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How and Where to Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti, which is sometimes called Flush or Flash, is an Indian poker game. It is similar to the English card game three-card brag.

Teen Patti is considered a poker variant. But it is different from the poker games you might be used to, such as Texas hold‘em.

That’s why we created this guide. We want to help you understand the rules for Teen Patti and what makes it unique, including all the features, variations, and strategy. We also want to show you where to play Teen Patti online for money.

If that sounds good to you, then let’s start by learning how to play Teen Patti.

How to Play Teen Patti

It’s easiest to learn how to play casino games when you have an idea of what a round looks like and what your goal is.

Let’s start with that.

Here’s what a round of Teen Patti looks like from start to finish.

  • A hand begins with every player placing an ante bet.
  • The cards get dealt.
  • The betting rounds begin with the player to the left of the dealer. Each player can either bet the ante amount, raise it, or fold (pack).
  • Betting continues until there are only one or two players left in the round. When there is only one person left, they automatically win the round.
  • If there are two remaining players, one player must ask for a side show. A side show is like a showdown in poker games like Texas hold’em and Omaha. The remaining players flip over their hands to determine who has the best hand.
  • The dealer determines who the winner is and pays them out.
  • The hand is now over.

Here is the objective of Teen Patti.

Your objective is to have the best hand at the side show.

Or you want to be the last player standing after everyone else has folded during the betting round.

That’s how to win at Teen Patti.

Simple, right? These Teen Patti rules are like other poker games. Also like other poker games, there is more to this card game than what meets the eye.

To truly understand the rules for how to play Teen Pattie, you need to know about its features.

Playing Blind or Seen

One of the characteristics that make Teen Patti such a unique poker game is that players can choose to play blind or seen. This means they get to decide whether they want to see their cards or not.

All the cards are dealt face down. Then each player gets to decide how they want to proceed.

If they choose to continue without seeing their cards, they are playing blind. When they choose to see their cards, it is known as playing seen.

There are different betting rules for each type of player when playing Teen Patti for real money.

Blind Players
  • Blind players can choose to pack (fold), bet, or show.
  • When the blind player chooses to bet, they can either bet the current stake amount or twice the current stake amount.
  • The only time that a blind player can request a show is when only two players are remaining in the round.
Seen Players
  • Seen players can choose to pack, chaal (call or raise), or ask for a side show.
  • The chaal amount for seen players is either twice or four times the current stake amount.
  • If a seen player requests a side show, they are requesting to go head-to-head with the player who bets right before them. That player must also be seen.

You’ll need to remember these rules for playing Teen Patti live. Though, most dealers are good about helping you out if you have questions.

If you play real money Teen Patti online, the casino will apply the correct betting amounts for you. Also, the show button will only appear when that option is available based on the number of seen and blind players.

Playing Teen Patti online is easier than playing in person because you don’t have to remember how the rules change when you want to play blind or seen.

Betting Rules for Teen Patti

The rules for betting in Teen Patti are not the same as betting rules for other poker games, specifically when you want to call.

If another player raises, you have to wager the same amount as them to stay in the game. The current stake amount changes whenever a player raises.

All other players would then have to bet the new stake amount. According to Teen Patti rules, the amount you previously staked does not count toward the raised amount.

Here is an example comparing a betting round in Teen Patti to Texas hold‘em.

Teen Patti Texas Hold‘em
Betting Round 1:
Player A calls at $2
Player B calls with another bet of $2
Player C raises to $8
Betting Round 1:
Player A calls at $2
Player B calls with another bet of $2
Player C raises to $8
Betting Round 2:
Player A must bet an additional $8 for a total bet of $10
Player B must bet an additional $8 for a total bet of $10
Betting Round 2:
Player A must call an additional $6 for a total bet of $8
Player B must call an additional $6 for a total bet of $8

It is crucial to understand that each player must bet the current stake amount, regardless of their previous bets.

Because of these Teen Patti betting rules, it might be in your best interest to raise your bets before other players. That way you don’t have to increase your bet again. But we’ll talk more about Teen Patti strategy later.

