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How to Bet on the English Premier League

If you ask a random soccer fan from any part of the world about the competitions he likes to watch, chances are, the English Premier League will be the first one he’ll mention. The tournament has an enormous fan base, with millions of people from all continents following the EPL closely.

The situation is similar when it comes to betting on the English Premier League. Millions are placed on each game, while every gambling site out there is offering all kinds of betting markets on the competition.

If you want to join the action, but you don’t really know to do, you’ve come to the right place.

This page will teach the essential basics of betting on the English Premier League. Of course, you could try on your own, but you will most likely make a bunch of mistakes that will cost you money.

We recommend you invest some time checking our guide on how to bet on the English Premier League instead. You’ll thank us in the long run!

Before we get to the advice we have to offer, let’s take a look at just why the EPL is such a popular competition for betting.

Why Bet on the English Premier League?

You might be wondering what’s so special about the English Premier League. Is there are a reason why tons of people pick this particular tournament as the main source of their betting action?

There is, of course. In fact, there are many reasons why so many gamblers are keen on the EPL. Let’s take a look at them.

All Bookies Offer the English Premier League

Okay, there probably IS an online bookmaker out there that doesn’t actually offer the English Premier League. But we haven’t managed to find it yet. Every respectable gambling site on the internet includes this tournament in its betting markets.

As a result, you will have the option to make your choice, which is always a good thing. Furthermore, the constant fight for acquiring and keeping new players forces the bookmakers to improve their service on a regular basis.

This works in the best favor of the players, as the margins are getting thinner, the bonuses are getting bigger, and the betting platforms get easier to use.

Loads of Information Is Easy to Find

One of the most important aspects of building a successful soccer betting strategy is the research you put in every time you place a bet. For some of the lesser competitions out there, it might be a bit challenging to find all the relevant stats and data.

This won’t be an issue if you are betting on the English Premier League. The bookies themselves provide loads of data, but if you want even more, a simple Google search will bring up hundreds of websites that will gladly answer your questions.

On top of the raw stats, you will also find a lot of expert opinions, betting picks, fan views, and so on.

Of course, you should learn which of them actually bring some value to the table and be careful not to trust people who don’t have a clue. Still, the overload of information is actually a good problem to have. It’s certainly better than having the opposite problem.

Simply put, when it comes to the English Premier League, you have more than enough sources to prepare your homework before actually placing a real money wager.

TV Coverage

If you are willing to bet on a certain sports competition regularly, you must watch a good chunk of the games. You can’t simply rely on stats and other people’s analysis. You have to see for yourself and learn more about each team and important player out there.

The English Premier League is no exception, and you simply need to invest some time if you are serious about betting on it. Of course, there is the added benefit of watching a sport you really like.

Sometimes, this could be a problem if the TV coverage of the league you picked is rather poor. This is almost never the case with the English Premier League. It is broadcasted in most countries around the globe, as well as online. You should easily find a way to watch the games.

Low Betting Margins

One of the best things about the popularity of the English Premier League is that the competition between the hundreds of gambling sites out there results in them operating a lower betting margin.

As a direct result, you get better prices in comparison to other leagues that are not mainstream.

A Large Variety of Betting Markets

The desire to attract as many English Premier League bettors as possible has other benefits. For example, some gambling sites offer hundreds of betting markets related to the games from the competition.

You will rarely find other soccer matches that receive so much love from the bookies.

Sure, this is not the biggest deal in the world for many people. But if you are among those who like to experiment and explore different options, the English Premier League is a solid choice. You will find all kinds of stuff, especially if you have access to the most popular European bookmakers.

Bettors from the US and other jurisdictions where online gambling is limited by the law might not have quite as much choice, but the EPL is still covered well.

Live Betting Coverage

Nowadays, the bookies cover a lot of events for live betting. And still, this requires additional resources and people, so not all sports and competitions are available for in-play wagering.

The English Premier League attracts so much attention and betting volume that you can rest assured you will find plenty of viable options for live betting on the tournament.

In fact, some bookmakers will even provide extra features like live streaming or at least radio coverage, so you can get the latest updates directly from the gambling platform you’re using.

