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A Guide to Playing Lucky Blackjack

Lucky Blackjack is a blackjack variant that is only available at Playtech online casinos. These sites are available for real money games in most countries. Unfortunately, the United States is not one of them.

This variant is nothing like the traditional version of blackjack. That is because there is no skill involved. It is more like a roulette game with cards.

A bettor places money on an exact outcome of the hand. Winners are paid based on the odds assigned to those numbers.

We do not feel that Lucky Blackjack is a good game to play. Its house edge is as high as 15%, depending on the number. The best numbers still have a house advantage of more than 3%.

Some players hoping to learn blackjack may think that this game is a good way to go about doing that. We disagree.

A better idea is to play normal blackjack games in practice mode. This will give you a better idea of how to play blackjack while using proper strategy. Lucky Blackjack is a poor substitute for it.

Differences Between Lucky Blackjack and Traditional Game

There are big differences between Lucky Blackjack and the traditional game.

Lucky Blackjack’s name says it all. You need LUCK to win at it.

There is nothing a player can do to change the outcome of the game other than picking the right number on the virtual felt. That requires psychic abilities.

Skill plays no part in Lucky Blackjack. You are just picking one or more numbers 17 or higher or a bust. If your number comes, you get paid.

How to Play Lucky Blackjack

The first step in playing Lucky Blackjack is to pick your favorite Playtech online casino.

Once you have found the game in the blackjack menu, click the denomination of chips that you would like to bet. After that, place the chips in the desired betting circle related to the number that you would like to see win.

You may bet more than one number. The minimum bet is one chip per outcome.

Bets may be placed on the winning number being 17, 18, 19, 20, or 21. There is also a bet for a bust if the total becomes 22 or higher.

Once your bet is established, click the deal button. The software will take it from there.

One hand is dealt two cards. If the two cards equal 17 or higher, the game ends, and the bet associated with that number is paid. If the cards total 16 or under, the game will draw until 17 or higher is achieved or the hand busts with a number over 21.

The hand stands on all 17s. This means that an ace and a six will not be hit like it is in some other blackjack games. It is treated the same as a seven and a face card.

This does not really matter since there is no player advantage to the dealer busting unless that bet is chosen on the table. This rule is built into the return on a bust.

Once the hand’s value is determined, winning bets are paid based on the following pay table with the house edge in parentheses.

  • 17: 5-1 (12.5%)
  • 18: 6-1 (3.3%)
  • 19: 6-1(5.6%)
  • 20: 4-1 (12.1%)
  • 21: 12-1 (4.3%)
  • Bust: 2-1 (14.9%)

House edges were computed by Wizard of Odds.

When the hand is over, you can click the “new game” button and make fresh bets on the next hand. The game uses one deck and reshuffles after every hand.

To leave, click the “x” button to go back to the Playtech main menu.

Lucky Blackjack Strategy

There is no strategy for Lucky Blackjack. That is because the game contains no skill in improving the odds.

The player simply bets at least one number and hopes that the hand makes something where chips sit.

There is no more skill in Lucky Blackjack than there is in a slot machine or keno lounge. However, the house edge is lower in Lucky Blackjack than some other games that are pure luck.

Where to Play Lucky Blackjack

Lucky Blackjack is distributed by Playtech. That is an online casino company that specializes in Europe.

Major Playtech licensees include Bet365, Paddy Power, Casino.com, Grosvenor Casino, Gala Casino, and Mansion Casino.

Lucky Blackjack is not spread in live casinos. It is ONLY available at internet casinos.

Our Picks

While all the above Playtech casinos are quality, we recommend Bet365 over the rest. The reason for this is that Bet365’s reputation is one of the highest in the world. It always processes withdrawals quickly. Support is well above average. The sportsbook at Bet365 has one of the widest menus in the industry. It also offers online poker on the iPoker Network and a wide variety of Playtech casino games.

Paddy Power is our second-favorite Playtech casino that spreads Lucky Blackjack. It has all the redeeming qualities Bet365 has. It even has the companion site Betfair in its family, permitting action on its sports betting exchange.


We cannot come up with any reason to play Lucky Blackjack. The best bet on the table has a house edge that is about seven times that of a standard blackjack game. The worst bet is 30 times higher.

If you understand the skill behind blackjack or can read a strategy card, we suggest sticking to a standard table or a quality variant like Spanish 21 or Double Attack Blackjack.

If you are looking for a game that is pure luck, stick to European Roulette or craps. Both those games have a house edge that is significantly lower than Lucky Blackjack.

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