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NFL Betting Guide: How to Bet on NFL Games in 2022

NFL Logo With Betting Odds and Money

If you want to learn how to bet on NFL games, we’ve got you covered!

Even better, we’re going to teach you all there is to know about winning real money NFL bets. Our experts have countless years of experience in this field and will be hitting you with some golden knowledge in this NFL betting guide.

From where to find the best NFL odds online, to advice on making the right bets, you’ll be up and running in no time. Whether you are new to betting football for real money, or simply looking to sharpen your skills, the following advice will help you improve your NFL betting game!

Ready to go? Strap in and let’s get to it!

NFL Betting Guide for Beginners: Lines and Odds

Knowing how to bet on NFL games the right way is the best method of beating the bookies. 

Naturally, the first place to start is by understanding what stands between you and online NFL sportsbooks betting odds and lines. The aim of the bookies is, of course, to separate you from your money. So, understanding the best ways to bet on NFL online will help your chances of winning your wagers.


Moneyline Odds, NFL Logo

If we’re giving a class on football betting 101, it makes sense to start with the most basic betting options at your disposal.

Understanding how betting odds work will help. But mastering the different types of bets you can place on the NFL is paramount to finding the best odds. This one, right here, is the bread and butter wagering option for those learning how to bet on the NFL online. 

To be completely honest, this is the simplest of the wagers you can place on NFL matches. All you need to do is choose the team you think will win and hit that button. Boom! You’ve just placed a moneyline bet on a football match. Still, make sure to read the rest of this beginner’s guide to NFL wagering as there is more to learn!

In the example above, a successful $100 bet on the Packers to win nets you $270 returns which includes a profit of $170 as well as your stake! If that sounds good, you can learn more about how to bet on football with moneyline wagers, below.

Spread Betting 

Spread Betting NFL, NFL Logo

The moneyline is the go-to wager for some and an obvious stopping point where our guide to betting on NFL football games for beginners is concerned.

Believe it or not, spread betting is the most popular way to bet on NFL games online. Again, the science behind this type of wager is not difficult at all. In essence, oddsmakers will provide NFL point spreads in games where two teams are mismatched. Here’s an example to help you understand things better.

The Rams are coming into this hypothetical matchup with a record of 10-2 while the Steelers have posted 6-5. To balance things out, the Rams will start with a -4.5 handicap. If you are to win your bet on the Rams, you will need them to close out a victory by 5 points or more. Hence, covering the spread.

If you’re betting on NFL odds for the Steelers, you’ll need them to win or lose by less than five points to cash in.


Over and Under Bets for NFL, NFL Logo

One of the most common side questions people have when learning how to bet on an NFL game online is how over/under bets — also known as totals — work. The good news is that it takes little to no time to explain in this NFL betting guide.

An easy example for understanding how totals bets for NFL games work is the over/under on the total points scored by both teams. Let’s say a bookie sets the total number of points scored between the New England Patriots vs. Carolina Panthers at 68.5. Your job is to guess whether the combined scores of both teams are over or under that figure. 

If you place a successful bet of $100 on the final score being under 68.5 at odds of -110, you will receive a profit of $90.91. Combined with your stake, your total returns — no pun intended — will come to $190.91!

Other Types of NFL Bets

Different Types of NFL Betting Odds, NFL Field, NFL Logo

When we were outlining the important stuff to cover in this NFL betting guide, we were keen to pack in as much crucial information as possible.

One of the things we wanted to cover was the range of top NFL bets you can place outside of the basics. In other words, online NFL wagers that you can target to increase both your enjoyment of the game and, more importantly, your chances of winning real money on football. These bets are common in every gridiron league or game that you can bet on. 

  • Futures – Any beginner’s guide to betting on NFL for real money must mention futures! These are fun bets that target things that will happen further down the line. From picking the team that will win the NFL Conference to the player that will score most touchdowns in a season, the options are endless.
  • In-Game Props – Looking to win money betting on NFL matches? In-game props allow you to place NFL bets on things that will happen in a particular game. For example, you can bet on the Bengals to be winning at halftime but ultimately lose the match to the Saints.
  • Player Props –From rushing yards achieved, PATs scored, to combinations, the best sites for betting on NFL games will usually have plenty to choose from. Even better, you can place these bets in play. 
  • Parlays – Parlay wagers allow bettors to combine multiple selections onto one ticket. With every win you get, the amount wagered increases and rolls over on to the next choice. Just ensure you know how to bet on NFL parlays before you try them, as they can be tough to nail.
  • Teasers and Pleasers – Among the most popular NFL bets you can place online, teasers and pleasers belong to the parlay family. However, bettors can adjust point spreads to their favor in exchange for lower payouts. 
  • If Bets – Another popular choice, especially with expert NFL bettors, if bets allow you to bet on the outcome of games and other scenarios in a specific order. For example, you can wager on the New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, and the Minnesota Vikings winning their games. If all your wagers come in, you could be in for a nice profit.
  • Exotic NFL Bets – Although usually associated with betting on stuff such as the Super Bowl halftime show, you can plenty of exotic bets for regular season and playoff games. From how many times a star quarterback is shown on camera, to the celebrities that show up on the big screen at halftime, these exotic wagers can be a fun way to bet on the NFL online.
  • Live Betting – With modern technology slaying it right now, learning how to bet on football in-play comes highly recommended. Not only do you have a chance to hedge bets placed before the game; you also have access to tons of other markets unique to live betting on the top NFL betting apps and sites.

