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Bingo Chat Rooms

Playing bingo over the internet has many advantages over playing live, but there’s one aspect of live play that’s missing online. It’s the social aspect, the fact that you are surrounded by other players dabbing their scorecards and chatting about your day.

However, for many live bingo players a trip out to play is as much about catching up with friends as it is about playing the game itself.

Playing online can never exactly replicate that environment, but there’s still a social element available because most bingo sites have chat rooms where you can interact with other players in between and during games.

Although chatting via text on the computer isn’t quite the same as chatting in real life, it does introduce the social element to some extent.

These chat rooms are great for meeting other bingo players from all over the world potentially, and at some sites there’s a real sense of community.

At most sites you’ll also find that there are additional games going on in the chat rooms. These are primarily just for fun, but there are usually some prizes up for grabs too.

We’ve explained more about the chat room games at bingo sites below, along with some advice on chat room etiquette. We’ve also listed some of the more commonly used acronyms that are worth being aware of if you are going to use the chat rooms.

Bingo Chat Room Etiquette

The main reason why bingo sites have chat rooms is really to help make playing bingo online a more sociable and enjoyable experience. It’s therefore important that everyone using these rooms sticks to a few basic rules of chatting etiquette.

There’s nothing too strict about these rules (they are mostly about common courtesy), but they are there for a reason. Chatting online while playing should be fun; it shouldn’t be an opportunity for people to abuse each other.

  • The first rule, and probably the most important, is to treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. You shouldn’t make abusive comments, whether joking or not, and you shouldn’t make fun of people for losing.
  • Second, you should avoid talking about inappropriate or potentially controversial topics.
  • Third, you should never make prejudiced comments or comments that could be perceived to be prejudiced.
Remember that the chat rooms are not there for technical or account queries. Queries of this nature should be directed to customer support.

Finally, make sure you pay attention to the chat moderators. These are the individuals that are put in charge of the chat rooms and what they say goes. It’s these moderators that run those extra chat games too.

Chat Room Games at Bingo Sites

Bingo sites like their chat rooms to be busy, since this can help players to enjoy themselves and develop friends which means they might just play a little longer. Therefore, most of them put up extra prizes for moderators to give away in chat games.

You shouldn’t expect to see huge prizes for these, but the games are pretty regular so there are plenty of opportunities to win.

You don’t have to get involved with the chat games if you don’t want to, but they are free to enter so you don’t have anything to lose. They are usually pretty simple, and there are loads of different variations to win at.

They won’t detract from the main games at all and, in our opinion, they make playing bingo online even more fun.

We won’t go into all the different types of games here as there are literally hundreds of them. For the most part they can be broadly divided into three categories:

  • Trivia Games
  • Number Games
  • Buddy Games

Trivia games are all about answering questions. Rules and subject matter can vary, but the principle is usually as simple as the first person to correctly answer a question set by the moderator wins a prize.

Number games are linked into the bingo game somehow.

For example:

At the start of a game the moderator may ask all players to pick a single number.

If a player picks the number that the moderator chose, then the first one to be called during the game wins a prize.

Buddy games usually award prizes based on having something in common with the winner of the main game. So, for example, all players that have usernames beginning with the same letter as the username of a game winner will win a prize.

As we have said there are loads of different chat games available at bingo sites. A big part of the fun is finding out all about them yourself, so we do recommend that you take part in the chat rooms when you are playing online.

Common Chat Room Acronyms

Below is a list of some of the more common acronyms you’ll come across in bingo chat rooms. You’ll find that a lot of players use these so if you want to understand what’s going on, then it’s a good idea to be aware of them.

  • 1TG: One Number Left To Go (to get bingo)
  • 2TG: Two Numbers Left To Go
  • AFK: Away From Keyboard
  • A/S/L: Age? Sex? Location?
  • BAK: Back At Keyboard
  • BBL: Be Back Later
  • BBS: Be Back Soon
  • BFN or B4N: Bye For Now
  • BLNT: Better Luck Next Time
  • BO: Blackout
  • BOGOF: Buy One Get One Free
  • BRB: Be Right Back
  • CM: Chat Moderator
  • CYA: See You
  • CYAL8R: See You Later
  • EV1 or E1: Everyone
  • GG: Good Game
  • GL: Good Luck
  • GLE: Good Luck Everyone
  • GLNT: Good Luck Next Time
  • GLTU or GL2U: Good Luck To You
  • GM: Game Master
  • GN: Good Night
  • GR8: Great
  • GTG or G2G: Got To Go
  • HB: Hurry Back
  • IRL: In Real Life
  • JK: Just Kidding
  • JP: Jackpot
  • JTLYK: Just To Let You Know
  • LMAO: Laugh My Ass Off
  • LOL: Laugh Out Loud
  • LTNS: Long Time No See
  • NP: No Problem
  • OIC: Oh, I See
  • OMG: Oh My God
  • PITA: Pain In The Ass
  • ROFL: Roll On the Floor Laughing
  • TC: Take Care
  • TTFN: Ta Ta For Now
  • TTYL: Talk To You Later
  • TY: Thank You
  • TYVM: Thank You Very Much
  • WB: Welcome Back
  • WTG or W2G: Way To Go
  • YW: You’re Welcome
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