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How and Where to Play Slots Tournaments Online

Online slot tournaments are competitions where you play against other slot players for points. The players with the most points at the end of the tournament win prizes like real money.

You can get in on the action. We’ll show you how, starting with the best online casinos for slots tournaments.

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If you have never played in a slots tournament, you may want to give them a try. They are a lot of fun and give you an excellent chance to win significant amounts of money.

You also don’t have to worry about interacting with other players when you play slot tournaments online. Best of all, slot tourneys are really easy to play.

We will explain everything you need to know about online slots tournaments, including how to enter a tournament, the different kinds of contests available, and some tips to help you win.

But first, we need to help you find the best casinos for slot tournaments.

Finding the Best Slot Tournament Casinos Online

best online casinos for slot tournaments

When you are deciding where to play online slots for real money, you should want to consider their slot tournament options.

Almost every online casino hosts regular slot tournaments, but they don’t all handle them the same way.

There are different types of contests, for example, and different levels of fees and prizes.

Here’s what you need to think about when choosing an online casino for slot tournaments.

  • What slots tournaments are available?
  • How much do the tournaments cost to enter?
  • What prizes can I win?
  • Is the online casino safe safe to play for real money?

What Slots Tournaments are Available?

There are several different types of online slot tourneys. We will explain the different types in an upcoming section, but you should look for a casino site with multiple options.

Most online casinos offer scheduled slot tournaments, but only a few offer sit and go contests. If you prefer the flexibility of a sit and go tournament, make sure that your casino site has both options.

You also want to look for casinos that offer video slot tournaments with different buy-in amounts.

Some casinos offer freeroll tournaments with no buy-ins, where each player starts with a specified number of credits. Other casinos offer no buy-in contests, but you have to use your traditional bankroll to pay for the credits.

Tournament Fees and Prizes

If you don’t mind paying a buy-in fee, look for online casino sites with several tournament options at different levels.

You might want to play a $1 or $5 tournament regularly and occasionally enter a $100 tournament. That can only happen if your casino site has a collection of slot tournaments with various buy-in amounts.

Of course, you will also want to consider the prizes offered for different tournaments. Prizes should add up quickly when you have buy-in fees.

When 1,000 players pay a $100 buy-in, the casino should offer $100,000 in prizes. The first-place winner might get $50,000, 2nd place would get $30,000, and 3rd place would win $20,000.

The distribution might vary, and some casinos choose to give smaller prizes to lower-ranking players. But the prize amount should be proportionate to the buy-in.

If you are paying $100 buy-in fees, and the casino is only offering $1,000 in prize money, that is not a good deal.

Some casinos pay cash prizes, while others offer bonus funds or free spins on certain games.

The problem with bonus funds is that they typically have a playthrough requirement. Make sure that you know the playthrough terms and conditions before you join the tournament.

When you consider the prize structure, buy-in options, and the variety of slot tournaments offered, the best online casinos with slot tournaments are easy to identify.

Staying Safe at Online Slots Casinos

We have done all of the research for you to help you find the best casino sites with slot tournaments. But slot tournaments aren’t the most important criteria – safety is.

When you’re playing online slot tournaments for real money, you’ll want to make sure you join safe online casinos. You’ll also want excellent promotions and convenient banking options.

That’s why we check every casino we recommend to ensure that they use secure software, are licensed, and have a positive reputation. That way we know you’ll be safe while playing slot tournaments online.

Check out our recommendations at the top of this page for the safest slot tournament casinos, or read our comprehensive online casino reviews to learn more about each site.

Types of Casino Slot Tournaments

When you are looking for the best online slot tournaments, you need to understand the differences between all of the different kinds of competitions available.

Here are the most common slot machine tournaments online, along with a description of what to expect when you play each one.

