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2022 March Madness Betting Guide

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Looking to win real money betting on March Madness? If so, our experts are here to help.

We’ll talk you through where to bet on March Madness online and provide you with all the NCAA basketball betting advice you need to make sure this year is a good one!

From odds for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament to where to find the top bets to place on March Madness 2022, this super-convenient guide has it all. And then some. When you consider that there are 67 games to wager on in March Madness, you will not be short of betting opportunities.

The goal of our experts is to make sure that you are well and truly playing with the ball in your court, so let’s get you started with the where to find betting odds for this year’s March Madness!

Where to Bet on March Madness Online

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Keen to get to the odds for the games? Or land some March Madness bracket advice? 

We don’t want to stop you from getting as much valuable information from this March Madness betting guide as you can. It would, however, be a gross oversight on our part if we didn’t stress the importance of choosing the best sites out there before you get your wagers down. 

When it comes to sites that are 100% safe, secure, and legal, our recommended sportsbooks for the NCAAB tournaments have come through rigorous testing to make it onto our rankings. Furthermore, these sites come with numerous deposit methods, top-class customer support, and, of course, highly competitive odds. 

  • BetUS – One of the most trusted sites for betting on March Madness online, BetUS is a great choice for bettors ahead of the tournament.
  • BetOnline – With a huge selection of online odds and markets, this site always ranks highly with NCAAB bettors.
  • MyBookie – Looking to place prop bets on March Madness? MyBookie consistently delivers when it comes to providing players with unique and exciting NCAA basketball props.
  • SportsBetting – One of the safest sites for betting real money on March Madness games. The site is very easy on the eye and even sweeter to navigate.
  • Bovada – Among the most trusted basketball betting sites online, Bovada has an enviable selection of odds that puts it above most of its competitors.
  • XBet – For live betting on March Madness, fewer sites can match XBet’s excellent product.

Whether you are looking to settle for one betting site for March Madness, or are keen to expand your options, the good news is you can go both ways. 

Just remember to only choose the safest and most comprehensive betting sites and apps online. The following pages are great sources of information if you are pondering over which site/s to choose from.

March Madness Odds for 2022

Online March Madness betting sites currently have odds posted for the upcoming tournament. These odds are subject to change but allow us to give a sneak pick at what’s available.

The prices below are taken from the BetOnline sportsbook.

NCAA Men's Basketball Team Logos
  • Gonzaga +525
  • Auburn +800
  • Kentucky +850
  • Duke +1000
  • Kansas +1200
  • Baylor +1200
  • Purdue +1200
  • Arizona +1200
  • UCLA +1600
  • Villanova +1800

We regularly look to update the top odds for the NCAAB tournaments, so make sure to bookmark this page to keep on top of them. Spotting movement in the latest March Madness odds could augur well for your chances of winning real money on the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, so stay tuned!

Betting On Who Wins March Madness 2022

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The question everyone wants to know is who wins the 2022 NCAAB tournament?

As things stand, the betting favorites for the 2022 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament are as follows.

  • Gonzaga – The clear favorites in the minds of most looking to win real money on March Madness, Gonzaga will have to do it without Jalen Suggs and Corey Kispert. But with one of the Wooden Award favorites in Drew Timme dictating play, Andrew Nembhard and Chet Holmgren could help Gonzaga to another title.
  • Auburn – Tipped to make the Final Four on account of the momentum of its electric backcourt, the Tigers are clicking. The only team in the country with less than two defeats, Auburn’s odds to win March Madness are worth a look-in.
  • Kentucky – Looking to chase Auburn down as the main threat in the SEC, Kentucky’s ascendency in recent times has seen them move into potential championship contention. If this team peaks at the right time, they could earn that number one spot in the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament.
  • Duke – Paulo Banchero and Trevor Keels can cause anyone problems. For evidence of that, just look back at the win over Gonzaga, where Wendell Moore was at his absolute best. Although transitional defense is an obvious flaw, there is quality in this team that could culminate in a moderate upset.

Best March Madness Bets

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The thrill of the competition takes some beating. But when it comes to winning real money March Madness bets, we’d be lying if we said there was anything better.

