passionate casino gaming fans in our own right, and we carefully evaluate all of the following relevant factors when evaluating online casinos serving FL.

Trust Indicators

The first thing that must be established is the trustworthiness of a given website. On the surface, it can seem as though it’s impossible to measure from the outside looking in, but there’s a telltale sign that speaks volumes.

Gaming websites display badges that are issued by regulatory bodies. We keep track of online gambling license requirements for virtually every country and territory on the planet.

There are some gambling jurisdictions that have very tight regulatory controls, and one of the things that they prioritize is customer protection. Applicants must have plans for keeping sensitive information and funds safe and secure at all times. A particular amount of working capital is also required.

Taking care of the players is a major priority, and licensing agencies also want to keep the criminal element out of the industry. If the appropriate oversight is not in place, it would be the ideal environment for laundering dirty money. To prevent this, they conduct thorough background checks.

Countries and territories that issue licenses that mean something charge significant application fees, and approved applicants have to pay high sums for their business permits. This is relevant because you know the operators have made huge investments.

All of recommended Florida online casinos are appropriately licensed by a reputable licensing authority.

Customer-Friendly Experience

Once we know that a site is not going to rip anyone off, we move on to the quality of the experience for visitors. Some of the same website operators target multiple countries, so we make sure that the ones we recommend are especially suitable for the relevant category.

In the case of ranking online casinos in Florida, we typically look for the real money gambling sites that are heavily focused on US customers.

When a site has this specific focus, all of the gaming options will be familiar, and the transactions will be in the US dollar. The currency itself is key, and our preferred online casinos make it easy for people in the states to deposit and withdraw funds using methods that are familiar to Americans.

Any time you’re dealing with a company online, the availability of timely customer service is going to be a consideration. The need is especially profound when you’re making a steady stream of transactions as a regular visitor to an online casino.

All of the sites that have gotten our stamp of approval as the best online casinos for Florida place an emphasis on world-class customer service.

Our top-rated casinos offer phone-based support with wide windows of availability, along with email communication, and most of the sites have live chat functions.

No website wants to experience any downtime, but it’s more important for some businesses than it is for others. These online casino operators make huge infrastructure investments, so they’re extremely stable and fully capable of handling the robust data demands.

Direct User Experiences

A casino gambling site can check off all the boxes when you look at it from afar, but at the end of the day, the best insight will come from people that have actually played there for a while. Members of our staff use the sites that we rank for their own purposes, and those situations are ideal.

We don’t rely purely on our own experiences, though. To keep a finger on the pulse of what people are saying “on the ground,” we regularly visit forums and message boards that are frequented by other online casino players.

In a lot of cases, when you have a problem with a business that really makes you mad, you can’t wait to write negative reviews online to warn other people. This feeling certainly applies to players that are unhappy with the way they’ve been treated at a particular site.

When we read through complaint threads, we look for corroboration from multiple people that chime in to comment on the original post. If there is a big enough sample size, and there are no counterpoints offered by satisfied customers, we see a flashing red light.

Forum and message board participants that are “wowed” by a standout online casino will share those impressions as well, and these endorsements are taken into consideration when we are ranking sites.

Our top-rated FL online casinos all have solid reputations and track records of treating their customers fairly.

Benefits of Playing at Online Casinos

Gambling laws in the Sunshine State allow for some casino gaming opportunities at traditional gambling venues, but they’re very limited. Individual counties can approve the expansion of licensed existing pari-mutuel gaming facilities (like dog and horse racing tracks) to include slot machines.

Back in 1988, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act went into effect. It gave Native American tribes the right to open casinos on tribal lands, as long as they can negotiate with their states.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida opened the first Native American casino, and they still operate six gaming facilities. There is another single casino in the Everglades that is owned by the Miccosukee Tribe.

Though these casinos are open for business, there are a number of good reasons why Floridians should take advantage of online gaming options.

Geography Doesn’t Matter

Yes, there are quite a few land-based casinos in FL, but some might be inaccessible to you without a long drive. Even if you live an hour or two away, that’s a considerable amount of time that will limit your casino visits.

These concerns vanish when you open an account at one of the best Florida online casinos. You can live in the most remote corner of the state, far from any gaming venues, but you can still play your favorite slot machine without going anywhere.

Even if your house is 10 minutes away from a casino or racino, when you open an online gambling account, you can play from anywhere that you happen to be at any given time. These sites are designed to adapt to all mobile devices, so you always have instant access to gaming at your fingertips.

Avoid the Hassles

Some people go to traditional casinos for the experience. They enjoy gambling, but also want to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of a high-energy atmosphere. A few of the Seminole casinos are full-blown resorts in urban areas, and they have nice restaurants and live entertainment.

