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Top Online Poker Sites for Alabama

If you live in Alabama, you have been dealt a bad hand when it comes to playing poker. There aren’t any many live options in the state except for home poker games.

There’s one way to play live casino poker, but you might not like it. We’ll explain more later. But the lack of live poker in the state is exactly why we recommend you join one of the best Alabama poker sites and play poker online.

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The lack of alternatives is not the only reason we recommend playing online, as you’ll soon see in our guide below. In fact, we’re going to give you 10 more reasons why you should play real money online poker in Alabama.

We’ll also answer a few commonly asked questions we get about playing poker in the state. And we’ll show you how to find a top-rated online poker site for AL.

But before we get to all of that, we’re going to talk about the only way you can play live poker.

Your Live Poker Options in Alabama

Here’s the problem with live poker in Alabama — it’s illegal.

You might find a bar poker game. Home poker games are okay, too. But you won’t find a casino or social poker club that offers poker in Alabama.

So, what do you do?

Your only option is to travel to a nearby state. We recommend you go to Mississippi or Florida since both states have several casinos and cardrooms to choose from.

Here are a few suggestions for where to start.


  • Seminole Hard Rock (Hollywood, FL)
  • Pensacola Greyhound Track and Poker Room (Pensacola, FL)
  • Melbourne Greyhound Park (Melbourne, FL)


  • Hollywood Casino (Tunica, Mississippi)
  • Golden Nugget (Biloxi, Mississippi)
  • Horseshoe (Tunica, Mississippi)

These are just a few options. You can find more poker rooms in neighboring states with a simple Google search.

Do you see the challenge here, though? You’re going to have to drive for several hours, if not several days, to make it to one of these poker rooms. You can fly, but that just makes this option even more inconvenient.

The bottom line is that playing poker in a neighboring state isn’t going to be the best option for most poker players in Alabama. That’s one of the reasons why we recommend you play online at one of the top Alabama poker sites instead.

10 Reasons to Play Poker Online in AL

Here are a few more of our favorite reasons for playing real money online poker in Alabama.

Choose From Several Poker Sites

There are at least a dozen US poker sites you can join. All you need is an account with a couple of them and, with a couple clicks of your mouse, you can switch sites in a matter of seconds.

There are several benefits to having more than one poker site account. For example, you’ll have more games and variants to play. You can claim more promotions, too.

Online Poker Promotions

Online poker sites run promotions you’ll never find offline. The best example is the deposit bonus. This is an offer in which the poker site matches a percentage of your deposit.

Online poker rooms run tons of other deals, though. You’ll find bad beat jackpots, guaranteed tournaments, leaderboard contests, VIP programs, cashback, and more.

Online Poker Is Private

Other than whoever lives with you, no one will know you play poker unless you tell them.

This is especially helpful if you have family or friends or live in an area where people think gambling is wrong.

Choose From Dozens of Daily Guaranteed Tournaments

Live poker rooms run one or two tournaments every day. But each online poker room runs more than a dozen daily poker tournaments.

Join more than one of our recommended Alabama poker sites and you’ll have dozens of MTTs to play.

Play Less Popular Poker Games

Live poker rooms tend to offer poker games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven-Card Stud. Sometimes, you’ll come across a poker room that offers other less popular poker games, but that’s rare.

Texas Hold’em and Omaha are online poker staples, too. But many sites also offer Stud, mixed games, lowball games, and more. And the more poker accounts you have, the more variety you’ll have.

Play Unique Poker Variations

You can play a few poker variations offline. You can play variants like deep stacks, turbo blinds, antes, straddles, and knockout MTTs.

Online poker has more variants, though. In addition to the variants you can play live, you can also play variants like hyper turbos, 2/4/6/9 players per table, 6+ Holdem, caps, fast fold, short stack, and more.

Play for Lower Stakes

A great reason to play poker online for real money is if you have a small bankroll. Live poker is relatively expensive with tournaments starting at $30 to $60. That doesn’t include rebuys or add-ons either.

Cash games are the same. The lowest stakes you’ll find offline are $1/$2 or $1/$3.

You can play for much lower stakes online, like cash games for $0.01/$0.02 or tournaments for $1. You can find higher stakes games too, but the point is that you can play within your budget no matter what it is.

Play Poker for Free

One option you’ll never find offline is free poker. There’s no establishment that offers poker play where you win fake money. Land-based poker rooms only have so much space and they need to fill it with real money games.

