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Live Dealer Sic Bo at Online Casinos

When you’re ready to try a different kind of casino game, you may want to consider playing live dealer sic bo. But before you can do that, you’ll need an account with one of the best live sic bo casinos online.

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As soon as you create an account at one of these sites and make a deposit, you can start playing live dealer sic bo for real money.

We thoroughly review every site that we recommend to make sure it is one of the top places to play live casino sic bo online.

We like playing live sic bo for money because it’s an entertaining game. It’s easy to learn too.

We’ll explain everything you need to know about live dealer sic bo below. Here’s what we’re going to cover.

  • Reviews of live dealer sic bo games from different software providers
  • A comparison of how live sic bo is different from other casino games
  • Instructions on how to play live sic bo online for real money

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

How to Play Live Dealer Sic Bo for Money

Learning how to play live casino sic bo for real money is remarkably easy. Start by joining one of the top live dealer casinos with sic bo that we recommend above.

Once you start playing, all you need to do is bet on the potential outcome of three dice.

There are several betting options, and they each pay different amounts.

Here are the standard live sic bo betting options.

  • Big – The total of all three dice falls between 11 to 17 and is not a triple.
  • Small – The total of all three dice falls between 4-10 and is not a triple.
  • Totals – You can bet that the total of all three dice will be a particular number. The payouts for each number vary.
  • Doubles – You can bet that two of the three dice will be the same number.
  • Triple – This is a bet on three of a kind, but you have to specify which number you think all three dice will land on. The payout is usually 180 to 1, which is the highest payout in sic bo, but it is also the most difficult to win.
  • Any Triple – If you want to bet on a triple without specifying a particular number, you can bet on any triple. The payouts are smaller, but the odds of winning are better. 
  • Number – You can bet on a specific number between 1 to 6. The payout is even money if one dice has your number, double your money when two dice have it and triple when all three dice have your number.
  • Combination – The last betting option is a combination of two specific dice combinations, such as 1 and 4 or 2 and 6. There are fifteen combination options.

You do not need to memorize all of those betting options because they will be listed on the table for you.

Most live online sic bo casinos also include a road map that tracks the outcomes of previous bets. Some players like to use the road map to search for trends to determine which bets they will make.

That is one live sic bo strategy, but there are several others. For more information about how to play sic bo, including strategy tips, check out this page.

Best Live Sic Bo Games Online

You might think that playing online sic bo with live dealers would be the same on every casino site. While there are undoubtedly several similarities, there are also a few differences.

These differences do not depend so much on which online casinos or live sic bo apps you use. The differences come down to the live casino software provider, as they have ultimate control over the game.

Here are a few different live dealer sic bo software providers and the differences that make each one stand out.

Live Sic Bo from Playtech

Playtech live dealer sic bo

Playtech is one of the most prominent software providers that offers live casino sic bo for money.

However, some casino sites that use Playtech software choose not to offer the live sic bo game.

Using our recommendations is a fast and easy way to find the top online casinos with live sic bo. Here’s what you can expect to find when you do.

The Playtech live dealer sic bo studio has a more traditional feel than some other studios. It has a bright fuschia-colored table that shows all of your betting options.

While you are playing live sic bo for cash, the presenter will start the dice shaker. When the dice land, the presenter will type the results into their computer.

Then, the software can automatically pay the winners.

This system of having the presenter input each of the dice results is an outdated system that is not as modern as some of the other sites with an automatic process.

Verifying Gameplay with CNN

live sic bo feeds from CNN

You may notice that the Playtech software has a screen behind the dealer showing CNN. That is because Asian players sometimes demand proof that the games they are playing are happening in real-time.

Playtech films their live dealer sic bo games in Manila, Phillippines. They add the screen with CNN so that players can verify the game’s timing by checking to see if it matches their own CNN feeds.

On the right of the screen, you will also see a list of the most recent dice results. It will show the numbers that appeared on each dice, the total, and whether the big or small bet won.

There are two modes that you can use when playing live casino sic bo online from Playtech. The mixed-screen mode is slightly more difficult to see, but it is better for players with a slower connection.

