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Crazy Cherry Slots

Cherries have long been one of the most common symbols used in slot machines. And Video Gaming Technology, also known as VGT, has created an entire theme around this classic symbol in CrazyCherry slots.

This game features a basic setup with 3 reels and one pay line. The symbols are also simplistic, putting this game in danger of being too generic.

But does Crazy Cherry have any defining characteristics that make it more entertaining than the average 3 reel slot machine?

You can find out below as we cover this slot’s symbols, bingo aspect, betting options, bonuses, and compare it to Crazy Cherry X’s.


Crazy Cherry’s cabinet sets the theme with a cherry pictured next to a bomb that’s set to explode. You’ll also see the title spelled out in multi colored letters that are meant to add to thecraziness.

When compared to the slots industry as a whole, this cabinet is nicely done. But it’s too simple in comparison to most other VGT slots, which offer more detailed displays.

You’ll also see a progressive jackpot in the top screen next to the words Easy Money Jackpot. This is the wide area progressive jackpot that VGT linked to some of its most popular slot machinesin 2015.

The Easy Money Jackpot is seeded with $250,000, and you win by getting three Easy Money Jackpot icons in a pay line on a 3 coin bet. Your chances of hitting this prize aren’t very high, but it’sstill fun dreaming about winning while you play.

Other VGT games that allow you to play for the wide area progressive jackpot include 777 Bourbon Street, Hot Red Ruby, King of Coin, Lucky Ducky, Mr. Money Bags, Reel Fever, and Smooth as Silk.

In addition to the Easy Jackpot Money icon, other symbols include a Crazy Cherry icon, 7, single BAR, double BAR, and triple BAR.

We warned you that these symbols are generic, and now you can see why.

What’s worse is that, as opposed to other VGT games, there’s no extra flair to these symbols.

Contrast this to Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike, another 3 reel VGT slot machine, which decorates the 7s, BARs, and cherries with gold nuggets, covered wagons, and pickaxes.

This simplicity makes playing Crazy Cherry feel like you’re in a time warp that’s taking you back to an early 1990s casino.

Nevertheless, Crazy Cherry still has a following in the tribal casinos throughout Oklahoma. Some of these casinos include:

  • Apache Casino in Lawton
  • Bristow Bingo Hall in the Creek Nation
  • Choctaw Casino in Idabel
  • Comanche Spur Casino in Elgin
  • Duck Creek Casino in Creek
  • Newcastle Gaming Center in Chickasaw
  • River Mist Casino in Seminole
  • Stone Wolf Casino in Pawnee
  • Wewoka Casino in Seminole

Crazy Cherry Is a Class II Bingo Slot Machine

Crazy Cherry is powered by VGT’s Live Call Bingo system, meaning it operates like a bingo game despite looking like a slot machine.

The reason why is because tribal casinos must follow the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, which states that Indian gaming machines should be bingo related. But tribal casinos get around this byoffering slots that work like bingo games.

Crazy Cherry and similar VGT slot machines are connected to a computerized system operator that generates numbers. If the numbers that you generate while playing correspond with those created bythe system operator, you win a prize.

The system operator only offers a set number of each type of prize. Once all of these payouts have been made, the prizes are reset and the game starts over.

This means that rather than playing Crazy Cherry against the house, you’re actually competing against other players for prizes.

You’ll notice a bingo card and random numbers beneath it on the left hand side of Crazy Cherry. These represent the numbers that you’re generating for your game’s bingo card. If you don’t likethe card, you can switch it at any time.

Class III Slot Machines

Most players are used to Class III slots, which are found in state licensed casinos and racetracks.

Rather than being connected to a centralized system processor, each Class III slot machine has its own random number generator (RNG) that determines wins/losses when you spin the reels.

You aren’t competing for a set number of prizes, but rather playing against long term odds set by the RNG. A certain prize might only be programmed to hit 1 out of every 10,000 spins, but there’sno limit to how many times you could win this payout due to the randomness.

Class III machines have lots of fans because they’re regulated by state authorities, and it’s possible to find out long term payback for these games.

Tribal casinos don’t have to offer payback information because their Class II machines are on sovereign land. For this reason, some people are scared to play Class II bingo slot machines.

But in our experiences, VGT slot machines have high hit frequency and seem to pay better than most Class III slots.

Crazy Cherry Slots Bonus

One of the biggest reasons why people play Crazy Cherry is because of its red screen re spins. Randomly following a win, your screen will flash red and you’ll get a free re spin / s.

VGT offers no information for how these re spins work. But slots players on forums suggest that these free re spins happen approximately one out of every five times that you win.

You’ll also earn more than one red screen re spin on occasion, with forum users suggesting that the max number of re spins is five.

One more point about these re spins is that they pay an amount equal to or greater than your triggering win. In the case of a 500 coin payout, you can look forward to netting at least another 500coins through the re spin.

Not only are the red screen re spins unique in the slots industry, but they also give you significant wins while you’re playing.

Beyond re spins, Crazy Cherry doesn’t offer any other bonus features. This is disappointing when you consider that many other VGT 3 reel slots have second screen bonus rounds.

