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Best AAF Betting Sites – How and Where to Bet the AAF

The Alliance of American Football is new and exciting. It also opens up some great opportunities for more betting on football. And you want to get in on the action, right?

If you’re looking for somewhere safe and reliable to place your AAF bets, we’ve got you covered. We can also teach you everything else you need to know about betting on the AAF.

Let’s start at the beginning. Here’s our list of the best AAF betting sites for 2022.

Rank Betting Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
#2 50% Up To $250 Visit Site Visit Site
#3 125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site Visit Site
#4 100% Up To $500 Visit Site Visit Site
#5 100% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site

These top-rated AAF betting sites have been chosen for a reason. Well, for many reasons, actually. They are comfortably the best online sportsbooks offering Alliance of American Football betting at this moment in time.

They all provide a safe and reliable service. Each one of them offers competitive odds and lines and generous bonuses. That’s not all, either.

We’ll share more details about why these are the best AAF betting sites on the internet later on this page, so keep on reading. Or just dive straight in and sign up with any one of the websites we’ve recommended above. You won’t be disappointed.

If you do want to read more, here’s a list of everything we cover on this page. Skip to the section that interests you most, or read right through the whole thing. It’s up to you!

How We Picked the Best AAF Betting Sites

We have a clear process for reviewing the online bookmakers and betting websites we recommend to our readers.

This process includes a careful examination of various important features at every single one of the top AAF sportsbooks you see above.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them, so you are aware of why we believe these sites are genuinely better than the rest when it comes to placing AAF bets online.

Reputable and Trustworthy

The first thing you need to know about our top list of AAF betting sites is that they are safe, and you can trust them.

We checked their license and reputation, and they stood every test, which means that they make sure to protect their customers.

This is always among the most important criteria we apply during the selection process for ANY gambling site. After all, there’s no point betting real money online if the operator has no intention of paying you when you win.

It’s not only about thefts and shady operators, though. Some sites are simply negligent and don’t have the best security measures available. This can potentially cost you a lot of money through no fault of your own.

You’ll have no reason to worry with our recommended AAF betting sites, though. They’re all extremely careful and use the latest SSL encryptions and technologies to protect your money and data.

Excellent Odds and Lines

One of the most important things in sports betting is to get the best odds and lines possible. If you intend to bet on the AAF on the web, this is one of the golden rules of online football betting you should be sure to follow.

Finding the best prices is crucial, and even the slightest difference matters in the long run.

The good news is that our recommended AAF betting sites are among the leaders in the industry in that regard. They operate with low betting margins, enabling them to offer odds which are typically quite tasty.

Valuable Promotions

Every respectable online bookmaker should be willing to provide its customers the opportunity to earn some extra cash through promotions. It all starts with a welcome bonus and continues with ongoing offers that bring you more goodies.

If you decide to go for one of our top-rated sportsbooks to bet on the AAF, you’ll certainly have the chance to boost your bankroll in many ways. We will share more details about this later on this page.


A lot of people focus on the odds, betting markets, and promotions but actually forget something quite simple. It’s important that the AAF betting sites you use come with an interface and navigation that are easy to understand and work with.

You don’t want to spend a lot of time clicking and browsing through the different menus every single time you want to place your AAF wagers. The structure of the betting website should be clear and easy to use.

Payment Options and Speed

We always try to stick to online betting sites that provide plenty of payment options.

You should be able to comfortably find an option that works for you when it comes to getting your money in and out of your online betting account.

Here are some examples of banking methods that are well suited to gambling over the web. These are the ones you should look to use if you can.

Credit and debit cards
The likes of Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro are very popular for online gambling deposits and withdrawals
A lot of gamblers prefer to use digital payment options such as PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller
The world’s leading cryptocurrency has become very popular among online gamblers, especially those in the US

A couple of other popular methods include Western Union and wire transfers.

We made sure that our best-rated AAF online sportsbooks cover most of the options referred to above, if not all of them.

It’s not only about safety and variety, though. The speed matters as well. Since the deposits are instant pretty much everywhere, we usually focus on fast payouts. We firmly believe that every player should be paid his or her winnings as quickly as possible.

Mobile Compatibility

A lot of people prefer betting on AAF games on their mobile devices. We don’t blame them. Using your phone or tablet to place a wager at any given moment is not only convenient but allows you to take full advantage of valuable betting opportunities that you might otherwise miss out on.