Full-screen makes it a lot easier to see the numbers on each dice and make sure your bets are placed in the correct spot.

Overall, Playtech’s software is straightforward, classic, and easy to use. If you can find a Playtech online casino with live sic bo, it will be similar to playing sic bo in a land-based casino.

Evolution Gaming’s Live Sic Bo

Evolution Gaming is the most prominent software provider for live dealer casino games. They have several elegant studios that stream to hundreds of live online casinos.

Unfortunately, they do not offer live sic bo online in most of the United States.

Some states that have regulated online casino games, including New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, have live casino sic bo sites using Evolution Gaming software.

The feature that sets Evolution Gaming apart from other software providers is the sophistication of their games and studios.

Their live sic bo studio has an upscale Asian theme, with red and gold décor. A traditional Chinese screen separates each table, and the room is decorated with cherry trees and an ornate table.

Evolution Gaming has beautiful live casino studios.

You will also notice that the game is entirely automatic. The presenter is there to interact with the players, but they do not have anything to do with the game’s functions.

There is a glass-covered dice shaker in the middle of the table that shakes automatically. It is connected to the betting software, so it starts as soon as the betting time is closed.

Unfortunately, the dice shaker is quite loud. It is similar to the sound you hear when you play the board games Trouble or Sorry!

One thing that we like about Evolution’s software is that the screen automatically adjusts to show you what is happening.

During the betting rounds, the portion of the screen with your betting options will be larger and closer to the middle of the screen.

When the dice are shaking, the camera will zoom in on the dice, while the betting portion of the screen will shrink.

All of the screen adjustments make it easier to follow along with what is happening during the game.

Evolution’s Super Sic Bo Variation

While most software providers offer the classic version of live casino sic bo, Evolution Gaming created their own variation.

Super Sic Bo from Evolution Gaming works the same as traditional sic bo, except there are random multipliers thrown in the mix.

After the betting is completed, a random number generator will choose a few bets to add a multiplier to. Some rounds only have one or two multipliers, but some rounds have five or more multipliers.

The multipliers are randomly chosen and can go up to 1000x. However, there are limits on how high the multipliers can go for specific bets.

For example, if you are betting on the total of all three dice, the highest multiplier you could get is 499x on 4 or 17, but it only goes up to 24x on 8, 13, 10, and 11.

Bet Maximum Multiplier
Small / Big None
Odd / Even None
Total 499x
Single 87x
Double 87x
Triple (Specific) 100x
Any Triple 87x
Combination 24x

Even money bets do not qualify for multipliers, and the only bet that offers the 1000x multiplier is the specific triple, where you predict that all three dice will land on a specific number.

These multipliers add a fun twist to the classic game of live casino sic bo, but they come with a cost. The overall payouts for several bets are lower when you play the Evolution Super Sic Bo variation.

For example, doubles typically pay a rate of 10 to 1, but in Super Sic Bo, they only pay 8 to 1. Specific triple bets usually pay 180 times your initial stake, but they only pay 150 times in Super Sic Bo.

Evolution Gaming’s Super Sic Bo is a fun variation on this classic game that is similar to many of their other live dealer casino games, like lightning roulette.

Some other software providers have started adding a multiplier version of sic bo live to their online casinos because the Evolution Gaming variation was so popular.

For example, Playtech has a game called Sic Bo Deluxe that uses the same premise. But, Evolution was the first to come up with the idea.

Super Sic Bo is a fun way to add some variety to your sic bo gambling, as long as you are okay with smaller payouts on some of your bets.

Pragmatic Play Mega Sic Bo

Pragmatic Play is another software provider that offers live dealer sic bo. Unfortunately, they do not offer live online sic bo to US players.

Their version is called Mega Sic Bo, and it includes random multipliers up to 1000x your bet, just like Super Sic Bo from Evolution Gaming. The payouts are the same as Super Sic Bo, too.

The studio for Pragmatic Play is located in Bucharest. It has an Asian theme with red and gold décor. They use three 4k cameras for the best high-definition streaming video quality from every angle.

Pragmatic Play’s studio has a gorgeous red backdrop.

