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Play Real Money Roulette Online

The legend says that the math genius Blaise Pascal is the man who invented roulette, and he may well have expected it to be popular. He could never have predicted that by the 21st century there would be millions of people playing roulette for real money online.

People just love betting the wheel, and real money roulette is a staple at virtually all the top online casinos in 2022.

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If you enjoy real money roulette, or want to try it, this guide is for you. In addition to showing you the best roulette casinos online today, and what makes them the best, we’re going to cover some other stuff you should know about this game.

We recommend playing real money roulette online for various reasons, but you should also play roulette in real casinos. That’s a whole different experience. By the time you’re through with all the information and advice we have to offer, you’ll be confident in either scenario.

If you just want to get started as soon as possible, then you can jump right in with any our recommended casinos for online real money roulette. They’ve all gone through an extensive vetting process and we know you’ll like them.

All of our recommended roulette casinos are safe. They offer plenty of roulette tables, and they provide generous bonuses. There are other benefits to using them, too, as we discuss later.

We also provide details about the more popular real money online roulette games, and tell you about live dealer roulette. We list some of the most common questions about real money roulette, too, and answer them.

Here’s a list of all the sections on this page.

Best Online Casinos for Real Money Roulette

These real money roulette casinos have been carefully chosen by our team of experts. They all meet our high standards in areas such as safety, reputation, game variety and more. They are top quality gambling sites and each one deserves their place on our list.

Some of the other advantages that help them stand out among the many other real money online casinos with roulette are fast payouts, excellent promotions, and great customer support.

You genuinely won’t find any better places to play roulette online for real money.

Finding the Top Real Money Roulette Casinos

We hope that our readers are skeptical of the information presented by any website, including ours. It pays to be careful, especially when real cash is at stake.

That’s why we like to provide detailed descriptions of our working processes.

So, what are our methods for finding the best online casinos for roulette?

Well, let’s begin with our credentials and why we are confident in our ability to evaluate real money gambling sites.

Why Trust GamblingSites.com?

  • Decades of gambling experience
  • Expansive knowledge of the online gambling industry
  • Commitment to putting players first
  • Honest and unbiased rankings

Now let’s talk about the process of ranking the top real money roulette sites. Simply put, we test every single aspect of each casino to gauge the overall quality. We run background checks, we open accounts, and we play the roulette games on multiple platforms.

We make sure to explore the payment options and the payouts speed, talk to the support, and check every major promotion, reading the small print at the end. Then we rate all the roulette online casinos we review in the following categories.

Safety and Security

  • Gambling license
  • Security measures
  • Privacy policy
  • Reputation

Our primary goal is to determine that every single roulette website we feature deserves the trust of our readers. That’s why we start with a background check designed to find out more about the company behind the casino.

If we have no reason to worry, we continue with the gambling license and the security measures installed by the casino. The first is your biggest safety net when it comes to the site itself, the second is there to help against hackers and other harmful third parties.

We also look for the feedback of the previous customers that help us understand better if the casino is treating every user right. If there’s previous history of questionable behavior, we simply pass or even add the site to our casino blacklist.

Roulette Tables

  • Variety of roulette tables
  • Minimum and maximum bets
  • Graphics and design
  • House edge

After we feel confident enough to trust the site, we hit the real money roulette tables for research purposes. We try all the games, explore the limits, and play on several different platforms. The goal is to evaluate the overall experience and decide if the website belongs on our list of the top online real money roulette casinos.

The recommended options you see on this page all stood out in that aspect and offer a better online roulette experience than the competition.

Other Perks

  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Variety of payments
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Customer support service

There are many other reasons why we like our top-rated online casinos for roulette so much. They work with a good variety of payment providers, the cashouts are fast and you can enjoy most games on the go. You can add to that the polite and fast customer support service.

And finally, there are plenty of huge bonuses and promotions for both new and existing customers. While roulette is not ideal for that purpose, you can still gain extra value from selected offers in all of the best real money roulette casinos online.

Roulette Basics to Learn

One reason we like to play roulette for real money is because it’s not hard to learn. It might look confusing because there are many types of bets you can make. But appearances are often deceiving.

You can learn how to play roulette online for free at one of our recommended casinos (they all have “practice” tables). Odds are you’d pick up the game in minutes, and with zero risk to your bankroll.

Another option is to read a primer on the basics of real money roulette, like the one we have for you below. You’ll learn everything you need to know to start playing roulette today.

The Roulette Wheel

A roulette wheel has numbers arranged in a circle. The numbers 1-36 are either red or black, and there are one or two green zero slots.

American Roulette wheels have two green slots; one slot has a single zero (0) and the other a double zero (00). European Roulette wheels have one single zero green slot.

American Roulette wheel and European Roulette wheel

The green slots ensure the casino always has an edge. Otherwise you’d breakeven on all your bets (in the long run).

For example, you could bet on red or black, which are 50% to win or lose. In the long run, neither you nor the casino would win. The zeroes shift the odds ever-so-slightly in the casino’s favor.

Here is how much the single and double zero slots increase the odds against you winning.

