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Fantasy Sports Betting

Fantasy sports betting is a different concept from traditional sports betting, as you don’t bet directly on the outcome of any sporting events.

Instead you create a fantasy sports team and compete against opponents to try and win money.

Fantasy sports leagues have been around for quite a while but betting on them is something that has only become particularly popular in recent years.

It’s now very much in the mainstream and much more widely available than it used to be.

The basic principle of fantasy sports betting is that you put together a team of players based on certain selection criteria and those players then earn points for your team according to how they perform in games.

You can then place real money wagers with other people who have put together fantasy teams, with the winner being the one whose team performs the best. The betting can work in a number of different ways, including taking part in leagues that run over an entire season.

Fantasy sports betting is a lot of fun and a great way to put your sporting knowledge to the test against others. We have explained about how it works in more detail below.

The Fantasy Sports Concept

We explained the basic principle of fantasy sports above and in essence it really is that simple. There are fantasy sports leagues for many different sports, with the most popular being US football, baseball, basketball and soccer.

Regardless of the sport involved, the concept is the same; you have to create a team of players which scores points based on those players performances in actual matches.

There are rules about how you go about picking players and how points are scored, and these rules do vary depending on what league you’re playing in and what the relevant sport is.

For example:

Baseball players will obviously earn points in a very different way to soccer players. Baseball players will earn points for things like hitting home runs while soccer players will earn points for things like scoring goals or creating assists.

In terms of the rules for picking players, these will usually include things like only being able to pick a certain amount of players from one single team and having to pick players in different positions.

Often, players are assigned hypothetical values for the purposes of the league and you have to create your team within a fixed budget. Once you have assembled your team, it’s then a matter of seeing how it performs against other teams.

Betting on Your Fantasy Sports Team

There are number of different ways that you can bet on your fantasy sports team. One such way is to pay to enter a league that consists of multiple opponents and takes place over a fixed period of time. This time period could be for one round of games or it could be for a whole season.

The owner of the team that scores the most points
during the relevant period will win the prize pool.

In some leagues, the winner will only get a percentage of the prize pool and smaller prizes will also be paid out to others whose teams finished in the top few positions.

Another way to bet on your fantasy sports team is to go up against a single opponent. You would both place wagers of an equal amount, and the one whose team scores the highest amount of points wins their opponent’s stake.

Again, these wagers would run over a specified period of time. There are a few other ways that the betting can work, but the two methods mentioned here are the most commonly used.

Is Fantasy Sports Betting Legal?

The legalities of traditional sports betting, particularly over the internet, are considered to be something of a grey area in some parts of the world.

Confusion over whether it’s legal to place real money sporting wagers online is something that puts many people off to the idea of using sports betting sites. There is no such confusion over the legality of fantasy sports betting though.

To the best of our knowledge, fantasy sports betting is considered perfectly legal throughout the world.

We should make it clear that we are not legal experts and we don’t know the exact laws in every country, so you might want to check your own local laws to be sure. We are certainly not aware of anywhere that it’s deemed illegal though.

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