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Top Online Poker Sites for Colorado

Colorado is a great state for poker players. You have lots of options to choose from. For example, there are at least five casinos that offer live poker.

In the first section of this guide, you’ll learn what games you can play and some of the promotions the casinos run. And then there’s online poker, which has even more games, variants, and promotions. We show you what the best Colorado poker sites have to offer and how to find them.

How We Rate

Gambling safety and security

Safety & Security

You should be able to gamble online without fear. So we only recommend licensed sites that use the latest security and encryption techniques.

Gambling bonuses and promotions


Maximize your bankroll with fantastic bonuses. Our recommended sites offer valuable bonuses with fair terms and conditions, including manageable wagering requirements.

Casino games

Games & Betting

The best sites have the best wagering options. That’s why you will find extensive games and betting opportunities on our recommended sites.

Gambling banking methods


Getting your money to and from your account shouldn’t be a hassle. We only recommend sites with a variety of convenient banking methods, including cryptocurrency and e-wallets.

Now, you can try to find an online poker room on your own, but keep in mind that this takes a lot of time and money to do it right.  And you must do it right because you’re giving these sites your credit card number.

That’s why we recommend you join one of the poker sites we endorse. We thoroughly vet each site so that you don’t have to. You can simply choose a site that looks good, sign up, and start playing.

You save time. You save money. You lower your risk. You win all around.

That sounds great to us, but you have to make that decision for yourself. And that decision might be easier to make once you read through our guide to playing real money poker in Colorado.

Playing Live Poker in Colorado

There are more than five poker rooms and casinos in Colorado that spread live poker cash games and tournaments. The following is an overview of where the casinos are located and what to expect.

Ameristar Black Hawk (Black Hawk, CO)
The Ameristar Black Hawk poker room has 22 tables. They spread a variety of games including $4/$8 and $30/$60 limit Texas Hold’em and $1/$100 and $2/$100 spread limit Texas Hold’em. They offer tableside food service, massages, and they run a bad beat jackpot promotion.
Isle Casino (Black Hawk, CO)
The Isle Casino offers both cash games and tournaments. They also offer free drinks, table side service, and a designated smokers’ area. And you can get a discounted hotel room and your bus ticket reimbursed.
Golden Gates Casino (Black Hawk, CO)
The Golden Gates Casino poker room has 17 tables. They host several tournaments, including the Colorado Poker Championship which has a prize pool around $500,000.
Midnight Rose (Cripple Creek, Colorado)
The Midnight Rose poker room spreads several games including a $1/$2-$100 and $1/$2 to $20 Texas Hold’em, $5 to $10 Seven-Card Stud, and $5/$10 PLO. Midnight Rose runs tournaments throughout the week too.
Lady Luck Casino (Black Hawk, Colorado)
The Lady Luck poker room runs several tournaments including a $60 NLHE MTT on Fridays and Saturdays. And cash game players can play $2/$5, $2/$10, and $2/$100 spread limit Texas Hold’em.
Reserve Casino (Central City, Colorado)
The Reserve Casino has a smaller poker room with four tables. The only game they spread is $2/$5 limit Texas Hold’em. You can also earn $2/hour in comps on their cash games and take advantage of their table-side food and cocktail service.

And that wraps up your live poker options in Colorado. Some options are better than others, but at least you can play live poker in Colorado.

There are people in other states who wish they could say the same.

Playing Online Poker in Colorado

Live poker isn’t your only option. You can also play poker online for real money in Colorado. There are several benefits to playing poker online, especially when you compare it to live poker.

  • You’ll have more than six poker rooms to choose from.
  • You can play poker on your phone and tablet.
  • Online poker sites have more games and variants.
  • You’ll have a wider range of stakes to choose from online.
  • Online poker rooms run more promotions.
  • You can play poker in private.
  • Online poker software can help you play poker better.
  • You can play more than one table at a time to increase your hourly win-rate.
  • Each poker run runs dozens of daily tournaments.

You should strongly consider playing poker online if you don’t already. Continue reading to see what you can expect from the best CO poker sites once you make the leap.

Poker Games You Can Play Online in Colorado

These are the most common poker games you can play online.

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Seven-Card Stud
  • Razz
  • Draw Poker
  • Mixed poker games (H.O.R.S.E., H.O.E., H.O.S.E., etc.)

