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Mr Cashman Slot Game

Mr Cashman is akin to being a slot gaming concept now than a mere game. The character originated as its own slot in Australian land-based casinos.  Manufactured by Aristocrat LeisureLimited, which is based in Australia, the early Mr Cashman slot games were three reel electromechanical slots in which the title character was a symbol on the reel. But as video slot games becamemore popular Aristocrat migrated the character to video platforms and now enhances other games with Mr Cashman bonus features.

Mr Cashman first appeared on slot games in the 1990s and Aristocrat added Mr Cashman bonus games to its highly successful MKVI cabinets in the early 2000s. Casino Journal named the Mr Cashmanbonus feature one of the top 20 innovations in gaming products in the year 2003. One of the product line’s other innovations was the addition of a Bet button that increased game sounds as betswere increased and added bonus games for betting more.

At least as far back as 2001 Mr Cashman has been bundled with Aristocrat games like African Dusk, Indian Gold, Louie’s Gold, Jailbird, Mystic Eyes, and Jewel of the Enchantress. The bonus gameformat has been essentially the same since it was first introduced.

In 2016 Aristocrat updated several of its popular older games that use the Mr Cashman bonus collection and released new versions to land based casinos around the world. These games are availableas standalone models or land-based casinos can purchase the ViridianWS cabinet which allows players to switch between the games. The Mr Cashman bonus games play the same way on all four games ason their earlier versions.

Rules for the Mr Cashman Bonus Games

There are five Mr Cashman bonus games, each of which is described below. The games are awarded on a random basis, much like progressive jackpots. The Mr Cashman bonus games do not affect how theregular game play proceeds or prizes awarded in regular game play.

You must play the maximum possible bet in order to be eligible for a Mr Cashman bonus round unless otherwise noted on a given game.

In the earliest 2001 versions of some games players had to allow the games to count up to 500 credits before they could skip ahead to the Mr Cashman bonus rounds. Starting in 2002 machinesallowed players to skip past the credit counting on big wins.

On older machines that offer a Mr Cashman button pressing the button is equivalent to Max Bet plus an additional bet of 25 credits that enables extra Mr Cashman payoffs. For example, the Scatterprizes may be multiplied.

If the machine has a progressive jackpot that pays independently of the Mr Cashman feature and Mr Cashman does not enhance a progressive jackpot prize. Each casino decides if it wants to add aprogressive jackpot to its games.

Although the Mr Cashman bonus is awarded randomly, if you watch the information marquee that normally tells you to “Play On …” after each spin, you will see the last prize awarded displayed justa little bit longer than usual. This means the game is about to give you a Mr Cashman bonus, although knowing to look for this tip off does not give you any special advantage in playing thegames.

When Mr Cashman awards free spins or free games, if no winning combination appears on the playing reels the game still awards the player 2 credits times the active bet per line.

All credit prizes are multiplied by the active bet per line amount on the spin that triggered the bonus game.

How the Random Prize Bonus Game Works

Mr Cashman walks out onto the playing reels area and begins waving his hands at the Win meter near the top of the screen.  The credits begin to count up and Mr Cashman keeps waving his handsuntil he is done giving you extra credits.

The prize amount is randomly determined but is up to 25,000 credits. On older machines the random prize ranged from 50 to 1000 credits.

How the Random Spins Bonus Game Works

Mr Cashman walks out onto the playing reels area. He briefly stops at one or more reels and gives it a spin. He walks past any reels he will not spin.

The spinning reels continue spinning until Mr Cashman has finished awarding new spins.

He then exits in the upper right hand corner of the screen but as a final gift throws a multiplier over onto the left side of the screen. If the spinning reels produce any new winningcombinations the multiplier is applied to their prizes.

The multiplier is randomly chosen from:

  • X3
  • X5
  • X10

How the Poker Machine Bonus Game Works

A second playing screen appears and Mr Cashman is sitting in front of a three reel slot machine in a virtual casino.

Mr Cashman reaches up and pulls the lever to spin the reels.

Starting with the right most reel a randomly chosen number ranging from 0 to 9 appears.

The game awards a prize in credits equal to the number represented by the three randomly chosen digits. In other words, you can win from 000 to 999 credits.

How the Choose Your Feature Bonus Game Works

A second screen appears where Mr Cashman stands on a stage in front of a curtain. He is holding a gift box in one hand and a money bag in the other hand.

The player chooses one of the two prizes.

The Gift Box awards a free spins game with multipliers. The number of spins and multiplier amounts are randomly determined. You can win 5, 10, 15, or 20 free spins. Multipliers are randomlychosen from X2, X3, and X5.

The Money bag awards a prize in credits. The credit amount is randomly determined and can be up to 1000 credits.

How the Match the Prize Bonus Game Works

Mr Cashman appears on a screen with a moonlit starry sky. You have to touch the stars until you find two matching prizes. You win the first matched prize.

Prizes may consist of random credit awards up to 1000 credits or they may consist of free spin games.

  • If you win 5 free spins all prizes are awarded a X5 multiplier.
  • If you win 10 free spins all prizes are awarded a X3 multiplier.
  • If you win 20 free spins all prizes are awarded a X2 multiplier.
  • If you win 40 free spins all prizes are paid at face value.


Mr Cashman is a fun feature and players look forward to winning the bonus rounds. They may call the feature by pejorative nicknames like “Mr Crapman” if they don’t win anything but that is thenature of random prizes.

There is no way to force a Mr Cashman bonus game to appear but some players may not understand all the rules that apply to the Mr Cashman feature.

Aristocrat bills Mr Cashman as “the most iconic personality in slots”. The mascot has been seen around the world for decades but is most well known in Australia, where the original Mr Cashmanslot game was first released.

The character has its own musical theme and players learn to listen for it. The music is distinctive and easily differentiated from the musical riffs played by the various games bundled with MrCashman.

Games that include the Mr Cashman bonus features are clearly marked on the cabinet as the Mr Cashman name and character are given prominent marquee space either as an overlay on the game logo oron a separate panel.

Despite the fact that these features are now quite old they still amuse and entertain slot players, in great part without a doubt to the generous prizes for which Mr Cashman has become famousaround the world. But players should manage expectations carefully. These random prizes are still calculated into the slot machine’s theoretical returns to players, which means that over time thecasinos will continue to make money off the games.

Nonetheless the Mr Cashman features compete well against more modern games that use highly interactive bonus rounds, original 3-D characters, in-tile active animations, and continuous playsoundtracks.

Our Thoughts:

That is a superb testimony to the quality of the player experience in terms of game design and presentation and the success of Mr Cashman illustrates just how well Aristocrat has maintained itsposition as a leader among world gaming companies.

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