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Best Betting Apps

If you like to place real money bets on the go and want a quality wagering option, check out our list of the best betting apps.

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We believe these are the top betting apps available for multiple reasons. For a start, they’re created by reliable gambling operators that can be trusted. These apps are from some of the best known betting sites, bookmakers, and online sportsbooks around.

These betting apps also offer juicy promotions and a variety of wagering options. You can not only bet on sports but also enjoy placing wagers on esports, politics, entertainment, and other exciting betting markets.

But that’s just the beginning. We’ll go through all of the advantages of the best real money betting apps on this page and also provide instructions on how to sign up for and install them. The other sections will explore the different mobile betting options at your disposal and answer some frequently asked questions.

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Ranking Real Money Betting Apps

Finding the best sports betting app can be tough. That’s why we built this page to help. We conduct an detailed review of many real money betting apps to find the best among them. This is an extensive process that requires a combination of in-depth research and thorough testing. Our team of experts look at a wide range of factors in their quest to compile the most accurate rankings possible.

Here are the main factors we consider when ranking the best betting apps.

  • Safety and reputation
  • Ease of use
  • Variety of sports
  • Promotions
  • Betting odds
  • Live betting
  • Payments
  • Other features
  • Devices supported
  • Help and support
How we rank the best betting apps

Safety and Reputation

Our top priority is to stick to real money betting apps that are safe to use. We don’t want to recommend any app that might put your money or personal information at risk. There are multiple steps in our safety check.

The first one is to check the online gambling license of the option we’re considering adding to our list of the best apps for betting. It must be issued by a commission that is known for applying strict regulations designed to protect the customers.

Once we see that such a license is in place, we move on to the security measures. The best mobile betting apps offer enough protections that your account can’t be hacked by third parties that might attempt to steal your money and data.

The last step is to look at the reputation of all betting apps. We go through the feedback of the customers in the App Store and in other places on the internet to determine if the bookmaker can be trusted.

We need to be completely certain each player is safe before we consider adding an app to our list.

Ease of Use

Many people underestimate the importance of the user interface and the design, but it’s crucial when you’re on the go. Stick to online betting apps that allow seamless navigation and are truly optimized for the resources of your phone or tablet.

That includes big and clear buttons, an intuitive app structure, speed, and other factors that contribute to the overall user experience. We made sure that our top-rated betting apps pay enough attention to each of them.

Variety of Sports

Next in line are the available sports and competitions. We want to see as many betting options as possible so that each player will have the chance to find their preferred betting opportunities on the go.

The best apps for betting on sports will offer you all the popular leagues from all over the globe, as well as many minor competitions. Their list of betting markets is also impressive, giving you the option to find plenty of exciting betting options.

Finally, many of our top sports betting apps feature interesting fields like esports, politics, and entertainment. You might be able to cash in your knowledge in any of those thanks to the available betting markets.

Betting Odds

This one is fairly simple, so we won’t dig deep. We want to consistently see betting odds that are above the industry average. That’s exactly what our best apps for betting will offer you. As a result, your chances of making money in the long run improve dramatically.

Ideally, you could join several of the top betting apps so that you can compare the odds and place your money on the highest possible price.

Live Betting

Live betting and mobile sports betting apps are a match made in heaven. If you join a bookmaker that offers in-play wagers on the go, you can combine all kinds of experiences. For example, you can go to a bar to watch your favorite team with friends and still make some money in the process.

All of the best betting apps on this page make sure you can place your wagers live. They cover a large variety of sports and events from different parts of the world.


All of the top real money betting apps offer plenty of promotions to both new and existing customers. As soon as you join any of them, you can take advantage of the welcome bonus, which will boost your bankroll significantly.

After you’ve used up the initial deal, there are loyalty programs, reload bonuses, and other promotions designed to keep every player happy. Furthermore, many of the mobile bookmakers have special offers for bettors on the go. Make sure to follow all of the promos out there so that you don’t miss on the extra value.


