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UFC Fighters

To bet on UFC fights successfully, you need to get to know the fighters. You need to know how to assess fighters, and how to compare them to their opponents.

What chance does a mechanic have of fixing a car if he doesn’t know the inner workings of an engine? Would he rely on luck? Of course not.

You don’t want to rely on luck when gambling on the UFC, either. Sure, a bit of luck can help and we all need that from to time. But your MMA betting should certainly not be based on hoping for good fortune.

We’re here to make sure it’s not. Our UFC betting guide is a complete resource with all the information and advice you need to make good wagering decisions. This section is focused on UFC fighters. It’s where you’ll find out all about today’s best fighters, including their upcoming fights, past legends, and more.

Importantly, you’ll learn how to assess UFC fighters and how to compare them against the opponents they face. This is incredibly useful information when choosing which UFC fighters to bet on.

Here’s everything we cover.

What Makes a Good UFC Fighter?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a promotion, while mixed martial arts (MMA) is a sport.

The UFC is renowned as the elite promotion in MMA, and therefore, the majority of the best mixed martial artists on the planet fight under its banner. So, if the question is what makes a good UFC fighter, the answer is, well, a good mixed martial artist.

Remember, MMA differs to most other combat sports in the sense that it incorporates several different disciplines into one style.

When we refer to discipline, we are referring to other martial arts, such as wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, karate, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

A UFC fighter is free to enter the Octagon with whatever style they choose, but the chances are that they will never get as far as fighting in this promotion without first having their fundamentals on point.

This promotion is, after all, the true domain of the crème de la crème of mixed martial artists.

What are the MMA Fundamentals?

Just below, we have covered the different styles of UFC fighters and how it is crucial to know the difference when betting on UFC fights.

But first, let’s take a very brisk walk through the fundamentals of MMA fighters. Or, to put it another way, the basic things that a fighter needs to be proficient in before they can be classed as a good UFC fighter. 

To break things down as simply as possible, there are two core areas that fighters must learn to a high level if they are to survive in the cage.

First, we have striking.

  • Striking includes punches, kicks, elbows, knees, etc.
  • Fighters must have a solid technical grasp of all in both offense and defense. 
  • The most effective of the striking disciplines are Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, Taekwondo, karate.

Then there is grappling.

  • Grappling includes takedowns, holds, clinches, submissions, etc.
  • Again, fighters must have a solid technical grasp of all in both offense and defense. 
  • The most effective of the grappling disciplines are wrestling, BJJ, sambo, judo, Luta Livre.

For fighters to succeed in this sport, they MUST be proficient in both striking and grappling. A striker without the means of defending himself against a grappler could find themselves in trouble very quickly. And vice versa.

These days, you will find very few mixed martial artists, if any, that can succeed without being strong in both striking and grappling.

Different Styles of UFC Fighters

If you are new to the sport or can remember when you were, we bet that a question like “what is the best style of MMA fighter?” would have crossed your mind at some point.

Put simply, the best style of a mixed martial artist is a great MIXED martial artist. The fulcrum of success in this sport relies on being solid at everything. It’s about having the knowledge to compete with someone else who is up to a high standard in attack and defense when it comes to striking and grappling.

MMA has evolved from the old days of Royce Gracie submitting much larger guys who had never heard of him, never mind Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Back in the earlier days of MMA, boxers would fight karate experts, and Muay Thai strikers would battle with wrestlers. Things are much more refined these days.

That doesn’t mean that all UFC fighters operate in the same style, though.

Some fighters are excellent wrestlers and base their style around that. Conversely, you have incredible strikers that use their striking weapons to maximum effect. 

In MMA, no style has ever been consistently better than another. But without a shadow of a doubt, wrestling is the only style that comes close to that.

The Most Important Disciplines in MMA

Whether a fighter is primarily a striker or a grappler, the following styles are considered the most effective inside the cage. 

