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Hot Red Ruby Slots

Hot Red Ruby is part of a series of 3 reel, single pay line slot machines designed by Video Gaming Technology, also known as VGT.

These games are all very similar in that they feature classic symbols like 7s, BARs, and cherries. This may turn you off right away because these symbols are commonly used in outdated slotmachines.

But as you’ll find out below, Hot Red Ruby does offer a few special features that make it interesting.


Hot Red Ruby has a double meaning because this game is decorated with red rubies, but also features a provocatively dressed woman in a red dress.

  • Pictured in the top screen, Ruby is wearing a low cut dress and standing with her hands on her hips and rubies falling behind her. A bingo card and random numbers, explained later, aresituated to her left.
  • The top screen is split in two, with Ruby lying across the upper part and rubies surrounding her. The lower half features a small bingo card with Ruby standing next to it, and two giantrubies on both sides of the bingo card.

When compared to other VGT 3 reel slot cabinets, both Hot Red Ruby cabinet designs are at the top end from a visual perspective. The eye catching artwork is likely one reason why we had to waitover 20 minutes to find an open Hot Red Ruby machine.

Another reason is that Hot Red Ruby is linked to VGT’s wide area progressive jackpot, which is seeded at $250,000. Other slots linked to this jackpot include 777 Bourbon Street, Crazy Cherry,King of Coin, Lucky Ducky, Mr. Money Bags, and Smooth as Silk.

The best place to find Hot Red Ruby is in tribal casinos across Oklahoma, including Choctaw Casino in Durant, Glacier Peaks Casino in the Blackfeet Nation, Grand Casino Hotel Resort in Shawnee,Osage Casino in Sand Springs, and River Spirit Casino in Tulsa. Unfortunately, this slot machine is not currently offered online.

Hot Red Ruby is a Bingo Class II Slot Machine

As mentioned before, some Hot Red Ruby cabinets display a bingo card with random numbers being generated underneath them. This is due to the fact that gaming machines in tribal casinos must bebingo related, Class II.

This Class II distinction was put into the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 because most states were intolerant to gambling back then. The bingo related clause was added to prevent tribalcasinos from offering the same type of gambling seen in Atlantic City and Nevada casinos.

Interesting Fact:

Native American casinos have gotten around this clause by creating hybrid bingo slot machines that operate like a bingo game, but have the appearance of a slot.

Hot Red Ruby and similar VGT machines are linked to a computerized system controller that generates random numbers. If the numbers on your machine’s bingo card correspond with those generatedby the system controller, you win a prize.

You’ll be competing against other players for a limited number of cash prizes, just like in a live bingo game. If you don’t like the numbers that you’re getting, you can change your card at anytime.

This differs from slot machines offered in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and other major casino destinations, which are categorized as Class III.

Each Class II machine has its own random number generator, RNG, which determines what prizes you’ll win. Because there aren’t a set number of prizes, you can theoretically win the same payoutover and over if this is what the RNG determines.

Both Class II and Class III slot machines have their own fan bases because some players like competing against each other, Class II, while others prefer playing against the house, Class III.

But the majority of players don’t care either way as long as they’re playing a random game that provides thrills.

Hot Red Ruby Bonus

The one feature that has made Hot Red Ruby and other VGT slot machines so popular is the red screen re spin. Following some of your wins, the screen randomly flashes red and re spins the reelsfor free.

The cabinet offers no explanation or rules on these red screen re spins. But according to players on forums, you can expect re spins after approximately one out of every five wins.

Another trait of these re spins is that they award you a prize equal to or greater than your original win. In the case of a 500 coin payout, you’d be looking at 500 coins or more through your redscreen re spin.

Also note that you can get anywhere from 1 to 5 re spins on any single turn. The multiple re spins are always a nice surprise because they really boost your bankroll.


Ruby Drop Bonus

In contrast to most 3 reel slot machines, Hot Red Ruby offers a second screen bonus round. This happens randomly after a win, and the top screen will change to show Ruby with a blue bag infront of her.

Rubies begin falling from the top of the screen, and you move the bag left or right to catch one of these rubies. When you catch one, Ruby’s face lights up in excitement and your prize isrevealed.

When this second screen first came up, we thought it would be a skill based game where you catch as many rubies as possible. But the Ruby Drop Bonus is actually luck based since it ends assoon as you collect one ruby.

While this is disappointing, we still like the fact that Hot Red Ruby includes a second screen bonus round.

