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Boxing – Betting Strategies

Want to make some money betting on boxing? Your best chance at picking winners is to come prepared to the fight just like the fighters.

Fortunately for you, instead of long hours of training, all you have to do is read through the page below!

There are plenty of touts and guides out there telling you who and what to bet. It’s great that you have access to so much information, but you can easily become overwhelmed and find yourself wasting time on the wrong information.

Below we’ve outlined some of the more important things you can spend your time focusing on to help you make better picks in the boxing ring.

The segments below are the main factors you will want to consider before placing wagers on any upcoming fights.

Understand Stylistic Matchups

All fighters are not created equally, and all fighters don’t fight the same against every different style. You need to understand how the fighters you are betting on like to fight and how they typically match up with the style of their next opponent.

If a fighter is a power puncher that struggles against speed and quickness, it’s probably not wise to bet on them against a super quick fighter. If they’re a counter puncher who struggles against another counter puncher, again, they might not be a great bet.

Take your time to understand their style and their opponent’s style. Try and find fights they’ve had in their past against fighters of that style.

Make sure that you do this for both fighters in the fight.

For example, let’s say you find that the fighter you want to bet on does not do well against counter punchers and they have their next fight against one.

You might be tempted to immediately not bet them.

But what if their opponent does even worse against your fighter’s style?

It might be an ugly fight, but your fighter might still be a good pick.

The Importance of Training Partners

“You are who your friends are” was probably originally a boxing term that they morphed for the general public. Any fighter in combat sports will be as good or as bad as the training partners they choose (or are able) to train with.

First things first, look for fighters who are training with the best of the best. They are not only going to be getting better sparring during their fight camp, but they’re going to gain more knowledge and insight from higher level guys.

Secondly, look for boxers who have training partners that mirror their next opponent.

If someone is training with all orthodox boxers but has a fight coming up against a southpaw, that’s not great.

Professional sports bettors have always done well by judging who is doing well against sparring partners that best match their next opponent.

Be Aware of Previous Punishment

No, this does not mean to look out for fighters that have been in trouble and sent to time out. We are talking about how much the boxers have been beaten up in their previous fights.

There’s a phrase that a boxer can lose their mojo in a New York minute, meaning they can go from great to terrible overnight from a bad knockout or a beating from an opponent.

It could be psychological or could be physical; either way, how often the fighters have been beaten up in the past plays into their future bouts.

Be aware of fighters that have reoccurring injuries yet tell the media they are fine.

This does work in reverse as well. If you are looking at an up and coming fighter that is finally getting their shot against a seasoned veteran, you need to be aware of whether or not they have been in a war or not before.

If they have never felt real punishment before, they may crumble under the pressure. A fighter isn’t really born with a “chin”- it usually has to be developed through experience.

Follow Camp News

This should be a no-brainer tip, but surprisingly a lot of people will overlook this or take too much stock in it. Fight camps will occasionally release news about how things are going and update you on the progress of the fighters throughout their camp.

Rumors will also sometimes circulate from other boxers that train in the same gym. The key here is that you need to pay attention to this information but do so with careful skepticism.

If a rumor comes out about something and it’s true, it can be golden information.

If you hear that a fighter is struggling or injured, this could be big news to help sway you to bet on their opponent.

On the flip side, fight camps might “leak” fake news to mess with their opponent or might announce news that is a complete lie to cover up an issue. It’s not uncommon for a fight camp to tell you that a fighter is 100% and ready to go when they are in fact nursing an injury that will affect them on fight night.

Again, follow this closely but assess what you think is and is not true. When in doubt, ignore the news and go with the rest of your betting strategy.

Avoid Public Opinion

The number one piece of advice we have heard from people who run sportsbooks is to bet against the public. The majority of the time, the public has a tendency to bet too much with their heart and not enough with their head. They love underdogs, come back stories, and anything else that TV can sensationalize.

The problem with this… come fight night, no one cares about how great of a story it would be if someone won. The better fighter is going to prevail usually.

The best strategy to protect yourself from being falsely swayed by the betting public or the media is to make your own pick before you start listening to advice from anyone else.

Look at the data and information that you think is important and come to your own conclusion.

Only after that should you start listening to what the experts and your friends have to say. Remember, though, at the end of the day- it is your money that will be on the line with the wager.

Add up the factual data and evidence leading up to the fight to base your picks rather than listening to everyone else around you.

Don’t Bet Every Fight on the Card

It can be very tempting to bet every single fight on a boxing card because it ensures you will have tons of action the entire night while watching the fights.

This is completely fine if you are just betting for fun and don’t care too much about your bottom line. If you are trying to be a profitable sports bettor, this is a bad idea.

Only bet the fights that you have a strong prediction on and feel carry value.

Remember, professional sports bettors sometimes bet only one card on the fight- and it isn’t necessarily the main event or the most popular fight.

Sometimes the best financial decision is to not place a wager at all. The more disciplined you are with picking and choosing bets, the better off you will be.

Look for Value

Betting on sports is a lot more than just picking who is going to win a fight. You have to be on the lookout for value and take advantage of it when you see it.

For example, if you see a fighter that you know is going to win a fight, should you bet on them every time? The answer might seem like yes, but in fact, it’s not always a yes.

You need to make sure that the sportsbook is paying you the right amount compared to the risk you are taking. For example, let’s say that fighter is -1000. If you bet $100, you profit only $10 for a correct bet.

Is that worth the risk that your fighter gets caught with a wild punch?Probably Not

The value of this bet is not great unless the fighter is just THAT much better than the other fighter. Even then you have to decide if you want to take that much risk for such little reward.

If you’re new to sports betting and don’t want to get overwhelmed with the math and odds of value, here is a simple fix for the short term. Before you place any bet, calculate out how much you will be paid for making that bet if you are correct. If you decided that the risk is worth the reward, then go for it!

The Conclusion

Finding an edge betting on boxing fights is about putting the work in. The first part is over. You know by reading the sections above what you need to pay close attention to, leading up to a fight. The key is to now apply that information to the online betting arena.

Next time you are going to bet a fight on one of the top online betting sites, make sure to ask yourself these important questions we mentioned, as they can help you learn a lot about how a fight may play out.

The fighting styles can help you determine how short or long the fight may last, allowing you to capitalize on the props bets. Speaking of the prop bets, many times they will wind up being your best opportunity to cash in on fight night.

The examples of the types of props that are offered during the high-profile fights are a fun and entertaining way to spread out your allotment of bets.

Make sure you don’t just hop on board with the public opinion, as the average bettor will have spent little to no time researching the fight. By understanding what the backdrop is and what type of motivation each fighter will have, you will give yourself a huge leg up on your betting competition.

Using the tips and advice we provided will allow you to unlock the door to profitability.

As exciting as the fights are to watch, winning money while they are going on makes it that much better.