Every online poker site spreads Texas Hold’em and Omaha. You’ll have to join a couple of poker rooms to find the other games (and traffic to those games). But they’re available if you’re okay with having more than one account.

The limits you can play for will depend on where you play. But most real money poker rooms have cash games as low as $0.01/$.02 or $.02/$.05 and as high as $5/$10 or $10/$20.

Tournament start at $1 and will peak at around $110. Some of our top-rated poker sites in Colorado run exclusive tournaments, tournament series, and Sunday MTTs that have higher buy-ins ($200-$500), but this isn’t the day-to-day norm.

If that’s too rich for your blood, all the poker sites we recommend run satellite and step tournaments. These give you the opportunity to play in an expensive MTT for a fraction of the cost.

Satellites aren’t the only poker variant you’ll find online either. All the poker sites we recommend also have many other variants.

Most poker games, especially tournaments and SNGs, will use a combination of these variants. Between this and the different structures and starting stacks, every tourney you play will be unique.

Online Poker Software

One of the things we like so much about playing poker online is the software. Poker software helps you in so many ways. Here are a few examples of poker software features and how they can help.

Anonymous tables
Tables use numbers instead of names so that no one can target another player. These tables also don’t allow you to save notes or tags.
Four-color decks
Each suit in the deck is a different color to help you spot flush draws and made flushes.
Auto top off
The poker room tops off your cash game stack once it falls below a predetermined threshold so that you’re always playing with a full stack.
Quickly set up your tables in a manageable way so that it’s easier to multi-table.
Card and table design
Choose which card backs, card fronts, and table designs you want to use so that they’re more pleasant and easier to look at.
Odds calculator
Learn the odds of you improving your hand.
Hand history
Download your hand history so that you can study your hands, look for collusion, learn strategy, and more.
Auto muck
Automatically muck your hands so that you can don’t have to decide between showing or folding them at the end of each hand.
Pot slider
Choose what increments you want to bet in, your default bet sizes, and more, so that you minimize how often you have to manually enter your bet. All you have to do is click a button.

This is just a drop in the bucket compared to all the features the best Colorado poker sites have. As you can see, these help you play poker better in real time, get better away from the tables, prevent sharks from preying on you, and make it easier to play more than one table at a time.

Online poker software helps you focus on playing more poker.

Online Poker Promotions in Colorado

The last thing we want to show you are some of the promotions you can claim online. There isn’t a live poker room that compares in the promotions department, in Colorado or anywhere else.

See for yourself. Here are some of the promotions online poker rooms run.

Deposit bonus
The poker room matches a percentage of your deposit. For example, claim a 100% deposit bonus up to $1,000 and the poker room will give you $1 for every $1 you deposit.
Earn points for every hand or MTT you play. Earn enough points and you can exchange them for cashback.
VIP program
The points you earn for playing real money games are used to determine your “status.” The more points you earn, the better your status. And the better your status, the more perks you unlock. The perks you can unlock include bonuses, expedited cashouts, free cashouts, freerolls, and more.
The poker room present a challenge i.e. playing so many hands, SNGs, or winning so many tournaments. You’ll earn points each time you complete the challenge. The more points you earn the higher you’ll finish on the leaderboard. The top finishers receive a prize.
Bad beat jackpot
The poker room takes a small amount from every cash game pot and puts it into a (progressive) jackpot. When someone with a hand like quad twos is beaten by a better hand, they trigger the jackpot.
For every friend you refer that makes a deposit and plays poker for real money, the poker room will give you a commission or bonus.
Tournament tickets
Get tickets that you can use to register for tournaments for free. These tournaments have real money prize pools.
Get exclusive access to a freeroll that has a small prize pool.

You see what we mean? Live poker rooms don’t come close to this. But most online poker sites in Colorado will offer everything listed above.

Anyway, that’s a little taste of what the top Colorado poker sites offer. And the more sites that you join, the more options, games, promotions, and features you’ll have to choose from.

But they must be top-quality poker sites, otherwise, the features and bonuses won’t matter. We’ll show you what the best Colorado poker sites have in common in the next section.

Best Colorado Poker Sites

Ranking the Best Colorado Poker Sites

If you want to play real money poker online in Colorado, then you need to find a site to join. And not just any online poker site, but the best online poker site. But how do you do that?

It takes a lot of research and a lot of testing. That’s the only way to know for sure which sites are safe, trustworthy, and have great games, and which ones don’t.