  • Scheduled Tournaments: These are the most common type of tournament. They have a specific start and end time, and players must register before they start playing. Players use their bankrolls to play.
  • Buy-in Tournaments: Buy-in tournaments are the same as scheduled tournaments, except that they also require a buy-in fee. Players receive a certain number of credits in exchange for their buy-in. The size of the buy-in is proportional to the size of the prizes offered.
  • Sit and Go Tournaments: If you don’t want to join a tournament at a specific time, you can play a sit and go tournament. They have a limited number of positions available, but you can start playing as soon as the seats have been filled. Sit and go tournaments are less common than scheduled tournaments.
  • Loyalty Program Comped Tournaments: These are invitation-only tournaments reserved for members who reach certain tiers of the casino’s loyalty program. They typically have higher prize amounts than the tournaments that are available to everyone, but the buy-ins are also significant.
  • Freeroll Tournaments: If you want to try a slot tournament for free, you can find freeroll tournaments that give you a certain number of credits for free. However, these tournaments do not typically offer real money prizes.

Those are the most common tournament structures, but there are also a few other specialty tournament possibilities that work with these basic structures.

You might play a scheduled tournament that is also a survivor competition. Or, if you run out of credits during a buy-in tournament, you might be allowed to buy-in again if it is also a reloader tournament.

Here are the most common specialty tournament features and the type of basic structures they work with.

Tournament Type Description
Survivor Tournaments A tournament that is played in several rounds, with the lowest players in each round getting disqualified.
One-Shot Tournaments These tournaments give players one shot to earn a certain number of points. If you don’t get that number of points, you cannot go onto the next round.
Reloader Tournaments This feature allows players to pay for a second buy-in to continue in their tournament. However, they have to start the game over at the bottom of the leaderboard.
Extender Tournaments These tournaments allow you to add-on an additional number of credits, but you get to continue the game where you left off.

How to Play Online Slot Tournaments

Most online slot machine tournaments are easy enough to join and play.

Here’s a quick overview of what you need to know.

  • You join the tournament by clicking the join button, and paying a buy-in fee if necessary.
  • Many slot tourneys are scheduled ahead of time, so you can begin playing as soon as the time starts.
  • Some casino sites will let you join a tournament that has already started, but it is a lot harder to win since you have to catch up from behind.
  • Depending on the type of tournament, you either get credits to play with or you use your regular bankroll.
  • Once the match begins, you will try to win as much money as possible.
  • The site automatically rewards points every time that you win, depending on the size of your rewards.
  • You should be able to see your points and the points of players closest to you on the leaderboard, which is typically displayed on the side of the game.
  • At the end of the tournament, the players with the most points will earn the top prizes.
  • Most casinos pay prizes to the top three players, but some offer smaller prizes for the top ten players.
  • Some casinos offer bonus prizes, such as free spins, which they may offer at random or to the player with the most spins throughout the tournament.

Now let’s get into a little more detail on what’s involved.

How to Join an Online Slot Tournament

Joining a real money online slot tournament is as simple as clicking a button on your computer. But, there are a few other things you need to know about how to get started.

The first thing you need to do is to visit the tournament section of your online casino. You can search for upcoming daily slot tournaments or find one for a particular game you want to play.

The description for each tournament will explain the buy-in fees, the minimum bets, how points get calculated, and the number of credits you get with your buy-in.

Top Tip
It is essential to know the terms and conditions of a slot tournament before you join the competition.

Once you find a tournament that you want to join, you need to sign up for it. In most cases, signing up is as simple as clicking the join button.

If the tournament that you want to join has a buy-in fee, the online casino will deduct that amount from your account, or you can choose to deposit more money to cover the fee.

Buy-ins typically range from $1 to $100, depending on the tournament.

Starting and Playing a Slot Tournament Online

If a slot tournament has a specific start-time, the leaderboard will show a countdown until you can start.

Sit and go tournaments begin when all of the seats have been filled, so you may have to wait for a few more players to join.

Some online slot machine tournaments connect with your casino account.

