How and Where to Bet on SummerSlam Online

WWE SummerSlam is one of the original “Big Four” events of the wrestling organization and has hosted some iconic matches. The fans love it and many of them look for some action with the bookies.

If you want to try to make money betting on SummerSlam online, our guide can help in multiple ways.

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We offer various SummerSlam betting tips that can improve your strategy and increase your chances of finding top wagers for the show.

To help you get the best overall experience, as well as the best value for your cash, we also share the best WWE SummerSlam betting sites online in for 2022.

Here’s the full list of everything we cover.

Best SummerSlam Betting Sites for 2022

The following are our top-rated SummerSlam sportsbooks. They are safe to use and offer some of the best opportunities to win money.

Choosing a good WWE gambling site is vital when betting on SummerSlam online. You really can’t go wrong with our recommendations.

Here are the reasons why we consider them the best sites for SummerSlam betting.

  • Excellent Reputation and Strong Security Measures – These are trusted sites for betting on SummerSlam matches and will take good care of your money and personal information.
  • High Odds for Wrestling – You can enjoy excellent SummerSlam betting odds that are better than the industry average.
  • Nice Variety of WWE Markets – You will find odds for all SummerSlam matches and some props that are not available in other places.
  • Good WWE Bonuses and Promotions – The bonuses and promotions at our recommended online bookmakers can be used for WWE betting.
  • SummerSlam Betting Apps – All of our top-rated sites also have mobile apps for SummerSlam betting with real money.
  • Fast Payouts – Your payouts will be processed quickly if you win money with the top sites and apps for betting on SummerSlam.
  • Reliable Customer Support Service – Any question that pops up will be answered in a timely manner.
Best SummerSlam betting sites banner image

Simply put, the best SummerSlam betting sites bring you excellent gambling opportunities and provide an enjoyable and convenient experience.

When you’re ready to bet on SummerSlam online, we strongly recommend that you use these sites. You won’t be disappointed.

Online SummerSlam Betting for Beginners

Betting on WWE wrestling with real cash is a relatively new phenomenon. For a long time, most online bookies didn’t want to offer odds on shows that are scripted.

That’s why many people don’t even know that’s an option nowadays. If you have just found out that you can bet on your favorite wrestlers, we have some SummerSlam betting tips for beginners that can help you get started.

If you already have some experience with gambling on the WWE, you could skip this section and move on to the more advanced SummerSlam betting advice further down this page.

General Tips for Online Gambling

Let’s start with some basics that apply to pretty much all types of online gambling for real money.

The following advice can help you avoid some of the biggest mistakes people make when they start gambling online.

  • Stick to Legit Gambling Sites – If you have even the slightest doubt about the legitimacy of a betting site, avoid it.
  • Keep Control Over Your Emotions – You should ignore any form of bias or emotions when real money is on the line.
  • Accept That You Might Lose – Even gamblers who are consistent winners have regular bad streaks. Be prepared for your wagers to lose.

These are just a few basics that you need to get right from the start.

If you want more useful tips and tricks, you should check our guide to online gambling for beginners.

Sports Betting Basics

Wrestling might be vastly different from traditional sports but the main principles of betting remain the same and it would be foolish to ignore them.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re just starting.

  • Bet for Value – Many bettors don’t really have a strategy, they simply try to guess what’s going to happen. That’s likely to lose money in the long run, so learn how to identify value before placing your WWE SummerSlam bets.
  • Pick a Budget and Apply a Reasonable Staking Plan – You should settle on an amount you can afford to lose and use it as your betting bankroll. Then pick a smart staking plan that protects your capital from losing streaks.
  • Stay Selective with Your Wagers – You should stick to bets that make the most sense. The best WWE Summer Slam betting apps and sites don’t make too many mistakes when they set the odds, so there’s limited value to be found.
  • Use Bonuses and Promotions – There are plenty of exciting bonuses and promotions for sports betting, so make sure to use them to boost your returns.

With the basics covered, let’s take a look at the specifics about WWE SummerSlam betting.