How to Bet on NFL Football Online

NFL Betting on Laptop, Different Ways to Bet on NFL

No NFL betting guide worth reading will underplay the importance of wagering online. 

For sheer convenience, betting on football online is uncontested. Whether you are placing wagers on the Super Bowl from your phone or picking the best parlay for NFL Week 1, the options at your disposal are incredible. Of course, with every upside, there is a pitfall. Therefore, it is necessary to stress the importance of playing it safe before you even dare think about placing a bet online.

Step1How to Choose the Best NFL Betting Sites and Apps

First things first, you should only use the safest NFL betting sites when wagering on the games. Period.

We take safety and security very seriously and so should you. Check out our reviews to find your sportsbook of choice and focus on getting your hands on the top best football odds, markets, and bets. Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to use more than one of the top NFL sportsbooks, as this means you can find betting value and shop for lines easier.

Looking to get stuck in right away? You can find our recommended NFL betting sites and apps, below!

Step2Enter Your Details

Compared to the early days of online betting, opening an account with an NFL betting site is a cakewalk.

All you need to do is fill in your personal details, choose a banking method, and you’re pretty much there. Naturally, some folks are uncomfortable giving information away online. With our recommended NFL betting sites, they need not be. All of the sportsbooks we rank are 100% safe and secure. Furthermore, the information you provide is protected by the latest SSL encryption and firewall software.

Typically, the information that is required when registered for an account with legal NFL sportsbooks is as follows.

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Postal Address
  • Email 
  • Telephone Number

You will need to meet the eligibility criteria of a site before you can play. But you can always read the terms and conditions or speak to customer support if you are uncertain if you will be eligible to bet.

Step3Select Your Bonus or Welcome Offer

When you have chosen the top NFL betting app or sites you want to play with, it’s time to consider your bonus options.

Our recommended NFL sportsbooks come with a wide range of welcome offers and promotions for new players. Sometimes, you will need to enter a bonus code to avail of an offer. With other sites, this is not required; instead, you will need to opt-out before you sign up.

Typically, the following offers will apply.

  • Welcome Bonus – In most cases, your initial welcome bonus will be the major offer for signing up with an NFL betting site or app. Sometimes, the welcome bonus can be split into two or three awards, depending on the site. All offers come with terms and conditions, including wagering requirements, so make sure you understand these before you accept!
  • Free Bets – In addition to your welcome bonus, or sometimes in place of them, sites will offer special free bets for the Super Bowl, NFL Playoffs, or other events. Again, these will usually come with Ts and Cs, so check them out before accepting.
  • Other Promotional Offers – From reload bonuses to odds boosts, there are several other offers you can get when signing up for an NFL betting account. It all depends on the site, so again, make sure to read the fine print before you accept!

You don’t have to accept a bonus when signing up with the top NFL betting sites and apps. 

Top Tip
If you are keen to get your hands on multiple welcome offers, signing up with more than one site or app is typically the best way of doing so.

It is not obligatory to take any offer. If you would prefer not to avail of the top NFL betting bonuses, you can either reject this at the sign-up process or speak with customer service to ensure that it is removed before you open your account.

Step4Choose Your Payment Method

Before you can place your real money NFL bets, you will first need to make a deposit.

The sites we recommend tend to offer a wide range of deposit methods including debit cards, Bitcoin, e-wallets, and much more. The range of payment methods available will be down to the site, so again, make sure to check these out before you register.

There are other things to think about before choosing your payment method. You can find some questions to ask customer support if you cannot find answers to the following questions on the site.

Issue Questions to Ask
Cards and e-Wallets What Payment Methods are Available for Me to Use?
Deposit Limits How Much Can I Deposit in a Set Period?
Withdrawal Limits What is the Most I Can Withdraw in a Day, Week, or Month?
Withdrawal Timeframes When Will I Receive my Winnings?
Cryptocurrencies Can I Deposit and/or Withdraw with Crypto?
Identification Do I Need to Prove my ID Before Depositing and/or Withdrawing?

While most players might not even need to ask one of the guide questions above, it’s a good idea to know what to expect before you make a deposit!

Step5Place Your Bets!

In a matter of minutes, you should be ready to get down to betting on NFL markets!

From here, you can browse the latest odds for NFL matches, or look over the futures bets for the Super Bowl. It’s really up to you what you want to bet on. Here is a quick look at a few of the most exciting events to target.

  • Super Bowl – It doesn’t get any better than this. The Big Game is the biggest event in NFL betting. As such, betting on the Super Bowl means having access to a plethora of betting markets including spreads, props, exotic bets, and much more. 
  • The Playoffs – Before teams can make it to the Super Bowl, the only way is through the post-season. A great betting strategy for the NFL playoffs will help you take advantage of the best futures, props, and other top wagers. 
  • The NFL Draft – Bets on NFL football games for beginners is a good way to start with your betting journey. As your knowledge base increases, understanding how the draft works will unlock even more wagering opportunities.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, make sure you have a solid strategy for gambling real money on NFL before you hit the bet button! Keep reading and we will explain what you need to know!