Keep in mind that the amount you can raise depends on whether you are playing blind or seen. Blind players can only raise by doubling the stake amount. Seen players can raise up to 4x the stake.

You can play Teen Patti using different poker betting formats such as fixed-limit, no-limit, or a pot-limit format.

Most beginner players start with pot-limit betting Teen Patti card games.

Side Shows in Teen Patti

One of the betting options in Teen Patti is to request a show. There are two different types of shows in Teen Patti.

  • A side show is between two seen players.
  • A blind player can request a blind show.

A show is a head-to-head competition or showdown. Two players expose their cards, and the player with the worse hand at the end of the show must pack.

To request a show, a player must pay twice the current stake amount. The other player is allowed to choose whether they want to accept or reject the show.

Here are the Teen Patti game rules that apply to shows.

  • Blind players can only request a show when they are one of two players remaining. It doesn’t matter if the other player is seen or blind.
  • Seen players can request a show any time, so long as at least three players are remaining. But they can only request a show from other seen players and only from the player who bets just before them.
  • During side shows between two seen players, the losing player must pack at the end of the show.
  • If both players’ hands are equal, the player who did not request the show wins the pot.

Shows are a unique feature that make the Teen Patti card game more exciting. They are only possible because of the blind/seen players’ structure.

Teen Patti Hand Rankings

The hand rankings for Teen Patti are like most other three-card poker games with a couple exceptions.

Here are hand rankings listed from best to worst, so that you know what hands win in Teen Patti.

  • Trio/Three-of-a-kind – Three cards of the same value. If two players have a trio, the highest trio will be the winner.
  • Pure/Straight sequence – This hand is like a straight flush, except it is only three cards. You need three cards of the same suit with consecutive numbers. Ace-King-Queen is the highest straight run, but ace-two-three is the second highest.
  • Normal sequence – Sometimes called a straight or a run. Three consecutive cards that are not the same suit.
  • Colour – This hand is the same as a flush; three cards of the same suit in any order.
  • Pair – Two cards of the same value. If two players have the same pair, the player with the highest third card (known as a “kicker” in regular poker games) wins.
  • High Card – Aces are high. If you compete against the dealer, the dealer must have at least a queen high to qualify.

If you are familiar with traditional poker hand rankings, it should be easy to remember the hand rankings for Teen Patti.

Here’s a visual aid to help.

Hand Rankings for Teen Patti.

Teen Patti Terminology

Teen Patti originated in India and the games use some terminology that people from outside the country may not be familiar with.

Some of the translations of these Indian words are like the words used in other poker games. But some of these words are used differently, so things can get confusing fast.

Here are a few essential words that are commonly used in Teen Patti card games.

  • Pack – Another word for folding.
  • Boot/Boot Amount – Another word for ante or a forced bet required to enter the game.
  • Colour – Another word for flush.
  • Sequence/Run – Another word for straight.
  • Blind – Players who choose to play without looking at their cards are playing blind. Do not confuse this word with big blinds or small blinds in other poker games.
  • Side Pot – Another word for a side show between two seen players.
  • Chaal – Similar to calling a bet, but the chaal amount depends on the specific betting rules for seen and blind players.
  • Teen Patti – The name of the game translates to Three Cards, which is why some people also refer to it as 3 Teen Patti.

The terminology can be the most confusing part of learning how to play Teen Patti for beginners. This is especially true if you play other forms of poker that use the same terms but in a different way.

Once you get the hang of the different terminology, though, the game rules for Teen Patti will be much easier to grasp.

Online Teen Patti at Casino Sites

Playing Teen Patti at online casinos is different than playing it live.

The game’s basic structure is the same, but there are some different formats and differences within these formats that you should know about.

Live Dealer Teen Patti

Live Teen Patti by Ezugi

One option is to play Teen Patti with a live dealer.

In this format, an infinite number of players can participate, but each player competes against the dealer.

The dealer will deal the player’s hand face-up and the dealer’s hand face-down.

