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Guide to Badminton Betting Sites

Badminton has a relatively small following compared to some of the biggest sports in the world, but it’s not what you’d call an obscure sport. It’s a big deal in some countries, and betting on badminton is actually more popular than you might think.

A good number of online bookmakers and sportsbook offer badminton bets, so you don’t need necessarily need to find a specialist site to bet on badminton. You do want a safe, high quality option, though.

Our list of the best badminton betting sites can help with this.

Rank VA Betting Site Exclusive Bonus Get Started
#2 50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#3 50% Up To $250 Visit Site Visit Site
#4 50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site
#5 50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site Visit Site

We carefully reviewed every single one of the sites above, and each has passed every single test with flying colors. Long story short, they earned our trust and offer plenty of badminton betting markets, promotions, and reliable payment options.

And if you want the long story, we go through every single aspect we rated below. This will help you understand why we recommend these as the best sites for betting on badminton online.

The other sections of this page are designed to help you get the best out of your online badminton betting.

Badminton Betting Sites

Rating the Best Badminton Betting Sites

We don’t expect you to automatically trust our judgment, so it’s important for us to explain our process for ranking and reviewing real money gambling sites.

Our team of online gambling experts carefully assess every single site before it’s even considered for a recommendation from us. The exact assessment depends on what type of site they’re looking at, and what specific category they’re rating it for.

When it comes to ranking the best badminton betting sites, the following factors are among the most important.

  • Safety of the customers
  • Badminton tournaments and markets
  • Badminton betting odds
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Payment providers
  • Live betting options
  • Mobile version
  • Ease of use
  • Help and support 

Safety of the Customers

The only appropriate place to start would be to make sure that an online sportsbook or bookmaker is properly looking after each customer. All of our trusted badminton betting sites have a proper gambling license, issued by a respected regulator that makes sure players are protected.

On top of that, the betting sites we recommend use the latest security measures on the market. All transactions of both real money and information are encrypted by SSL protocols that are close to impossible to break.

Finally, we only stick to badminton betting sites that have a clean reputation.

Badminton Tournaments and Markets

The next thing we check are the available badminton tournaments and betting markets. We want to make sure you can find enough options for placing your badminton wagers.

That’s not always the case, because badminton is not among the most popular sports around the globe. Many bookmakers ignore it completely, while others offer only limited coverage.

The top-rated badminton betting sites that we recommend pay plenty of attention to the sport. You will regularly find badminton games you can bet on. The variety of markets for them can’t always compare to some other sports, but there are enough opportunities to make some money.

Badminton Betting Odds

One of your top priorities should be to get the highest possible betting odds out there. The best approach would be to join a bookmaker on the web that has a low betting margin.

For those of you who don’t know what that is, the betting margin is the advantage of the sportsbook that guarantees the long-term profit. It’s similar to the house edge of the casino, but the biggest difference is that it can be beaten. Since it’s not evenly distributed across all outcomes, as in the casino games, you can find some options that contain positive expected value.

Your chances of success are directly related to the average margin. The lower it is, the better for you. This is why we try to stick to badminton betting sites that consistently offer low margin and competitive betting odds.

Bonuses and Promotions

Because badminton is not exactly among the most popular sport out there, you will struggle to find betting sites that offer exclusive promotions. On the bright side, most of the regular deals of the leading online betting sites can be used to bet on badminton.

It all starts with the sign-up bonuses at your disposal. If you join one of our recommended badminton sites, you can enjoy an instant boost to your bankroll.

When you finish with the welcome offer, there are usually other opportunities to earn additional value. The list includes free bets, reload bonuses, and loyalty programs.

Payment Providers

We feel that every sportsbook on the internet must provide a large number of payment options to every single customer. You should be able to find a suitable banking method for both deposits and withdrawals.

Most of our recommended badminton betting sites support popular options like credit and debit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, wire transfers, and money transfer services.

Live Betting Options

If you have a good understanding of badminton, you should definitely try live betting on the sport. Our top-rated bookmakers provide plenty of opportunities to places wagers in-play.

A true expert can take advantage by closely watching each game and finding the best moment to place a bet.

Mobile Version

You can do pretty much everything on your phone or tablet nowadays, and sports betting is no exception. The top online betting sites are all mobile-responsive. Simply open any of them on your device and they will automatically find the best settings.

The likes of iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and other mainstream brands are all supported. You can not only place wagers on the go, but also deposit, withdraw, contact customer support, and perform all other important actions.

Ease of Use

Your safety and the value you get for your money are what matters the most, but the user experience should not be underestimated. You will be often browsing around the betting site you join, so the navigation and the interface should be easy.

The page should be built in a way that allows you to quickly find any badminton game you’re looking for. Furthermore, you should be able to quickly make deposits and withdrawals or contact the customer support team.

Broken buttons, wrong links, and other technical errors are unacceptable.

Help and Support

We believe that every online bookmaker and sportsbook should make it easy for customers to find help when they need it.