This is why the best AAF betting sites all have a solid mobile version of their website that doesn’t even require a download. You can simply open the webpage of the sportsbook on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone, and it will adjust to your device.

Once you log in, you’ll be able to place wagers and manage your account on the move.

Some of these online sportsbooks also have downloadable apps.

Quality Customer Support

Most people don’t plan for this, but it’s possible you’ll end up in a situation where you need a helping hand from the customer support team of the sportsbook you picked.

This could be a quick and painless experience or an absolute nightmare, depending on the quality of the assistance provided by the gambling operator.

We only stick to betting sites that have polite and efficient staff.

Attributes of our top-rated AAF betting sites

Why Bet on the AAF?

The Alliance of American Football is a young organization that can’t compare to the NFL in any way.

It started in February 2019, and the truth is, it might be gone in a couple of seasons if it doesn’t establish itself. The main purpose of the league is pretty much to cover the need for football between the NFL seasons.

It’s different from the NFL in various ways. A lot of people will therefore wonder if there is any point to betting on the AAF with real money.

Well, there are at least three reasons why it’s a good idea to bet on the AAF, in our opinion. Let’s take a look at them.

The AAF Doesn’t Overlap with the NFL

If you’re a fan of the NFL and are used to watching and betting on games from the biggest football league there is, you’re probably close to depression during the offseason.

Let’s face it — when you love a sport, you love a sport.

While the AAF certainly isn’t on the same level as the NFL, it is an alternative designed to give football fans more of the sport they love so much. There are enough NFL rejects that are still decent football players, so the league has enough quality to be entertaining.

Even if you don’t LOVE the AFF, you can look at it as a way to keep your football handicapping techniques in shape while the NFL season is inactive. You will still be analyzing games and players, going through the stats, and looking for the best wagers.

This will help you later on in the year when the NFL is finally back.

The Sportsbooks Aren’t as Sharp

With the AAF being a new league, the bookmakers and betting sites are a bit in the dark, just like us fans and bettors.

When it comes to established competitions like the NFL and the other top American leagues, you’ll find loads of historical data available. Betting establishments use the latest and most sophisticated tools to analyze that data, as well as utilizing a team of exceptional odds compilers and traders.

As a result, it’s very difficult to find edges based on mistakes or inaccurate pricing by the sports betting sites. However, this is not the case with the AAF. Not yet, at least.

The oddsmakers will take some time to compile a solid amount of data to use in their evaluation of every game. It’s quite possible we’ll see some mistakes before they build up their expertise.

This opens the door to the bettors that can find good spots and have a solid basic knowledge of betting for value on football. With some effort, it might be easier to discover profitable betting opportunities for the AAF in comparison to tournaments like the NFL and the NBA.

Long-Term Potential

It’s hard to know if the AAF is here to stay, as it’s tough to create a new football league. Just ask Vince McMahon, who realized that when his XFL failed the first time around. He’s giving the XFL another chance, but he knows how challenging it’s going to be.

The hunger for more football in the US is real, but the NFL is so well established that creating any other kind of league is difficult.

The early signs from the AAF are promising, though. And the ambition of the AAF leadership is to build a lasting competition that covers the period when there is no NFL.

If this venture is successful in the long run, it will provide AAF betting opportunities on a regular basis. Getting on board early might give you a huge competitive advantage in the long run. You will get to know the teams, the key players, and other details that make a difference.

Three great reasons to bet on the AAF

Top AAF Betting Markets

If you weren’t already, by now you should be interested in betting on the AAF. And for good reason, too.

The natural next step would be to take a closer look at the different AAF betting markets offered for the competition.

Since it was only launched in 2019, the number of opportunities can’t compare with what the best betting sites offer for the NFL and other well-established sports leagues, but there are still plenty of options.

Here is what most of our recommended AAF sportsbooks have to offer at the moment.

  • AAF Moneylines
  • AAF Point Spreads
  • AAF Totals
  • AAF Futures

AAF Moneyline Betting

The concept here is simple, which is the reason why moneylines are so popular among football bettors. You basically place a wager on the winner of each game, and that’s it.

If you want to learn more about this market, we recommend you check the page below.

