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Titan Titans Slot Machine

Titan Titans takes a familiar game theme and gives it a new look. Most games you find that are based on Greek mythology are either really light and airy or dark and scary. 777igt decided to puttheir own spin on this classic theme with Titan Titans.

It sure is a strange name, right?

Yeah, that’s what we thought too but it really fits the game. The designers went a little off script with this game in different ways. The symbols aren’t ones you’re used to seeing in games aboutthe Gods of Olympus, the soundtrack is a little out of the ordinary, and the bonus game definitely makes you scratch your head.

These few things are different and can throw seasoned players off, but in the end everything comes together and works well for the game itself. We really liked the fact that everything isdifferent than what we’re use to when it comes to games of this theme.

We went through the game and hope this review gets you excited about playing Titan Titans.

Titan Titans Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

When the game loads your senses will kick into overdrive because there’s just so much going on in the atmosphere of the game.

The background is packed with different colors fading in and out from every angle. You’ll find a couple figures that you can’t really see but they look as though they’re in a really intensefight. These figures are too hard to see to determine if they’re Gods or not.

For us the background is a little over the top and just completely distracting because we want to know what’s going on behind the reels. To cover up all the hard work the designers put into thatbackground is such a shame. Maybe if we had gotten an intro or something before the reels appeared it might have been better.

The reels however are a great part of the atmosphere. They’re individually framed by beautiful silver swords. The swords also make an appearance in the title at the top of the reels. We likedthis detail and think it brought a great feel to the game.

Across the bottom of the reels the control buttons are displayed in an emerald green color that reminds of a gorgeous polished emerald. The pay lines aren’t labeled individually along the sidesbut the annotation can be found on either side of the reels.

At the top of the reels is the real exciting part of the game. This is where you find your jackpot options. Usually these amounts are enclosed in frames that resemble the control buttons but notfor this game. They aren’t framed at all, they just seem to be floating in thin air.

Music and Sound Effects

The sound track for this game really isn’t too awful but we were expecting something with a little more of a dark undertone to it. This sound track belongs with one of the light and happy gameslike those about fairies and other woodland creatures.

We didn’t hate the soundtrack enough to have to mute it at the beginning but it does get annoying after a while since it adds absolutely nothing to the game experience. We were looking for atrack that was faster paced and had some lightning flash sounds but instead we got a slow string quartet that brings to mind chasing a fairy in the forest; not the great and powerful Greek Gods.

At least you can always count on having sound effects that match the action when it comes to the reels and win notifications. The reels spin and sound much like the wheel on Wheel of Fortune. Youget to hear a variety of chimes when a winning combination appears on the reels. Sometimes you get a trill and sometimes you get a more whimsical sound effect.

Our favorite, and one you’ll probably like, is the sound of the coins being added to your account after every win. Liking the sound of money is something all humans have in common.


One of the things we found this game to be lacking in is the animations. The designers at 777igt aren’t known for having much as far as animations in the game other than for winning symbols. Thisgame stays with that trend.

Each of the symbols has its own animation when it’s part of a winning spin, others pulse, and some bounce. This isn’t what comes to mind when we think of animation but we take what we can get.

Even the bonus game for this title has little when it comes to animation. This is the one place most of the other games won points for animation but with Titan Titans that just isn’t the case.

So if you’re looking for a game that has great animation this isn’t the game for you.

Titan Titans Pay Table and Graphics

Symbols and payouts for Titan Titans are as follows:

Jackpot Symbols

Zeus is the God of Olympus and he reigns supreme so it’s only right that he be the symbol to represent the Mega jackpot. When he appears on the reels 5 times you win the biggest pay out available in the game.
The Lord of the underworld represents the second highest paying option of the game. The Minor jackpot win is triggered when Hades appears on the reels 5 times.
The ruler of the sea is the God that was chosen to represent your third and final chance at big money in this game. When he appears on the reels 5 times the Mini jackpot win is triggered. It might be the smallest of the three jackpots but we think 40,000 and counting is a pretty great prize to be won.

