List of Top Gambling Sites by Category

Whether you are a beginner looking to gamble online for the first time or an experienced gambler looking for a new site to join, will help you find the right place to go. We have ranked and listed the very best gambling sites in several different categories, so that you can easily find the most suitable one for you. All of our recommendations are thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet the highest standards.

If you’re looking to set up an account and get started right now, then we suggest choosing somewhere from the list below. These are our overall top ranked gambling sites for 2014 and they all come highly recommended. If you’re looking for something more specific, we have explained all about the other categories further down this page.

The places we have listed above are those that perform the best across all the key areas. If you want to sign up somewhere that offers a variety of gambling activities, then these are excellent choices. They are all reliable and trustworthy places to gamble, and they all provide an impressive all round service.  We have provided more details about these recommendations for “all in one” sites on the following page – Real Money Gambling Sites.

Each and every one of the sites that we list, in all the categories we cover, is considered safe and reputable. We simply wouldn’t recommend them otherwise. However, there are also some places that really stand out as being the safest options around. We have listed these on our Safe Gambling Sites page.

To find out all about our ranking process, please visit How We Rank Gambling Sites.

US Gambling Sites

With many of the biggest and best known brands no longer accepting customers from the United States, it’s more important than ever before for gamblers in the country to be careful about where they join. While there are a number of places still operating in the region, in our opinion there are not really that many that check all the necessary boxes. There are only a select few that genuinely provide a top quality service to US residents.
If you live in the US then we suggest taking a look at the following page – US Gambling Sites. There you will find our rankings of the best US facing sites. Our recommendations all provide a decent service, have a good track record and make depositing and withdrawing as easy as possible.

Sites For Other Regions

For those living in most other parts of the world, the choice of where to gamble online is not quite so limited as it is for Americans. Even if you have plenty of options though, it’s still a very good idea to be selective about where you join. It makes sense to join somewhere that is particularly suitable for the area you live in, as well as obviously sticking to the most reputable places.
We have compiled lists of the best sites for people living in the following regions. Please visit the relevant page to find the best recommendations for your area.
Top Gambling Sites by Type

These days many sites, and certainly the big brands, provide a range of betting and gaming activities rather than just focusing on one specific type. Most of the large sports betting sites, for example, offer at least a few casino games too and many of them offer poker and bingo too. Although there are still some “specialist” sites around, the all in one variety are far more common.

This is largely a good thing, as many people do enjoy the different types of gambling and it is much easier to be able to do it all in one place. However, it is fair to say that a lot of places perform much better in some areas that in others. For example what might be a great option for playing poker may not necessarily be the best place for betting on horse racing, even if it is available.

If you mainly stick to one type of gambling, then you should make sure that you join somewhere that is particularly good for that type. On the pages linked over on the right we have listed the best places for specific types of gambling, and on those pages you will also find even more precise sub-categories too – such as the best live dealer casinos or the best poker sites for beginners.

We have also ranked the best sites for a couple of niche forms of gambling which are becoming increasingly popular.

  • Novelty & Entertainment Gambling Sites. Here we have listed the best places for betting on non-sporting markets such as reality TV Shows, the weather and celebrity related.
  • Financial Gambling Sites. On this page we list the best options for wagering on financial markets including the price of commodities, currency exchange rates and major stock indices.

Other Categories

There a few other additional categories we have compiled rankings for too. These are as follows :
  • Mac Compatible Gambling Sites. Gambling online using a Mac used to be real challenge, but there are plenty of options now. We’ve listed the best of them on this page.
  • Mobile Gambling Sites. Using a mobile device to gamble has become increasingly popular. Check out this page to for the best places for betting and playing from a smartphone or tablet.
  • High Stakes Gambling Sites. If you place large wagers, play high stakes poker, or bet big at the casino tables then you’ll need somewhere with high limits. On this page we have listed the best options for high rollers.
  • Best Gambling Sites for Bonuses & Rewards. Take a look at this page if you are looking for big bonuses and generous rewards.