After seeing the cards, you get to decide if you want to continue playing or fold.

  • If you want to continue playing, you have to place another bet equal to your ante bet.
  • When you fold, you lose your ante bet but can still qualify for any side bets that you might have placed.

Live dealer Teen Patti only lasts for one betting round. After the players have decided whether they want to fold or continue playing, the dealer will show their hand. Then the computer will issue payouts.

Because you are competing against the dealer, and the players’ hand is automatically seen, you cannot play a show like you would be able to if you were playing a regular Teen Patti game.

There aren’t many live Teen Patti games out yet. Ezugi launched the first one in November 2019. But we think more software providers will follow suit in the future.

Check out the top live dealer casinos if you’re looking to play live Teen Patti online for money.

Digital Teen Patti

Digital Teen Patti game

Another option is to play a digital game of Teen Patti. Digital online casino games use random number generator (RNG) software to deal the cards.

Some digital Teen Patti card games allow you to compete with other players, but the other players are computerized.

All their betting choices and actions are determined by a computer algorithm. It’s not quite the same as competing against other players.

There are several different brands of digital Teen Patti software. This includes 3 Teen Patti apps that allow you to play for free on your phone.

Depending on the software that you use, some Teen Patti digital card games may require you to decide whether you are playing blind/seen before you begin playing.

Unlike the live dealer version, shows are still a valid betting option when you play a digital Teen Patti game. You will also have the option to go through several betting rounds.

You can play digital Teen Patti for real money online at casinos like Bovada and Ignition.

You might also want to look at out our list of top-rated casino sites. Many of them may have online Teen Patti games for money, too.

Multi-Player Teen Patti

The game format that offers the best of both worlds is multi-player Teen Patti. These games use the same RNG software as digital games, but they allow several live players to participate.

All of the cards are dealt face-down. If a player chooses to be a seen player, their cards will show on their screen, but they will remain hidden from the other players.

Because you get to compete against other players, the multi-player format is the one that is most similar to in-person Teen Patti.

There are several betting rounds. You can request shows, and each player gets the chance to accept or reject them – just like a regular Teen Patti card game.

Ultimately, each of these online Teen Patti formats offers something unique. Here is a chart that summarizes the differences between each of them to help you find the best format for you.

Live Dealer Digital Multi-Player
Live dealer games move quickly because there is only one betting round. Digital games allow you to go at your own pace. Multi-player games have a moderate pace. Each betting round moves quickly, but there are several betting rounds per game.
You compete against a live dealer, whom you can interact with during the game. You can compete against computerized players. You get to compete with other live players the same way you would in a land-based casino.
Shows are not allowed. Shows are allowed. Shows are allowed.
Must play seen. Can play seen or blind, but you may have to make your choice before the game begins. Can play seen or blind with the same rules as you would have in a land-based casino.
Typically played in a no-limit format. It can be played with any betting limits, but pot-limit is most common. It can be played with any betting limits, but pot-limit is most common.

You can try each format to determine which one you like best. Most likely, you will find that you like each format for different reasons.

There is no reason to restrict yourself to one form of Teen Patti when they each offer something unique.

Teen Patti Variations and Side Bets

Now that you understand the rules for Teen Patti and know where to play Teen Patti online, you are ready to learn about the different available variations.

Here are a few Teen Patti variants that we recommend.

  • Royal Teen Patti – This variation is played with only face cards and tens. Because there are only twenty cards in play, only six people can play.
  • Joker Teen Patti – Each player gets only two cards and a joker. The joker can be used as a limited wild card to make the best hand.
  • AK47 – In this Teen Patti variation, aces, kings, fours, and sevens are all wild.
  • Best of Four – Each player receives four cards that they use to make the best possible three-card hand.
  • Lowball Teen Patti – In this poker variation, the lowest ranking poker hand wins. It is sometimes known as Muflis Teen Patti.
  • Low Wild/High Wild – Each player can use their lowest card as a wild, or their highest card, depending on which variant you are playing.
  • Wild Draw – After all the cards have been dealt, the dealer will pull one random card from the remainder of the deck. All cards of the same rank will be wild.
  • Bust Card Draw – This variation of Teen Patti is almost the same as Wild Draw. The dealer will pull a card at random after dealing. However, the card they draw gets labeled a bust card, meaning any player with that card has to fold.
  • Cobra Teen Patti – This variation is typically used for the very last hand of the game. Each player receives only one card, which they place on their forehead. All players can see each other’s cards, but they cannot see their own cards. Everyone plays blind.
  • Teen Patti Rapid – If you play Teen Patti online, you may encounter rapid games where you don’t compete against other players. You can earn payouts based on the three-card poker hands that you can make, but the only bet you place is your ante bet.