How to Bet on SummerSlam

It’s time to explore the opportunities offered by the top WWE SummerSlam sportsbooks online.

Naturally, you can bet on the winner of all matches that are announced by the organization before the show starts.

Your other options are relatively limited, but some bookies get creative with their SummerSlam props. Here are examples of markets that are sometimes available for the event.

  • Method of Victory – You can bet on the method of victory for the biggest Summer Slam matches, picking between pins, subs, and other scenarios.
  • Special Moves – On certain matches, you can wager on the number of times one of the wrestlers will use his/her special move.
  • Other Props – The available SummerSlam prop bets often depend on the schedule and the stipulations, but we’ve seen markets related to chair hits, celebrity cameos, and much more.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to make money from betting on SummerSlam.

We have more tips that can help you make better decisions, so stay tuned!

Basic WWE Betting Strategy for SummerSlam

Every WWE event is unique, but certain betting rules apply to all of them and SummerSlam is no exception.

It’s important to understand how gambling on wrestling works, so here are the basics.

  • Wrestling Is Scripted – When you bet SummerSlam online, you are placing your wagers on the scripts provided by the writers, not on a competitive sport.
  • Look for Patterns – WWE is like a TV show and there aren’t infinite scenarios. The writers often use similar patterns to develop feuds. If you learn how to recognize them, your SummerSlam predictions will improve.
  • Follow Social Media – Most wrestlers have their own active social media account and the WWE publishes promotional materials about every PPV, including SummerSlam. Keeping abreast of what’s posted can give you some hints for the overall direction of each fight.

You now know where to bet on SummerSlam and the best practices.

It’s time to dig deeper and reveal our advanced strategy for betting on SummerSlam.

Analyzing the Build-Up to SummerSlam

WWE SummerSlam is one of the longest-running shows and part of the original Big Four of the organization. It’s the biggest event after WrestleMania and some hardcore fans of the sports even believe it’s the most important PPV of the year.

The WWE is always trying to build a lot of hype for SummerSlam and many storylines start way in advance of the event. You’ve probably heard about “the road to WrestleMania” and there’s something similar for the biggest summer show as well.

That’s why you should always examine the period between WrestleMania and SummerSlam. It can give you an excellent idea of what the WWE is doing, what feuds are being developed, and where they are heading.

The following pay-per-view events are between the two big ones and you should analyze the results when you are looking at the best WWE SummerSlam odds and choosing your wagers.

May WWE Money in the Bank
June WWE BackLash
June WWE Extreme Rules

Make sure to watch all of these or at least learn what happened.

figure out what new feuds started, what old ones continued, and where all the active WWE storylines are going heading into WWE SummerSlam.

It’s also a good idea to also follow the regular episodes of WWE that run every week. Try to stay ahead of the curve to figure out what the writers are planning for SummerSlam. That can significantly improve your chances to make money.

Thinking Ahead When Betting on SummerSlam

Most people focus on the past when they bet on WWE SummerSlam and that’s understandable. The events leading up to the show can help you determine what’s going to happen.

What many people miss when betting on SummerSlam is to analyze the future. The popularity of the event is often used by WWE for setting up scenarios and the potential aftermath is always something to consider.

Future storylines will affect what happens at WWE SummerSlam.

You should try to figure out the big picture. Your SummerSlam bets should fit the developments up to this point, but also makes sense when it comes to what’s likely to happen after the show is over.

Here are some of the most common ways WWE utilizes SummerSlam.

  • Building Hype for Rising Feuds – If the organization wants to create a huge rivalry, it often uses SummerSlam as a springboard by introducing it to the fans in an epic fashion.
  • Ending Conflicts – Most feuds in wrestling end eventually. WWE SummerSlam is an excellent place for any story to reach its climax.
  • Milking Popular Feuds and Keeping Them Alive – Some rivalries are so popular that WWE uses them to boost the viewing numbers of WWE SummerSlam without putting a definitive conclusion to the story.

There are other potential developments and the key is to try and determine what would be best for the WWE as whole.

