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Best Darts Betting Sites for 2021

Are you interested in betting on darts online? If so, look not further! In this guide, we’ll equip you with a lineup of the top darts betting sites. But we didn’t just stop there.

Alongside our recommendations, we’ve also compiled tons of other helpful details relating to real money darts wagering online. By the time you wrap up reading this page, you’ll have all the information you’ll need to get started betting online at a highly rated online sportsbook.

Up first, let’s kick things off with our list of the top darts betting websites.

Rank VA Betting Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
#2 100% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#3 50% Up To $250 Visit Site Visit Site
#4 100% Up To $2,500 Visit Site Visit Site
#5 50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site

If you’re ready to sign up for one now, you’ll be in good hands if you choose to work with any of our real money betting site recommendations above.

To come up with this list, our team spent countless hours scouring the internet for online bookmakers and sportsbooks offering odds on darts matches, then stacking up each operation one against another.

Ultimately, these are the darts betting sites that rose to the top of the stack. Check out the next section to read detailed information on the selection process used by our team to identify these online betting sites as the best of the best.

Rating the Top Sites for Betting on Darts

If you’re new to our website, you’re probably wondering if you should trust our recommendations above for the best darts betting sites. We get it, and that’s why we’ve included this section to provide you with some insight into some of what went into our selection process.

For starters, it’s vital to us that we only suggest trustworthy sports betting sites. It’s important that you’re safe and protected when gambling for real money online. In addition to that, we always search for online betting sites with excellent customer service, bonuses, and banking options.

When rating the top sites for betting on darts, we also look into a large assortment of darts-specific criteria during our search. Check out the summary below to learn about other things our team investigate when looking to pinpoint the best darts betting websites available at any given time.

Selection of Darts Bets

Towards the top of essential things in our search was the number of real money darts wagers offered by each online sportsbook and bookmaker. Here, we looked for betting sites with a broad collection of darts events from around the globe.

In addition, we looked at the bet types offered to ensure you’ll be able to do all of your wagers in one convenient location.

Live Darts Betting

Another important part of our search criteria centered around looking for which sites provided bettors the ability to bet as the matches happen.

 In all our recommendations, you’ll have the chance to enjoy in-play bets on darts action.

Excellent Darts Odds and Lines

As you review our suggested darts betting sites, you’ll also quickly notice they all offer some of the best lines and odds on darts action across the industry.

It’s important to us you get the best bang for your betting dollar when you’re using an online sportsbook to bet on darts.

Bonuses on Darts Action

Another thing we sought out when searching for the top darts betting websites was a quality lineup of bonuses that can be used when betting on darts.

Each of our suggestions at the top of this page offers some of the best bonuses for folks looking to bet on darts online for real money.

Best Darts Betting Sites

Why Online Darts Betting?

Do you have any experience betting on darts online? If not, you might be wondering why you should consider trying it out.

To aid in your decision-making process, we’ve provide a couple of the main reasons why we like using darts betting sites. Check these over and see if they make it attractive for you to test things out with one of our suggested operations.

One of the primary reasons why folks turn to online bookmakers and sportsbooks for darts betting is because of convenience.  The beauty of using darts betting sites is you can bet on darts and other sports using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Placing your real money wagers online is much easier than driving to a local sportsbook or betting shop to get your money down.

In addition to the convenience aspect, one other significant positive is the selection of darts bet available.

Most brick and mortar sportsbooks won’t have an extensive lineup of darts wagers. However, with quality online betting sites like the ones we recommended, you’ll find a vast collection of darts events from around the world you can bet on.

Common Wagers at Darts Betting Sites

Up next, we also wanted to provide you with some insight into some of the most common forms of darts bets.

No matter if you’re new to betting on darts or not, you’ll find a list of ideas below to help you diversify your wagering options.

Match Winner

If you’re looking for a straightforward darts bet, consider placing a match winner wager. With this bet type, you’ll select which of the two players will win the match.

If you choose the right player to win, you’ll end up winning your wager.

Tournament Winner

Another type of darts bet is a tournament winner wager. This type of bet functions much like the match winner we just discussed above.

However, instead of picking the winner for a single match, you’ll try to select the winner of an entire darts tournament correctly.