We appreciate that the gaming area has a backdrop so that you can’t see other tables in the studio. That makes it feel like you are enjoying a more exclusive game.

Another reason we like Pragmatic Play’s Mega Sic Bo game is because of the road map options. They have three roadmaps that highlight different information.

On the left side of the screen, the road map will show the percentages for the big/small and odd/even bets. It uses the same column system as a baccarat road map.

The right side of the screen is the piece that we find most beneficial. It displays a percentage for each number on the dice and percentages for the big/small, odd/even, and tie bets.

Those statistics are easy to read at a glance to see which numbers seem to be coming up more often. One live sic bo strategy is to bet on all of the betting options that include a particular number.

The dice statistics will show you which numbers have been coming up more often so you can place your bets accordingly.

Pragmatic Play keeps a running tally of how the dice have fallen on the bottom of the betting board, including the totals. You can see exactly which numbers and totals appeared for the past several hands.

Most live online casinos with sic bo games include road maps that can help you track patterns, but the ones from Pragmatic Play are easier to read, and they show you all of the information simultaneously.

Other developers make you click through several options to find what you are looking for.

The easy-to-read road maps, exclusive design studio, and random multipliers are why we love playing Mega Sic Bo from Pragmatic Play.

Live Dealer Sic Bo and the House Edge

When you play live casino sic bo for money, you want to be mindful of the house edge. Paying attention to the house edge for various bets can help you make your bankroll last longer when gambling in the casino.

The house edge for live sic bo depends on which bets you make. Bets with a higher house edge are generally riskier, while bets with a low house edge are a little safer.

However, you need to remember that a bet with a low house edge is still a bet that favors the casino in the long run.

Here are the typical house edges for the various live sic bo betting options.

Bet House Edge
Small, Big 2.78%
4, 17 15.28%
5, 16 13.89%
6, 15 16.67%
7, 14 9.72%
8, 13 12.5%
9, 12 18.98%
10, 11 12.5%
Triple 16.20%
Any triple 13.89%
Double 18.51%
Combination 16.67%
Any number 7.87%

Calculating the house edge is not just a matter of figuring out the chances of winning in the long run. You also have to consider the payouts.

When you play Super Sic Bo from Evolution Gaming, or another live sic bo online game that includes a random multiplier option, the payouts will be lower. That affects the house edge.

For example, the payout for a 4 or 7 total is 50 to 1 instead of 60 to 1 when you play Evolution’s version. That decreased payout nearly doubles the house edge, bringing it to 29.16%, instead of 15.28%.

Those live sic bo variants add a lot of fun, and they can pay out very well if you happen to win a multiplier. But, the decreased standard payouts affect the house edge.

Playing Live Sic Bo with a Higher House Edge

Live sic bo house edge

There is nothing wrong with playing a game with a higher house edge. If you enjoy Super Sic Bo more than traditional live sic bo, you should play the game that entertains you more.

You can play live dealer sic bo online and only bet on the big/small bets because they have the lowest house edge. That is probably the best strategy if your goal is to make your bankroll last as long as possible.

But, you might get bored rather quickly because the game will be so repetitive.

Instead of stressing about the house edge, keep it in the back of your mind and use it to inform your betting choices.

Remember, you can play as many bets as you want, and they do not all have to be equal.

So, you might want to put $5 on the big/small bets and then add $1 on a few of the other bets with a higher house edge.

That way, you get the excitement of making multiple bets, but you aren’t gambling significant amounts of money on the riskier betting options.

Don’t let the house edge limit you. Playing live dealer casino sic bo for real money is risky, but that is also what makes it fun.

Knowing the house edge can help you make wiser betting decisions, but your enjoyment is more important.

Live Sic Bo vs. Live Craps

Sic bo and craps

Sic bo and craps are both dice-based games where you bet on the outcome of rolled dice. They seem like similar games.

But, once you start playing sic bo, you will realize that they are more different than you might realize.

The most apparent difference is that sic bo is played with three dice, while craps is only played with two.

That third dice is significant because it adds several betting options that are not available in craps, including triples and any triples.

Another significant difference between sic bo and craps is that you only have one chance to win each bet when you play sic bo.

