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How and Where to Bet on the Oscars Online

Tens of millions of viewers tune in to watch the Academy Awards each year. They want to catch up on the celebrity gossip and to see whether their favorite actor or actress or movie will win an award.

But did you know that you can also bet on the Oscars online? All you need is a few bucks and an account at one of the best Oscars betting sites.

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You can bet on who will win an Oscars award in categories such as Best Actor, Director, Original Song, and Visual Effects. Some of the top Oscars betting sites even offer prop bets for Academy Awards.

Combine this with a deposit bonus, cash back, and loads of features, and you can see why betting on the Academy Awards online is actually very popular.

You can have a lot of fun with it, and even make some money. Following the Oscars betting tips on this page will help. Most importantly of all, make sure you join one of the best sites for betting on the Oscars.

Best Oscars Betting Sites

These are the best sites for Oscars betting on the internet right now. Our team spent hours researching and reviewing each one to weed out the losers so that you don’t have to.

This benefits you in two major ways.

One, you avoid joining a subpar online betting site that doesn’t adequately cover the Oscars. And two, you avoid sites that exist only to steal from their “customers.”

These online sportsbooks and bookmakers are as safe as they come, and provide a great all-round service for betting on the Oscars.

Oscars Betting Sites

Ranking Oscars Betting Sites

We produce our rankings of all real money gambling sites by conducting a thorough process involving comprehensive research and testing.  Assessing the following areas is a key part of this process.

  • Gambling license, reputation, and company history
  • Software security
  • Banking options, limits, and fees
  • Promotions and wager requirements
  • Customer support options and response times
  • Mobile compatibility and mobile betting options

These are not the only things we look, but they have a big influence on who makes our rankings. If a gambling sites fails in any of these areas, there’s no way we’ll tout them as one of the best sites in ANY category.

But if everything looks great, then we consider relevance. In the case of ranking the top Oscars betting sites, we ask several questions to determine if the site is a great option for betting on the Oscars online.

  • Do they have a variety of Oscars wagers and prop bets?
  • Do they post their Oscars odds early enough for you to find value?
  • Are their odds competitive?
  • Are they running any Oscars betting promotions?
  • Do they share their own data, picks, or predictions you can use to make your bets?

If a site meets our standards across the board, we add them to our shortlist for one of the best Oscars betting sites.

From here, we rank them based on how well they do in each category compared to the others on the shortlist.

This isn’t an easy process. It takes us hours of our time. But we do this so that you don’t have to.

That’s why we’re so confident when we say these are the best Oscars betting sites you can join. Put simply, we did the work.

And now you can reap the rewards of our effort.

Popular Oscars Bets

One challenge you’ll face with entertainment betting is that it’s more like prop betting or playing a casino game like craps or roulette. There’s more chance than skill compared to other types of betting.

The Oscars are more forgiving. There’s still more luck than skill, but the Oscars have the same categories every year. This means there are patterns you can use to make profitable bets.

We’ll show you how to bet on Oscars successfully in the next section. But first, let’s talk about the types of Oscars bets you can make online.

The Academy awards Oscars in more than 20 categories. Not every sportsbook offers odds on all these categories, but any bookmaker worth joining will accept action on the following six categories. 

These odds are examples from the 2020 Academy Awards.

Best Picture

  • 1917 -167
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood +450
  • Joker +1400

Best Actor

  • Joaquin Phoenix (Joker) -2000
  • Leonardo DiCaprio (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) +3300
  • Adam Driver (Marriage Story) +900

Best Actress

  • Renee Zellweger (Judy) -1000
  • Scarlett Johansson (Marriage Story) +700
  • Charlize Theron (Bombshell) +3300

Best Supporting Actor

  • Al Pacino (The Irishman) +2000
  • Anthony Hopkins (The Two Popes) +3300
  • Joe Pesci (The Irishman) +1000

Best Supporting Actress

  • Florence Pugh (Little Women) +1000
  • Kathy Bates (Richard Jewell) +4000
  • Margot Robbie (Bombshell) +800

Best Director

  • Sam Mendes (1917) -175
  • Bong Joon Ho (Parasite) +190
  • Todd Phillips (Joker) +4000

This is an okay selection, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to all the Academy Awards categories you can bet on if you join one of the best sites for Oscars betting.

Here are the rest of your options.

  • Best International Feature Film
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Adapted Screenplay
  • Best Production Design
  • Best Original Score
  • Best Original Screenplay
  • Best Visual Effects
  • Best Makeup and Hairstyling
  • Best Animated Feature Film
  • Best Original Song
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Film Editing
  • Best Sound Editing
  • Best Sound Mixing
  • Best Documentary Feature

Most Oscars wagers are straight bets or outrights.

Oscars prop bets are hard to find but doable if you know where to look.