AAF Point Spread Betting

One of the main problems with moneyline betting is that sometimes, there is a huge favorite in the games. As a result, it’s almost impossible to find a sensible option. The price for the team expected to win is too low, while the probability of the underdog to grab the victory is also way too low.

This is where the point spread comes into play. The online betting sites give the weaker team a starting handicap to make up for the difference between the teams. For example, if the teams have a huge difference in quality, the underdog could start with an advantage of 10.5 points.

If that’s the case, the favorite has to win by 11 points or more for the spread to be covered. Our recommended AAF betting sites offer this option, too, and you should consider it.

To learn more about the concept of point spreads, check here.

AAF Totals Points Betting

Another mainstream market that is part of the betting options of the best AAF online bookmakers is the total points option. As the name suggests, you can place a wager on the number of points that will be scored in any individual game.

For example, the line could be set at 29.5. If you decide to back the over outcome, there must be 30 or more points for you to win and vice versa.

The beauty of this market is that you don’t actually care which team scores the points. A score of 30-0 is the same as 16-14, as far as you are concerned. A lot of people prefer the totals because this market doesn’t depend on the winner of the game.

If you want to dig deeper and explore the totals, you can do it on this page.

AAF Outright Winner

The number of unconventional bets for the AAF is currently limited, but you can still bet on the winner of the tournament. Some sports betting sites offer this option, and it might be interesting to dig a bit deeper into this one.

With the lack of stats and historical data, you could be able to find some juicy odds for a team that actually has a high chance of bringing the AAF trophy home.

Basic AAF Betting Tips

AAF betting is new territory for most people, so it would be a good idea to be prepared with some basic tips on how to avoid common mistakes most bettors make.

In this section, we’ll give you some advice on how to build a successful AAF betting strategy.

Manage Your Money

The first tip we want to provide to every beginner in AAF betting is related to one of the fundamentals of online gambling in general.

You should never bet an amount larger than you can afford to lose. It’s a simple concept that many people tend to underestimate.

This is why we advise you to set aside a budget that’s only for your online AAF betting. Once you do that, you will have your starting bankroll.

Depending on how big it is and what your purposes are — betting for fun or for profits — you should find a suitable staking plan. This is an important process, so it’s worth taking time to consider your finances and put together a staking plan that works for you. We have a page that can help you, so don’t be afraid to check it out.

Watch the Action

We always recommend that our readers watch the sport they will be betting on, as the stats and the pundits’ opinions alone are not enough for a reasonable understanding of the game. This is even more important when it comes to the AAF because of the lack of statistical data.

The competition has been around since the start of 2019, so there aren’t hundreds of games that provide enough stats to build a strategy around. You will most certainly have to rely on the eye test often.

This is actually a good thing, as it could provide a solid advantage for you over the long run. Of course, you have to watch the games for that to happen.

Don’t Bet on Too Many Games

Some people are so eager to have some fun by betting with real money that they don’t really care about the number of games they pick. If your only goal is entertainment, and you can afford to lose cash reasonably often, you can stick to this approach, too.

However, everyone that wants to make money from betting on the AAF should carefully select only the best possible bets out there.

Even if this sounds boring, it’s better not to make a bet on a certain day than to place your hard-earned cash on something you’re not sure about.

Stick to the wagers that you firmly expect to show a profit in the long run.

Focus on the Potential of the Players

Many of the AAF players were rejected by the NFL or haven’t been drafted by the big league at all. Some of them have a lot of potential that might be waiting to erupt under the right circumstances.

The excitement of getting another chance and the lower competition might help some players improve dramatically. The motivation to prove that you are good enough can push a person to completely new levels, and in a league like the AAF, this could be the key to success.

This is why we believe it’s worth investing some of your time to recognize the athletes with the biggest potential on each team and carefully follow their development. This will help you stay ahead of the curve and potentially make some money in the process.

Use More Than One Bookmaker

A lot of people underestimate the power of line shopping, as sometimes the differences between the prices might seem negligible. This is a huge mistake, as even the slightest boost in the price matters in the long run.

The majority of the successful bettors out there use more than one bookmaker for that reason. Joining a couple of the top-rated AAF betting sites will give you the opportunity to bet on higher prices on average and also get more promos (more about that later).

Sure, it comes at the cost of a minor inconvenience, but it’s something you should strongly consider if you’re serious about betting on the AAF for profits.

