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XFL 2022 Schedule and Results

The 2022 XFL season runs from February 8th through to April 26th, when the Championship game takes place. Four of the eight XFL teams taking part in the ten-week regular season progress to the playoffs.

We provide everything you need to know about the XFL schedule for 2022, and TV broadcasting of the games. We also update this page each week with the latest results.

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XFL Results

Week 1
Saturday, February 82pm ETSeattle Dragons 19 vs. DC Defenders 31
5pm ETLos Angeles Wildcats 17 vs Houston Roughnecks 37
Sunday, February 92pm ETTampa Bay Vipers 3 vs. New York Guardians 23
5pm ETSt. Louis BattleHawks 15 vs. Dallas Renegades 9
Week 2
Saturday, February 152pm ETNew York Guardians 0 vs. DC Defenders 27
5pm ETTampa Bay Vipers 9 vs. Seattle Dragons 17
Sunday, February 163pm ETDallas Renegades 25 vs. Los Angeles Wildcats 18
6pm ETLouis BattleHawks 24 vs. Houston Roughnecks 28
Week 3
Saturday, February 222pm ETHouston Roughnecks 34, Tampa Bay Vipers 27
5pm ETDallas Renegades 24, Seattle Dragons 12
Sunday, February 233pm ETNY Guardians 9, St. Louis BattleHawks 29
6pm ETDC Defenders 9, LA Wildcats 39
Week 4
Saturday, February 292pm ETLA Wildcats 14, NY Guardians 17
5pm ETSeattle Dragons 16, St. Louis BattleHawks 23
Sunday, March 14pm ETHouston Roughnecks 27, Dallas Renegades 20
7pm ETDC Defenders 0, TB Vipers 25
Week 5
Saturday, March 72pm ETSeattle Dragons 23, Houston Roughnecks 32
5pm ETNY Guardians 30, Dallas Renegades 12
Sunday, March 83pm ETSt. Louis BattleHawks 6, DC Defenders 15
9pm ETTampa Bay Vipers 34, LA Wildcats 41

XFL Regular-Season Schedule for 2022 – Cancelled

Week 6
Saturday, March 142pm ETHouston Roughnecks vs. New York Guardians
5pm ETLouis BattleHawks vs. Tampa Bay Vipers
Sunday, March 154pm ETDallas Renegades vs. DC Defenders
7pm ETLos Angeles Wildcats vs. Seattle Dragons
Week 7
Saturday, March 212pm ETDallas Renegades vs. Tampa Bay Vipers
5pm ETLos Angeles Wildcats vs. St. Louis BattleHawks
Sunday, March 223pm ETNew York Guardians vs. Seattle Dragons
6pm ETDC Defenders vs. Houston Roughnecks
Week 8
Saturday, March 282pm ETTampa Bay Vipers vs. DC Defenders
5pm ETLouis BattleHawks vs. New York Guardians
Sunday, March 293pm ETHouston Roughnecks vs. Los Angeles Wildcats
6pm ETSeattle Dragons vs. Dallas Renegades
Week 9
Thursday, April 28pm ETDallas Renegades vs. Houston Roughnecks
Saturday, April 42pm ETDC Defenders vs. New York Guardians
Sunday, April 512pm ETTampa Bay Vipers vs. St. Louis BattleHawks
6pm ETSeattle Dragons vs. Los Angeles Wildcats
Week 10
Thursday, April 98pm ETLos Angeles Wildcats vs. Dallas Renegades
Saturday, April 112pm ETHouston Roughnecks vs. Seattle Dragons
Sunday, April 123pm ETDC Defenders vs. St. Louis BattleHawks
6pm ETNew York Guardians vs. Tampa Bay Vipers

XFL Playoffs Schedule for 2022

First Round
Saturday, April 183pm ETEast Conference 1 vs. 2
Sunday, April 193pm ETWest Conference 1 vs. 2
Championship Game
Sunday, April 263pm ETEast Conference Winner vs. West Conference Winner

XFL TV Deals

The XFL has struck deals with multiple broadcasting partners, which will ensure national coverage of the competition. Fox, FS1, FS2, ABC, ESPN, and ESPN2 will all telecast the games. There will be no fewer than four televised matches during each week of the regular season.