Here’s an overview of what we look for when we research and test CO poker sites.


Here is how we determine an online poker site is safe to join.

  • We ensure they have a license with a reputable gambling authority. That way, we know they have rules to follow and there’s an authority that enforces those rules.
  • We make sure they have a positive reputation in the poker community. If other players have had a bad or good experience, there’s a good chance you will too. This is also an easy way to avoid scams.
  • We make sure their website is secure and that it’s updated regularly so that any information you send to them isn’t at risk of being stolen by hackers.
  • We test their software to ensure there aren’t any bugs or anything else that might lead us to believe that it’s unsafe to use their site. If we don’t feel safe, chances are that you won’t either.

If a poker site isn’t safe, we just won’t recommend them. But if a poker site does well in each of these areas, then we’ll move on to checking the items in the next section.


This phase includes checking and testing the following.

  • We make sure that the poker site has US-friendly banking options. This includes options that aren’t expensive or are less likely to be declined by a bank.
  • The terms and conditions need to be fair. The poker room can set whatever rules they want, but not all rules are reasonable. So, we make sure their betting limits, banking limits, account management rules, etc. are fair.
  • We test their customer support to see how quickly they respond when we have a problem and whether they help us solve that problem.
  • We look at their promotions to see how many they offer and whether they’re worth claiming, i.e. easy enough to claim in the allotted time given.

These items are more personal or up for debate compared to the safety items in the last section. But they’re still important because they’ll impact your experience and how easy it is to use a site.


We already gave you an idea of what types of games and variants you can expect from the best Colorado poker sites online. But here’s a rundown of what we look for and test during our reviews.

  • What games, variants, and stakes do they have? We prefer poker rooms that offer lots of variety so that you don’t need accounts at dozens of poker sites.
  • Do they have enough traffic for their games? How much? Which games get the most traffic? This is important because games won’t run or run often without enough people on the site.
  • We check their software to see how well it works and the features they offer. We want to recommend poker rooms that give you every chance to play as much poker as you want and to play the best poker you can.
  • We check to see what devices their software is compatible with. The more devices they support, the better. That includes mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and more.
  • We check their guaranteed tournament schedule. We only want to recommend poker sites that run tournaments every day and prefer to endorse sites that run huge weekend schedules.

Everything on this list is important because if the poker options suck, who cares how safe they are or what promotions they offer. You won’t play there anyway.

This is all the stuff we research and test during our reviews. This is what we recommend you look for and test if you’re trying to find a high-quality poker site in Colorado on your own.

Of course, if you don’t want to do all that work — and we wouldn’t blame you, it’s a lot of work — you can join one of the poker sites we recommend instead.

As you can see, we put in a lot of effort into ensuring that we only endorse the safest and best Colorado poker sites online. So, you can feel confident in joining any real money poker site we recommend.

Colorado Poker FAQ

Is poker legal in Colorado?
AYes, it’s legal to play poker in Colorado.
How old must I be to play poker in Colorado?
AYou’ll need to at least be 18 or 21 years old depending on where you play, if they serve alcohol, etc. It’s a good idea to check with the poker room or site before you visit.
What poker games can I play?
AMost of Colorado’s live cardrooms offer Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven-Card Stud. You can find those games online too, as well as mixed games, Razz, Draw Poker, etc.
Can I have more than one poker account?
AAbsolutely, as long as you only have one account with each poker site. We recommend you have accounts with two to three poker rooms to ensure you have the largest selection of games, variants, and promotions. This will also make it much easier to find a game or MTT to play on your schedule.
Can I play poker 24/7 in Colorado?
AYes, most if not all of the live cardrooms in the state offer 24/7 poker action. All online poker rooms in Colorado do, too.

Concluding Our CO Poker Guide

There is no shortage of poker options in Colorado. There are more than five casinos that offer live poker, some more than others.

You can also play real money poker online in CO. This is the path we recommend if you like having a large variety of games, stakes, variants, and promotions to choose from.

All you need to get started is an account with an online poker site. But not just any poker site, you want to be sure that you join a high-quality site so that you know your information is safe, the rules are fair, and that you’ll receive your winnings.

The fastest way to find the best Colorado poker sites is via our list of recommendations. We vet every single one, so when you sign up you know you have nothing to worry about than playing the game.

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