If that is the case, you will play the slots game the same way you would if you were not playing a tournament. Every spin on the slot machine will deduct the bet amount from your account.

Top Tip
When playing online slot tournaments with real money, make sure you stick to basic bankroll management principles. Don’t overspend just to try to win a tournament.

Other competitions require players to use a set number of credits. Those credits will be automatically applied when you join the tournament.

However, the credits do not get added to your account, and there is no way to roll them over to another match. So, it is beneficial to use all of the credits during the tournament.

It is common for people to bet the max during slots tourneys because they want to use all of their credits and make as much money as possible.

Winning Prizes from Slots Tournaments

winning slots tournaments

Free slots tournaments are available, but they typically do not offer real money prizes.

Prizes will usually be in bonus funds, which will have a playthrough you’ll need to complete before you can cash it out.

You may want to join a freeroll slot tournament if you have never played before because it is a no-risk way of getting familiar with the game and tournament structure.

But the main appeal of slot tourneys is the possibility of winning additional prizes.

If you want the chance to win cash, you will want to play real money online slot tournaments. Prizes are generally added straight into your casino account for you to play with.

What Slots Games Are Used For Tournaments?

In most scheduled slot tournaments, the casino will specify which slot machine game you will play. They often use tournaments to promote new games or create tournaments for the most popular slots games.

If you join a tournament for that game, any amounts you win on any other game will not count toward your points.

Sometimes, casinos offer extended tournaments that last for a week or even up to a month.

Because you have more time to play, the casino may allow contestants to play multiple games during that time.

They might create a list of pre-approved slots games, include games from a particular software developer, or they may count all play on any slot machine game.

Top Tip
Make sure you know which games are included before you join a long-term tournament. It might be worth avoiding a tournament if you don’t like any of the eligible games.

Any game can be used for a slot machine tournament, but there are some factors that casinos consider when they choose tournament games.

Many modern slots games have many bonus features that take players to second screens or offer free spins.

Those features are fun and exciting for players, but they do not necessarily work well during tournaments. They can use up too much time away from the primary game.

Therefore, many casinos choose simple slot machine games with very few bonus features and limited free-spin options.

Here are a few examples of some games that are commonly used in slot tournaments online.

  • Davinci Diamonds – A unique game with a fine art theme is Davinci Diamonds. You can win when you line up the symbols depicting some of Davinici’s famous paintings, including the Mona Lisa. This game is simple, with only a few bonus features, which makes it perfect for tournaments.
  • Sahara Queen – Playtech is one of the most prominent software developers, and they created the Sahara Queen game with an ancient Egypt/Cleopatra theme. It is an excellent game for tournaments because it has a turbo mode, allowing players to spin faster.
  • Leprechaun Hills – This fun game features a “luck of the Irish” theme, with five reels, four rows, and forty pay lines. It also has a 96.49% RTP, so it gives tournament players many chances to win.

Slot Tournament Tips and Strategies

tips for playing slots tournaments online

Now that you know how slot competitions work, you are probably wondering what the best strategies are to help you win them.

Slot machines are entirely based on chance. They are not like poker or blackjack, where you can use your skills or specific strategies to give yourself a better chance.

Modern video slots use random number generators to determine where the reels land, so there is nothing you can do to control the game’s outcome.

While there is nothing you can do to force the slot machine to give you a payout, casino slot tournaments are not based on how much money you win. You are awarded points based on each win in specific categories.

Because your goal in a tournament is to earn points, not necessarily dollars, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of winning. Here are our best tips.