Take Full Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

The best AAF betting sites on the web have a plethora of exciting bonuses and promotions. This can help you boost your bankroll as soon as you join them, and you can keep earning more and more value through their ongoing promotions, too.

The potential is huge for every regular player, and you should take full advantage of these promotions. Since this topic is so important, we’ll give you more details about that in the next section of this page.

Six essential tips for AAF betting

AAF Betting Bonuses and Promotions

The Alliance of American Football is still young, so not many AAF betting sites have separate bonuses and promotions for the competition yet. However, the best value you can find for ANY sports competition comes from the regular deals of the internet sportsbooks.

The good news is that you can take advantage of that value by betting on the AAF online. Let’s take a closer look at the best possible bonuses and promotions so that you understand how they work and how to take full advantage of their value.

Welcome Bonuses

First in line are the welcome offers of our recommended AAF betting sites. You probably can guess that they are targeting new players with this type of promotion. There are a couple of different approaches, depending on the bookmaker.

Most sportsbooks that accept US players will give you a first-deposit bonus. This means that you have to open a new account and add some funds to it. Based on the amount you deposited, you will also receive free money that can be used for betting but can’t be withdrawn before you clear the wagering requirements.

Another type of welcome offer is the free bets some betting sites prefer. Usually, it works like this: you join the online betting site and place your first wager. Once it’s settled, you get a couple of free bet tokens. The total value is way lower than the first-deposit bonuses, but there are no strings attached.

In both cases, the welcome promotions of the AAF betting sites are among the highest value deals you will get from them, so make sure to take full advantage of them.

Loyalty Rewards

Getting new customers is one of the top priorities of the best AAF sportsbooks. Keeping them is equally important.

For that reason, you will often see some kind of loyalty rewards that typically reward the most regular bettors.

You can get various prizes, such as cash, bonuses, entrance in draws, and more.

Other AAF Promotions

We expect to see some exclusive AAF promotions in the near future if the league is successful.

For now, you can probably find some odds boosters or parlay bonuses for this one. We will keep you updated here, though, on any kind of new promotion.

AAF Format, Structure, and Schedule

The main goal of the Alliance of American Football or AAF is to feature a format that has a lot of similarities to the NFL, so it’s not confusing to the regular football fan in the United States. Most AAF rules are the same as NFL rules, and the league structure is similar as well.

There are eight teams that take part in the AAF, and they are split into two different conferences, as follows.

Eastern Conference Western Conference
Atlanta Legends Arizona Hotshots
Birmingham Iron Salt Lake Stallions
Memphis Express San Antonio Commanders
Orlando Apollos San Diego Fleet

The regular season of the AAF is ten weeks long. Each team plays every week. The top two teams from each conference progress to the playoffs.

The first round of the AAF playoffs is between the top two teams in each conference. They face each other in a single game to determine the conference champion.

The winners of each conference then progress to the championship game, which is the AAF’s equivalent to the Super Bowl. The winner is the champion of the Alliance of American Football.

The overall feeling is that the AAF won’t try to tackle the NFL with some wicked rule changes like Vince McMahon did back in the day. It’s a similar competition that provides a complementary product during the NFL offseason.

And yet, there are some changes in the rules. For example, there is no kick-off. Since this is one of the most dangerous moments in the sport and has led to multiple head injuries, the AAF decided against it, and the teams will start at their own 25-yard line instead.

The play clock is also set at 35 seconds, which is five fewer than the NFL, and there are some minor changes in the scoring.

AAF Teams

It’s time to take a closer look at the eight teams that are part of the AAF.

It’s interesting that the strategy of the organization is to cover mostly big cities that don’t have an NFL franchise. Only Arizona and Atlanta have their own team in the bigger league, so the AAF counts on people who love football but don’t have a local side to root for.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at each AAF member.

Atlanta Legends

  • Current GM: Billy Devaney
  • Coach: Kevin Coyle
  • Arena: Georgia State Stadium
  • Conference: East

The Atlanta Legends are one of the few teams located in a city that has an NFL franchise — the Atlanta Falcons. It’ll be interesting to see if this will help or harm the team. There are plenty of local football fans, but they might refuse to support the AAF franchise.

Another interesting fact is that the Legends coach Kevin Coyle has no previous experience as a head coach. But he has been part of various NFL franchises in the past, mostly as a defensive coordinator.