The most dominant fighters in UFC history have tended to have exceptional wrestling skills. A distinguished wrestler tends to be strong, have high cardio, and can dominate opponents by taking them down and controlling movement, and, thus, the fight.
Muay Thai
The “art of the eight limbs” incorporates punches, leg kicks, roundhouses, knees, elbows, and strikes from the clinch. Great for outside and inside fighting, as well as explosive shots from outside range. The most effective striking discipline in MMA.
Submissions via holds, locks, chokes, cranks, and more. Controlling an opponent’s movements by passing guard and effectively forcing them to submit, or applying the right pressure in key areas to choke them unconscious.
Jabs, straights, hooks, uppercuts, distance management, head movement, power, balance. Boxing is an ancient art which even precedes Muay Thai, and is a huge part of MMA.

Now you understand some of the most important aspects of accomplished fighters’ styles, let’s move on to how you can use this knowledge to make money betting on UFC fights.

Comparing UFC Fighters

When betting on UFC fights, it is such an advantage to understand the role of stylistic matchups. The average person without knowledge of how styles make fights can often lose money by effectively betting blindly.

Being the bigger guy with all the muscles might look impressive in a bar, or at a beach party, but being physically large isn’t a prerequisite to being a great fighter. Yet time after time, less knowledgeable sports bettors for fall for this trap. Especially when they’re not used to betting on the UFC.

The fact is that being a great fighter isn’t always enough to win a fight. If the stylistic matchup is wrong for them, they can be dismantled faster than your warm and fuzzy plans for your winnings turns to disappointment and a lost wager.

Let’s move on to a couple of examples of how to plan your bets for UFC fights.

Planning For Stylistic Matchups

  • Striker vs. Grappler
  • Striker vs. Striker
  • Submission Expert vs. Striker
  • All-Rounder vs. Specialist

There is no matchup as beloved as the striker vs. grappler fight.

When betting on this fight, you need to work out whether the striker is fast and technically good enough to knock their opponent out. If not, is the grappler conditioned enough to wrestle with their opponent and eventually take them down and dominate them throughout a fight?

When betting on a striker vs. striker matchup, you need to know which striker is the more effective.

A plodding, powerful boxer can knock seven shades of scarlet out of a quicker, more technical Muay Thai guy. But the question is, can they catch them? Or will speed, poise, accuracy, and movement triumph?

Wagering on a submission expert vs. striker matchup is interesting, as quite often, both will give up a lot when it comes to others’ key discipline.

But is the striker smart enough to avoid falling for the traps they set? Can the striker set their own traps, and catch the submission expert coming in?

Finally, an all-rounder vs. specialist is another type of matchup we often see stump bettors.

Let’s say the specialist excels in striking. Can the all-rounder use their strong but not perfect striking to keep the fight going while preparing to take their opponent down? If they can, their all-round skills could also pave the way for a submission win.

All clear? Well, let’s take a look at the best UFC fighters today. In other words, those who have made it to the summit of their respective divisions.

Current UFC Champions

Weight Class Champion
Heavyweight Stipe Miocic
Light Heavyweight Jan Blachowicz
Middleweight Israel Adesanya
Welterweight Kamaru Usman
Lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov
Featherweight Alexander Volkanovski
Bantamweight Peter Yan
Flyweight Deiveson Figueiredo
Featherweight (W) Amanda Nunes
Bantamweight (W) Amanda Nunes
Flyweight (W) Valentina Shevchenko
Strawweight (W) Zhang Weili

This is every current UFC champion today.

From heavyweight to women’s strawweight, there is some unbelievably great quality presiding over the divisions right now. From all-round greats to boxing-heavy strikers and relentless wrestlers, you will find plenty to absorb when studying the fighters above.

And you know what? We have made that much, much easier for you to do. We have a page dedicated to teaching you more about the champions of each division. But it doesn’t end there.

We cover the previous champions of these weight classes, which we just know you’re going to love. We look at the current contenders, too, and provide details of upcoming fights in each class. We also look at up and coming prospects for each weight class, and review some of the greatest fights at that level.

Here are all the men’s weight classes.

And here are all the women’s weight classes.

UFC Fighter Profiles

Just in case we haven’t been completely clear yet. In order to make money betting on the UFC, you REALLY need to know your fighters.

