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Prop Bets for the Olympic Games

Betting on the Olympic Games is big business. Millions of people bet on the Olympics, and the top online sportsbooks all go the extra mile to attract their share of the action.

One of the best ways to appeal to sports bettors is to offer lots of betting markets. That’s why we see so many props for the Olympics.

We explain all about Olympic prop bets on this page, detailing the various options and how they work. We also share some useful tips on how to make money from Olympic props.

Best Olympics Prop Bets

There are plenty of Olympics props when the event is close and picking the best markets is mostly subjective. Your knowledge about different sports and other individual factors always matter, so you should consider them when making a decision.

However, we believe that some of the top prop bets for the Olympics are related to the medal table. We like them a lot because you can work with all sorts of information to prepare for them.

You can use historical data and more recent achievements for the most accurate predictions, unlike some other Olympic prop bets that are mostly down to luck.

Here are the most popular options for betting on the Olympic medal table.

  • Medal Table Winner – You can place a wager on any nation to finish at the top of the Olympic medal table. The gold-first method counts for this one, so you’re essentially betting on the team with the most gold medals.
  • Country with the Most Medals – You can back any country to have the most medals of any kind when the games are over.
  • Head-to-Head – Some online bookmakers offer head-to-head matches for most gold medals won between two specific countries.
  • Over/Under for a Selected Country – You can place a bet on the number of medals a specific country will win. This market is usually available for total medals or gold medals only.
  • Continent with Most Medals – Another interesting option is to back the most successful continent at the Olympics.

The best Olympics betting sites are often creative, so there might be even more Olympic prop bets related to the medal table available.

Make sure to check all the options at your disposal, then follow our solid tips that can help you win money by betting on them.

The key here is to learn how to estimate the number of medals won by the country in question. Let’s see how to do that properly.

Historical Data

Every edition of the Olympic Games is different, and two or three cycles are enough for an almost complete change of the athletes that are part of the event.

However, the nations that top the rankings are usually the same. There are good reasons for that. Some countries invest heavily in sports which results in strong traditions, facilities, and coaches. Naturally, that leads to more successful athletes, too.

There are other factors, of course, but the all-time medal table doesn’t lie and it’s a good indicator of what to expect from each country. Here are the numbers for the Summer Olympics.

Summer Olympics All-Time Medal Table
Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
United States 1022 795 706 2523
Russia 590 486 480 1556
Germany 428 444 474 1346
Great Britain  263 295 293 851
China 224 167 155 546
France 212 241 263 716
Italy 206 178 193 577
Hungary 175 147 169 491
Australia 147 163 187 497
Sweden 145 170 179 494

Team USA has been the dominant force and the rest of the table includes mostly European countries. It must be mentioned that China has often been the second strongest nation in the Summer Olympics recently, and even topped the table at the Beijing 2008 edition.

Now here’s the data if you are interested in betting on Olympics props for winter editions.

Winter Olympics All-Time Medal Table
Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
Germany 150 145 113 408
Russia 136 108 111 355
Norway  132 125 111 368
United States 105 112 88 305
Canada 73 64 62 199
Austria 64 81 87 232
Sweden 57 46 55 158
Switzerland 55 46 52 153
Netherlands 45 44 41 130
Finland 43 63 61 167

The likes of Germany, Russia, and Norway have been phenomenal at Winter Olympics, followed by the United States and Canada.

These countries are always around the top of the table, and you should start with them when targeting nation-specific prop bets for the Olympics.

Look for “Sure” Champions

Every edition of the Olympics includes disciplines with an overwhelming favorite to win. If you’re betting on the medal table props, you should start your research with them.

Remember that the rankings are based on the gold medals first, so you’re essentially gambling on the number of champions of each country.

That’s why athletes who are expected to win multiple titles are especially important for the final table.

Athletes who have the potential to win multiple medals are crucial for the final standings.

Once you have an estimate of the highly probable gold medals for each country, you should move on to the next steps of the equation.

Evaluating Sports with Multiple Disciplines

Some countries are dominant in certain sports and have a high chance of winning the gold medals there. For example, the US basketball teams are almost always the best in the Olympic tournament.

The problem is that the sport accounts for two gold medals only. In comparison, athletics includes close to 50 disciplines, so there are almost 50 gold medals up for grabs! They have a much higher impact on the medal table as a result.

Here are the top three sports with the most disciplines for both the Summer and the Winter Olympics.

Sport Disciplines Olympics
Athletics 48 Summer
Swimming 35 Summer
Wrestling 18 Summer
Speed Skating 14 Winter
Cross-Country Skiing 12 Winter
Alpine Skiing, Biathlon 11 Winter

You should pay more attention to each of these when prop betting on the Olympics medal table and other markets focused on the performance of entire nations.

Olympic Prop Bets for Individual Athletes

Another interesting option when it comes to prop betting on the Olympic Games is to target markets related to individual athletes.

Here are some popular examples.

  • Becoming a Champion – You can bet on the athlete to win a gold medal at the Olympics.
  • Winning Any Medal – Here you back the contestant to win any medal at the Olympics.
  • Multiple Titles – If an athlete is involved in multiple disciplines, you can make a wager that he or she will win more than one title.
  • Multiple Medals – A similar option to the last one, but focused on any medals won and including silver and bronze.
  • Over/Under Medals – On rare occasions, we see athletes who are expected to win three, four, or even more medals. The betting sites sometimes offer Olympics props for over/under a fixed number of medals.

