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The Best UK Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites for 2022

Do you approach cryptocurrencies and gambling as a winner or loser? Do you know? You should – at least if you want to make money at either venture. We talk more about what winners do below so that you can emulate them.

One of the things winners do is use crypto to gamble online. There are several benefits to using crypto for online gambling. This includes anonymity, playing provably fair games, and faster banking.

If you’re ready to be a winner and start gambling with the cryptocurrency of your choice now, the first thing you need to do is join a gambling site. You’ll find our list of the best UK cryptocurrency gambling sites below.

Our list of recommended UK Cryptocurrency gambling sites is currently being updated. Please check back soon for our latest recommendations, or take a look at our other top-ranked UK gambling sites.

We recommend the gambling sites above because they have proven themselves to be the best-of-the-best for UK gamblers. Each one meets our incredibly high standards.

  • Every single gambling site is licensed and regulated through a trustworthy gambling commission.
  • Each gambling site offers several types of gambling. This may include sports betting, casino games, online poker, or bingo games.
  • You will have a variety of cryptocurrency banking options to choose from with reasonable limits and fees.
  • We only recommend gambling sites that have a positive reputation. This means they treat players well, are fair, pay players quickly, and more.
  • None of these sites have predatory terms. That means they have fair bonus playthroughs, reasonable cash-out minimums, and don’t punish you or charge you account management fees for not playing.

There’s no way we’d play at gambling sites that didn’t meet these standards, so there’s no way we could expect you to, either.

In fact, one of the reasons you can trust our recommendations is because our team members have accounts at the sites we recommend.

You could even call them winners because they use cryptocurrencies to gamble at top-notch sites like the ones recommended above. And that’s just one of the many things winners do.

The following section will show you a few more.

How Winners Approach Crypto and Gambling

No one wants to be a loser. This is especially true for people who invest in cryptocurrencies and/or gamble.

You want to win. You want to buy Bitcoin for $1,000 and watch it skyrocket to $7,000. You want to play the max on your favorite slot machine and hit that $895,043.24 progressive jackpot.

Only a crazy person would say they wouldn’t want either outcome. Most people dream of these outcomes before they ever invest or gamble a single cent.

So why do so many people approach either activity like losers, then?

That might seem harsh, but even with something as random and uncontrollable as investing or gambling, there’s certainly a right or wrong way to go about it.

The following shows you the right way to go about cryptocurrency investing and gambling so that one day you can be a winner, too.

Here are some of the things that winners do or don’t do when investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Winners Keep the Long Term in Mind

You can try to day trade crypto, but that’s tough and stressful to do. An alternative approach is to decide if you think crypto is going to stick around. If you think it will, choose the currencies you think will excel, and invest in them using a dollar cost averaging strategy.

Then hold onto them for the long term – which is the strategy that successful investor and billionaire Warren Buffett uses.

Winners Don’t Buy into Fads

There are so many initial coin offerings or ICOs going on in the cryptocurrency world right now. People are trying to get on the crypto bandwagon and get rich fast, so they go absolutely bonkers whenever there’s a new ICO. They think it’s their one-way ticket to becoming an overnight success.

A rare few of these coins take off and hold their value for any length of time. Most tank, though, only making the founders wealthy. And as for everyone else?

They’re the losers.

Winners Protect Their Investments

Keeping your crypto stored in an online wallet isn’t a great long-term strategy.

It’s not a good idea because online wallets can crash or be hacked. And since many of these companies don’t give you the keys or addresses to your crypto, you’d lose them forever in either of these scenarios.

Thus, only losers keep their crypto investments in wallets online.

A much better approach is to use a hardware wallet. These are like USBs with extra levels of security. You can also use a paper wallet, which is a piece of paper with your keys written on it.

Then lock your details up in a safe. This is the approach that winners would take.

We have a page dedicated to providing you with the best cryptocurrency wallets.

Winners Only Invest What They Can Afford to Lose

Cryptocurrencies are unprecedented. There’s no way to tell what’s going to happen with them over the next decade, much less the next couple of years.

It’s possible that cryptocurrencies will overtake the financial industry. One day we might use crypto instead of the euro, dollar, or pound in the future.