Special Feature Symbols

Gold Circle with Red Point
This symbol is the Wild for this game. When it appears on the reels it takes the place of the highest paying symbol on a pay line to make a winning combination. This symbol can sub for morethan one symbol any time it’s on the reels. If you land 5 of these on the reels at the same time you get to add a huge 150x multiplier to your win.
This beautiful creature of purity is the scatter symbol for the game. When this symbol appears 3 or more times you get a multiplier added to your wagers. These multipliers are awarded basedon number of symbols on the reels. 3 symbols gets a 5x multiplier, 4 symbols gets a 30x multiplier, and 5 symbols gets a 100x multiplier.
Medusa isn’t known for her kindness but she sure does help you out when she lands on the reels 3 or more times. When you get 3 Medusa symbols on the reels you trigger 5 free spins, 4 triggers10 free spins, and 5 triggers 15 free spins.
The warrior ship is the bonus symbol for the game. When you land 3 or more of these on the reels you trigger the bonus game and are taken to a new screen.

Regular Game Symbols

Column Top
This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 40 times for a combination of 4, and 200 times for a combination of 5.
Water Vase
This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 40 times for a combination of 4, and 150 times for a combination of 5.
Warrior Helmet
This symbol pays 12 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 120 times for a combination of 5.
The A stands for the Ace in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 30 times for a combination of 4, and 100 times for a combination of 5.
The K stands for the king in poker. It pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 25 times for a combination of 4, and 80 times for a combination of 5.
This symbol pays 10 times for a combination of 3, 25 times for a combination of 4, and 60 times for a combination of 5

Symbol Graphics

The designers at 777igt sometimes get way off base when they’re designing symbols for their games. In some games we’ve reviewed we’ve wondered if the symbols should’ve gone to a different gameand Titan Titans is one of those games.

Besides the use of the three Gods for the jackpot symbols there’s little else that is even remotely connected to the theme of the game. The column that represents the highest paying regularsymbol concludes the group of actual Greek symbols.

With a theme that’s so well-known there’s a certain amount of expectation when you start playing this game and the designers really didn’t even come close when it comes to the symbols.

With a theme like this there are so many options that could have been used like goddess, cyclops, lightning bolts, and many others that we just can’t understand why they didn’t include moresymbols that could shoulder such a big theme.

Titan Titans Slot Extra Feature

Where the designers failed with the symbols they make up for with the special features. It’s no surprise that this game is full of great opportunities to trigger special prizes and games. Itwouldn’t be a 777igt game if any of the following was missing.

The jackpots come in three different sizes.

Mega jackpot

Zeus comes out to play in Titan Titans and he wants to help make you a big winner. He represents the biggest pay out option in the game. The Mega jackpot is continually changing and canonly be won when you get Zeus to appear 5 times in one single spin

Minor jackpot

The minor jackpot may not be the biggest win option but it still can have a huge impact on your bank if you are lucky enough to trigger it. This jackpot is represented by the evil Lord ofthe Underground Hades. When he appears on the reels 5 times you’ll be in the money.

Mini jackpot

The last chance you have at winning big with a jackpot comes with the Mini jackpot. To trigger this nice pay out you must first get Poseidon to show up on the reels 5 times during one spin.If you get lucky enough to trigger this jackpot watch out cause moneys going to be raining like a tidal wave.

777igt is notorious for not giving the wild symbol much thought and in Titan Titans this remains the same. The wild still has the same functions that it does in most other games on the market.It replaces any symbol to make a win as long as it’s not a jackpot or other special feature symbol. As for the symbol itself we really aren’t sure what it is exactly but if you get 5 of thegold circles on the reels at the same time you’ll know it. When this happens you’re rewarded with a 150x multiplier added to your win.

