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XFL Betting Sites and How to Bet on the XFL

Vince McMahon’s Xtreme Football League, or simply the XFL, is designed to fulfill the need for football while there’s no NFL or college games available. If you’re one of the many people that will be watching and betting, you’ve come to the right place.

This XFL betting guide provides useful information about the competition, the rules, and the teams involved. We also share our rankings for the best XFL betting sites.

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Our recommendations for the best sites to bet on the XFL online are based on criteria like safety, promotions, odds, and betting options.

We explain why we recommend these online sportsbooks later. We also go through the different ways you can bet on the XFL, provide some expert XFL betting tips, and go through the key facts about the format of the league.

The purpose of this XFL betting guide is essentially to cover all the important topics you need to know. We go through various aspects of the league and provide all the tools required to successfully bet on the XFL. And that all starts with making sure you have accounts at the best XFL betting sites.

Best XFL Betting Sites

XFL Betting Sites

There are plenty of reasons why we rate these online sportsbooks and bookmakers as the best sites for betting on the XFL. They can be trusted, they offer high odds and juicy promotions, and they have various other perks like fast payouts, a smooth mobile version, and a reliable customer support service.

The next section of this guide goes into more detail about our review process and the main factors we look at when compiling our rankings.

How We Rate the Top XFL Betting Sites

Our team of experts know how to determine if a real money gambling site is worth your attention.

Every time we go through the process of ranking sports betting sites and other online gambling operators, we perform extensive reviews that focus on the following factors.

  • Gambling license
  • Safety and security
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Payment options
  • Payout speeds
  • Customer support

We carefully examine each of these areas and make sure that acceptable standards are met. You can read more about how we rank gambling sites for further details on this process.

Once we know that a site can be trusted and meets our standards, it’s time to find out if it’s any good for the specific category our rankings are for.

When it comes to identifying the top-rated XFL betting sites, we pay special attention to the following.

  • XFL betting markets
  • Odds and lines for the XFL
  • XFL live betting options
  • Specific promotions for the XFL

Naturally, we want the XFL to be covered properly with plenty of betting options and competitive odds and lines. Although it’s not strictly necessary for a sportsbook to have exclusive promotions for the XFL, that’s certainly a positive.

How to Bet on the XFL

The good news about XFL betting is that it’s very similar to other football competitions. If you have experience betting on the NFL or college football, you should easily transition to the XFL.

The betting options at your disposal will be almost the same, including traditional options like moneyline, spreads, and total points. Here are the main XFL betting markets you will find.

  • Futures
  • Point spread, moneyline, and totals
  • Team and player prop bets
  • Live and halftime betting

If you’re not familiar with these wagers, check out the following pages for details.

Why Bet on the XFL?

Some of you might be wondering if betting on the XFL is even worth it. That’s understandable. Do you really NEED to bet on more football?

Probably not, but there are some solid reasons why XFL betting is a good idea.

The Sportsbooks Don’t Have Much Data

The main reason why bookmakers and sports betting sites have such an advantage over bettors is the significant volume of data at their disposal. They use the most proficient statistical analysis to calculate lines and odds that are hard to beat.

Doing that for the XFL is much harder, at least in the infancy of the league, as it hasn’t generated any meaningful stats.

That leaves a bigger margin for error. Even the top XFL betting sites, who employ very smart oddsmakers, won’t have their odds and lines as tight as they do for the NFL and college football.

The Public Bets Will Be Uneducated

Another good reason to believe you will be able to find good wagers when betting on the XFL is the lack of expertise in the general public. This applies to mainstream leagues to some extent as well, but even more so to a relatively unknown competition like the XFL.

In other words, most people won’t have a clue. They will place their wagers almost randomly or with very little research. This will move the odds and lines in potentially favorable directions, giving you opportunities to capitalize if you put in the effort.

Staying in Shape During the NFL Break

If you usually bet on the NFL and take a break while the league is off, you might be a bit rusty when it comes back.

XFL betting is the perfect solution to keep your skills sharp.

XFL Betting Tips and Strategy Advice

We already talked about how betting on the XFL will be similar to the NFL and college football. Similar doesn’t mean exactly the same, though. There are different rules that change the game and can have a huge impact from a gambling perspective.

Before we get to the actual XFL betting tips, here’s a page that compares the XFL to the NFL and NCAA football.

Now, let’s take a look at some fundamental advice that applies to all kinds of football betting, including the XFL.

  • Bet for value
  • Follow strict bankroll management
  • Analyze the stats
  • Utilize bonuses and promotions
  • Follow the team news
  • Shop for the best lines and odds

The tips above are important but they’re likely not enough to give you a true winning edge. You need to dig deeper and consider the specifics of the XFL if you’re going to make money from betting this league.

Here are the most important factors that apply to the league and should be taken into account when building a betting strategy.

  • The offense has an advantage, which means more points overall
  • More comebacks than in the NFL, and more underdog wins
  • Coaches have limited in-game influence by the coaches, so momentum and player leadership are vital
  • More players of unknown quality means detailed research can pay off big time

Visit the following page where we expand on our XFL betting tips and offer strategies to help you win your wagers.

You should also visit the following pages before betting on the XFL. In fact, you should bookmark them and check them regularly. You’ll find the latest picks from our football experts on our best XFL bets page, and all the latest odds and lines on our XFL odds page.

Keep an eye on our blog, too. We publish regular XFL betting content and other related posts, all of which can help you to pick the best wagers.

All About the XFL

If you’re going to bet on the XFL online with real money, choosing the best XFL betting sites and learning the basics is just the start.

You need to understand how the league works, what teams are involved, and other key facts. We have several pages that can fill any gaps there may be in your knowledge.

The first one is dedicated to the history of the XFL and covers all of the important events and facts related to the competition.

Knowing the format and the rules of the XFL is very important. Your XFL betting results will suffer if you don’t truly understand what you’re gambling on.

Learn everything you need to know about how the XFL works on this page.

Much of your XFL betting will involve predicting how teams are going to perform. How can you do that well if you don’t know much about the teams?

Obviously, you can’t. Check out the following page for information on all the XFL teams.

We also have a page that details the complete XFL schedule and past results.

You will find all the dates and times of every game, as well as scores from the ones that have been completed.

The final page in our XFL betting guide is all about the draft. The XFL Draft works a little differently to the NFL Draft, as you’ll find out if you read the following page.

The XFL Draft is of crucial importance about the balance in the league. If you want to know more about how it works, check this out.

If you want the best chance of making money from betting on the XFL, you should read through all of these pages.

Then, when you’re ready to get started, don’t forget to open accounts at the best XFL betting sites as per our recommendations.

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