The key to success in props for the Olympics that are focused on individual performances is to evaluate the ceiling and the current form of the main contenders.

Here’s how you could do that.

Estimating the Ceiling of Athletes

You should start with the ceiling of the athlete, especially in sports where the Olympic Games are the most prestigious competition possible.

In order the evaluate how good a contestant could be, you should look at the previous peaks. Look for personal records in sports that are measured in time, distance, or another objective piece of data.

Looking at the numbers is crucial in Olympic sports that are measured in time/distance or other objective parameters.

In sports like wrestling, boxing, and tennis, you should look at performances in other important competitions like World Championships, continental tournaments, and more.

Anyone that has been at the top, or at least close to the top, has the potential to challenge at the Olympics. Fulfilling it is another story, though, which leads us to the next point.

Evaluating the Current Form of Athletes

The current form of athletes is key for results. Some athletes might come into the Olympics way below their best, while others could be performing at their highest ever level.

Here are some tips for figuring out the current form of Olympics athletes for betting purposes.

  • Look at Recent Results – The most obvious factor is to take a look at the past year or so. Athletes who have struggled are unlikely to suddenly improve for the Olympics.
  • Age Analysis – Younger athletes that are just entering their peak might perform better than they have ever done in the past, while veterans might lack the physical attributes to come close to their best.
  • Mentality Matters – Certain contestants achieve their best results under pressure. Others crumble when it matters the most. Make sure you check previous major events to understand how the different participants in the sports have handled big occasions.
  • Explore the Injury History – Any athlete that has struggled to stay healthy will likely underperform because preparation for the Olympics is crucial. Looking at a contestants injury history can help you identify possible problems.
  • Look for Other Motivational Factors – In some sports, like tennis for example, the Olympic Games are not the most important competition. That’s why the top players there might not perform as well as expected. Another factor is the home advantage because of the extra motivation that comes from winning a medal for your country at home.

When you combine the latest form with the overall potential, you can make a good estimate of what the chances of each contestant are. That’s the key to success when it comes to betting on Olympic props for individual athletes.

Olympic Prop Bets for Individual Events

Many believe that the best prop bets for the Olympics are focused on specific sports and events. They allow people with deep knowledge about the discipline in question to shine and capitalize on their understanding of the event and the athletes involved.

If you have lots of experience with a sport, you should definitely look at any prop bets for the Olympic Games that are related to it.

Here are some examples of such markets.

  • Nation of the Champion – You can often bet on the country of the team/athlete that’s going to win the gold medal.
  • Medal Winners from the Same Country – You can bet on the number of athletes from the same country that are going to win medals. This one is good for swimming, athletics, and other individual sports.
  • Achievement of the Champion – You can often bet on the time/distance/points by the winner in the sport.
  • A World Record to Be Broken – Betting on the world record to fall can be one of the most profitable Olympics prop bets because of the high odds.
  • An Olympic Record to Be Broken – This is another great option that works similarly to the previous one but for the Olympic record.

These are the most popular options, but there are more that could be found at the top betting sites. We have some tips that can improve your chances to win money from these Olympics props.

Tips for Olympics Props for Individual Sports

You should always account for the specific traits of the Olympic event you’re targeting. There are also some fundamental rules that can help in almost every case. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Stick to Sports You Know Well – You should have a solid knowledge about the event if you’re about to risk money.
  • Carefully Read the Conditions – Some props are more complicated than they look, so make sure you know what your win condition is.
  • Avoid Completely Random Props – The best markets for prop betting on the Olympic Games allow you to find an edge via reason and logic. If the wager you’re about to place is completely random, you’re relying on luck to win.

Our team has prepared betting guides for many of the most popular Olympic sports. Check them out if you want to bet on props for any of them.

  • Tennis Betting at the Olympics
  • Betting on Soccer at the Olympics
  • Guide to Olympic Basketball Betting
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  • Betting on Golf at the Olympic Games
  • Swimming Betting at the Olympics
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  • Volleyball Betting at the Olympics
  • Guide to Olympic Hockey Betting
  • Betting on Extreme Sports at the Olympics
  • Olympic Cycling Betting

Fun Prop Bets for the Olympic Games

The best apps for betting on the Olympics love to experiment with new betting markets. The props they offer become more and more creative, and you will find all sorts of fun markets each time the games come around.

Many of them are completely random or close to impossible to prepare for. You should probably stay away from them if you’re serious about trying to make money. However, even some of the fun Olympics prop bets are worth your time. Here are some examples.

  • Opening Ceremony Celebrities Betting – You can bet on the celebrities that will be part of the opening ceremony of the games.
  • Olympic Flame Going Out – You can place a wager on whether the Olympic Flame will go out during the games.
  • Teams to Drop the Baton in Relays – You could bet on whether a team will drop the baton in Olympic running events.

We can’t even imagine what the sportsbooks will come up with in the future, but we’re pretty sure there will always be all kinds of wild Olympic prop wagers.

If that sounds interesting, the following sites are the best for Olympics prop betting as they have the highest number of markets available.

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