The ultimate goal of the organization is to keep audiences engaged, so try to evaluate every match from that perspective when you engage in SummerSlam betting online.

If you want to beat the SummerSlam gambling sites, you should also explore the history of the event for stats and trends that can help you improve your results.

The first show took place way back in 1988, so there’s more than enough data to examine.

There have been some transformations throughout the years, so focusing on the latest 10 editions is the smart approach. That’s exactly what we did to find some interesting numbers. Let’s take a look.

Number of Summer Slam Matches

Let’s start with the number of matches per event since 2011, so you know how many SummerSlam betting opportunities will be available.

Year Number of Matches
2011 8
2012 8
2013 9
2014 9
2015 10
2016 12
2017 13
2018 13
2019 12
2020 8

There have been between 8 and 13 fights per event since 2011. That’s more than enough SummerSlam gambling action each year if you do your homework right.

There’s no reason to believe the number would change significantly in the near future, so let’s move on to even more interesting stats.

WWE SummerSlam Title Fights Statistics

WWE SummerSlam is one of the biggest events on the calendar every year, so it’s only natural to see plenty of belts on the line during the show.

That begs the question of how often the champions manage to keep their title when it’s all said and done? Well, here are the answers for the past 10 years.

Year Ttitle Fights Wins for the Champion
2011 3 1
2012 5 4
2013 4 1
2014 30
2015 2 1
2016 4 2
2017 8 3
2018 9 3
2019 7 6
2020 6 4
Total 51 25
Main Events Only 9 3

Before we move on to our observations, let’s just clarify that we’ve excluded fights for inaugural titles and unification bouts between two champions. This is date data strictly for matches that included a champion and one or more contenders.

All things considered, there are two obvious trends that you could use for your SummerSlam betting strategy. The first one is that the champions have won 25 out of 51 total matches, so they sit very close to the 50% margin.

However, if you look only at the main event bouts, the title-holders have struggled badly. They have only three wins from nine attempts which puts them at a 33.33% win rate. That’s certainly a number to consider before you place your SummerSlam wagers.

Most SummerSlam Matches By Wrestler

It’s only natural to expect some of the biggest WWE stars to feature regularly during SummerSlam/

This list of wrestlers with the most fights at SummerSlam confirms that.

Wrestler SummerSlam Matches Wins-Losses-NC/Draw
The Undertaker 16 10-5-1
John Cena 14 5-9-0
Randy Orton 14 7-6-1
Edge 13 11-2-0
Triple H 13 8-5-0
Bret Hart 11 7-4-0
Chris Jericho 11 5-6-0
Kane 11 6-4-1
Shawn Michaels 11 6-4-1
Brock Lesnar 10 6-4-0

Most of the guys above are not active anymore, but the modern generation of wrestlers won’t be different. Many of them will appear regularly and it’s good to figure out what the WWE wants to do with them.

There are guys like the Undertaker and Edge who have an excellent record, while the rest of the pack has a relatively balanced number of wins and losses.

John Cena and his struggles during the show are the only exception, but one probably worth exploring when gambling on SummerSlam for real money.

John Cena was often on the losing end during SummerSlam.

WWE loves building certain narratives, so finding a pattern in the storylines of a specific wrestler during SummerSlam could be very profitable in the long run.

The organization might be willing to make someone almost unbeatable, like the Undertaker during WrestleMania and Edge during SummerSlam, or make the show his Achilles heel.

More WWE Betting Advice

Learning how to bet on SummerSlam in general is only the start if you want the best chances of winning money.

You also need to keep up to date with what’s happening in the WWE on an ongoing basis, and we can also help with that.

We cover all the big events on our WWE blog. We provide the latest odds, with analysis of where the value lies, and all kind of other useful information and expert insight.

Here are a few of our latest posts.

We release SummerSlam betting picks once the show is near and they can be found in our wrestling picks section. We also provide picks and predictions for all other major WWE events.

Not only do we show you the best SummerSlam betting sites to use, we help you choose the best bets to place, too!

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