Total 180s

If you’re familiar with over/under bets from other sports, that’s how a total 180s wager functions with darts.

Here, darts betting websites will post the total number of perfect 180 scores they expect to happen during a match. It’s then up to you to choose if you believe the actual number of 180s will be more or less than that.

Player 180s

If you don’t want to bet on the total number of 180s across both players, you can also choose to do it on the player level.

Once again, the darts betting website will post a figure of the total 180s they expect each player will have during the match. You’ll then select an over or under for their number.

Most 180s

Another way to bet on 180s during a darts match is through a total 180s wager. Here, you’ll select which of the two players you think will have the most 180s during the competition.

You can also choose a draw option if you believe the two might tie for the same number of 180s.

Correct Score

If you’re looking for more of a challenge with your darts betting, consider the possibility of placing a correct score wager. Here, you’ll try to choose the exact final score of a match for each player.

As an example, you could say the first player will have a final score of 11 while the other player has a final score of 8. But, to win this bet type, you must be precisely correct for the scores on both players.

Tips for Betting on Darts Online

Now that you’ve got a good understanding of popular types of darts bets available at sports betting sites, we also wanted to give you some advice regarding betting strategy.

Check out the tips below and be sure to keep these in mind as you proceed with your real money darts wagers.

Bet on entire tournaments as well as single games
One reason to do this is that it will keep you more interested and involved in what’s going on with the darts tournament. However, you’ll also usually find more profitable odds when picking an outright tournament winner instead of just a single game winner.
Don’t overlook the underdog
In darts betting, the difference in score between the winner and the loser is usually razor thin. In turn, this means match underdogs can upset the more favored player often. Don’t be afraid to bet real money on an occasional underdog if you think they’ve got what it takes to pull off the upset.
Account for the length of the tournament
Some darts tournaments are relatively short, while others can last for days at a time. When working to make your picks, be sure to look for players who have a history of performing well in the length of the tournament you’re planning to wager on.
Know who’s throwing first
If you’re familiar with tennis at all, you may be familiar with the notion that the person who serves first has an advantage over the other play. Well, the same is also valid with betting on darts. By waiting until it’s announced who is throwing first in a match before betting, you can often give yourself a potential leg up on your bets.

FAQs About Darts Betting Online

Don’t miss out on the list of frequently asked questions below. Hopefully, these will be able to help you with any other bits of information you’re in search of.

How Quickly Can I Get Started?

If you’ve made the decision that you’re ready to start betting on darts online, you can be ready to go within a matter of moments. To help expedite things, choose one of our recommended betting sites at the top of this page.

Once you’ve picked one, sign up for an account. Then, choose an instant funding deposit method like a credit card or Bitcoin to make your initial deposit.

Within a matter of moments, your account should be funded, and you should be ready to start placing darts wagers online. In total, this entire process should take no more than five minutes.

What Types of Funding Options Can I Use?

As you explore the  top darts betting sites, you’ll find they all have their own unique collection of deposit banking methods.

Typically, many operations will allow bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, and some cryptocurrencies. As you search for your ideal darts betting site, make sure you select one who offers you the banking options you need for both deposits and withdrawals.

Can I Sign Up at More Than One Darts Betting Site?

Some sports bettors use multiple online sportsbooks to help them shop their odds and lines to find the best deals. This is an option for you if you don’t mind managing numerous accounts and associated logins.

However, if you’re a beginner when it comes to darts betting websites, you should probably just choose one of our suggestions at the top of this guide and start with only that for now. Once you get the hang of things, you can expand into the use of multiple online sportsbooks if you so desire.

How Popular Is the Sport of Darts?

Darts isn’t nearly as popular as some of the biggest mainstream sports. However, there’s still a large number of darts fan around the world.

The popularity of darts has actually increased in years, and this it least partly due to the growing number of betting opportunities the sport offers.

Begin Your Darts Betting Journey

Hopefully, you located everything you were looking for and more in our guide to betting on darts online. If you’re ready to get started, make sure you stick with the best darts betting sites that we recommend.

These will provide with the best possible online betting experience, and we can assure you that they’re all safe and reputable places to wager.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with all of your upcoming darts wagers!