Our top-rated betting apps want to give each customer as many trusted payment options as possible. As a result, you usually can pick from at least several from the following.

  • Credit and debit cards: Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Diners Club
  • E-wallets: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller
  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Other: Prepaid cards, pay-by-phone services, wire transfers, money transfers services

The full list of banking methods at your disposal depends on your country of residence and the bookmaker you decide to join.

Withdrawal speed is the other aspect we always evaluate. The best real money betting apps will send your cash quickly, as illustrated below.

1-2 Days 3+ Working Days
BitcoinWire Transfers

You can expect your withdrawals within a day or two for e-wallets and crypto, while the payouts with the other options are processed after a few working days.

Other Features

The online gambling industry is dynamic and constantly adds new and exciting features. Nowadays, you can even use options like Cash Out and Bet Builder via the best sports betting apps. The first one allows you to settle your bet before the event is finished. It’s especially useful on the go, as you can secure your profits or cut your losses at any given moment.

As for the Bet Builders, they are designed to provide each customer with the freedom to create his own betting market. You can combine different options, and the sports betting apps will offer you a price. It’s a nice way to craft your own opportunities.

Devices Supported

All of our suggestions here are free betting apps that function on a wide range of mobile devices. You can place wagers on the likes of iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and other mainstream phones and tablets.

Help and Support

Every once in a while, you might have an issue that requires some assistance. The top betting apps provide an extensive help section that features useful information on popular topics like promotions, betting markets, sports, terms and conditions, and more.

If that’s not enough, you can contact the customer support service on the go. The staff will politely resolve your problem in a timely manner.

How Do Betting Apps Work?

If you have never used any free betting apps for sports wagers, don’t worry. The process is rather simple, as we will explain here. The first step is to pick the mobile bookmaker you want to join. Depending on your choice, there are several different ways to add the app to your device.

  • Mobile-responsive betting apps: Most mobile sportsbooks nowadays won’t require you to download additional software thanks to HTML5. You can simply open their page using the browser of your device. If you want faster access, you can bookmark the link and add it as a separate icon
  • App store downloads: If you prefer native software, you can often find the best sportsbook apps in your respective app store, such as the iOS App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store. Simply find the bookmaker there, download the app, and install it
  • SMS downloads: In some cases, the relevant betting website will allow you to provide your phone number and will send you an SMS with a link that will help you install their betting app
  • QR code: Many of the best betting apps are also available through QR codes. Simply scan the QR code and work your way through the subsequent prompts

Once you have your desired mobile betting app on your phone, it’s time to open a new account. The sign-up process is easy and usually takes several minutes at most. You will be required to fill in some personal information, as well as select a username and password.

When you’re done, your betting account will be ready to go. Log in and deposit some funds, and then you can start betting on sports via mobile. Just browse around the different sports and leagues until you find a market you like. Then place your wager and confirm it. The last step usually takes just seconds.

If you make some profitable betting choices and make money, you can then withdraw your profits. This happens through the Cashier section. Simply open it, pick a suitable payment option, and request a payout. The best sports betting apps will send your withdrawal quickly.

What You Can Bet On With Mobile Betting Apps

What can you bet on, or what types of bets can you make, using mobile betting apps? The answer to both questions is simple. You can place the same types of bets on the same types of things as you can from your computer.

We’ll look at the types of mobile bets you can make in a moment. First, let’s look at what you can bet on. Everything falls into one of the following three categories.

  • Sports
  • Events
  • Other


These are the most common sports you can bet on using one of our recommended betting apps. Click anything that interests you to learn more about betting on that sport using your smartphone or tablet.

We don’t yet have a dedicated mobile betting app page for every sport or event you can bet on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bet on sports like hockey, cricket, darts, rugby, snooker, or volleyball. You can.

In fact, if you can bet on it from your laptop or desktop computer, you can bet on it from a mobile betting app.

This applies to events too.