Everyone loves to win multipliers and with Titan Titans you get several chances to do just that. When the unicorn makes an appearance on the reels 3 or more times you can watch as your wins geta little extra boost. The multipliers for this scatter symbol range from as little as 5 to as much as 100 times.

If you’ve ever played a 777igt game you know that more than likely there’s going to be a bonus game to play. We weren’t disappointed but we were a little confused as to why they chose this typeof game for this theme.

When you get 3 or more of the warrior ships on the reels you trigger the bonus game.

When you get to the new screen you see a bunch of treasure chests with multicolored diamonds and a couple with crabs. They’re all closed and shuffled up and your goal is to pick out all theones with the diamonds and no crabs.

Each time you click and open a chest of diamonds you win but if you click on the one with the crab your game is over. This game is different from most of the bonus games we’ve played by 777igtbecause if you click on the chest with the crab as your first choice you lose and you go back to the regular game empty handed.

Betting Options

Titan Titans is a 5 reel game that has 100 pay line options for you to choose from. 777igt designed this game to include 100 different ways for you to win with every spin. This high number of paylines might be a little scary for some people because you want to wager enough that when you do get a win it’s big enough to notice.

This is when people start changing the way the game is set up. We don’t recommend doing this. The pay lines are there for your benefit. The best way to go about securing a good return when a winis completed is to change your wager amount.

The pay lines for this game aren’t fixed and we can’t tell you what to do so if you feel like you just don’t want to play all 100 lines you can change the amount being played. You can decidebetween 10 pay lines which are the lowest and 100 pay lines which are the highest.

Just remember that when you start messing with the pay lines your start messing with your win opportunities. Just by changing one pay line it puts you at risk of missing out on wins which cancost you more in the long run.

777igt always wants to make sure that anyone who wants to play their games have the opportunity to do so. That’s why they have wager setting that range from as little as $.01 and as high as $1 tohelp cover anyone who wants to play. These betting ranges won’t make you rich overnight but it does allow you a good deal of leeway while you’re playing the game.

Game Rules

Titan Titans game rules are in line with most other 5 reel slot machines. Below are the main rules:

  • Wins are paid from left to right.
  • When there are more than one wins on a pay line the highest payout is awarded
  • Any misuse or malfunction aborts the game and everything is reset to default.
  • The wild doesn’t sub for scatter, free spin, bonus, or jackpot symbols.
  • Scatter symbols triggers a multiplier from anywhere on the reels
  • Bonus game is triggered when three or more bonus symbols appear anywhere on the reels
  • When the wild appears on the reels 5 times an additional multiplier is added to the win.
  • Jackpots can only be won when the designated symbol is found on the reels 5 times.


This game isn’t one of the best games we’ve seen from 777igt but it’s also not one of the worst. We would probably rate this game somewhere around the 6 or 7 ranges on a scale of 1 to 10.

The game itself isn’t bad even if the entire thing leaves you wondering just what the designer’s goal was when they put this game together. The background seems to have a theme related feel toit, or at least what we could see of it. We would’ve really liked to have a little intro so we could see what was going on back there before the reels came in and covered it all up.

Going through all the trouble to design it and then just covering it all up is beyond us. Then the poor choice of soundtrack, which seems to be a reoccurring problem with games by this designer,is another issue. The music wasn’t bad but it just didn’t mesh well with the theme that was being portrayed.

Much of this game leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the compatibility to the theme laid out for the game. When this happens it’s really hard to review a game that plays well and hasgreat win opportunities but almost nothing goes together.

At least we had the special features and like the glue that holds everything together; these features never let us down. These features are the reason why we keep coming back for more 777igtgames because even when we’re completely befuddled by the mashup that is the game we know that no matter what we have opportunities to win jackpots, multipliers, free spins, and can even count ona trip to a bonus game.

We can’t say this game provides us with the game we imagined when we chose to play Titan Titans, but it’s a fun game with great features and betting options so if you’re not real into theme basedgames you can probably overlook the flaws of this game and find an enjoyable game with great win opportunities.

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