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Fort Knox Slot Machine

Fort Knox is not a normal slot machine. International Gaming Technology (IGT) introduced Fort Knox as a multi-level progressive Mega Jackpot that links thousands of land-based slot machinestogether in 2005. The progressive game is shared between thousands of players. The game release was concurrent with the company’s 25th anniversary as a public traded corporation.

The progressive game is bundled with IGT’s numerous standalone slot machine games. The standard configuration now uses a modified cabinet design that allows players to shift seamlessly betweenregular penny slot games like Cleopatra, Enchanted Unicorn, Sydney Omarr’s Horroscope, and others. Casinos do not have to modify the cabinets to facilitate game changes.

The Fort Knox system is compatible with both video monitors and PureDepth’s Multi-Layer Display® technology that IGT incorporated into its gaming systems in 2008. The MLD games offer 3-D visualexperience without requiring players to wear special lenses and at the same time allow slot players to choose from multiple games stored in an onboard software library.

Rules of Fort Knox Slots

  • The progressive jackpot is triggered randomly on any of the participating games. When the Fort Knox bonus round begins the player is taken to a secondary screen where a vault is opened. Theopened vault reveals 16 color-coded safe doors.
  • There are four levels to the vault: Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. At the beginning of the game the player is assigned a goal to reach and receives two picks.
  • Clicking on any two of the safe doors, the player wins points that are summed up toward achieving the goal. A progress bar on the right side of the screen stacks up coins until the goal ismet.
  • Additional picks may be won during each level of play.
  • Achieving each goal awards a prize to the player and advances the game to the next level.

Additional Information

The Fort Knox slot game is distributed with 25 pay line / 500 coin and 30 pay line / 600 coin slot games.

On all versions of the game the player must place maximum wagers in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot bonus game.

IGT adds more games to the Fort Knox bundles every year.

The Real Fort Knox

Naming this special community game for the world-famous military installation in Kentucky is appropriate for several reasons. Although Fort Knox is most well-known as the main repository for theUS Treasury Department’s gold reserves, the installation is significant for other reasons.

Fort Knox Image

However, when the US Army began organizing armored units in 1931 the historic First Cavalry Regiment transferred to the newly renamed Fort Knox where they traded in their horses for armoredvehicles. The installation subsequently became the headquarters for the US Army’s armored warfare command and development laboratories.

During the Great Depression the Civilian Conservation Corps used Fort Knox as an induction and training facility for thousands of men who were recruited for the government’s public works program.Recruits were brought in from West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Their training programs lasted about two weeks before they were sent off across the country to build roads, dams,national parks, and other infrastructure.

In 1937 the US Treasury Department began shipping gold to the depository and the First Cavalry was given the special duty of guarding the country’s reserves.

In the years leading up to the Second World War the Army increased its training program and development projects for tanks. Fort Knox became the heart of the US Army’s Armored Force (subsequentlyrenamed the Armored Command and finally the Armored Center).

PFC Robert Brooks died on December 8 from injuries he received in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Fort Knox named its parade ground for him as its first casualty of the war.  Various specialprojects and units passed through the facility during the war and eventually Italian and German Prisoners of War were transferred to Fort Knox starting in 1944.

After the Second World War Fort Knox remained an important training center, headquarters, and weapons and tactics development resource for various Armored units and forces until 2005 when thecombat units and training operations were transferred to Fort Benning, GA and other operations were sent to Fort Knox as part of the military’s ongoing base closure and realignment program.

Fort Knox is a certified city in Kentucky and is also the home of Kentucky’s first airfield, Godman Field, which went into operation in 1918.

Henry Knox

The base is named for Henry Knox, who served as a general in the Continental Army and the United States Army before eventually retiring from military service. He went on to become the secondSecretary of War, appointed by Congress to the position in 1785 (two years after the War for Independence had been concluded). Henry Knox took an interest in artillery and served in the Bostonmilitia prior to the war. Based on his training and experience he was given command of artillery units and charged with building fortifications for them.

General Knox started the US Army’s first artillery training school and is credited with both pressuring Congress to honor its financial obligations to soldiers at the end of the war and assistingGeneral Washington in preventing a mutiny among high-ranking officers. Because of his frustrations with the Continental and subsequent Confederation Congress’ inability to support the military,Knox became an advocate of a strong central government for the country.

When it became clear that the United States could not effectively govern themselves or defend their territory under the Articles of Confederation and without a standing army Henry Knox was amongthe first to propose the establishment of a military academy, a standing army, an a strong national government. In fact, prior to the Constitutional Congress, Henry Knox sent to George Washingtonspecific recommendations that were similar in many ways to the ideas that were written into the constitution.

Knox’s influence led to Congress passing the Indian and Trade Intercourse Act of 1790, which recognized Native American tribes as sovereign nations, gave them certain protections, and reservedthe right to negotiate with them to the Federal government. However, Knox’s generous principles toward the First Nations were soon discarded in favor of the Doctrine of Discovery, under which theFederal government seized lands from and forced many tribes into dangerous and unwanted migrations.

His life included many other achievements, not all remembered kindly as he served as the model for Col. Pyncheon the Nathaniel Hawthorne book The House of the Seven Gables, but he hasbeen honored by the naming of towns, cities, buildings, and two military installations (the other being Fort Knox State Park in Maine).


The Fort Knox slot machine has an interesting theme based on a real fort that the United States Treasury stored its gold. This might be less important now than in the past, since the USA isno longer on the gold standard, but we think most people of a certain age know what Fort Knox is. The best thing about the game is the large progressive jackpot available.

We don’t know of a current online version that you can play, but if one does become available, it will probably have a separate progressive jackpot that doesn’t tie into the land-basednetwork.

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