Bet the maximum amount on all pay lines
You have better odds of winning more worthwhile combinations when you bet the max. Betting on all of the pay lines is another crucial way to increase your chances of winning.
Spend all of your credits
If the casino gives you a certain number of credits for the tourney, use all of them. They do not carry over, so there is no point in saving them for after the match. Use them up as quickly as you can.
Gain the lead as fast as possible
If you plan on adjusting your bet size based on your performance, you will want to bet more initially. It is easier to defend your position in the lead if you can get there quickly. Catching up from behind is always more challenging.
Use the automated spin feature
The more spins you get through, the more chances you have of winning. The automated spin feature will spin the reels faster, without minimal stopping if there is no win. Save yourself time by using the automated spins.
Don’t wait for wins
Online slot machines often take several seconds to show you the pay lines that won and offer graphic displays of how much you won. You will get the total amount even if you don’t wait for the computer to finish its graphics. When the machine stops an auto-spin, click the spin button or space bar on your computer. That will force it to go on to the next spin.

Here are more tricks to improve your chances of winning slot tournaments online.

Try the game before the tourney
You want to try the game for at least a few minutes before entering a tournament to make sure you know how it works. If certain symbols trigger free spins or bonus features, you want to know how those work so that you can get back to regular pay as quickly as possible. Remember to also play around with the settings and buttons on the screen, so you don’t have to waste tournament time figuring out how to turn on the auto-spin feature.
Ignore the leaderboard
You will be tempted to glance at the leaderboard on the screen every few seconds. But don’t spend too much time focused on it. Focus on playing the game as quickly as you can.
Changing betting amounts
You should only monitor the leaderboard if you plan on changing bet amounts throughout the tournament. If that is the case, don’t decrease your bets until you are in one of the leading spots, and only increase when the next player is getting close to your score.
Minimize distractions
Whether you are playing in a land-based casino or online, there will always be distractions around. You need to focus on the tournament, so make sure you prevent as many distractions as possible. Go to the bathroom, turn your phone on silent, and grab a drink before the tournament begins.
Start on time
Casinos will allow you to join a tournament that has already started, but all of the other players will be hundreds of spins ahead of you. It is almost impossible to catch up at that point without winning one of the most difficult combinations in the game. Know the starting time and prepare before the game starts to give yourself the best chances of winning.

Ready to Play Online Slots Tournaments?

Slot tourneys are a fun way to add some variety and excitement to your gambling routine.

They allow you to compete against other players and give you chances to win additional prizes, on top of what you win in the game.

The best thing about slot tournaments is that anyone can join them. You don’t need any special knowledge or understanding to play and potentially win a slot tournament.

Click one of the casino sites with slot tournaments that we recommended at the top of this page to get started.

Once you have created your account and made a deposit, you can join the next slot tournament and start the fun!

Slot Tournaments FAQ

Can I Play Slots Tournaments on My Mobile Device?

Yes! Slots tournaments work the same on your phone or tablet as they do on a computer. Simply use your phone’s internet browser to log onto your favorite slot tournament casino online, or use one of the top slots apps.

Are Thre Slots Tournaments at Land-Based Casinos?

Brick-and-mortar casinos have been offering slots tournaments for a long time. The online competitions are similar to how they work in a land-based casino, but online tournaments tend to be more technologically advanced.

The most significant difference is that you can participate from your home or on the go. Online casinos also offer more cash prizes and bonus funds, while land-based casinos are more likely to offer cars, vacations, or other rewards as prizes.

How Can I Practice for Online Slot Tournaments?

The best way to prepare for a slot tournament is to play the game that you will be playing during the tournament. You can play the free version of the slot to get familiar with the game and its features without risking real money.

Are Slots Tournaments Rigged?

Slot machine tournaments use the same games that are available for regular casino play. The only difference is that they are connected to the leaderboard, which uses different software to track wins.

As long as you are playing at the best online gambling sites that have been licensed, slot tournaments will be fair. Check our comprehensive reviews to find out about a casino site’s reputation.

How Much Do Online Slot Machine Tournaments Cost?

Entry fees for online slot machine tournaments range from $0 to $100. Freeroll tournaments are available on many sites every day, but they do not offer the same prize amounts as paid entry competitions.

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