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Best No Download Casinos and Instant Games

No one wants to clog up and slow down their computer with casino software. But it’s inevitable if you have multiple online casino accounts, isn’t it?

Nope. All you need is an account with one of the best no download casinos, a few bucks in your account, and you can play your favorite casino games instantly – no download required.

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Don’t want to bother with downloading casino software?

We don’t blame you – many people don’t. Or, they can’t.

You see, many people use Mac computers. Or, the Linux operating system. So they couldn’t download the casinos’ software even if they wanted to.

Then you have people people who use Windows who don’t want to download software for a variety of reasons we’ll share later.

And the good news? We don’t have to. Because there are no download casinos we can play at instead.

If you’re already familiar with no download casinos, don’t let us hold you up. We have a list of the favorite no download online casinos above. Feel free to take your pick, read reviews and check out each of the casinos now.

Please Note

We want to point out that a “no download casino” is the same as a Mac compatible, mobile responsive, browser, Java and Flash casino. They all let you play games without having to download software.

For everyone else – the rest of this page will be dedicated to educating the masses about no download casinos. This includes what they are, why you might want to play at one and how to get started – and more.

Let’s go.

What is a “No Download” Casino?

It’s a casino you play at from your browser. Sort of like those free Flash games you can play online. In fact, many no download casinos use Flash. Other casinos use Java or HTML5.

All you need is a compatible browser – one that supports the technology your casino’s using for their games. Most major browsers will work. We recommend Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Because you play from your browser, no download casinos are a great choice for Mac or Linux players. In fact, it’s really their only option unless they want to go a more technical route.

And that’s just one of the many benefits of choosing this option over a download.

Why Choose This Over the Download?

There are many reasons why you should choose a no download casino over a download – even if you can download the software.

Those reasons include:

  • Complete casino files can be MASSIVE. They can take up a lot of space. They use up a lot of resources, which can result in lagging or slowing your computer overall.
  • Many casino downloads give you ALL their games. And most casinos have 120+ games. Some more than 500. Do you plan to play them all? Most people won’t, so why have them all on your computer?
  • You can play in different locations – all you need is an internet connection. This can be someone else’s house, an internet café, library, hotel and so on.
  • This is a great way to test a few different casinos before committing to just one (and downloading their software).
  • Since you’re not using your computer’s resources to play games, there’s a good chance the games will be fast and fluid (assuming you have a decent connection).
  • You can still play no download games for free.
  • Software can leave footprints on your computer, even if you’ve uninstalled it. This can slow your computer down. You avoid that with no download casinos.
  • You also avoid most viruses – at least viruses attached to downloads.
  • You don’t have to worry about updating software (because, if you forget, you’re that much more susceptible to viruses).

Overall, choosing a no download casino simplifies the entire process. Just connect to the internet, log-in and play. You don’t have to worry about specs. You don’t have to worry about waiting for the software to finish downloading. You don’t have to worry about updates.

You don’t have to worry about much of anything.

Even though many people still do.

10 Important Things People Worry About (That You Shouldn’t)

Whenever you mention something new or different – especially to veterans – panic – and loads of questions – usually follow.

Here are some important things online casino players worry about, but don’t have to when it comes to no download casinos.

Your Account

If you already have an account, you don’t have to create a new one if you play at the same casino. All you have to do is log-in to the no download casino. Most log-in forms are at the top of the casino’s website.

Mobile Devices

No download casinos are often mobile friendly. In fact, many casinos have no download mobile casinos. These, too, require no download – just a compatible browser and internet connection.

Other casinos, like those using HTML5, have a one-size-fits-all casino. The casino will adjust to fit the size of whatever screen you’re using, be it a laptop, tablet or phone.

Bonuses & Rewards

No download casino players are treated the same. You will have the opportunity to get your hands on the casino’s new player deposit bonus, reload bonus, free cash and spins offers. That goes for VIP rewards, too – you’ll still earn points playing games from your browser.


There’s nothing different here, either. Once you’re logged in you’ll be able to access the cashier. From there you can choose whatever banking option you want to use to make your deposit, or to cash out. And you’ll have all the banking methods the casino offers to players in your region.


This is (probably) where you’ll see the biggest difference between a casino download and the no download casino.

Back a couple years ago, when no download casinos were becoming more popular, casinos would only include 60-75% of their game selection in their no download casino. The entire library would be in the download.

This would suck because there might be a game you wanted to play, but couldn’t without first downloading the software.

That’s still the case at some casinos. But the bright side is that the games most often excluded are the lesser popular ones, like blackjack or video poker variations. Games only the real fans would miss.

And nowadays, as more and more casinos move to HTML5, game exclusion isn’t a problem. All games are available.

The bottom line – it really depends on where you play. Even then, all casinos one day will likely be no download casinos, thus no one will exclude games from players.


No need to worry – no download casinos are safe and secure. Every casino I can recall visiting has had an SSL certificate, which means they encrypt all information that goes to/from their servers. What that means is that whenever you punch in your credit card name or social security number, it’s encrypted so that hackers can’t get to it (let alone know what it is).

This is the same technology banks use. So, if you can trust them, you can trust one of these casinos.

Internet Connections

Ideally you have a high speed internet connection. The games are more likely to operate fast, fluid and without any lagging or interruptions. But you CAN use a slow or even dial up connection without experiencing any huge problems.

Software Quality

A couple years ago when these were still becoming “a thing,” players complained about the quality of no download games. They didn’t look as good. They didn’t function as well. In short, they were subpar.

But nowadays – in 2016 – that’s not a problem. Between the upgraded tech (Java, Flash and HTML5 have all been worked up and have had updates) and improvements from gaming software companies, no download software is just as good – if not better – than a download’s.

Playing for Free / Real Money

You can play for both free or real money. In fact, some casinos let you play for free without even having to create an account first. The best example (and an excellent casino overall) is Bovada or Bodog.


Your (no download) account is in no way tied to your home computer. In fact, you won’t even leave any footprints other than your browser history, which you can delete. And, so long as you log out before you get off the computer, no one will be able to access your account. Which means you can play from any location – no worries at all.

In Summary

No download casinos are the bees knees. Seriously, you should check them out if you haven’t already. It’s a simpler alternative to gambling for real money online that’s still safe and secure. Yet it’s more freeing because you’re not anchored to one location.

And, in this day and age where mobile is king, I think that’s something most people can get behind.

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