Coyle is one of the many former coordinators and assistants that were attracted by the opportunity to become a head coach, so he joined the AAF from the beginning.

Birmingham Iron

  • Current GM: Joe Pendry
  • Coach: Tim Lewis
  • Arena: Legion Field
  • Conference: East

The name of the Birmingham Iron is a tribute to the local industry, and the black and grey color combination nicely complements the concept. The Iron’s head coach Tim Lewis also doesn’t have experience as a head coach.

And yet, he was an NFL player for a couple of years, as well as an assistant and coordinator in the biggest football league out there.

Memphis Express

  • Current GM: Will Lewis
  • Coach: Mike Singletary
  • Arena: Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium
  • Conference: East

The Memphis Express was the third franchise that joined the AAF, and it will heavily rely on the head coach, Mike Singletary. He has experience in the NFL, both as a player and a head coach.

The team also has a large arena and the ambition to become one of the best teams in the early days of the league, despite a slow start in the 2019 season.

Orlando Apollos

  • Current GM: Tim Ruskell
  • Coach: Steve Spurrier
  • Arena: Spectrum Stadium
  • Conference: East

Many believe that the Orlando Apollos is the team with the biggest potential in the AAF Eastern Conference. The main reason for that is GM Tim Ruskell and head coach Steve Spurrier.

The latter has a lot of experience in college football and some in the NFL, while Ruskell has been in the NFL for ages. Both are expected to drive the franchise forward.

Arizona Hotshots

  • Current GM: Phil Savage
  • Coach: Rick Neuheisel
  • Arena: Sun Devil Stadium
  • Conference: West

When the Arizona Hotshots were revealed as one of the four AAF Western Conference teams, there was a bit of a controversy. The idea was to honor the local firefighters, but some believe that the franchise was taking advantage of the name of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, which is a group dedicated to fighting wildfires.

Despite the tension, the name stood, and the Hotshots will hope it brings them luck, under the guidance of former USFL coach and player Rick Neuheisel.

Salt Lake Stallions

  • Current GM: Randy Mueller
  • Coach: Dennis Erickson
  • Arena: Rice-Eccles Stadium
  • Conference: West

Salt Lake City is another city that has no NFL franchise right now, so the Stallions hope to fill the void. Curiously, this is the only AAF team located north of the 35th parallel.

The head coach Dennis Erickson is the man that carries the hope of the franchise, as he has plenty of experience in both college football and the NFL.

San Antonio Commanders

  • Current GM: Daryl Johnston
  • Coach: Mike Riley
  • Arena: Alamodome
  • Conference: West

The name, the logo, and the colors of the San Antonio Commanders are designed to honor the military forces in the city. The team is part of the AAF Western Conference, and the success of the NBA franchise, the San Antonio Spurs, gives the owners hope that the Commanders will also find a loyal fan base.

The coach Mike Riley has had an interesting career. His record in the NFL is hardly a success, but he did well in college football.

San Diego Fleet

  • Current GM: Dave Boller
  • Coach: Mike Martz
  • Arena: SDCCU Stadium
  • Conference: West

San Diego used to have an NFL franchise until the Chargers were moved to Los Angeles in 2017. This was a big hit for the local football fans, and the newly-formed AAF organization is hoping to attract many of them to its ranks.

The key to success lies in the hands of experienced head coach Mike Martz. The man spent most of his life in the NFL, so he knows what he is doing.

General Football Betting Strategy

Up to this point, we were mostly focused on specific aspects of the AAF and some of the best betting sites that cover the competition.

However, you will need some general football betting knowledge if you want to succeed when betting on the AAF.

This is why we prepared a few useful links to other pages on our website. Make sure to take a look at them.

Football Betting Basics
This page will help you grasp the fundamentals of football betting
Football Betting Guide
Both beginners and experienced bettors can learn a lot from our main football betting guide
Simple Football Betting Strategies
If you want specific strategies that can help you start, this is the place to find them

Final Words on the American Alliance of Football

We don’t really know if the AAF is here to stay, but we certainly like the concept of a football league that is designed to keep NFL fans and bettors occupied when the main competition is in its offseason. It remains to be seen if the AAF will fill that void successfully.

The signs are good, which is the reason you will see us covering the league on our blog. There, you will find weekly picks, interesting news, and some futures, so stay tuned.

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