For starters, there should be a section that answers the most frequently asked questions and provides information on various topics like promotions, betting markets, rules, payments, and anything else that may be important. Each player should easily find the information they’re looking for.

If further assistance is needed, there should be options to contact support staff. The agents that work on the issue should be ready to help competently.

A lot of people don’t pay too much attention to this when picking a bookmaker, but we feel it’s important.

Tips for Betting on Badminton Online

If you’re just starting to bet badminton online, it’s a good idea to check out these tips.

The advice below will help you avoid some of the mistakes that almost every beginner makes, and should improve your overall chances of making money.

Use More Than One Bookmaker

The most successful bettors use more than one bookmaker for badminton for multiple reasons. You can consistently get higher odds for your wagers by shopping for the best lines and the best prices. The process takes minutes, but it can improve your profits by a couple of percentages in the long run.

On top of that, you can extract additional value by using the promotions of our leading badminton betting sites. The sign-up bonuses alone will significantly boost your bankroll, but there are other special deals, too.

It takes more time and effort to manage multiple accounts, but the long-term benefits are simply too big to miss on that. If you’re serious about making money by betting on badminton online, you should join a couple of different sites.

Stick to Our Recommended Bookmakers

If you don’t have experience in sports betting online, you should probably stick to our recommended badminton betting sites. We have spent a lot of time selecting the best in the business on your behalf, so make sure to take full advantage.

In case you want to do your own research, we urge you to follow our review process described in the previous section. It will help you focus on the important aspects of each sportsbook on the web and find a safe option.

Use the Stats That the Online Sportsbooks Offer

A lot of people underestimate the fact that most betting sites on the internet provide various stats for each event they cover. That applies to most badminton games as well. You can find some head-to-head numbers and other data that could be useful.

Since badminton is not that popular, doing your own research might take a while. It’s pointless to waste that time when you have the option to check the key stats with a click of the mouse. Just look for the info button on the event page. It leads to data that’s available. Use it to prepare your bets properly.

Don’t Use Cash Out Too Often

The Cash Out feature was introduced a couple of years ago and became an instant hit. Nowadays many online betting sites offer it. The feature allows you to close your bets before the game has finished.

On the surface, it’s a great tool to limit the variance and the influence of luck. You can secure your profits and avoid late drama or save part of your wager if things aren’t going your way.

While we understand the benefits of Cash Out, a lot of people don’t understand the downsides. The obvious one is that you have to cut some of your profit. That’s fair. You do close your bet before the game is completed.

The bigger problem is that you give up some of your value, too. Here’s an example that explains what we actually mean. Let’s assume you placed a wager on a certain soccer match and it’s all going well.

You bet $10 to win $30 and your team is winning 1-0 with 20 minutes to go. At this point, the bookmaker calculates the probability of the side you backed NOT to win as 20%. If we transform that into a betting price with our odds converter, it will be +400 (or 5.00 in decimal form).

So, if the Cash Out reward offered to you is fair, it should be $24 at this point. That’s because you already bet $10 to win $30 on team A to win, and if you bet another $6 on the price of +400 on team A NOT to win, you will also receive $30 for whatever ends up happening in the match.

The simple calculation shows that you would have placed $16 and you would get $30 back whatever happens, so your profit is always $14. Since the Cash Out feature basically does the same thing, but spares you the effort of placing the second wager, you should be offered your initial stake of $10 and the profit of $14 for a total of $24.

However, the sports betting site will offer you $23 or less because it wants to make a profit. A lot of people don’t really think about it, but they’re sacrificing money every time they use the Cash Out feature.

While you should still go for it when the odds are good or when there’s too much at stake, you shouldn’t overdo it. It’s a safety net for extreme situations, but you still pay for it.

Online Badminton Betting FAQ

Is it safe to bet on badminton online with real money?

It is safe, if you bet wisely. We recommend you stick with the best badminton betting sites as per our rankings, as they have proven to be legit.

Of course, you can find reliable options on your own, but you should keep your eyes open and know what to look for

Is it legal to bet on badminton with real money online?

It’s perfectly legal in most countries, but there are certain rules and exceptions.

We encourage you to take a look at our online gambling laws section and check what it says for the place you plan on gambling from.

Should I declare and pay taxes on my winnings from betting on badminton online?

Once again, it depends on your country of residence. In the best case, you won’t have to do anything. In the worst, you may have to declare your profits and also pay taxes on them.

To understand more about the topic, contact an accountant.

How can I deposit real money to bet on badminton online?

The most popular options are credit and debit cards, e-wallets, crypto, wire transfers, and more.

It’s possible that some local payment providers are at your disposal as well, it depends on your country.

How can I cash out my winnings?

You usually have to use the same banking method that you deposited with.

If that’s not possible, the bookmaker will provide alternatives.

What should I do if I think I’m addicted to gambling?

You must act immediately, as this is a problem that has negatively impacted the lives of many people.

We have a gambling addiction page that will help you with various tools and links if you think you may be experiencing this issue.