Or maybe we won’t.

It’s possible that cryptocurrencies will be nothing more than a fad. It’s possible that we won’t find an important enough use for them to justify using them instead of what we use now. So, maybe crypto will fade into obscurity.

For that reason, make sure you invest only what you can afford to lose. Since crypto is just as much gambling as it is investing – at least how things are done now – it makes sense to plan to lose your investment. That way, you don’t tank your savings or retirement in case crypto ends up being a bust.

In short, winners only invest what they can afford to lose into crypto. Any money made is a bonus.

Winners Don’t Tilt

It’s funny how many similarities there are between investing and gambling. Tilt or tilting is a common phrase you hear from poker players.

Investors can tilt, too, though – at least the losers do.

In fact, Bitcoin.com shares a mistake that beginners make that sounds a lot like tilting. They call it revenge trading. Maybe you skip out on investing in a cryptocurrency thinking it will fail, but then it skyrockets in value. Or you buy into what appears to be a sure thing, only for that sure thing to tank.

Then you get angry – you tilt – and proceed to overspend on the next new cryptocurrency. You might even buy it without doing any research. You just throw your money at it.

This is a huge mistake and a fast way to compound your problems. Sure, it might take off, but you have no idea as to why and you have no plan as to what to do with your investment in the future.

This isn’t a mistake that winners make. In fact, winners minimize making any of the mistakes mentioned above if they want to become successful cryptocurrency investors.

And if you plan to use some of your crypto online, you’ll want to read the next section, too. That’s where we’ll show you a few mistakes that successful gamblers avoid making.

Here are some of the ways winners approach online gambling.

Winners Stick to a Budget

Gambling is a form of entertainment. Most forms of entertainment have some sort of stop loss built in. For example, when you go to the movies, your stop loss is what you spend on tickets, food, and drinks. When you go to a restaurant, your stop loss is how much you spend on dinner.

You could spend more in either case, but it wouldn’t make sense. You only need so many movie tickets, and you can only eat so much food.

Gambling is different in that there’s no clear end in sight – you can spend as little or as much as you want – so you need to create your own stop loss. You need to establish a point where you say you’ve had enough and stop playing.

This is what winners do. Losers continue to play until they have no more money, or worse, until they start spending money that was set aside for things like bills and groceries.

Winners Reduce Their Expenses

There are many things that cost you money in online gambling. For example, you have banking fees, high playthrough requirements, high house edges, and so on.

A winner will do what they can to reduce these costs.

For example, maybe he will compare gambling sites to find the lowest banking fees. Maybe he will compare offers to see if he can reduce the playthrough, or he’ll skip the offer altogether. Then he’ll select the games with the lowest edge.

When you do these things, you save yourself some money.

Saving money when you already planned on spending it is sort of like making it instead.

That’s how winners think, anyway.

Winners Learn Optimal Strategy

Most table games can’t be beaten. There just aren’t enough moving parts. Blackjack is the only exception.

However, most table games have an optimal strategy you can learn. Video poker does, too. These strategies will reduce the house edge in the long run, which means you lose less money every hand you play.

A game strategy can take a little bit of time and effort to learn. Sometimes you’ll have to memorize these strategies before you step foot into a casino.

That’s okay, though. Winners aren’t afraid of a little hard work.

Winners Sign up for Rewards Programs

Winners don’t leave easy money on the table. And it doesn’t get any easier to collect free money than it is to join a rewards program.

These programs exist to reward players for their loyalty. The more you play, the more stuff you can earn.

This “stuff” you can earn varies from site to site. Some gambling sites offer cashback programs where you earn $1 in cashback for every $50 or $100 you spend. Other sites will have levels where you can earn more perks the higher up the ladder you climb.

All this stuff has value, which can offset your losses or add to your winnings.

It’s not hard to get started on these programs, either. In a worst-case scenario, you might have to fill out some information.

Only losers would let something that simple stand in their way.

Winners Avoid Side Bets

Side bets are fun and exciting because they promise a large return – sometimes a 5-, 6-, or even 7-figure return – for a nominal investment.