NFL Betting Strategy

Want to know how to bet on NFL games the right way? Strategy. Yup, we said it.

Without a solid betting strategy, you’re limiting your chances of winning real money on NFL games. And although it might seem like too much effort, spending just a little bit of time honing your craft will pay dividends in the future. Here are a few excellent pieces relating to NFL football betting strategy to get you started.

Our experts know how to bet on NFL games. But like you, we all had to start somewhere. 

The pages above will give you a nice platform to build your NFL wagering strategies and will undoubtedly help you to up your chances of winning your bets. Once you have covered the basics, our NFL betting strategy is the next stop en route to beating the bookies!

Tips and Picks for NFL Betting Online

If you want to see our experts’ NFL betting strategies in action, why not check out the latest tips, picks, and wagering advice from the team?

Whether you are looking for recommendations for how to bet NFL this week or which way you should go when gambling on the Super Bowl online, bookmark this page to find consistent, quality wagering advice for the NFL. Even better, you can bookmark our NFL blog and NFL picks sections to stay on top of the latest movers and shakers in the world of National Football League betting.

NFL Betting FAQ

Our experts receive a lot of correspondence from our readers.

While we try to answer every single query we can, there are many frequently asked questions in NFL betting that commonly come our way. Below, you will find answers to our National Football League FAQs that might help you to better understand all there is to know about wagering on the games.

Where Can I Bet Legally on the NFL Online?
AThe short answer is that it depends on several factors.

Betting on the NFL legally online has become extremely popular in the last decade. But to place legal bets on NFL matches, you must first meet eligibility criteria. Most US states require players to be 21 or over, for example. But ultimately, you should first check if gambling is legal in your jurisdiction before you bet.
What Is the Safest Bet in the NFL?
AThere is no such thing as a sure thing when wagering on NFL matches online or elsewhere.

Sometimes, even the most iron-cast betting favorites can be upset. There is no particular wager that is guaranteed to come in. If that were the case, the bookies would be out of business. So, instead of looking for that unicorn bet, instead, focus on methods such as sound bankroll management and NFL betting strategies to increase your chances of winning real money.
What Does ATS Mean When Betting on Football?
AThis is a simple one. But a valid question that tends to pop up quite a lot when bettors ask how to wager on the NFL online!

The short, and only answer, is that ATS stands for “against the spread.” In betting terminology, this means betting on the predetermined points spread rather than the moneyline or any other wagers.
How Do I Win NFL Spread Bets?
AThere is no NFL betting system for winning spread bets every time.

Again, if there was, top online football betting sites would not exist. There are, however, ways to increase your chances of winning spread bets. We would refer you back to our NFL betting strategies above for help with that!
Which Online NFL Betting Sites Require No ID Verification?
AWe strongly advise against using online betting sites that require no ID in the United States or elsewhere, for that matter. We must stress this before closing out our guide to how to bet on NFL games online.

These measures are in place to ensure compliance, safety, security, and legality. If any NFL betting sites that don’t need ID even exist today, the chances are they will have a short shelf life. Most importantly, you will more than likely end up out of pocket. Even worse, playing with shady sites could see you lose more than just money.
Are NFL Parlays Worth It?
ABetting NFL parlays can be fun. They are also a common way to land big odds.

But the science behind betting odds is simple — the higher they are, the less chance you have of winning. On that basis, most major parlays will fail to hit home. For that reason, staking massive amounts of money on these types of bets is usually a bad move. A two or three-game parlay with match favorites will have a better chance of coming in than a seven-fold parlay consisting of wild selections.
Do NFL Betting Strategies Work?
AThe simple answer you can take from this NFL betting guide is that the right strategies when betting NFL matches can work.

The bottom line is that nothing is guaranteed when betting on the NFL online or in a land-based sportsbook. By using intelligent methods such as data analysis, following team news, betting for value, identifying trends, and proper unit management, you can decrease your chances of making the wrong choices.
What Is the Best Way to Win Real Money on the NFL?
AThe best way? Well, by doing all you can to avoid the pitfalls that catch many NFL gamblers out.

Instead of betting with your heart, look for value. Use staking plans. Know the types of bets you are placing, as well as the factors that could influence matches. Learn about how bookies set lines and equip yourself with the knowledge to identify when odds are hot and when they are cold.

The crux is that there is no magic way to win real money betting on the NFL. Your long-term gains should typically reflect your ability to make the right choices. As well as being lucky when it matters!
Is NFL Entertainment or a Real Sport to Bet On?
ATechnically, it’s both entertainment and a real sport.

Some ask if the NFL is fixed. As a bettor, you’re entitled to believe what you choose to when you are wagering real money on the NFL, but there is absolutely no proof that the organization is corrupt.

Some players like gambling on the National Football League while others prefer betting on college football. If you are not enjoying betting NFL, it’s always worth noting that there are alternatives!
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