High Betting Limits

The bookmakers are reluctant to accept large bets on markets with low volume where they didn’t spend too much effort while evaluating the odds properly. It simply doesn’t make sense for them, as they can’t skew the odds to balance this as they usually do. As a result, they simply offer low limits and forget about the issue.

This problem is non-existent if you are looking for action on the English Premier League. Unless you are some kind of ultra high roller, you will be able to place the amount you want.

Available at Sports Betting Exchanges

 If you don’t know what a betting exchange is, you should probably read our page dedicated to the topic.

Long story short, exchanges are gambling platforms that give you the chance to bet against other bettors.

As you could imagine, there need to be other people willing to place a wager so that the system can match you. That’s often hard to achieve when it comes to less popular soccer competitions, but not for the English Premier League.

You will find plenty of other users and high enough volumes, which opens the door to a completely new gambling experience.

The Value Created by Unprepared Bettors

 We left one of the best reasons to bet on the English Premier League for last. The competition is like a magnet for fans, who place emotional wagers supporting their team or simply back the favorites without caring too much for the odds.

As a result, the bookies always balance the books, and opportunities to actually grab some value are born. The bettors who are prepared well enough can make money under such circumstances.

The value available in English Premier League betting is one of the main reasons so many pro gamblers spend time on the competition.

Disadvantages of Betting on the English Premier League

Of course, it’s not all unicorns and flowers. There are some negative sides if you decide to bet on the EPL. Since we want to stay objective, it’s time to talk about them.

No Bookie Errors

 If you consider the number of people betting on the English Premier League and the sheer volume each bookie has to meet, it’s easy to see why a single mistake in the odds could lead to substantial losses for the gambling operator.

In order to prevent that, the sportsbooks invest heavily in tools and people who are more than capable of evaluating each game correctly.

The probability of finding an error made by the bookmaker is close to zero when it comes to the EPL.

As we explained earlier, this isn’t the biggest deal in the world, though. There are more than enough recreational players that will make stupid bets, and once the bookies adjust, the value will be up for grabs.

The Unpredictable Nature of the League

You will struggle to find a leading domestic soccer competition that can compare with the English Premier League when it comes to the frequency of surprising results.

The favorites often lose points against teams from the bottom of the table, which makes the tournament somewhat unpredictable.

This is a downside if you count on creating a strategy that relies on the favorites to win often. On the other hand, this opens the opportunity for the exact opposite approach, so you COULD use it to your advantage.

Preparing to Bet on the English Premier League

Before you actually start placing bets on the English Premier League, there are a couple of things you should do first. They will help you prepare properly and give yourself the best chance of actually making money.

After all, you’re not here to lose, are you? Even if you’re only really interested in having some fun, the following advice is still worth applying.

Use the Best EPL Betting Sites

 Because almost every bookmaker online offers the English Premier League,this gives you the chance to pick the operators that will provide the best service and offer the best conditions. Make it count!

The whole process of researching every single sportsbook on your own can be long and confusing. This is why we recommend you check our list of the best gambling sites for betting on the English Premier League.

Learning the Basics of Sports Betting

 If you are just entering the world of sports betting, it’s not a good idea to start throwing money around right away. You should certainly learn a thing or two about the whole industry and the process of identifying good opportunities and placing your wagers at the right time.

For this purpose, you could visit our section dedicated to the most important aspects of sports betting. Here, you’ll learn all the basics that you will certainly need to become successful.

The Importance of Bankroll Management

 Another aspect of sports betting that you must explore before charging the bookies and the English Premier League is the so-called bankroll management.

This term is used to describe the different staking plans and strategies you could apply based on the money you have.If you risk too much too often, you will eventually go bankrupt and will have to make another deposit.

Proper bankroll management will help you avoid such a disastrous scenario, so make sure to carefully read the following article.

Get to Know the English Premier League

 If you are going to bet on the English Premier League, you should understand how the competition works. Everything is important, from the schedule to the rules. If you don’t know all the important details, you certainly can’t expect to make money from it.

This is why we have a page dedicated to the English Premier League. It will answer all of your questions and provide all the relevant information every future bettor needs to know.

