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Betting on the FIVB Volleyball Nations League

The FIVB Volleyball Nations League includes all the top national teams in the world and is a feast for the fans. There are over 120 matches on the schedule across the men’s and women’s competitions.

If you want to bet on the Volleyball Nations League with real money, we strongly recommend picking an online sportsbook. There are multiple advantages to betting online.

Here are the best Volleyball Nations League betting sites if you want to get started right away.

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These FIVB Nations League sportsbooks offer excellent odds and great promotions, as well as fast payments and other perks.

Our guide to gambling on the Volleyball Nations League features tips that can help you take full advantage of the betting opportunities. They apply to both the men’s and women’s FIVB Volleyball Nations League tournaments.

How to Bet on the Volleyball Nations League

We have prepared some essential FIVB Volleyball Nations League betting tips for those of you who don’t have much experience with online gambling on the competition.

Before we get to them, let’s explore the main FIVB Volleyball Nations League bets offered by the leading online bookmakers.

Volleyball Nations League Futures

You can bet money on long-term markets called futures at most of the best Volleyball Nations League betting apps and sites.

Here are the most popular options.

  • Nations League Winner – You can back any of the countries involved to win the tournament.
  • To Reach the Final Four – If you expect a good performance by a team, but don’t necessarily expect it to win, betting on it to reach the Final Four is a good option.
  • Individual Awards – Some of the top Volleyball Nations League sportsbooks online allow you to bet on the winners of individual awards like the tournament MVP and similar.

The futures markets take time for bets to settle as you have to wait for the tournament to finish. You can often find great Volleyball Nations League betting odds, though, even for the favorites.

Don’t underestimate the profit potential in these betting markets.

Betting on FIVB Nations League Matches

The best sites for betting on the Volleyball Nations League cover all fixtures from the competition.

With more than 120 matches in the men’s and women’s tournaments, building a strategy around some of the following markets can be rewarding.

  • Match Winner – This one is obvious; you can back any of the two teams to win the match.
  • Handicaps/Spreads – The best Volleyball Nations League gambling sites have different options for handicaps and spreads. The underdog starts with a predetermined advantage that could be in sets or points.
  • Totals – You can also bet on the number of points and number of sets played in every game. Sportsbooks provide a totals line and you can go for over or under that line.
  • Other Match Betting Options – The top Volleyball Nations League betting apps and sites have other markets such as totals for each team, totals for separate sets, correct score, and more.

While the number of volleyball betting markets is limited compared to more popular sports, there are still plenty of wagers available for big competitions like the FIVB Nations League.

Now let’s get to the promised basic tips that can help every beginner.

Basic Tips for Betting on the FIVB Nations League

The following mix of general gambling advice and volley betting tips can help you avoid some of the biggest traps of wagering real money.

  • Don’t Place too Many Wagers – Online betting sites are very good at determining the odds and they use margins to gain an extra advantage. That’s why most Volleyball Nations League wagers are not worth it. Make sure to stick to the ones that make the most sense and offer real value.
  • Consider Other Big Volleyball Tournaments – The Nations League might be big, but it’s not bigger than the Olympics or the World Championships. When the tournament is played in the same year as those two, some countries use it more as an opportunity to prepare and that can give the upper hand to nations that haven’t qualified for the bigger events.
  • Don’t Let Your Emotions Take Over – If your country is part of the FIVB Nations League, you might be biased. Try to stay objective when you bet real cash on the competition.
  • Analyze the Teams – You should always perform an in-depth analysis of the stengths and weaknesess of every country involved in your Volleyball Nations League gambling choices.
  • Use Multiple Betting Sites and Apps – Using multiple sites and apps for betting on the Volleyball Nations League opens the door to finding the best odds for each wager you place, and benefitting from more promotions.
  • Set a Budget – Decide on a reasonable budget that you can afford to lose and pick a sensible staking plan before you start betting.

If want more general information about betting on sports online, and help with being successful, the following pages are worth reading.

Betting on the Volleyball Nations League Preliminary Round

The format of the FIVB Volleyball Nations League is identical for both men and women. It includes a preliminary round with 120 games between sixteen nations that determines the best four teams. They proceed to the Final Four where a champion is decided after knockout rounds.