The league’s owner, Vince McMahon, has also repeatedly brought up the topic of live streaming. Although there is no concrete information about an independent XFL streaming platform so far, a couple of the contracted channels will be providing the service.

ESPN and McMahon have agreed on a one-year deal for the live streaming rights of all XFL games. The agreement means that football fans from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East will be able to follow the action on ESPN Player.

In addition, Fox Sports will be broadcasting the games in the Southeast region of Asia, including Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, and Macau.

Where to Watch XFL Games on TV

GameChannelDate and Time
Seattle Dragons vs. DC DefendersABCFebruary 8, 2pm ET
Los Angeles Wildcats vs Houston RoughnecksFOXFebruary 8, 5pm ET
Tampa Bay Vipers vs. New York GuardiansFOXFebruary 9, 2pm ET
St. Louis BattleHawks vs. Dallas RenegadesESPNFebruary 9, 2pm ET
New York Guardians vs. DC DefendersABCFebruary 15, 2pm ET
Tampa Bay Vipers vs. Seattle DragonsFOXFebruary 15, 5pm ET
Dallas Renegades vs. Los Angeles WildcatsABCFebruary 16, 3pm ET
Louis BattleHawks vs. Houston RoughnecksFS1February 16, 6pm ET
Houston Roughnecks vs. Tampa Bay VipersABCFebruary 22, 2pm ET
Dallas Renegades vs. Seattle DragonsFOXFebruary 22, 5pm ET
New York Guardians vs. St. Louis BattleHawksESPNFebruary 23, 3pm ET
DC Defenders vs. Los Angeles Wildcats: 6 p.m. ETFS1February 23, 6pm ET
Los Angeles Wildcats vs. New York GuardiansABCFebruary 29, 2pm ET
Seattle Dragons vs. St. Louis BattleHawksFOXFebruary 29, 5pm ET
Houston Roughnecks vs. Dallas RenegadesFS1March 1, 4pm ET
DC Defenders vs. Tampa Bay VipersESPN2March 1, 7pm ET
Seattle Dragons vs. Houston RoughnecksABCMarch 7, 2pm ET
New York Guardians vs. Dallas RenegadesFOXMarch 7, 5pm ET
Louis BattleHawks vs. DC DefendersFS1March 8, 3pm ET
Tampa Bay Vipers vs. Los Angeles WildcatsESPNMarch 8, 9pm ET
Houston Roughnecks vs. New York GuardiansABCMarch 14, 2pm ET
Louis BattleHawks vs. Tampa Bay VipersFS2March 14, 5pm ET
Dallas Renegades vs. DC DefendersFS1March 15, 4pm ET
Los Angeles Wildcats vs. Seattle DragonsESPNMarch 15, 7pm ET
Dallas Renegades vs. Tampa Bay VipersABCMarch 21, 2pm ET
Los Angeles Wildcats vs. St. Louis BattleHawksFOXMarch 21, 5pm ET
New York Guardians vs. Seattle DragonsABCMarch 22, 3pm ET
DC Defenders vs. Houston RoughnecksFS1March 22, 6pm ET
Tampa Bay Vipers vs. DC DefendersABCMarch 28, 2pm ET
Louis BattleHawks vs. New York GuardiansFOXMarch 28, 5pm ET
Houston Roughnecks vs. Los Angeles WildcatsABCMarch 29, 3pm ET
Seattle Dragons vs. Dallas RenegadesFS1March 29, 6pm ET
Dallas Renegades vs. Houston RoughnecksFOXApril 2, 8pm ET
DC Defenders vs. New York GuardiansABCApril 4, 2pm ET
Tampa Bay Vipers vs. St. Louis BattleHawksESPN April 5, 12pm ET
Seattle Dragons vs. Los Angeles WildcatsFS1April 5, 6pm ET
Los Angeles Wildcats vs. Dallas RenegadesFOXApril 9, 8pm ET
Houston Roughnecks vs. Seattle DragonsABCApril 11, 2pm ET
DC Defenders vs. St. Louis BattleHawksABCApril 12, 3pm ET
New York Guardians vs. Tampa Bay VipersFS1April 12, 6pm ET
East Conference 1 vs. 2FOXApril 18, 3pm ET
West Conference 1 vs. 2ESPNApril 19, 3pm ET
East Conference Winner vs. West Conference WinnerESPN April 26, 3pm ET


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