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Double Attack Blackjack – How to Play and Strategy Advice

Double Attack Blackjack is a blackjack variant that has some similarities to Spanish 21. That is because the tens are removed from the deck.

This game is spread with six or eight decks. These only have 48 cards each due to the missing 10 cards.

The lack of tens in the deck offsets some unusual rules. Most are player friendly. This includes the ability to double the bet when seeing the dealer’s door card.

Insurance has a higher payout than normal, while blackjack has a lower one. The game offers a side bet called “Bustit.”

Double Attack Blackjack is available on the Las Vegas Strip and in Atlantic City, but it is not currently spread at any online casinos

How Double Attack Blackjack Differs from Traditional Blackjack

There are several differences between Double Attack Blackjack and the traditional version of the game. For starters, the game uses 48-card decks because the tens are removed. Blackjack only pays even money while insurance pays 5-2.

The big difference between Double Attack Blackjack and standard games is that a player may make a new wager up to double the original bet once the dealer exposes his door card. This is the double attack referred to in the game’s name.

For those of you not familiar with the term, the dealer’s door card is their face-up card that you see before playing your hand.

One more difference is the Bustit side bet. This pays out when the dealer busts on three cards. Players may double down or surrender at any time.

Surrender is available at any point in the hand, even after a double attack. Split aces only receive one card. The dealer stands on all 17s.

How to Play Double Attack Blackjack

The first step in making a Double Attack Blackjack hand is making a wager. Place this in the main betting circle in front of you. If you want to play the optional Bustit side bet, you must do so at this point. The wager will pay off if the dealer busts on three cards.

After all bets are placed, the dealer then gives one card face up to each player and the house. At this point, players can raise the original bet up to double the amount. This bet must be doubled again in case of a split.

Note that a double down doesn’t have to be EXACTLY double. It can’t be more than double the original stake, but it can be less. This bet goes in the box next to the original wager. Players that do not wish to take advantage of the double attack do nothing during this round.

Once the double attack bets are placed, each player receives another card face up. The dealer gets one face down. If the dealer shows an ace, insurance is offered. This pays 5-2 if the dealer has blackjack.

The adjusted insurance payout in this game reflects the lack of tens in the deck.

The dealer will then check for blackjack. The house does the same if it is showing a jack, queen, or king. If the dealer has blackjack, the hand ends. Players with blackjack push here. Everyone else loses.

If the dealer does not have blackjack, the hand continues. Any player with blackjack gets paid even money. Players that do not have blackjack have several options. These include hit, stand, double down, and surrender. If dealt a pair, split is also offered.

  • Hit: To do this, tap the table in front of your cards. You will receive one card. You may hit until you make 21 or bust with a total over 21.
  • Stand: Wave your hand over the bet to stand. This tells the dealer that you do not want any more cards.
  • Double down: Place a bet next to your original ones to double down. It may be less than the first wager but not more. This will get you one card and only one card. Double down is permitted on any number of cards.
  • Surrender:Run your finger in front of your bet to surrender. This folds the hand, and half the bet is returned. You may surrender at any time.
  • Split: If dealt a pair, you may match the original wagers to create two hands. One card from each pair is placed into a new hand. A new card is added to it. Split hands may be doubled or surrendered. Split hands are paid independently.

Once players act, the dealer’s hole card is shown. If the dealer has 17 or higher, the dealer stands. If the count is 16 or below, the dealer hits until he has 17. The house stands on all 17s at Double Attack Blackjack.

If the player beats the dealer, all bets win even money. If the dealer beats the players, the house gets all bets. If the player and dealer have the same point value, it ends in a push. The player receives the bet back. Split hands are graded separately.

There is a circle for a Bustit side bet. This pays if the dealer busts on three cards based on the following pay table.

  • Suited 888: 500-1
  • 888 of same color: 50-1
  • Dealer busts 16: 15-1
  • Dealer busts 15: 10-1
  • Dealer busts 14: 8-1
  • Dealer busts 13: 6-1
  • Dealer busts 12: 3-1

Double Attack Blackjack Strategy

There are two different strategies required to play Double Attack Blackjack perfectly. The first involves knowing when to take advantage of the double attack feature. This is easy. If the dealer shows a 2 through 8, double your bet.

The next step is to play the hand correctly. Follow the rules below.

Hard Hands

A hard hand is one that does not include an ace, or if it does have an ace, it can bust.

  • 4 through 8: Always hit
  • 9: Double down against 9; otherwise, hit
  • 10: Double down against 2 through 8; otherwise, hit
  • 11: Always double down
  • 12 and 13: Always hit
  • 14: Stand against 4, 5, or 6; otherwise, hit
  • 15 and 16: Stand against 2 through 6; otherwise, hit
  • 17: Surrender against ace; otherwise, stand
  • 18 and higher: Always stand

Soft Hands

A soft hand is one that includes an ace and cannot bust. For example, an ace and a four makes soft 15.

  • Soft 13 through 15: Always hit
  • Soft 16: Double down against 6; otherwise, hit
  • Soft 17: Double down against 4 through 6; otherwise, hit
  • Soft 18: Double down against 5 and 6, hit against 9, 10, or ace; otherwise, stand
  • Soft 19 and higher: Always stand


You are permitted to split if dealt a pair. This turns the pair into two hands, each receiving a new card. Split hands may be doubled or surrendered. Aces only receive one card and may not be re-split.

  • 2s: Split against 3 through 6; otherwise, hit
  • 3s: Split against 3 through 8; otherwise, hit
  • 4s: Always hit
  • 5s: Double down against 2 through 8; otherwise, hit
  • 6s: Split against 4 through 6; otherwise, hit
  • 7s: Split against 2 through 7; otherwise, hit
  • 8s: Always split
  • 9s: Split against 4 through 6, as well as 8 and 9; otherwise, stand
  • 10s: Always stand
  • Aces: Always split

The chart below shows all this strategy advice in a visual format.

Double Attack Blackjack Strategy Chart

Where to Play Double Attack Blackjack

There are two land-based casinos that spread Double Attack Blackjack.

One is Bally’s in Las Vegas. The other is Harrah’s in Atlantic City.

We’re not aware of any online casinos that currently offer the game.

Our Pick

Harrah’s Atlantic City is one of our favorite casinos. It is on the marina and offers great views and nightlife. That makes it our pick for Double Attack Blackjack.


The house edge for this game is 0.62% when playing perfect strategy. This makes it one of the best blackjack variants on the market.

We recommend playing this variant, even if there are 3-2 blackjack games. We find Double Attack Blackjack to be more fun.

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