These are just a few of our favorite Teen Patti variations.

Once you learn the basic rules for playing Teen Patti, you can they these and other variants to see which ones you like most.

Teen Patti Side Bets

There are two side bets that are common for Teen Patti card games, both in online casinos and land-based games.

  • Pairs – The pair’s side bet offers additional payouts when the player’s hand has a pair or better poker hand.
  • 3+3 – This gives you the chance to make the best possible five-card hand using your cards and the dealers.

Playing side bets is a fun way to add some variety to your Teen Patti games, even if you only play the standard version.

Strategy for Teen Patti Games

There is no way to guarantee a win when you play Teen Patti because the outcome is random. It depends on the cards you get dealt.

However, here are a few Teen Patti strategy tips that can help you maximize your chances.

  • Never fold if you have a Queen or higher against the dealer. The dealer needs a Queen or higher to qualify. You will push more hands and save more bets with this tip.
  • Keep your stakes low when playing blind.
  • Ask for sideshows when you believe your opponent is bluffing.
  • Playing chaal means betting at the current stake amount without raising. That is a good strategy if you have a moderate hand. Other players will be more likely to fold after you have stayed consistent for a few betting rounds.
  • Another strategy for Teen Patti is to Increase your bets slowly when you have a good hand. If you immediately raise the maximum amount, the other players will know you have a good hand, and they will fold.
  • Remember that you have to match the current stake amount whenever another player raises. It is a good idea to raise early in some cases so that you don’t have to raise twice.
  • Don’t fold unless you know you have the weakest hand. Even then, it is a good idea to bet one or two rounds so that your opponents don’t pick up on your betting habits.

You should also keep hand probabilities in mind.

You only have a 0.24% chance of getting three-of-a-kind, compared to a 74.39% chance of getting a card with only a high card.

Remember that the odds are the same for all of your opponents as well.

Teen Patti Hand Probabilties

  • Three of a Kind – 0.24%
  • Straight Flush – 0.22%
  • Straight – 3.26%
  • Colour – 4.96%
  • Pair – 16.94%
  • High Card – 74.39%

Teen Patti is a type of poker, which means it has both elements of skill and chance.

A lot of the skill comes into play when you are competing against other players. They will judge your betting choices, and you can do the same to give yourself the best chances of winning.

No matter what format or version you are playing, the best Teen Pattie strategies revolve around minimizing your losses instead of trying to win every hand.

A push is better than a loss, and a smaller pot is better than a lost pot. If you keep these strategies for Teen Patti in mind, you might be able to extend your bankroll for another round.

Play Teen Patti Now

Teen Patti poker

Now you know how to play Teen Patti and where you can give it a shot.

We recommend you play Teen Patti online since you can play at your own pace. You can use this page to reread the Teen Patti game rules whenever you get stuck.

Odds are it’ll only take you a couple of hands before you have the basics down.

Now, you can find many online casinos with Teen Patti and other popular Indian games like Andar Bahar. But these games aren’t as popular as blackjack or craps, so you won’t find them everywhere.

If your preferred casino doesn’t have them, you might want to try three-card poker instead. It’s a similar game that’s more common and easier to find at casinos online.

If you can’t play online Teen Patti games, you could always host your own game at home. It’s a fun game that combines elements from both poker and casino table games.

Try it out. We think you’ll agree.

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