2024 US Presidential Odds Update – Will Trump Win Again?

| January 14, 2022 12:00 pm PST

Did you know Donald Trump’s odds to win the 2024 US presidential election make him the favorite to take the White House?

No, I am serious. The oddsmakers have installed the 45th president of the United States as the frontrunner to win the next general election. As crazy as it might sound to most, Trump — at least, as things currently stand — has a genuine chance of winning. 

To make things even stranger, Trump could be running against Hillary Clinton in a rematch of the now-infamous 2016 presidential election. Clinton, the former first lady, and secretary of state is being touted as the Democrats’ nominee by prominent members of the party.

If you’re looking to bet on the 2024 presidential election odds, I’ll take you through what you need to know.

Updated Odds for the 2024 Presidential Election

I’ve taken the following 2024 presidential election odds from the BetOnline sportsbook.

I’ve cut things off at the top ten candidates to win the election, but you can find a full list on the site’s politics section.

Donald Trump Sr.+250
Joe Biden+325
Kamala Harris+800
Ron DeSantis+800
Pete Buttigieg+1500
Nikki Haley+1800
Mike Pence+2000
Elizabeth Warren+2500
Tucker Carlson+2800
Dwayne Johnson+3300

Although Hillary Clinton’s odds to win the 2024 presidential election are not being offered, you can expect that to change unless she rules herself out of the running.

Right now, Trump’s odds to be re-elected as president are +250. Before the results of the 2020 US election, the polarizing businessman was as high as+3300. It should go without saying that Trump is in with a big shot here.

I guess the reasons why will be what everyone wants to know at this point. For some, it will be clear that Joe Biden — despite being the most popular president of all time by votes won (81,268,924) — is not enjoying a stellar term in office. 

Biden’s odds to win in 2024 are +325. His vice president, Kamala Harris, is +800.

Elsewhere, this is room for Ron DeSantis, Pete Buttigieg, Nikki Haley, and even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the top ten candidates odds for the presidential election in 2024.

Will Trump Win Again in 2024?

Donald Trump Sr.

Trump running again was always on the cards. So, I guess even his most passionate detractors will be somewhat prepared for that. 

But will Trump run against Clinton in 2024? That idea alone is enough to scare the wool off a sheep. Most horror movies these days have weaker plot lines and less room for terror. 

Being the betting favorite to win the 2024 presidential election doesn’t guarantee that one will go on to win. There is a lot of time between now and the next election cycle for things to happen, be it in favor of Trump or against him. 

Of course, if you’re betting on the 2022 Midterm Elections, you might already have your hands full. So, I wouldn’t hate you if you shunned the odds above.

It’s probably smart to hold off on betting on a winner this far out unless you see value in the betting lines for the 2024 election, which I don’t. Although, if you do believe that betting on Trump to win the next presidential election is enticing at +325, be my guest!

Alternatively, take a look over the following piece to get a better gauge on why Trump will run, and who he might be running against.

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Gambling on Joe Biden to Win the 2024 Election

Joe Biden

As I write this, Joe Biden’s approval rating has collapsed to 33%.

This marks his lowest score out of any public survey conducted during his first term as president. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that betting on Biden for 2024, at odds of +325, is a little silly. Even if Biden does go on to turn things around, things are going to get worse before they get better.

A Quinnipiac University poll, which was conducted from January 7 to January 10, shows that Biden’s leadership during the coronavirus campaign and his handling of the economy are the two factors that are working against him.

Many are also aghast at the 79-year-old’s unceremonious exit from Afghanistan, believing that the manner of his withdrawal could come back to bite the US at a later date.

With inflation now at a 39-year-high, it’s tough to see things getting better for the average American any time soon. Part of the job spec as president is to steer the ship as best as possible regardless of the weather. According to those polled, Biden’s efforts have not been satisfactory. Again, there is time to turn things around.

If you’re thinking of betting on Biden’s odds to be re-elected, I don’t see any value in what is being offered right now. Even with 75% of Democrats holding a favorable opinion, he has 43% from independents and 95% from Republicans.

Your chances of winning money betting on a Trump vs. Biden boxing match might be better than wagering on the next president, this far out. But if you think that the POTUS can redeem himself and push his way into the pole position for the next election, the odds are +325.

How About Kamala Harris for President in 2024?

Kamala Harris

If you thought poor old Biden was having a hard time, spare a thought for Harris.

Labeled by some as the “worst vice president in American history,” Harris’ approval rating plummeted to 32% recently. That makes the VP the most unpopular of all time.

Harris is experiencing a mass exodus of staff, as many of her aides flee what they see as a sinking ship. From claims of a toxic workplace to a complete loss of support, Harris is nowhere near the position many of us thought she would be at this point.