Twelve of the sixteen countries are core teams that can’t get relegated, but there are four challenger sides that could lose their place for the next edition of the FIVB Nations League.

Here is a list of the core countries in the men’s and women’s tournaments.

Men’s Nations League Women’s Nations League
Argentina Brazil
Brazil China
Netherlands Germany
France Italy
Germany Japan
Iran Netherlands
Italy Russia
Japan Serbia
Poland South Korea
Russia Thailand
Serbia Turkey
United States United States

The first stage is fairly simple. It’s a round-robin system that includes three matches per week in five weeks.

There are plenty of opportunities to win money during this part of the tournament, so we have prepared our best tips on how to bet on the Volleyball Nations League preliminary round.

Analyze Each Week Separately

The format of the FIVB Nations League is such that each week is like a separate mini-tournament or a series of mini-tournaments. The teams are split into pools that consist of four contestants, with teams playing against each other at the same location.

Once the week is over, the nations are rotated and enter a new pool with three other teams. They also move to another location.

The squads remain the same throughout a single week, but they might change for the next one. That is why you should always follow the latest team news. We’ve often seen cases of big stars missing one week of the league, only to return for the next one.

Home Advantage Counts

Every team in the FIVB Nations League gets to host one week of matches.

Playing at home is a huge factor you should consider for the following reasons.

  • Support from the Crowd – Having the fans behind you is always a huge factor in any sport.
  • Strong Squad – Nations are usually eager to make the home fans happy, so they pick their strongest squad possible when it’s their turn to host.
  • Better Preparation – The hosts prepare in their usual environment in terms of facilities. That can make a difference to perormances.

In short, it’s vital to include the home advantage factor in your analysis when betting on the preliminary round of the Nations League.

Look for Experiments

The FIVB Nations League is a major tournament in the volleyball world, but it’s not the biggest one. Many nations prefer to focus on Olympics, World Championships, and even their continental championships if any of them are in the same year.

That’s especially true for traditionally strong volleyball countries like Brazil, Russia, the USA, Serbia, Italy, and other giants of the sport. They have a ton of good players to the extent that it can be tough picking the best squad.

The top volleyball nations have a plethora of talent to choose from.

The five weeks of action in the Nations League preliminary round allow teams to experiment and test different players. You might see more established athletes one week and promising youngsters the next.

It’s important to closely follow what’s going on when preparing your Volleyball Nations League betting picks. If a team decides to give newcomers a chance, that might disrupt the cohesion of the side.

On the other hand, talented youngsters that are eager to prove themselves might boost struggling countries.

Follow the Overall Progress

All teams enter the FIVB Nations League full of hope and eager to prove themselves at the highest level in volleyball. Everyone feels like they have a chance early on.

After a few weeks, the situation changes dramatically. The countries can be broadly split into three main groups based on the big picture.

  • Contenders – This group includes the teams that still have a realistic chance of qualifying for the Final Four of the Nations League.
  • Strugglers – Teams that are struggling with their performance will be eager to catch up with the rest to prevent losing their place in the next edition.
  • Everyone Else – Many teams will be in a position where they have no chance of reaching the final stage but are not threatened by relegation. Their remaining matches become less important.

The teams that are motivated by a big goal typically become more dangerous as the tournament progresses. A nation fighting for the top four or its survival is more likely to perform closer to its best than one that can’t do much to change its fortunes.

We often see countries from the third group experiment with squads and tactics in the last rounds. The same applies to teams that book their qualification for the Final Four early.

It’s preferable to back nations that are fighting for something if you engage in Volleyball Nations League betting with real money late in the competition. It’s not a strict rule, but certainly something to consider.

Strategy for Betting on the Nations League Final Four

Once the preliminary round ends, the best four teams proceed to determine the champion by playing in a simple knockout tournament. This includes two semifinals, the final, and a match for the bronze medals.

Betting on FIVB Nations League Final Four is completely different to the first phase and you have to adjust your strategy. Here are the main factors that come into play.

Strongest Squads Possible

The preliminary round allows for some experimentation, and you will see various changes in the squads of the top sides. That does not happen in the Final Four. Each nation arrives with the best possible group of players.