Now, it’s not a requirement to turn into a mixed martial arts geek overnight. Leave that to our MMA betting experts, who are not ashamed in the slightest of their love of the game. But it is vital to understand the fighters involved in fights, as well their collective strengths and weaknesses, if you want to consistently succeed when wagering on UFC fights.

Below, you will find links to our fighter profiles. These comprehensive, in-depth profiles will provide you with everything you should know about the main men and women in MMA’s foremost promotion.

If you have designs on winning your bets, it’s best to get acquainted with these warriors.

Legends of the UFC

What makes a UFC legend? Is there a particular style? Perhaps a median number of fights before fans enshrine a fighter in the pantheon of legends?

Well, it appears that legends come in all shapes and sizes. Some legends have etched their names into the history books for records such as championship wins, while others have simply changed the face of the UFC forever.

One of the greatest of all time stands at a modest 5’3″, while the “baddest man” of the heavyweight division comes in at 6’4″, and weighs almost 100 pounds more than his fellow icon. This proves that, well, anyone can eventually see their face on a marble bust, standing in the corridors of greatness.

We are, of course, being intentionally vague here regarding some of the legendary fighters in UFC history. But you can read all about them by visiting our dedicated page.

UFC Fighters FAQ

We feel that as though it is our duty to help anyone understand the content that we are proud to provide. That’s we always try to help each and every reader learn something new, especially if they have further questions.

So, keep reading to find answers to some of our frequently asked questions about the subjects above.

How Much Do UFC Fighters Earn?

That depends on the fighter.

If you are asking how much does Conor McGregor make for his fights, the answer is a lot. But compare this with a lower level, unranked fighter, and you will see a huge difference.

What UFC Fighter is the Best to Bet On?

This is subjective, as fighters tend to win and lose fights.

A simple take on this question is that it really depends on the betting value involved.

Typically, the more famous a UFC fighter is, the more their odds will be poor. Quite often, the best fighters to bet on in the UFC are the ones that come from smaller promotions around the world. 

How Many Fighters are in the UFC?

This number is always changing due to roster cuts, new signings, and fighters simply retiring.

But at any given time, it is expected that the UFC has more than 200 fighters on its books.

Has a UFC Fighter Ever Died in the Octagon?

Thankfully, no UFC fighter has ever died while competing in the promotion.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for other promotions around the world. Fighters have lost their lives due to injuries sustained in the cage, as well as complications from botched weight cutting.

How Do UFC Fighters Cut Weight?

The most common methods of cutting weight for UFC fighters involves abstaining from eating food and drinking water, spending time in saunas, wearing sweatsuits to dehydrate themselves.

It varies from one fighter to another, though.

Is the UFC Safe?

The UFC is a combat sport that involves full-contact fighting.

But as mentioned earlier, no fighter has ever lost their life inside the Octagon. And while fighters do pick up injuries and often need treatment after fights, the sport is, for the most part, safe.

How Often Do UFC Fighters Fight?

Some fighters will fight once a year, while others will fight five times in the same period.

Depending on how quickly a fighter can recover and be cleared to fight, many will look to get straight back in there while others will reject that for more recovery time.

Money is also another factor that pushes fighters to compete more frequently. Some UFC fighters don’t earn anywhere near as much as the major stars of the promotion.

What are the Best Bets for UFC Fights?

In order to choose the best bet for any UFC fight, you must first understand what type of fight it is. Hence, why we figured that this page would be a good idea to put together for anyone trying to win their wagers.

But ultimately, what looks like a great bet to Mr. A might look like a bad gamble by Mr. B. The key is understanding how to bet on UFC fights and applying specific logic to your bets. You can always check out our UFC betting picks, too.

Who is the UFC GOAT?

Some say Khabib Nurmagomedov, while others say Jon Jones.

Old-timers might say Royce Gracie, while their sons and daughters could say Conor McGregor. How about Demetrious Johnson, or the amazing Georges St-Pierre?

It seems all of the people have yet to agree on the greatest fighter of all-time in the UFC. And that will probably be the way it stays!

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