The problem with these bets is that the odds of winning are awful. Some of them are so bad that the house edge for these games increases from 1%-5% to as high as 20%-30%.

Only losers are okay with going from losing $0.01-$0.05 per hand to as much as $0.30 per hand for every $1 they spend.

Anyway, these are just a few ideas of what winners do that losers don’t. Notice how there are many similarities between what winning crypto investors and gamblers do, too. You can go from one venture to the next with the same strategies and probably do pretty well.

You can be one of the winners, too. Just follow the ideas above. We also have a list of 100 ways to win at gambling that should help. You might also read how to avoid the 3 mistakes people make with Bitcoin and apply that to all cryptocurrencies.

Use these tips, and you’ll be a winner before you know it.

True or False (How Well Do You Know Your UK Cryptocurrency Gambling?)

How well do you know your UK gambling or cryptocurrency laws? We thought it’d be useful to test your knowledge with a little true or false quiz. Do the quiz and see where the gaps are in your knowledge. Then use the guides we listed at the end of the quiz to fill in any blanks.

True or False: It Is Illegal to Own Cryptocurrencies in the United Kingdom


This is untrue because cryptocurrencies aren’t (yet) regulated in the United Kingdom. Not only that, but the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is in favor of crypto.

True or False: It Is Legal to Gamble Online


Residents have a large variety of online gambling options. They can play at online gambling sites that operate from within the UK, as well as offshore gambling sites as long as they’re licensed in jurisdictions that the UK Gambling Commission has approved.

So long as you’re 18 years or older, you can gamble online legally.

True or False: You Must Pay Taxes on Your Crypto Gambling Winnings


The UK doesn’t currently tax residents on their gambling winnings or the profits made on cryptocurrencies.

True or False: You Will Have to Pay VAT on the Bitcoin You Receive

This is true and false.

The UK treats crypto as a foreign currency. You will have to pay VAT if you receive crypto in exchange for any services you offer. The amount you’ll have to pay depends on the value of the crypto you receive at the time.

You will not have to pay VAT if you receive crypto via mining the blockchain.

True or False: All Crypto Gambling Sites Are Anonymous


If you join a crypto-only gambling site – a site that doesn’t accept traditional payment methods – then you will have full anonymity.

However, if you join a hybrid gambling site – a site that accepts both traditional payment methods and cryptocurrencies – then you may not have any anonymity.

True or False: You Can’t Claim Deposit Bonuses If You Use Crypto to Deposit


Both crypto-only and hybrid gambling sites offer deposit bonuses. Hybrid gambling sites tend to offer smaller bonuses in the $500-$1,000 range. Join a crypto-only site, one that has a Bitcoin bonus, and you can receive a 100% match up to 1-2 BTC (or $12,000-$14,000).

True or False: Crypto Gambling Sites Offer Provably Fair Games


Most online gambling sites, whether they’re crypto-only or hybrid sites, offer provably fair games. However, you might have to search for them or use the site’s filters to find them. There will be only a few provably fair games in a sea of hundreds of other casino games.


How well did you do?

If you got most of them wrong or you’re not sure of the reasons for why something is true or false, then it might be a good idea to refresh your memory of how gambling and cryptocurrencies work.

If You Had a Magic Wand, What Would Your Gambling Site Look Like?

A phrase that people often use when talking about something they want is what they would do or request if they had a magic wand.

So, we got to thinking and wondered, why not apply this to online gambling sites? In other words, what would we do if we were Harry Potter and could whip up any gambling site we wanted?

The following is what we came up with.

Every Gambling Site Would Be Licensed Through the UKGC

The UK Gambling Commission is strict compared to other gambling jurisdictions. They don’t just give licenses away and then forget about operators. They enforce the rules.

The UKGC has the ability to whitelist or blacklist offshore gambling operators. They can also impose fines and suspend or revoke licenses if necessary.

They also give players a way to submit their complaints. This is something few gambling commissions do, much less care about.

Ultimately, it just seems like the UKGC cares, much like an offline gambling authority would. For those reasons, every gambling site would have a license through them if we had a magic wand.

