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An avid sports fan and former professional poker player, Michael Wynn is right at home writing about sports betting-related content for a living. The former Division I collegiate golfer has been fortunate to travel the world and play some of the most acclaimed courses in existence, so it’s no surprise he still carries a scratch handicap.

Along with generating golf blogs consistently, Michael contributes a wide variety of posts associated with basketball, football, and baseball. The Las Vegas native’s acumen and committed passion allow him to write from a unique perspective, and we’ve been happy to have him on board our team since the summer of 2017.

When Michael isn’t spending time with his wife and family or cooking a delectable meal, he’s typically glued to the sofa watching sports or out on the links firing laser beams at flagsticks.

Michael Wynn
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Ranking the Top 10 MLB Players Who Never Won a World Series
Published on July 28, 2022

Baseball is the epitome of a team sport. It takes pitching, hitting, and defense – only so much one man can do. For example, the betting line barely moves if a club’s best hitter gets scratched before a game. That’s if it moves at...

6 Best Golf Podcasts Every Fan and Sports Bettor Needs to Listen to
Published on February 22, 2022

There are a number of ways to soak up valuable information to help you make money betting on golf. Watching tournaments and reading articles give you a head start, but listening to the best podcasts for golf fans and bettors can take you over...

Ranking the Largest PGA Tour Comebacks of All Time
Published on February 21, 2022

Wondering what the biggest comeback in PGA Tour history is? The answer is 10 shots and it happened to occur at a major championship. More on that calamity later on. We’ve also seen a nine-shot comeback on tour, as well as nine comebacks from...

The Best College Basketball Twitter Accounts to Follow
Published on December 21, 2021

Armed with a shade under two million followers on Twitter, Jay Bilas is probably the most popular and well-known college basketball analyst on the internet. The former Dukie has no shame expressing his own beliefs and is as bright of a mind as there...

The 8 Best Undrafted NBA Players in History
Published on December 18, 2021

More than 400 names have been enshrined into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Of this coveted group, just one went undrafted. That honor belongs to Ben Wallace who was recognized as part of the 2021 class along with the likes of Paul...

6 College Football Podcasts Bettors Should Listen to
Published on December 14, 2021

There are plenty of podcasts out there that talk about college football. It’s easy to find podcasts that discuss the growing landscape of sports betting. Tracking down a pod that does both on a consistent basis – that’s easier said than done. While there...

The Top 9 NBA Twitter Accounts to Follow
Published on December 9, 2021

Access to information is crucial if you want to make money betting on the NBA. If a key player gets scratched minutes before a game, you want somebody relaying that info to you as soon as it gets released. You should be trying to...

Ranking the Biggest NFL In-Season Deadline Trades of All Time
Published on December 7, 2021

Blockbuster trades aren’t as prevalent in the NFL as they are in the NBA. Having said that, we’ve seen a number of in-season NFL trades that proved to be worthwhile. At least for one side, anyway. From Herschel Walker being dealt for a slew...

Ranking the Top 10 International NBA Players of All Time
Published on November 27, 2021

Luka Doncic is already a superstar and one of the top three or four players in basketball. The Slovenian sensation is on pace to be a future Hall of Famer and is in line to end his career as one of the best international...

The Best College Football Twitter Accounts to Follow
Published on November 25, 2021

Whether you’re watching or betting on college football, and chances are it’s both, the more familiar you are with the teams and players, the more enjoyable the experience will be. Those of you watching because you are betting, you’re probably looking for stats and...

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