Visitors enjoy these casinos every day, but there are always going to be some hassles that come with it. For example, most Floridians travel to casinos on the weekend.

If you work Monday through Friday, weekends are the best time for you as well. While casino executives love seeing an enormous sea of customers, it’s a different story for individual gamblers.

Generally speaking, when too many people are gathered in the same place, walking from point A to point B can be a challenge. You have the sheer volume of other customers in front of you, and casino visitors tend to meander slowly in unpredictable ways. This isn’t the end of the world, but it’s a hassle.

An element that can have huge impact on the quality of your time in the casino can also rear its ugly head on busy nights. If you’re a table game player, when the seats are in great demand, the house can raise the minimum limits to uncomfortable levels, because the spaces will be filled regardless.

This is just one negative and, to add insult to injury, most of us do not go to casinos alone.

If you’re with a companion and the two of you want to stick together, finding a pair of seats together, or even at the same table, can be all but impossible.

A lot of people like to change tables when the dealer is red-hot, but the crowds can force you to stay put.

Some of us like to knock back some libations when we’re at a casino. And there are certainly those who overdo it. If someone like this is at your table, you may really want to migrate. Once again, when you look around, there may be nowhere else to go, so you either stay put or go home early.

In fairness, these scenes don’t always materialize, but they’re not uncommon either. If you spend your time at one of the top Florida online casinos instead, you call the shots. You can play in any setting and never have to surrender to circumstances that are out of your control.

Efficient Bankroll Management

When you go to a casino, cash is the only option, so you need enough in your pocket at all times. If you run out of money, you have to go to the ATM at the casino, which charges outrageous fees.

At online casinos, you can make a deposit using a number of different methods. Not only is it very convenient but you also have an ongoing record of your wins and losses.

If you’re a frequent gambler, having a record is essential because the information can be used to help you make your budgeting decisions.

Money for Nothing

At any of our approved FL casino sites, you can receive a hefty bonus just for signing up. These operators offer sign-up bonuses to new players, and this infusion of cash can really help you get started on the right foot.

The exact amount you can expect to receive will depend on each site, and they’re tied to the size of your deposit. These online casinos are all competing for your business with lucrative bonuses.

A relatively modest first deposit will typically result in a bonus that can range from $100 to several hundred. If you make a robust deposit at the right site, you could be looking at $1000 or more.

Gaming Options at the Top Florida Online Casinos

One of the fantastic things about online gambling is the variety of gambling options that are available. You may be surprised to learn that the choices are just as comprehensive as most of the world-class casinos in Las Vegas and other gaming destinations.

Virtual Slot Machines

Slot players can enjoy a cornucopia of different possibilities online, in fact, you will probably see more themes than you would find at most properties in Sin City. We’re talking about well over 100 at some of the sites, and you can bet various different amounts per spin.

There are generous potential payouts, and the ones that sit at the top of the list are quite impressive. It’s not uncommon to see six-figure jackpots in the mix, and if you have that perfect lucky moment, you can take home a life-changing amount of money.

Video Poker

For many, video poker is the game of choice, and this is another staple at online casinos in Florida.

All of the popular variations will be waiting for you when you arrive, including Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Joker Poker, and Deuces Wild, just to name a few.

Table Games

Online gaming sites roll out the red carpet for table game players of all bankroll sizes.

They have adapted traditional games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and craps to suit the virtual environment. In addition to these tried-and-true games, there are some newer variants you may want to explore.

Race and Sports Betting

There’s no substitute for a day at the races under the Florida sun, and Gulfstream Park in Hallandale is one of the most beautiful tracks in the country. It’s a perfect way to spend a day, but the track is far, far away from most people in the state.

And even for those that live in the general vicinity, sometimes an online option would be a better choice. Many of the best FL online casinos have top-notch horse race betting sections, so you can place bets at tracks all over the country and in other parts of the world.

Some of the online casinos that take a comprehensive approach also offer sports betting, so fans that wouldn’t mind backing up their opinions with some cold hard cash have an outlet.


There’s a lot of information to digest on this page, so we’ll leave you with a few key points to sum it up. We’ve done in-depth research in an effort to identify the best Florida online casinos. The sites that made the cut are licensed in rock-solid jurisdictions, and they provide world-class service.

When you tap into the realm of online gaming, you have access to every casino game imaginable at all times. Online gambling websites accommodate players of all budget levels, and players receive robust sign-up bonuses.

Attitudes around the country have been loosening with regard to the expansion of state-regulated online gambling, and although Florida has not yet joined the progressive wave, that’s likely to change reasonably soon. You can expect to see regulated and legal online casinos operating within FL state borders in the near future.

Until then, any of our recommended online casinos for Florida are your best options, and well worth checking out.

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