In short, there are many ways to bet on March Madness, with a plethora of odds for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament out there. Knowing how to bet on the sport will help, with advanced basketball strategies and tips always worth taking into account.

As we’re focusing on the top wagers for March Madness, let’s take a glance over the markets you should know about.


March Madness bets don’t get any easier than the moneyline.

In essence, this is the most basic way of gambling real money on the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. Why? Well, your job is simply to choose the team you think will win and place your stake on that side.

Much like how the best basketball betting sites set a moneyline value by the strength of a team, the bookies will do the same in a game in this tournament. They gauge the probability of each team winning, and assign odds that reflect the respective strength of those teams.

Let’s say you like the look of Baylor at +110. If so, a $100 bet will net you a profit of $110.

Point Spread Bets

March Madness spread betting is always popular with gamblers. 

But don’t be put off by the presence of pluses and minuses — the concept of this market is simple. Sometimes, there are considerable gaps in the level of strength of teams. To balance things out, the bookies assign a pre-determined handicap to one side and an advantage to the other.

If you are spread betting on NCAA tournament games, the team you bet on must win by more or less than the points on offer.

According to the example above, the March Madness betting odds for Gonzaga will pay out at odds of -110 providing Gonzaga wins the game by 5 points or more. Baylor must win by any score, draw, or lose by no more than four to pay out at -110.

You can read more about how spread betting works by hitting up the following page. 

March Madness Futures

These are the types of bets that you can place on March Madness that will see you through the start of the season to the championship game. 

Futures bets for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament do not have to be placed at the start of the season, of course. You can find multiple betting markets for March Madness futures that will still be up for grabs even as we approach the latter stages of the tourney. 

For example, you could bet on Gonzaga to win March Madness at odds of +800 in November. If they go on to glory, you will get your hands on a nice profit.

Futures odds for the NCAAB tournament adjust and fluctuate according to what happens on the court. Still, they can offer a great way to wager on March Madness for shrewd bettors.


Also known as bets, the over/under markets are especially popular with gamblers looking for an alternative to the moneyline or point spread.

The best part? These are among the easiest March Madness bets you can place. That’s not to say they will always be guaranteed winners, of course. They will, however, provide a straightforward means of getting some exciting bets in the pipeline.

To explain how this works requires little explanation. In short, the oddsmakers set a total number of points as a marker. Your job when trying to win real money on the March Madness over/under markets is to guess whether the total number of points scored in a game will be over or under that figure.

Let’s say the totals market for the Gonzaga and Baylor game is set at 205.5 points. Are you going over or under?

In this hypothetical matchup, Gonzaga wins by 115 to 113. That equals 228 points, which means those who bet the over market win.

A successful $100 on the over or under returns a profit of $90.91 according to the March Madness odds above.

More Popular March Madness Bet Types

If you’re thinking outside of the box, it’s worth noting that there are multiple ways to win real money from March Madness wagers.

Here’s a look at some of the other exciting ways to bet on the NCAA basketball tournaments.

  • Derivatives – Derivative odds for March Madness games allow you to bet on parts of the game, rather than the match as a whole. From totals in the first half to spreads for the first quarter, and much more, these can provide more value than the usual March Madness betting picks.
  • Props – For those in the know, the top props for March Madness can be a gold mine of potential. From seed and conference props to game and player props for the NCAAB basketball tournament, there are tons of innovative ways to win money.
  • Tournament MVP – More often than not, winning real money betting on the March Madness MVP means picking the team that will go all the way. The Associated Press tends to award the MVP award to the star player from the champions.
  • Exotic March Madness Bets – The best March Madness betting sites offer multiple exotic wagers for the NCAA tournament. From how many buzzer-beaters are scored to whether a FirstFour side makes it to the Sweet Sixteen, you will find tons of awesome March Madness odds online.

Now we’ve covered the best bets you can place on the NCAA basketball tournament, let’s move on to how you can make these bets work in your favor.

Advice for Betting March Madness

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Who needs overcomplicated dross when reliable March Madness betting advice will do?

We don’t believe that you have to be a qualified rocket scientist to make real money on the NCAA basketball tournaments. To be completely honest, it helps to know as much about a subject as possible.  Still, simply focusing on increasing your chances of winning your March Madness wagers will suffice.