Get to Know the Teams

 Now you know everything about the English Premier League, but what about the clubs that play in it? Each of them comes with a rich history and exciting present. It’s a good idea to know both if you are about to place your hard-earned cash on matches from this competition.

Make sure to check our section dedicated to each team from the English Premier League.

Picking and Placing Your Bets on the EPL

Once you are prepared to actually start betting on the English Premier League, it’s time to move to the next steps. You have to pick the best possible option, prepare properly, and place your wager. It sounds easy on paper, but there is more depth to it than that.

For a start, it’s a good idea to understand how the most popular soccer betting markets work. Each of them applies to the English Premier League, but the strategy and research required are different.

You can find information on each of these betting markets on the following page.

No matter what kind of English Premier League betting market you decide to go for, you will have to follow a couple of simple rules. For a start, always check historical data, the form of the teams, the schedule, and the team news.

This will give you a clear picture of how good a certain team is in general, what the current short-trend in its performance is, if all key players will be participating, and so on. Without that information, you are simply throwing your money away.

Understanding Odds and Probabilities

Many people follow the steps so far carefully but fail to grasp one crucial concept.In sports betting, your goal is NOT to simply guess what is going to happen.

You must evaluate the probability of a certain event happening instead and place your bet on a price that equals a lower probability than the real one. This is called betting with positive expected value, which is the only way to make money from gambling in the long run.

Since some of you might be confused, I will explain with an example. Imagine that you are flipping a coin with a friend. Since the coin is balanced, the chances for heads and tails are equal, or 50-50.

You bet $1 on tails every single time the coin is flipped. If you lose, your friend gets your $1. If you win, you get the $1 you placed and another $1 from your friend, for a total of $2. Essentially, that’s a fair price because you win $1 50% of the time and lose $1 the other 50%.

Now imagine that you receive $2.10 instead when you win. This would mean that you will be making money in the long run because the probabilities stay 50-50, but now you win more when you hit tails.

If we reverse the example, and your return is $1.90, it’s exactly the opposite. You are now in a losing position because you lose more when the coin falls on the heads side.

The same applies to the odds offered you by the bookmaker for the games from the English Premier League, or any other sports competition, for that matter. You should always look for prices that favor you.

To learn more about odds and probabilities and value in betting, we recommend you check the following pages.

More Advice on EPL Betting

By this point, you already should have a solid idea about the English Premier League and how and where to place a bet on the competition. The final step would be to actually build a strategy that works and brings consistent profits.

This is the hardest part, and it will certainly take some effort. Fortunately, we have years of experience and deep knowledge that we used to compile some more advice that could give you a solid boost.

Simply reading this advice won’t instantly make you a winner.We are giving you the means to achieve success, but it’s up to you to do the rest and become a serial winner.

If anyone claims that you can start making money without investing time and effort, they’re lying.

Your first stop should be our guide to English Premier League betting for beginners, where you will find a starting pack of tips and tricks that will help you lay the groundwork for your strategy. You will learn more details about the preparation required for each bet on the EPL and the main factors you need to consider.

Once you’re done with the basic stuff, it’s time to move on to the real deal. We have an English Premier League strategy guide, where you will find more advanced tips that will help you understand how and where to find the best value.

On top of that, it works on the tiny details that separate the winners from the rest. Study them well and start using them in your betting process for the best results. The guide includes a bunch of articles that cover various important aspects related to EPL betting.

Finally, there’s our “Betting Lab.” It’s the place where we create betting strategies from scratch based on clear criteria, and then we actually put them to the test. The main idea is to show you how to methodically work on an idea and transform it into a system.

Some of the strategies we’re working on include the English Premier League. If you are interested in learning more, simply follow the link below.

More Useful EPL Content

Besides the general strategy sections that are dedicated to the English Premier League and the best ways to bet on the competition, we cover the tournament extensively in our blog as well. We provide free betting picks for each round of the EPL if you are looking for some well-researched tips from experts.

We also cover all the important events related to the league and always try to find a betting angle that might bring you some cash. Here are our latest blog posts that have to do with the English Premier League.