Even then, you won’t find a huge selection of props to bet on. These are the props we managed to dig up after looking through several betting sites.

  • Who will be mentioned first in the opening monologue?
  • Will _____ bring a date to the Oscars?
  • Will _____ hug _____ on camera during the Oscars?

The _____ indicates a specific celebrity.

Props often change each year based on what’s going on in Hollywood that year.

Don’t hold your breath for them, though. You can bet nearly everywhere if you stick to the six most popular categories. Your choices for where to bet start to drop off from there if you want to bet on the remaining Oscars categories and often disappear altogether for props.

But stick to one of the Academy Awards betting sites we endorse, and you should manage to find one or two Oscars prop bets you can make.

How to Win Your Oscars Bets

One question we get a lot is this — how do you win money betting on the Oscars?

The truth is, it’s not easy. The Academy determines who will win an Oscar, which means the outcome is not based on skill but on opinion instead.

This makes it much tougher to find patterns or data you can use to make educated bets.

That said, there are a couple of things you can do to improve your chances of making a profitable Oscars bet. The following are a few of our best ideas.

Use Stats to Your Advantage

One thing you can do is use data taken from other movie awards to figure out who’s likely to win an Academy Award.

Here are a couple examples you might try using.

  • 70% of movies that win the Producers Guild of America go on to win Best Picture
  • The movie that’s nominated for Best Picture is nominated for Best Director 93% of the time. Only four movies nominated for Best Picture won an Oscar without also being nominated for Best Director
  • The Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and Best Picture winner for the Critic’s Choice Awards have gone on to win the Oscars 59% of the time
  • 80% of actresses who win Best Actress at the Screen Actors Guild go on to win an Oscar

These stats aren’t foolproof, but considering that the winners are voted for by nothing more than opinions from snooty people, this is as close to having hard facts as you’re probably ever going to get.

Did an Actor or Actress Portray a Real Person?

Twelve of the last 17 Best Actor winners won for their portrayal of a real person.

For example, Gary Oldman won an Oscar in 2018 for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in the movie Darkest Hour. And Rami Malek won in 2019 for his portrayal of Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the band Queen, in Bohemian Rhapsody.

This tip only applies to the Best Actor category, though. It doesn’t apply to women. Only two women who portrayed a real person won an Oscar in the last decade.

Pay Attention to Movements or Controversies

The Academy Awards are often persuaded by movements or controversies too big to ignore.

For example, the MeToo movement played a role in the 2017 Oscars. James Franco didn’t receive an Oscars nod because he faced sexual misconduct allegations. This is in spite of Franco winning a Golden Globe that year.

Controversy influences the Academy, too. For example, a lot of people protested the Oscars for nominating mostly white actors and actresses.

So, in 2017, the Academy addressed this. The movie Moonlight, an independent film about a young black man, won the Oscar for Best Picture.


Maybe…but probably not.

Movies About Hollywood Do Well

There’s no doubt that most actors and actresses are raging narcissists. But the king and queen of narcissists is Hollywood itself. And here’s how you can use this to your advantage.

Movies about movies or other forms of entertainment hit home for the Academy Awards team. They’re often nominated for and win Oscars.

For example, The Artist, The Shape of Water, A Star Is Born, and Bohemian Rhapsody have all won an Oscar.

Did an Actor or Actress Go Through a Physical Change?

Most actors go above and beyond for their roles, making the physical changes necessary to look the part.

But some actors go further than others.

For example, Rami Malek, who portrayed Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, dropped a ton of muscle and weight to play the role. He won an Oscar.

Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club. McConaughey had to lose 50 pounds for the role.

And then there’s Christian Bale, who put on 43 pounds, shaved his head, and developed a slouch to play con man Irving Rosenfeld in American Hustle. He didn’t win an Oscar, but the Academy nominated him for one.

The point — pay close attention to actors or actresses who go to great lengths to change their bodies for a role, especially if they’re portraying a real person.

You might not find an easier or more profitable Oscars bet to make than that.


Millions of people tune in every year to watch the Academy Awards. They want to see what the actresses wear, catch up on celebrity gossip, and see if their favorite movies and actors win an Oscar.

Watching the Oscars is fun, no doubt about it. But betting on them is even better. But you need to know HOW to bet on the Oscars and WHERE to bet on the Oscars.

You can bet on all the major categories — Best Actor, Actress, Director, and Picture. And if you join the right site, you can bet on all the sub-categories covering makeup, music, and more.

The key here is joining the “right” site.

The good news is that’s easy to do. Simply join one of the best Oscars betting sites we endorse. Do that now, and you’ll have a large variety of Oscars bets and promotions to choose from.

You won’t regret it.

You can find more Oscars content on our blog, and some of our latest posts are below.

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