Here’s some help to get you started.

  • Be Smart With Your Bankroll – From only spending what you can afford to determine your unit value for each bet, these successful bankroll management tips will come in super handy.
  • Look for the Best March Madness Odds – Why take the first set of odds that come your way when there are multiple, top sites online? The moneyline and/or the spread aren’t where the odds for March Madness end, so why not see what other markets are out there?
  • Use Multiple March Madness Betting Sites – The best way to ensure you’re getting the top odds for March Madness is to compare them across multiple sites. There are more perks to using more than one site, which includes access to a wide range of bonuses and promotions
  • Play for Value – The only tangible way to gain long-term success when betting on NCAA basketball tournaments, or anything else for that matter, is to learn how to find value in betting odds.
  • Use Stats and Data to Your Advantage – Most of the top sites online tend to provide stats and analysis ahead of individual games. You can find everything you need to know elsewhere, too, such as on the official NCAA website.

It’s also worth noting that following the latest March Madness odds movements, news, and updates goes without saying.

In this modern age, we’re lucky to have a wealth of information available to us online that can be used to aid your chances of winning money on March Madness. From credible basketball news sources to social media tools like YouTube, there is no reason why you can’t do well with your wagers this year.

Expert March Madness Betting Strategy and Tips

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Again, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to win real money betting the NCAAB tournaments.

That applies to our basic tips as well as our expert March Madness betting tips. Although the less experienced gambler should always start with the basics, there is no reason why anyone should struggle to follow more advanced strategy pointers. Here are some of our basketball experts’ tips for winning money on the tournament.

Watch Square Public Betting Activity

Online betting on March Madness is big business.

A major reason for this is that casual bettors want to get in on the action when the NCAA Tournament starts. A lot of money comes in from these guys, leading to hype and hyperbole.

Keep an eye on line movement instead of the extensive coverage that organically comes from the team these casual bettors are throwing it all on.

Remember, the public also loves betting underdogs. This makes it even more crucial to be skeptical of the inorganic line movement that bends toward the outsiders. If you can make it work for you with the team that will win this year’s March Madness, go for it. Just don’t allow yourself to get pitted against the public. 

Pay Attention to Teams With Robust Defense

Defense wins games. Especially when it comes to the crunch. 

We all know that free-scoring teams can smash it during the regular season. But when it comes to gambling real money on March Madness, you should always consider the fact that the most balanced teams usually do it better. Even if you’re not betting on the NCAA basketball tournament, and just want some tips or March Madness bracket advice, this same principle applies.

Those intending to wager on the tournament should consider defense-heavy outfits come tournament time. Especially when it comes to backing them against the spread.

Furthermore, we believe that underdogs with exceptionally strong defense can be top outside bets for March Madness games.

Pick Your Battles

With 67 games to bet on in March Madness, you could very easily find yourself getting carried away. 

Not every game is going to be appealing if you know what you are looking for. After all, online March Madness apps and betting sites are there to make a profit. Ergo, they are not exactly going to let a ton of money slide away from them when they can just provide poor value odds for those who don’t know any better. 

One of the best March Madness betting strategies is to be selective with the games you bet on. Failing that, look for value in other markets, rather than betting the line or the spread on matchups that offer no value on either side.

Look for Momentum at the Window

It’s best to factor in momentum at the window when using betting strategies for the NCAA basketball tournament.

Ask yourself questions such as how has a team performed down the stretch? Are they peaking at the right time? Are there any discernible strengths or weaknesses that could factor into betting on who wins March Madness matches, or the tournament as a whole?

If you can pinpoint even the smallest margin when comparing the offense and defense of two teams, it could help you make some money. 

Momentum is key in every sport. At the same time, don’t become too invested in the regular season given this is a knockout tournament. 

2022 March Madness Bracket Advice

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Expert March Madness bracket strategies exist for a reason. That is, they work more often than not.

Even a little bit of advice on how to win pools and build the best brackets can always come in handy. Our experts have provided a few tips to help you get a head start on your family, co-workers, or anyone else you are looking to pit your skills against.