When you play craps, many bets carry over until the dice lands on a seven. There is more strategy to craps because you have multiple dice rolls to determine your wins. 

Because you can use gambling strategies to increase your chances of winning, casinos pay less for craps bets than they do for sic bo.

The highest payout in craps is 35:1, but most of the bets pay less than 10:1. Sic bo payouts can go up to 180 to 1. You have to decide for yourself whether you want better odds or better payouts.

Whether you are playing in a land-based casino or online, sic bo is harder to find than craps. You can find craps tables in almost every land-based casino, and every online casino has a digital version of craps.

Sic bo is prevalent in Asian casinos, but finding casinos with sic bo elsewhere can be tough – unless you stick to playing sic bo live online.

You can find many live dealer casinos with sic bo. And that’s because there are several live casino software providers that those online gambling sites can use.

Evolution Gaming is the only software provider that offers craps with a live dealer. That means that your access to live dealer craps is limited, especially if you live in the United States.

Craps and sic bo are both dice-based games, but the similarities stop there. These two games are a lot more different than most people realize.

Other Dice Games at Live Casinos

You might be surprised to learn that craps and sic bo are not the only dice-based games available at live dealer casinos online.

If you enjoy playing live sic bo for real money, you may enjoy some of these other live dealer dice games as well.

Live Dice
This is a game from Bet Games TV that uses five dice. The betting options are similar to sic bo, but you can bet on four of a kind or five of a kind. You can also bet on specific dice sequences and any pair plus any triple.
Dice Duel
Another dice game from Bet Games TV. This one is played with only two dice, but each dice has a different color. You can bet on which color will have the higher number or bet that a specific die will have a particular number.
Lightning Dice
A unique dice game that feels more like a game show. Evolution Gaming created a lightning tower similar to a Plinko game, but it has more moving parts. The presenter drops the dice into the tower and announces the total when they get to the bottom. As with all of Evolution’s Lightning games, random multipliers are applied after the betting round closes.
First-Person Craps
Another dice game from Evolution Gaming. It is similar to the digital versions of craps, but you have the option to go live, which takes you to the live dealer version of the game.

All of these games are unique, but they are similar to live dealer sic bo.

Once you know how to play live sic bo, you will be able to catch on to any of these games really quickly.

Why not give one of them a try? You’ll find them at most live casinos with sic bo.

Play the Top Live Sic Bo Games Online

Sic bo has been a popular casino game in Asia for a long time, but it never got much attention in the United States or worldwide. Live dealer sic bo casinos changed that by making this exciting game far more accessible.

Anyone can play real money live casino sic bo because it is remarkably simple to learn. All you have to do is place a wager on which numbers you think the dice will land on.

While this game is gaining popularity worldwide, it is still not as prevalent as casino card games. So, it can be hard to find the best online casinos for live sic bo.

That’s why you should use our recommendations. We have already done the research for you, so we know that you won’t find anywhere better to enjoy this increasingly popular casino dice game.

Join of these recommendations and start playing live casino sic bo online today!

Live Sic Bo FAQ

How Can I Use Live Sic Bo Road Maps?

When you play at live casinos with sic bo, your screen will include a road map section that tracks the results of the last dozen or so dice rolls.

You can see how many times the big and small bets have won or how many times a particular number has appeared. You can use this information to help you make your next bet.

Is Live Sic Bo Fair?

Sic bo is a game of chance, and the house edge favors the casino in the long run. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fair.

Live sic bo is safe and fair through legitimate online casinos. You can see the dice shaking in the shaker, so you know that no one is rolling them in a certain way to get a particular win.

Do Live Sic Bo Games Offer Better Odds?

In most cases, live dealer sic bo is the same as the digital version of the game, so it has the same odds.

The only exception is Super Sic Bo from Evolution Gaming. Because this game has multipliers, you have an increased chance of winning significant amounts of money.  The chances of winning technically remain the same, but you have the opportunity to win higher payouts.

Is Mobile Live Dealer Sic Bo Available?

The best live online casinos with sic bo have websites that are fully compatible with mobile devices.

You can also consider using live dealer casino apps for a more tailored mobile gambling experience.

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