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Why Do Some Players Think Online Roulette is Rigged?

| May 30, 2022 7:24 am PDT
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Is online roulette rigged? In my years of working in the gambling industry, this is one of the most frequently asked questions I have come across.

Everyone who has had a horrible experience playing live dealer roulette online or any other game variant will look for answers. But depending on our mindsets, our responses to those questions might differ greatly.

For example, one might ponder just how they managed to blow through a $1000 bankroll in a matter of minutes and lament their poor execution. Someone else in the same position might blame the casino and claim that all roulette is rigged.

But is all roulette rigged? Or are there other matters at play that could be leading to your losses?

Today, I’m looking to expand on why some believe online roulette is rigged and provide a verdict on whether it is or not. What’s more, I’ll be explaining why only playing at safe online casinos is the best way to avoid being stung at the online tables.

Do You Believe Online Roulette is Rigged Against Players?

Online Roulette

Before we can look to answer the question of is online roulette rigged, we should first establish our mindset. The easiest way to do this is by asking a question.

If we are sitting down with a beer, I ask, are all online roulette games rigged? What would your natural response be? Think about that for a second.

Now, let’s imagine you replied in the affirmative. Yes, online roulette is rigged. If that is the case, I’d expect you to provide some examples of why you believe that is. 

Specifying where we are coming from in any situation like this is important. It allows others to understand your mindset and beliefs, which you have the freedom to air out. Whether you are committed to the assumption that these tables are designed to clean you out or ready to argue why online roulette isn’t rigged, that’s your argument to fight.

This might be a glorious generalization, but I can’t see many people falling outside its scope. Our entire journey as casino players, or gamblers, in general, is determined by our success. 

Blaming Rigged Online Roulette for Your Losses

If we consistently win, we’re typically less inclined to display antipathy when asked are online roulette games rigged.

On the flip side, if we’ve just lost our wages on a marathon session at the tables, the chances are that we’re going to be pissed.

But while some blame poor roulette strategy or personal errors for their flops, others will lean toward other ways to rationalize such a mammoth kick in the nuts. We’ve all got to find a way to sleep at night.


Not everyone will feel this way, of course. But again, as someone with years of experience in the gambling industry, I have witnessed plenty of people choosing to “hate the game” rather than the player, when things go wrong.

And the most common way of dealing with big losses? You guessed it. It’s gotta be rigged, right?

Are All Online Roulette Tables Rigged?

Roulette Table

The short answer is no. But seeing as we’re looking to address a bigger question here, I will respond in kind. 

Rather than explain all of the reasons why online roulette isn’t rigged, let’s consider that there are ways to fix games against players. Furthermore, there are some downright dodgy online betting sites to avoid out there.

How do I know that? Well, we have an online casino blacklist dedicated to exposing companies that don’t have their customer’s best interests at heart.

Now, it would be wrong not to point out that this blacklist is not dedicated exclusively to sites that rig online tables. Most of these sites have not been found to be fiddling with their games. But if a name appears on that list, you can be certain that there is at least one good reason for it. 

For the most part, online roulette is 100% safe and fair. But you are rolling the dice, so to speak, when you play at any old site. After all, online casinos operate off the same business model as any for-profit endeavor. And that is, well, to make a profit.

If there is a way to gear the odds in their favor unfairly, some unscrupulous sites will do it. That’s life. But there are US gambling laws and online regulations in place to stop these crooks from ripping you off. The only problem is that, sometimes, these companies then circumvent those restrictions and slip through the net.

You might understand a little better why we place so much emphasis on only recommending casino sites that are 100% legal, safe, and above board.

Of course, there are ways to rig games. Some of the biggest scandals to rock the gambling industry prove that there is always someone looking for an illegal edge.

But rather than finding out the hard way, it’s much better to stick with sites you can trust. You won’t need to worry if a fully-licensed, safe casino site is up to no good. Because if they are, it’s adios for them.

While there are few ways to tell if online roulette is rigged, I will explain later that it’s tough to present concrete proof. This is because almost every casino offering players the chance to play roulette uses software to generate winning numbers.

What Is an RNG in Online Casino Roulette?

Random number generator

Never heard of random number generators (RNGs)? Well, it’s almost certain that you have come across them if you have played roulette online. Whether you were aware of it or not.

In short, RNGs are computer programs that determine the winning number for those playing the electronic variants of the game. Rather than someone sitting behind a computer screen dictating where the ball falls on the wheel, an algorithm carries this operation.

Now, the “random” bit is a controversial subject. Sure, the numbers are not manually chosen but presented by the program. But some believe that there is nothing random to it at all. The code relies on mathematical equations to churn out numbers, so it can’t technically be arbitrary.

Our guide to understanding how random number generators work does a great job of covering the complexities of this system. I’d recommend reading it if you want to go further down the RNG rabbit hole.

How are online roulette games rigged if you have RNGs operating? That is a good question.

While RNGs are the standard for online sites, they are hackable. This again emphasizes why it is important to only play at trustworthy casinos. If a site does not have the latest encryption software, firewalls, or a robust defense against hackers, it can be cheated out of a lot of money.

But as for sites rigging online RNGs or pseudo RNGs to rip off players? That is something that would require a whole new level of sh**housery! 

In recent years, the emergence of provably fair games with Bitcoin has highlighted some distrust of how RNGs work. If you are skeptical about playing roulette online or believe there is a rigged roulette wheel online looking to take your money, I’d recommend looking these up.

So, it’s tough to rig roulette games using RNGs. It’s not impossible, however. There are some shady ones out there that should be avoided, like the plague. 

How to Tell if Online Roulette Is Rigged

It’s probably easier to point out how to avoid rigged roulette sites, in all fairness. But I’ll explain a few things to keep in mind. 