Bet Payout Odds of Winning
Straight-up (a single number) 35:1 37:1
Split (covers two numbers) 17:1 18:1
Street (covers three numbers) 11:1 11.66:1
Corner (covers four numbers) 8:1 8.5:1
Column or Dozen 2:1 2.16:1
Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low 1:1 1.11:1

The odds of winning are slightly worse than the payouts because of the green slots. This puts you at a subtle disadvantage over the long run.

That’s why it’s much better to play European Roulette. The odds are slightly better as there is only one green slot compared to the two green slots on the American Roulette wheel.

The Roulette Board

The roulette board is where you place wagers. The layout may vary when you play online, but the basics are the same. Here is an example of what a roulette board looks like.

Example betting board for American Roulette

You can bet on everything you see here. You can also make bets on lines that straddle two or more numbers. We’ll talk more about betting and the types of roulette bets you can make in the next section.

Roulette Betting Options

There are several bets you can make playing roulette. Most of these bets fit in one of two categories, inside bets or outside bets.

Inside bets include any number or group of numbers ranging from 1-36. Inside bets are unique in that you can bet on any one or combination of numbers to meet the table minimum. For example, if the table has a $5 minimum bet, you could place $1 on five numbers to meet it.

Outside bets are different. These are the bets around the perimeter of the inside bets i.e. 0, 00, even, odd, black, red, 1-18, 19-36, or any of the column bets. You must bet the table minimum amount on any single wager. For example, if the minimum is $5, each outside bet you make must be at least $5.

That’s pretty much it, though, as far as rules go. From here, you can make any bet you want. Here’s a more detailed guide to all the types of roulette bet.

Types of Real Money Roulette Games Online

Many software developers provide quality real money roulette games and the online casinos gladly offer them to their customers. As a result, there’s a good choice of tables in terms of rules and gameplay.

There are a few roulette variants that are extremely popular can be found in most of the leading online casinos. Let’s take a look at them, so you know what to expect.

European Roulette

The standard version of the game that has only one zero and no special rules is called European Roulette. The house edge is 2.70% which is decent and better than many other casino games.

If there are no better versions, European roulette is a solid choice that can be found in all of our recommended roulette casinos.

American Roulette

The American version of the game is technically one to avoid. It comes with two zeros and the house edge is almost double that of European roulette at 5.26%.

You should only really play American Roulette if there are no other variants. It’s usually one of the worst options that is offered online. With that said, it’s still a lot of fun!

French Roulette

The roulette variant you should actively look for is French Roulette. It’s identical to European Roulette with one major exception. There is a rule that returns half of your bet when the zero is hit if you place a wager on one of the even-money options.

That reduces the house edge to only 1.35% and makes the French Roulette an excellent choice in the long run. Unfortunately, even some of the best casinos for real money online roulette don’t offer this variant.

Other Roulette Variants

The number of variants offered by some of the top roulette sites is truly staggering. Here are some of the less popular forms of the game that are still available in many places on the web.

  • Multi-ball Roulette
  • Multi-wheel Roulette
  • No-Aero Roulette
  • Mini Roulette
  • Progressive Roulette

They all provide different twists that change the gameplay of roulette and can be a lot of fun.

The good news is that many of the top developers of real money online roulette products are constantly working on new versions of the game. They experiment with new mechanics and additions that bring variety to the whole experience.

Online Roulette with Live Dealers

There is one major downside to playing roulette for real money online. Some of the experience gets lost when there is no physical wheel and ball involved. Playing roulette in a real casino is more authentic in that respect.

There’s a good compromise available at most roulette casinos these days, though, and that’s live dealer roulette.

Playing online roulette with live dealers effectively combines the advantages of both options. You l get to interact with a real person and play on a real roulette wheel, but you can do it from the comfort of your own home with all the benefits that legit online casinos have to offer.

Examples of live dealer real money roulette

Thanks to the latest live streaming technologies, the quality of the picture is usually excellent. On top of that, the games are fast-paced and the limits are flexible

If you are interested in playing real money roulette with live dealers, we recommend you to check the following page.

Online Roulette FAQ

Can I win real money playing roulette online?

Even the best roulette casinos online offer games with a fixed house edge. That means that the gambling sites always have an advantage over you in the long run, unless you find a promotion that makes up for that.

 As a result, winning at roulette is possible only if you get lucky and that’s not sustainable over a long period of time. You can definitely have winning sessions, though, and many people do.

Are there profitable systems for online roulette?

The simple answer is no. If someone is promising you a system that guarantees profits from playing roulette with real money online, he’s either misleading you or simply clueless. No system can eliminate the advantage of the casino.

Are there bonuses for real money roulette online?

Most internet casinos are not exactly fond of roulette because of the relatively low house edge. And yet, many of them still offer some promotions and bonuses.

All of our top-rated online casinos for roulette have at least some deals that can bring you extra value.

Is online roulette fair?

If you stick to reputable sites that offer games by proven developers and work with a gambling license by a respected regulator, the answer is yes. If you try fishy sites with a shady reputation, though, you might run into trouble.

Can I play roulette online for free?

Yes, plenty of online casinos with real money roulette offer free versions of their games. That’s a good way to learn the game and feel comfortable, before investing real cash.

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