You can play poker online for free, though. You won’t win real money, but that’s okay. You’re not risking real money. Free poker games are a great way to learn how to play a new game or variant, test a strategy, or get comfortable with the poker site’s software.

Play Poker 24/7/365

Another awesome thing about playing poker online is that you can play poker 24/7/365.

The best Alabama poker sites are able to run games 24 hours per day because they accept players from all over the country, as well as players from other countries.

Online Poker Software Features

Online poker software is great. It can help you play poker better, play more tables at the same time, and help prevent better players from targeting you.

Here are some of the software features you can find online.

  • Four-color deck – This helps you spot flushes and flush draws.
  • Auto top-off – This feature tops off your stack automatically so you always have a full stack while playing cash games.
  • Layout – Choose whether you want a stacked, cascading, or tile layout so that it’s easier to play multiple tables.
  • Multi-table – Play several and sometimes dozens of tables at one time.
  • Take notes – Take notes on your opponents, like the hands they play, how much they bet, and more.
  • Anonymous tables – Play on tables that use numbers instead of screennames to identify players. These tables also don’t allow note taking or tagging.
  • Quick seat – The poker room finds you a table to play in a matter of seconds based on your input (stakes, games, variants, etc.).

There are loads more, but you can see our point. Each feature above helps you play better, play more, and play against a variety of players instead of only sharks.

And this wraps up this section on all our favorite reasons to play poker online in Alabama. If you want to experience these benefits and many others for yourself, all you need to do is join an Alabama poker site.

Choosing the Best Alabama Poker Sites

If you want to play real money poker online for, you’ll need an account with at least one poker site. The challenge is that there are several poker sites to choose from.

So, which poker site should you join?

This depends. Every poker site is different. Each site offers different games, stakes, variations, tournaments, promotions, banking options, and more.

But here’s what every great poker site has in common.

  • It has a gambling license.
  • It has a reputation for treating their players well, running fair games, and paying customers quickly.
  • It has safe and secure software.
  • It accepts several US-friendly banking options, such as Bitcoin and credit/debit cards.
  • It has fair terms and conditions.

These are table stakes. If a poker room misses the mark on any one of these points, you should play elsewhere. We won’t recommend poker rooms that don’t excel in each of these areas.

The best Alabama poker rooms also excel in the area that counts the most, poker. Here are the things that the best Alabama poker sites have in common.

  • They have a variety of poker games, variants, and stakes.
  • They have traffic for games to run during peak hours (and preferably all day long).
  • They run tournaments daily. We give them bonus points if they run a unique tournament schedule over the weekend.
  • They allow you to play poker on your phone.
  • They offer a variety of poker promotions such as deposit bonuses, leaderboard challenges, freerolls, and tournament tickets.
  • Their software has lots of features.

Finding the best poker site for YOU will depend on the games and stakes you want to play, when you want to play, how often, etc. If you know what you’re looking for, you should read our poker reviews.

But if you’re not sure of what you want from an online poker site, then all you need to do is find one ticks all the boxes above. That’s essentially how we compile our rankings of the best Alabama poker sites online.

Best Alabama Poker Sites

Alabama Online Poker FAQ

Can you play poker in Alabama?
AIt’s not possible to play casino poker, but you can play in-home poker games. You can also play poker online in AL.
Can I play poker for real money online in Alabama?
AYes, all the Alabama poker sites we recommend allow you to play for real money.
Can I play poker on my phone?
AYes. The top-rated Alabama poker sites either have an app you can download or a compatible poker room you can access using your mobile web browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.).
What is the best deposit method for Americans?
AWe recommend you use Bitcoin for its anonymity, speed, convenience, and cost. There isn’t a better banking option for online poker players. Credit and debit cards are second best.

Concluding our AL Poker Guide

Alabama poker players have not been dealt a great hand. You can’t play live poker in the state unless it’s a home game.

You can travel to a nearby state like Florida or Mississippi where you’ll find plenty of poker games and tournaments… But you’ll have to travel for hours to get to any of them.

That’s why we recommend you play poker online. Not only will you save yourself countless hours and dollars by not having to travel, you’ll also have more games and promotions to choose from, as well as countless other benefits.

All you need to get started is an account with one of the best Alabama poker sites, like the ones we recommend on this page.

Join one now and in a few short minutes, you could be playing poker online for real money.

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