Every Gambling Site Would Offer Phone Support

Most gambling sites offer email support and live chat support. This is okay. Most email support can take hours and sometimes even days to get a response. And live chat is okay, but it doesn’t replace phone support.

What’s crazy is that many smaller sites offer phone support, whereas the larger gambling sites – including those owned by publicly traded companies – do not. You’d think the larger sites would have the resources and manpower to offer it.

These are the sites that need it the most, too, between their offers, betting and gaming options, banking methods, and terms and conditions. There’s a lot that people need help with – preferably over the phone.

For those reasons, we would wave our wands and wish that every gambling site offered phone support.

Table Game Players Could Clear Deposit Bonuses with Reasonable Playthroughs

Many casinos allow table game players to claim their deposits bonuses. However, they handicap the terms and conditions so that the playthroughs are multiples higher compared to slots players.

For example, slots players might have a 30x playthrough on a welcome bonus. However, blackjack players might have to wager 150x or more.

If we had a magic wand, we’d make it so that the casino of our dreams offered a more reasonable playthrough, like 50x or even 75x.

If that wasn’t doable, then we’d make it so that table game players had the option to claim smaller bonuses with better playthroughs. For example, a $10 or $20 bonus with a 30x or 50x playthrough.

That way, table players could still claim offers but not be locked in for thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars that they’d have to clear before they could cash out.

All Gambling Sites Would Offer Player Anonymity

One of the things that sort of sucks right now is that you could join a hybrid gambling site and make a deposit using crypto, but you wouldn’t get all the benefits of using crypto – one of which is anonymity.

Anonymity is important, though. It gives you privacy when gambling.

You don’t have to worry about the government, much less your nosey friends or family members, finding out that you gamble.

Another reason why we’d want anonymity is so that we wouldn’t have to give the gambling site our personal information. We wouldn’t have to give them our email, name, address, or credit card information.

Just as important – you wouldn’t have to send this information over the internet, which would decrease the chances of a hacker getting his hands on it.

Access to Every Casino Game in Existence

There isn’t a single online casino or gambling site that works with every software developer. Some sites work with one or three, while others work with a dozen. There are tons more than this, though.

If we had a wand, we’d want our gambling site to work with every single legit gaming developer out there. That way, we’d have access to every single game in existence. This would include variants, different graphics options, features, side bets, and more.

Extensive Game Filters

If our gambling site had every single casino game in existence, it’d be imperative that they also have an extensive game filter to make their games easy to find.

So many casinos nowadays offer hundreds if not thousands of games. Yet the only way to find their games is to scroll through one big list of all their games.

This is a huge pain in the neck.

The best gambling sites have a search filter set up so that you can find games based on table stakes, type of machine, features you want, and more.

That’s exactly what our gambling site would have, too, if we had a magic wand.

The Poker Room Would Have Traffic That Would Rival PokerStars

The problem that 95% of poker rooms have is that they have hardly any traffic. They might see a few dozen or a couple hundred players log in daily.

That’s a problem. You’d be lucky to find a running game with that low of traffic levels. You certainly couldn’t play as often as you’d want.

If we had a wand, though, we’d make it so that our gambling site had traffic that would rival PokerStars, the largest poker site in the world. They have tens of thousands of players at any given time and more than one hundred thousand on Sundays for their Sunday tournament schedule.

With this much traffic, you’d never have a difficult time finding a poker game to play.

That’s just another item we’d want if we had access to a magic wand that we could use to whip up the gambling site of our dreams.

What about you?


Congrats, you made it to the end. We covered a lot of ground here.

  • You learned how winners approach investing in cryptocurrencies and gambling.
  • We quizzed you on your UK crypto and gambling knowledge. Then we provided you with a few resources to read so that you can brush up on your knowledge.
  • Then we posed a hypothetical question – what would your ideal gambling site look like if you had a magic wand? Then we gave you a few ideas of what our dream site would have.

The most important thing on this page, though, is the recommended sites listed at the top of this page. If you want to gamble online in the UK using cryptocurrencies, we recommend you join one of those sites to ensure you have the best and safest time.

Just scroll to the top, pick a gambling site, and you could be playing in minutes.

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