Winning is the only priority in the final stage of the FIVB Volleyball Nations League.

The teams are close to the trophy at this point and they need to win only two rounds. That is why you have to expect the best players and top performances when you gamble on the Volleyball Nations League Final Four.

All eyes are on the cup when the Nations League Final Four starts.

Experience Matters More

Another factor that changes when the Final Four arrives is the value of experience.

Players who have been there and won trophies tend to perform better for the following reasons.

  • Higher Expectations – Once you reach the Final Four of the Nations League, you’re now automatically expected to win the tournament. The pressure rises and keeping a cool head is the key to success.
  • Direct Knockouts – A single defeat and you’re done. The knockout format leaves no room for error and that can affect younger players more than experienced stars.
  • Stronger Competition – Sheer talent might be enough to shine against weaker sides in the preliminary rounds of the Nations League, but that changes when you face the best players in the world. A strong mentality is required to prevail in the deciding moments and athletes with more experience are likely to deliver.

Teams who bring in more experience and winning pedigree have an edge over the rest of the field.

Your FIVB Volleyball Nations League betting strategy for the last stage has to take that into account.

Betting on the Match for the Bronze Medals

One of the trickiest matches for betting on the FIVB Nations League is the clash for the bronze medals. You have two teams that just lost the chance to fight for the title and they have to accept the disappointment almost immediately and play another match.

It’s always tough betting on this one, but the following tips can help you recognize the Volleyball Nations League odds that offer good value.

  • Motivation Is the Key – The team that wants the bronze more usually gets it, regardless of talent and form. If the star players on one of the sides don’t really care if they finish third or fourth, the other nation might be in a better position.
  • Weaker Teams Usually Care More – When a favorite loses the semifinal, that’s considered a failure and it might ruin the morale. When an underdog that wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place is eliminated, that’s not the end of the world.
  • Wait for the Lineups – It’s not uncommon to see fringe players make the starting lineup in this match, so be sure to follow the team news and look for major changes.
  • Individual Goals May Affect the Outcome – While winning the title is the goal of every player, the FIVB Nations Leagues includes individual awards like MVP and team of the tournament inclusions. Some players might be motivated by such opportunities in their last match of the competition.

If you consider the factors above, you should have a stronger chance with your Volleyball Nations League predictions for the bronze medal match.

Live Betting Tips for the FIVB Volleyball Nations League

The best Nations League bookmakers online offer live betting on most matches. That means more excellent opportunities to make money.

Using the eye test and having the ability to spot trends early can lead to finding profitable bets, and there are also other ways to boost your chances.

Here are our top tips for live betting on the Nations League with real cash.

  • Prepare Before the Match Starts – Your main advantages in live betting on volleyball might come from what you see after the match starts, but it’s much easier to find value if you have prepared well beforehand.
  • Watch the Matches – This should go without saying but watch the matches if you’re going to be on them. Some people rely on stats only, and that is an easy way to lose cash.
  • Observe the Setters – The setters are always crucial, and they set the tone for the rest of the team. You should observe their performance because if the player in this position is not at their best, their team will likely suffer.
  • Other Key Players – Many teams have one or two stars that are expected to carry them. If the leading squad members are not playing or are playing badly, you can’t expect much from the side.
  • Follow the Stats – The best Nations Leagues betting sites offer live stats related to serving percentages, attack percentages, receiving, blocking, and some other advanced numbers. They can often help you spot trends that you might have missed.
  • Watch Out for Huge Streaks in Women’s Games – The weaker attack compared to men allows more points for the serving team in women’s matches, so we often see long streaks and huge turnarounds. That can lead to some excellent opportunities to win bets at high odds, so keep your eyes open.

If you have experience with volleyball and follow the tips above, your chances to win money betting on the Nations League live are solid.

Volleyball Nations League Odds, Picks, and Predictions

You now know where to bet on the Volleyball Nations League and we have also provided plenty of strategy tips for the different markets. However, we know that some of our readers do not have enough time to prepare their own wagers.

That’s why we have our sports gambling blog and betting picks section.

Our writers share their analysis, odds overviews, predictions, and more useful information for various sporting events, including the FIVB Volleyball Nations League.

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