Whether you are asking if live online roulette is rigged or are only concerned with avoiding major losses on the video variant, there are things you should look out for. Of course, you don’t have to get your pen and paper out and start jotting.

Simply bookmark this page and use it for future reference. But make sure to remember the following.

Shadowy figure roulette
  • Ensure the Casino is Fully Licensed– Treat an unlicensed casino the same way you would an escaped lion charging toward you with a human leg in its mouth. If it’s unlicensed, so is the software. More importantly, they can pretty much operate as they choose to.
  • Check the Software They Use – Some of the best casino sites out there, like Bovada, for instance, are super legit. This means they only use casino software that is official and verified by a third party. If that is the case, there is no way they can rip customers off without an official testing agency like eCOGRA from red-flagging them.
  • Do Your Research on the Site –  To emphasize further a point I’ve made a few times above, rather than asking is online roulette rigged, do some reconnaissance on the site you’re playing at. A couple of online searches should help you determine if they are trustworthy. Look for any scandals or shady practices, read reviews, and paint your own picture.
  • Trust Your Gut – Does something feel off? If so, the chances are that you have detected something that isn’t quite right. While it’s unwise to operate exclusively on an emotional level, you should follow up on your inclinations by looking into the company further. If you seem to be losing every game of roulette you play, it could be time to bust a move.

So, touching back to that question. Are online roulette tables rigged? Well, if a site is shady, there is every chance that they have figured a way to stitch you up.

It’s important to remember that you have the power to do as you please when playing online. Well, you know what I mean! You can’t go around demanding everything on your terms, but who you choose to play with and where are your say. And no one else’s.

As you do that, here are some additional tips for telling if a casino game is rigged or not.

How to Know If Casino Games Are Rigged or Not

The gambling world is growing day by day throughout the country. A lot of people are wondering if they are rigged or not, which is a fair question. There have been rigged casinos before, but what about most of them? Gambling is something that should always be...

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Can Live Roulette Be Rigged to Rip Off Players?

people playing roulette

Again, I’m more inclined to pay attention to the company offering these games than the game itself. While considered an axiom among some in the gambling industry, live dealer roulette was seen as safer than video roulette.

This is not true if you remember that it’s the site that matters. Yes, there are differences between the live dealer and video roulette, but one doesn’t consistently pay out more than the other.

It’s important to remember that roulette is a game of chance. While being one that we expect to get a fair shake on, it’s still a high-risk, high-reward endeavor.

Depending on the different types of roulette variants you play, there are as many as 38 numbers on that wheel. If you’re betting on one number per spin, do the math.

When it comes to whether online roulette wheels are rigged in general, some folks prefer the live dealer environment. Of course, the main reason for that is that they get to see a human spin the wheel.

It’s more empowering — or at the very least, realistic — to see the gameplay out that way.

Rather than an animated video roulette wheel circling, you can keep an eagle eye on things. 

Some players disagree, of course. They would opt for the RNG version any day of the week and might put that down because it’s a program. Remember, some of the earliest roulette scams ever recorded were carried out way before the advent of computers. 

For instance, take the infamous scam carried out by Monique Laurent and her accomplices in France in the 1970s. Using a magnet and a transmitter inside a cigarette box, Laurent, a dealer, and her sister defrauded a casino out of almost $1 million. 

How to Scam Live Dealer Roulette Games

A better way of putting that would be, “Can live dealer roulette be rigged?”

Well, the obvious answer is yes. They can. If you have ever had the, erm, pleasure of ending up in a dodgy casino before, you’ll know this is a possibility.

When I was still a fresh-faced lad, I ended up in such an establishment in Europe while looking for a late-night drink with some friends. Needless to say, we didn’t hang around very long. Not only was it obvious that there was some manipulation of the roulette wheel in action, but the beer was also awful.

video roulette vs. table roulette

In a live dealer environment, it would be much more difficult to get away with underhanded scams like this. Remember, the best live casinos and sites would never risk their business with shady tactics of this ilk. Why would they if they already make enough money?

Effectively, any sites caught using a rigged roulette wheel online would be shamed and treated as pariahs in the betting world. And for what? Are you cleaning up on a few bets that would be nothing more than loose change in the long run? 

But that’s just the reputable ones with more to lose than paying out on their bets. For the unlicensed, untrustable rogue casinos? Well, you’re not going even to entertain those, so avoid them and, if possible, deter anyone else from handing over their hard-earned cash. 

The Verdict – Is Online Roulette Rigged?

mobile roulette

Although there are players out there convinced online roulette is rigged, I can’t say I agree. 

Having considered all of the information above, my conclusion is games can be rigged. But are online roulette wheels rigged? Well, some of them might be. For the large part, however, online roulette is safe and fair. It all depends on where you play.

Look, any service or product you trade money for online is the same. Let’s say I decided to buy a new pair of Air Jordans from some guy off Craigslist rather than from a reputable store. If fakes turned up, or nothing was received at all, who is at fault?

While that guy is a complete asshat for ripping me off, it’s partly my responsibility to ensure that I’m only dealing with trustworthy sellers online. I can’t run in the rain without getting wet.

I’m not entirely blaming myself. Yet, I would take most of the responsibility in such a situation.

Others may differ, and I understand that, too. The bottom line here is that I paid for something and should have received a fair deal. But had I dealt with a reputable company, would I have been in such a position in the first place? Nope. Also, I wouldn’t accuse all Air Jordans of being fake because I got stung.

So, why don’t we apply that logic rather than ask, is online roulette rigged? Instead of chancing our arms with sites that don’t pass the smell test, we make a point of only playing with reputable casinos. That way, if we lose, we can work on avoiding errors and mistakes that cost us dearly.

Maybe these following tips can help you attain better success next time around!

Roulette Betting Strategy
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