There are numerous events that take place around the world that you can bet on from your mobile device.

Here are some of the more popular options.

The American Gaming Association estimated that 26 million Americans would bet $6.8 billion on the 2020 Super Bowl.

You can bet that a significant percentage of those wagers were made using a betting app.

March Madness

The AGA estimated in 2019 that 40 million adults would fill out a bracket and that 47 million Americans would bet on the tournament.

You can bet on it too, even from your phone.

Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is an annual horse race that takes place in Louisville, Kentucky. The last purse, which was $3 million, pales in comparison to the $165.5 million wagered in 2019. That amount probably doesn’t include all the bets people made on the race using their mobile phones either.

These are only three examples of the dozens of events you can bet on using mobile betting apps. Other examples include the Olympics, World Series, and NBA Playoffs.

There’s literally no shortage of things you can bet on using your smartphone.


We’re not done yet either. Here are a few more examples of sports, tournaments, or events you can bet on for real money using your mobile device.


This esports industry has taken off like a rocket.

Experts believe that more than 300 million people will watch esports tournaments regularly by 2023. Most betting apps offer esports betting, but you can bet that those that don’t will within the next few years.


You can bet on all types of politics these days.

Common markets on political betting apps include who you think will become the next President of the United States, the British Parliament Election, the Australian Parliament Election, and more.


Bet on TV and award shows like Dancing with the Stars, The Oscars, Who’s Got Talent, Eurovision, and more, all from your mobile phone.

We’re only scraping the surface of everything you can bet on using mobile betting apps. The sky is truly the limit. And we haven’t even talked about the types of mobile bets you can make yet.

Types of Mobile Bets and Betting Features

Mobile sports bettors don’t only ask about what they can bet on. They also ask about the types of bets they can make. Once again, you make all the same bets that desktop or laptop users can bet on.

  • Straight bets
  • Prop bets
  • Over/unders
  • Totals
  • Futures
  • Moneylines
  • Spread bets
  • And more!

Mobile bettors can use the same features too. That includes features that allow you to cash-out early or features such as live betting or the option to watch live streams.

Anyway, the point we’re trying to make is this – if there is something you want to bet on, or if there is a specific type of bet you want to make, odds are you can do it using a real money betting app. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

Mobile Betting Apps Frequently Asked Questions

Are online betting apps legal?

Yes, at least those of them that have the required online gambling license. There is no difference in betting online from your desktop or mobile device. The same laws apply, so if sports betting on the internet is legal in your country, you can do the same on the go.

If you don’t actually know if betting on the web is legal, we recommend you to take a look at our page that’s dedicated to the different gambling jurisdictions. Look for your country there and learn more about the local legislation.

What can you bet on with betting apps?

Most of the top-rated betting apps have exactly the same events and markets available on the go as they do on desktop. They offer mainstream sports like football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and many more. The number of markets reaches could reach 100+ options for some of the most popular sporting events.

To be considered the best sports betting app, an app should also include obscure sports and leagues from all over the globe. If there is an official sporting event that has even the slightest popularity somewhere in the world, chances are that you will find it on mobile. You can also bet on things other than sports, such as politics and entertainment.

Do mobile betting apps offer live betting?

If the bookmaker or sportsbook offers live betting in general, it’s likely to be part of its mobile app too. You can enjoy various in-play wagers on popular competitions from football, basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, and others. Furthermore, the best betting apps include live updates, push notifications, and other features that make the experience even better.

Some of the leading options on the go even have live streaming. They allow you to watch exciting sporting events for free. The only condition usually is to have a positive account balance or to have placed a real-money wager within the past 24 hours.

Can I use the same account for desktop betting and app betting?

Yes, in fact, you are required to use the same account. Once you join and fill in credentials, you can use them to access your betting account on any device that supports the site or the app. Simply log in and you are good to go.

The account balance, the outstanding bets, and the promotions are all shared between the different phones, tablets, computers, or any other device you might be using.