When Biden won in 2020, Harris looked to be a made-to-order stand-in for the aging president. Instead, her failings in office have compounded Biden’s perceived shortcomings and amplified the disgruntlement in the incumbent administration.

The odds for Kamala Harris to win the 2024 presidential election are +800. Which is very generous, with all things considered? It would be a historic day for the United States if a female president was elected to office and one that many of us would like to see. But Harris? I’m not so sure.

Voters don’t just want a female president for the sake of having one, as evidenced by Hillary Clinton’s implosion in 2016. Any president, regardless of their sex or background, should be there on merit. Harris, unfortunately, has shown no aptitude in her current role and, therefore, is highly unlikely to be the leader this country needs.

You can bet on a female president of the United States not named Kamala Harris. There are other candidates, which you can read more about, below. Just keep in mind that the following piece was published in October. 

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Will Hillary Clinton Run in 2024?

Hillary Clinton

How about a hypothetical? 

Hillary Clinton has not announced her intentions to run for the presidency for a third time. Not yet. But let’s say that she does decide to challenge and is put forward as the next Democrat nominee. Could third time be a charm?

With Biden and Harris looking about as happy as a pair of goths on a rollercoaster, Clinton’s name is beginning to resurface. The former secretary of state could step in as the Democrat nominee for 2024 if Biden does not have the full faith of the Dems.

First, what a political comeback that would be. The Democratic Party is not exactly squeaky clean when it comes to making wild choices. But is it really possible that Clinton could be given another crack at office?

If so, would she make the same kind of blunders that led to her loss to Trump the first time around?

Remember, the results of the 2016 election were put down to Clinton losing as much as Trump winning. That “basket of deplorables” quote certainly didn’t help her cause.

On Sept. 9, 2016, Clinton took to change before Barbra Streisand at a swanky fundraising event in New York City at Cipriani restaurant. Everyone present knew what was to come — she was expected to rouse up the donors watching from the wings and did so by claiming she was what stood between Democrats voters and “the apocalypse.”

While she continued to berate and laugh at Trump’s supporters, Clinton was seemingly unaware of the fact that her behavior was seriously turning off moderates. She paid the price, of course, and will forever be remembered as one of the most embarrassing losers in American political history.

Is she willing to put herself through that again? Many believe that she believes a dramatic rematch with Trump would go her way. If that is the case, 2016 would all but be forgotten. 

2022 Midterm Elections odds at the best politics betting sites suggest that the Dems will lose control of the House of Representatives in November. If that happens, further chaos ensues. Cue panic mode and the sounding of alarm bells.

Enter Clinton, riding into town as a silhouette on horseback. Her face illuminated by the glare of the torch bearers looking for a strong and stable leader to prevent another “apocalypse.”

Given the sheer madness of the past couple of years, it would not surprise me in the slightest to see Clinton strap a badge to her chest and put together plans for a third and final run at office.

Outside Bets to Win the 2024 Presidential Election

Barring any circumstances that prevent Trump from running, he is a shoo-in to be the Republican nominee for 2024. 

At this point, he has no known health problems or hindrances that would prevent him from running. So, we can safely say that he should be the candidate for the G.O.P in two years. 

We can’t say the same thing about Biden, while Harris looks unsuitable for the role. So, other than Clinton springing a surprise, some of the outside candidates to win the US presidential election in 2024 might be worth a look.

The best of the outside bets to win the 2024 election? I’d say Michelle Obama might be worth a shot.

Obama, recently voted as the most admired woman on the planet for the third year in a row, would surely garner significant support. 

At odds of +4000, she is not seen as a viable option. However, if the Democratic Party continues to sink like a stone on an iron dinghy, perhaps they will turn to the former first lady. Does it matter that Michelle Obama has no political experience at this level? No. It doesn’t.

That’s not to say that she is cut out for the job. But with minimal alternatives, she could be a good outside bet to win the 2024 US presidential election.

Stranger things have happened, folks. 

Updated Presidential Election Odds for 2024 – My Final Thoughts

It’s no surprise to see Donald Trump’s odds to win a second term slashed, given the unpopularity of the Biden administration.

But will Trump win again? His case is looking stronger than it has in a long time. The fact that he has been so silent on matters is perhaps the most disconcerting factor for those who are opposed to seeing him back in office.

The country is crying out for a strong leader but does the likes of Trump, Biden, or Clinton fit that mold? Or will the stale nature of politics create a vacuum that voters will look to fill with a fresh face?

Politicians love the word “change,” so perhaps we will see someone like Michelle Obama give it a shot. With Barack acting as the first gent, we could even see the birth of another political family dynasty in the White House.

If betting on the US election in 2024 isn’t on your radar, give our politics betting blog a try for the latest political odds and wagers. We cover elections and political changes of all sorts, so you’re bound to find something of interest.

I’ll leave you with one of our popular political blogs if you’re not done reading yet.

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