You can find free downloadable and printable March Madness brackets, below.

More March Madness Bracket and Betting Advice

Our NCAA basketball tournament writers have also provided you with some super useful information to help you shine this year.

Of course, we will have so much more material for betting on the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournaments for you to use. You can find our experts’ March Madness predictions, picks, and gambling advice by visiting our March Madness blog and basketball picks sections, below.

March Madness Terms

A glossary for March Madness terms is a good way to get down with the lingo used by fans and bettors throughout the tournament. 

You might already be familiar with some of this slang, or most of the acronyms and initialisms that get thrown around. Perhaps you’re an absolute beginner looking to make sense of what appears at first to be a whole lot of craziness. I guess that’s in line with the Madness of March, right?

  • At-Large BidDenotes the term used to describe the 36 at-large bid teams that didn’t win their conferences but made it to the tournament based on impressive performances. This is, unsurprisingly, one of the top March Madness terms you will encounter.
  • Automatic BidUnlike the at-large bids, these teams have made it here by winning their conferences. Also known as an automatic qualifier.
  • AP RankingThe term used to refer to the Associated Press ranking system that oversees the ratings of the top 25 teams in the country.
  • BPIESPN created the College Basketball’s Power Index (BPI) to rate teams based on BPI Offense and BPI Defense. The resulting stats are calculated on the power of both.
  • BubbleTeams often referred to as “on the bubble” are not assured of an invitation to the NCAA Basketball Tournament. In other words, they may or may not make it.
  • CinderellaA term widely used in other sports, such as James Braddock’s “Cinderella Man” title in boxing, a “Cinderella” in March Madness terms means a team that performs much better than anticipated before NCAAB odds are out.
  • Elite EightThe final eight teams standing are, unsurprisingly, referred to as the Elite Eight. The four winners from these four games move on to the next round.
  • Final FourFollowing the Final Eight, the Final Four teams remaining battle it out for a place in the championship game.
  • First FourUpon the NCAA’s decision to expand the entries from 64 to 68, the First Four is played on the Tuesday and Wednesday following Selection Sunday. These matches are hosted at the University of Dayton.
  • First Four OutAnother popular entry on the March Madness glossary is the First Four Out. This term applies to teams that don’t make the NCAA tournament but do go ahead to top seed status in the NIT Championship.
  • KPIAll wins and losses for teams are ranked from -1.0 to +1.0 by KPI Sports. The statisticians look at the strength of schedule as well as key indicators like a team’s winning percentage, scoring margins, and location of a game.
  • Last Four InThis March Madness term applies to the final four teams to be granted at-large bids. These teams are the ones that are usually “on the bubble” heading into Selection Sunday.
  • NETIntroduced in 2018-2019, the NCAA Evaluation Tool (NET) factors results, schedule, location, margin, wins and losses, and offense/defense. This replaced the Rating Percentage Index as the committee’s go-to statistical formula.
  • Offensive EfficiencyOne of the key terms for March Madness directly related to offense. In short, this covers the points a team scores per 100 offensive possessions.
  • Per-40Widely known as “per-40 stats,” this term is used in NCAAB games as a means of comparison between two or more individuals who have not registered the same number of minutes per game.
  • QuadrantsOne of the March Madness terms you will hear a lot of is quadrants, which are broken down into Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. The selection committee cuts a team’s record into quarters to provide a clearer view of the strength of their wins as well as the weakness of their losses.
  • RegionalThe March Madness tournament bracket is cut into quarters consisting of The South, East, West, and the Midwest. Rounds 1 to 4 are regional games. The Elite Eight is the regional championship game.
  • RPIThe Rating Percentage Index (RPI) denotes a D1 team’s winning percentage (25%) as well as their opponent’s winning percentage (50%) and an opponent’s opponents’ winning percentage (25%). This is no longer used by the committee, who now prefers the NET.
  • SeedOf the 68 teams that earn March Madness bids, a seeding from 1 to 16 is awarded to everyone. This dictates where the team will sit in the bracket. Seedings are also set for all entrants between 1 to 68 and affect who and where teams will face off with.
  • Selection CommitteeYou have already come across this March Madness term. If you’re wondering what it means, it’s very simple. In essence, this committee consists of ten members that are tasked with the selection process as well as the bracketing and seeding of all teams in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
  • Selection SundayThis is the big day when the Selection Committee confirms the tournament field for both the men’s and women’s tournaments.
  • Strength of RecordAnother key March Madness term to know is Strength of Record (SOR), which is a figure that presents a team’s accomplishment based on how difficult its win to loss record was to attain.
  • Strength of ScheduleThe SOS is the measure of how hard a team’s schedule is based on its opponents’ winning schedule.
  • Sweet 16You’ll hear this among the most popular March Madness terms. In effect, the Sweet 16 is the tournament’s third round. It precedes the Elite Eight, which, as pointed out earlier, is the penultimate stage of the tournament.

