History of Bodog

Bodog was created in 1994 by entrepreneur Calvin Ayre. His vision was to create a world-class brand and company unlike any that had ever existed before. The name Bodog came about as a result of Ayre having a very clear idea about what constituted a good brand. His criteria included being easy to spell and pronounce, being six letters or less, and having some degree of personality. Though Bodog has probably become best known for its involvement in gambling, it really is an entertainment company with a much broader scope.

The brand is considered to be one of the most diversified and recognizable in the world. Among other things, the company has been involved with sports betting, poker, casinos, mixed-martial arts, reality TV, music production, and even coffee sales. It’s probably fair to say that Ayre achieved his goal. Below we have outlined the history of Bodog in the gambling industry.

The First Bodog Gambling Site

Bodog launched as a gambling site in 2000, having previously been involved in supplying technology to other online gambling companies. The site offered sports betting to start with and later added a casino and a poker room. Bodog quickly became an established site. This was in no small part to the effects of Ayre himself, who was very much the face of the company.

The focus was on the United States market at the time, and Bodog was very popular with gamblers. Aggressive and creative advertising helped to encourage substantial growth, and the site performed very well during its first few years. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though.

Bodog.com Domain Dispute

In 2007, a US federal court ordered that the domain name Bodog.com was to be seized and awarded to the company 1st Technology. This was following a dispute where 1st Technology sued Bodog, claiming that their software infringed trademarks and patents. Bodog refused to pay and, as a result, the domain was transferred.

Bodog then attempted to re-establish itself on other domains, including NewBodog.com and BodogLife.com. This caused the company problems but, eventually, the case was settled and the gambling site was back on as Bodog.com

A Change in Business Model

Around a year after having his domain seized, Ayre decided to take a different direction. Bodog was no longer going to operate the gambling sites directly, but instead would provide a license for operators to run gambling sites under the Bodog brand. The Morris Mohawk Gaming Group (MMGG) took over running the online gambling business at that point.

Ayre continued to be involved with the Bodog brand and other industries besides gambling. Meanwhile, the Bodog gambling site continued under new ownership. The deal between Bodog and MMGG ceased in 2011, and MMGG began to operate a site under its new brand Bovada. Despite the new name, much remained the same with the site.

Bodog Today

The name Bodog is still active in the online gambling industry. There is the Bodog Poker Network and also Bodog Canada, which provides sports betting, casino, and poker to Canadian residents. There’s also Bodog Asia, which is focused on the betting market in Asia. Meanwhile, Ayre is continuing to evolve the Bodog brand throughout the world.

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