Betting Options

The Hot Red Ruby game that we played had a $5 coin denomination listed on the front of the machine. But you can change the coin size to various denominations between $0.25 and $25.

You can also play between 1 and 3 coins per spin. We recommend that you play all 3 cons because this is the only way that you can hit the top fixed payout of 2,500 coins.

If you’re bankroll conscious, you can turn the coin denomination down to $0.25, making each total bet worth $0.75. This might seem like a significant amount if you’re a low roller, but we didn’tthink so based on how often we won.

What really helps sustain your bankroll is the red screen re spins, which happen frequently enough to make a difference.

We played for over half an hour, and every time that our bankroll was falling, a re spin would pick it back up again. When we stopped playing, our starting bankroll was only a couple of dollarsless than its original amount.

Based on the re spins, you have a good chance to book a winning session with Hot Red Ruby. Even if you don’t win, this game’s high win frequency and red screen re spins allow you to play for awhile.

Hot Red Ruby 2

Much like other popular VGT 3 reel games like Lucky Ducky, Lucky Leprechaun and Mr. Money Bags, Hot Red Ruby has a sequel.

You’ll immediately notice how vibrant and colorful Hot Red Ruby 2’s top screen is. We mentioned earlier that the original Hot Red Ruby is well designed, but the sequel is even more stunning.

You’ll see Ruby in the upper part of the top screen along with rubies and purple hearts floating around. The reel area is also decorated with countless red rubies.

An even bigger change is that Hot Red Ruby 2 features five pay lines, instead of one. This adds excitement because you have more chances to win on any spin.

You’ll want to play all the pay lines because this is the only way that you can win the top fixed payout of 5,000 credits.

Another point worth mentioning here is that the Hot Red Ruby icon acts as a multiplier. If you land Ruby once in a winning pay line, she’ll double your win. If you get her twice in a winningcombination, she multiplies your win 4x.

Although the original Hot Red Ruby is a good game, the sequel’s upgrades really make an impact. Not only does Hot Red Ruby 2 offer multipliers, but you can also play up to 5 pay lines.

The one downside is that you’ll have to spend $1.25 per spin with all 5 pay lines, which is more than the original game’s 3 coin bet of $0.75.

Comparison to Other VGT Slots

Going back to the original Hot Red Ruby, you won’t notice many differences in this game compared to other VGT 3 reel slot machines. But we do see a noticeable difference in the design because HotRed Ruby’s cabinet artwork is more detailed than similar games.

We also think the theme is more original than many VGT slots in this classic series. The title alludes to two themes in red rubies, and Ruby being a gorgeous woman.

Contrast this to other VGT games like Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike, Lucky Leprechaun, Mr. Money Bags, and Lucky Ducky, all of which have cliché themes.

Another positive aspect to Hot Red Ruby is that it’s linked to a wide area progressive jackpot. Other slot machines like Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike and Lucky Leprechaun aren’t connected to thejackpot.

If you enjoy playing for big money and want an interesting theme, then Hot Red Ruby is one of the best VGT slot machines that you’ll find.


Classic 3 reel slot machines are often boring to play. But Hot Red Ruby breaks this mold by offering special features, nice cabinet artwork, and a large progressive jackpot.

We commend how detailed the cabinet’s top screen is, with its pictures of Ruby and sparkling gems. Based on the design alone, you’d never know that this is a 3 reel slot running on mechanicalreels.

The symbols seem generic at first because so many 3 reel slots use BARs, cherries, and 7s. But Hot Red Ruby adds some flair to these symbols with little rubies.

You may or may not like the bingo aspect to this game. But we like the idea of competing against other players for prizes and being able to change your bingo card at any time.

On the other hand, some people enjoy playing against the house and knowing what long term payback they can expect; tribal casinos don’t have to release this information.

The wide area progressive jackpot is another aspect to like about Hot Red Ruby. This jackpot was worth over $288,000 when we played, which is a life changing amount to many players.

What makes playing for the progressive jackpot even better is that Hot Red Ruby has a high hit frequency. In our experience, wins and re spins came frequently enough that our bankroll was neverput in danger. Of course, we also stayed at the $0.25 coin denomination when playing three coins.

The only negative to Hot Red Ruby is that it’s nowhere near the level of 3D video slots in terms of special features and symbols. If you want the latest slot machines that are loaded withbonuses, then you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Our Thoughts:

But if you want to play a 3 reel slot machine with a couple special features, then Hot Red Ruby is one of the best classic VGT games available.

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