Betting Options

Despite the $1 coin denomination listed on the front of the machine, Crazy Cherry allows you to change the coin denomination to:

  • $25
  • $1
  • $2
  • $3
  • $5

The $0.25 minimum coin denomination is common in many VGT games, but $5 is the lowest max coin size that we’ve seen.

You can also bet 1, 2, or 3 coins per spin. We recommend that you play all three coins because this is the only way that you can qualify for the top fixed payout of 10,000 coins along with theEasy Money Jackpot.

You’d think that a game with a progressive jackpot this large wouldn’t pay very often. But Crazy Cherry has a high hit frequency based on our playing experience.

What’s more is that the red screen re spins always come at the right time to boost your bankroll when you’re struggling.

Crazy Cherry X’s and Wager Gaming Crazy Cherry

Unlike VGT’s other hit 3 reel slots like Lucky Ducky, Lucky Leprechaun, and Mr. Money Bags, Crazy Cherry doesn’t have a sequel. But VGT did create a variation of this slot machine called CrazyCherry X’s.

You’ll also find another Crazy Cherry game that was created by Wagering Gaming. Here’s a closer look at both Crazy Cherry X’s and Wager Gaming’s version.

Crazy Cherry X’s

The big change in this game is that it offers multipliers; hence the X’s in the title. One Crazy Cherry icon in a winning pay line multiplies your prize by 2x, while two icons multiply yourpayout by 4x.

The second major change is that Crazy Cherry X’s includes a second screen bonus round. Appearing randomly after a win, the Cherry Bomb Bonus sees you pick one of six cherries to reveal yourprize.

These pick’em bonus rounds are very common throughout the slots world, but any second screen bonus is an upgrade from the original Crazy Cherry.

At 7,500 credits, Crazy Cherry X’s top fixed payout is lower than what the original game offers. You also won’t be able to play for the Easy Money Jackpot through this game either.

The only other notable difference in Crazy Cherry X’s is that a $10 max coin denomination has been added.

Similarities between the two games include 3 reels, one pay line, the same symbols, and betting 1 to 3 coins per spin.

We wouldn’t say that Crazy Cherry X’s is a tremendous upgrade from the original slot machine. But the second screen bonus round and multipliers add enough to make this a more entertaining game.

Wager Gaming’s Crazy Cherry

Just like VGT’s Crazy Cherry, Wager Gaming’s version is a 3 reel, single pay line slot machine. But the big difference is that Wager Gaming’s Crazy Cherry is offered in online casinos.

Another difference is that you can bet between 1 and 5 coins per spin. Coin denominations for this game include:

  • $0.10
  • $0.25
  • $0.50
  • $1
  • $5

Betting five coins gives you a chance to win the top payout of 5,000 coins. But we see no reason to wager 5 coins because the jackpot increases in perfect 1,000 credit increments as you bet morecoins.

You are better off wagering one coin and playing for a 1,000 credit jackpot, rather than risking 5 coins to play for a proportionate 5,000 credits.

The symbols in Wager Gaming and VT’s Crazy Cherry games are almost identical. Wager Gaming features 7s, BARs, and Crazy Cherry icons, while VGT has these same symbols along with the Easy MoneyJackpot icon.

These two slots are close enough that you can substitute the online Crazy Cherry for VGT’s version if you don’t live near an Oklahoma tribal casino. The only catch with Wager Gaming’s version isthat you can’t play for the wide area progressive jackpot.

Comparison to other VGT Slots

Many of VGT’s 3 reel slot machines offer similar gameplay and features. The same can be said of Crazy Cherry because it has 3 reels, one pay line, red screen re spins, and offers generic symbols.

But one aspect that separates Crazy Cherry from certain VGT 3 reel slots is the wide area progressive jackpot. You can only play for the Easy Money Jackpot on 8 machines, with Crazy Cherry beingone of them.

Other popular VGT 3 reel games like Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike, and Major Bucks aren’t linked to the jackpot.

On the downside, Crazy Cherry doesn’t have a second screen bonus round. Contrast this to VGT slot machines like Lucky Ducky, Hot Red Ruby, and Lucky Leprechaun, all of which have entertainingsecond screen bonuses.

If you want another bonus feature, you’ll have to try Crazy Cherry X’s, which has the aforementioned Cherry Bomb Bonus.


The best aspects of Crazy Cherry are that you can play for a jackpot worth over $250k, and the red screen re spins.

But the problem is that you can play for the same jackpot through seven other slot machines, while the re spins are a hallmark of any VGT game.

Crazy Cherry suffers from a lack of originality, even within slots made by the same company.

From the symbols to payouts, there’s little to distinguish Crazy Cherry from other 3 reel slot machines.

This is the case with a lot of VGT games, but the cabinet artwork usually creates some separation. We don’t see the same with Crazy Cherry, though, because this is one of the least detailed VGTcabinets that we’ve seen.

If you really want to play for the Easy Money Jackpot, we recommend playing another linked game like Hot Red Ruby, Lucky Ducky, Mr. Money Bags, or King of Coin.

Our Thoughts:

If you don’t care about the progressive jackpot, then we suggest Crazy Cherry X’s if you find it in the same casino. This is basically the same game as the original Crazy Cherry, except withmultipliers and a second screen bonus round.

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