March Madness FAQ

If you’re excited about betting real money on March Madness online, you might be looking for some more information we haven’t already shared with you. 

If that is the case, our FAQs for the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament might help to quench your thirst. 

What Was the Biggest Ever March Madness Upset?
AWe’ve seen some huge Cinderella stories in March Madness, with #8 Villanova’s historic 66-64 win over the top seed, Georgetown, in 1985 one of the most notorious.

In terms of the top betting upsets in March Madness history, however, UMBC’s 76-54 win over Virginia in 2018 takes the cake. Before this game, no other #16 ranked team had ever beaten a top seed. A +20.5 dog, they went on to win the game by 21 points.
What Are the Odds of Filling Out a Perfect March Madness Bracket?
AWe hope you’re sitting down for this one, as it might come as a shock.

Speaking of shocks, you’re more likely to be hit by lightning and win the lottery in the same day than you are of landing a perfect bracket. According to the NCAA website, odds for a perfect bracket come in at odds of 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 on the flip of a coin, or 1 in 120.2 billion, if you know a thing or two about basketball.
How Much Do March Madness Players Make?
AFactoring in stuff like game time, transport, expenses, appearances, and media, the total amount paid by the NCAA to players comes to a round figure of… $0.00.

Before the pandemic hit, circa 85% of approximately $1 billion in annual revenue earned by the NCAA was from March Madness. Still, players are classed as amateurs, thus are not entitled to compensation. There is an exception, with Californian athletes set to make money from endorsements and image rights from 2023 onward, however.
Are Workers Less Productive During March Madness?
AAround 40 million workers are believed to be involved in March Madness pools every year. This will grow over time.

Factor in the 1.5 million workers watching games from their desks, and companies can expect to see productivity drop during the NCAA Division I Basketball tournament. According to some figures, $1.7 billion has been lost due to unproductive workers between the start and end of the championship.
Have All Number 1 Seeds Ever Made the March Madness Final Four?
AThe answer is yes. This very scenario played out in the 2008 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.

That year, Kansas, North Carolina, UCLA, and Memphis went on to battle it out in the Final Four, with Kansas Jayhawks picking up its third title.
What Does March Madness Mean?
AIt does not sound ridiculous at all to be asking this question, especially as far down this page as you find yourself.

Asking who invented the March Madness term is a frequently asked question. In short, CBS broadcaster Brent Musburger mentioned it while covering the tournament. However, some dispute that Misburger created it, with the Illinois High School Boys Basketball Championship claiming it had been using the moniker since 1939.

A court case was settled with both parties granted rights to use the “dual-use trademark,” in what was seen as an interesting ruling.
Who Scored the Most Points Ever in a March Madness Tournament?
AYou might already be aware that Notre Dame’s Austin Carr holds the record for most points scored during an NCAAB game with 61 against Ohio.

The most points ever scored in a tournament, however, was Michigan’s all-time top scorer, Glen Rice. Rice bagged 184 points in 1984. A record that has still yet to be touched. Perhaps betting on March Madness records isn’t your thing, but it sure helps to know a little history of the tournament.
What Are the Top Sites for Betting on March Madness Online?
AWe covered some of the top sportsbooks and best apps for betting on March Madness earlier.

These are the sportsbooks that top our rankings when it comes to improving your chances of winning money on the NCAAB tournaments. Here’s a reminder of those sites. Feel free to check them out, below!
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