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The Walking Dead Slot Game from Aristocrat

You won’t have to fight for your life battling walkers. But if you play The Walking Dead slot from Aristocrat, you can battle it out for the $500,000 minimum progressive jackpot.

The walkers in this slot will keep you on your toes, nonetheless. The Walking Dead is an exciting, non-stop thrill ride of slot gameplay with several features, jackpots, expanding reels, and more.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any online casinos with The Walking Dead slot – at least not this machine from Aristocrat. You’ll need to look for it during your next land-based casino visit instead.

And we’re going to tell you why you should in this The Walking Dead slot review.

The Walking Dead Slot Overview

The Walking Dead Slot Machine Basics
Reels Six
Rows 4+
Paylines 4,096 ways to win
Stakes 0.75 to 3.00
Wild Symbols Yes
Scatters Yes
Free Spins Yes
Progressive Jackpot Yes
RTP 95%
The Walking Dead Slot

The Walking Dead is considered a penny slot, though you will need to bet more than a penny to play the game.

The minimum bet for The Walking Dead slot is 0.75. The maximum bet is 3.00.

You’ll need to bet the maximum if you want to win the $500,000 (minimum) progressive jackpot.

As for symbols, this The Walking Dead slot game uses characters and items from the first couple of seasons.

These are the symbols for this game, in order from most to least valuable.

Symbols in The Walking Dead Slot

  • Rick Grimes
  • Lori Grimes
  • Shane Walsh
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Andrea
  • Glenn Rhee
  • RV
  • Crow
  • Necklace
  • Screwdriver
  • Teddy bear

There is also the Walking Dead logo, which is the wild symbol. The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except for the Wheel Bonus symbol.

Now let’s talk about the different slot features we spotted during our The Walking Dead slot review.

The Walking Dead Slot Game Features

While quite a few games make you wait before the good stuff happens, The Walking Dead real money slot cranks up the excitement from your very first spin.

The Walking Dead slot machine deviates far from the standard formula of standard spins with nothing more than a wild symbol and scatters that activate free games.

Instead, The Walking Dead slot offers non-stop action in the gambling version of Atlanta. While the bonuses crank up the intensity with prize wheels and progressive jackpots, the main game isn’t shabby, either.

There are three base game features you can trigger.

Base Game Features in The Walking Dead

  • Reel Growth
  • Wild Attack
  • The Horde

Here’s what we learned about each feature during our review of The Walking Dead slot game.

Reel Growth

The standard Walking Dead game starts with a 6×4 grid. But if you trigger the Reel Growth feature, the second through fifth reels (the four middle reels) will expand to five, six, or even seven rows.

This is awesome. More rows give you more chances to win. That’s not all it does for you, though.

The Reel Growth feature also gives you the chance to trigger the Walking Dead slot’s other features – Wild Attack and Horde.

Wild Attack

During the Wild Attack feature, walkers take over the reels before any other symbols show up. The walkers walk across the screen, marking random spots with wilds.

Once they’re done, the reels will reappear, and the game will continue as normal.

What’s great about the Wild Attack feature is that it can lead to “Apocalyptic Wins,” which can pay hundreds of dollars if you get lucky with the wild symbol placement.

Unfortunately, we did not trigger an Apocalyptic Win the few times we played The Walking Dead slot for real money.

The Horde

You’ll know you triggered The Horde feature when the reels suddenly dissolve, and you see a helicopter spinning in the background. Like the Wild Attack, walkers are large and in charge during this feature. They leave behind sticky wild symbols that stay in place for the next spin.

The sticky wild symbols are the game’s main symbols, such as Rick Grimes or Shane Walsh.

Your goal is to get sticky wilds of The Walking Dead slot game’s most valuable symbols, such as Rick, Lori, Shane, or Daryl. Then you want to get more of those symbols on your next spin.

If you want to know how to win on The Walking Dead slot, that’s one way to do it.

That’s it for our review of The Walking Dead slot features. These features are fun, but they exist solely to tide you over until you’re lucky enough to trigger one of the bonus games.

The Walking Dead Slot Bonus Games

You can trigger and play three bonus games on The Walking Dead slot machine.

  • Wheel Level One
  • CDC Wheel
  • Escape from Atlanta

You can win some valuable prizes if you’re lucky enough to trigger a bonus game, including the grand progressive jackpot, which starts at $500,000.

Here’s what you need to know about each bonus game.

Wheel Level One

The Wheel Level One is where all the bonus action starts.

It’s a massive circular wheel – think Wheel of Fortune style. It appears when you get three mini versions on the reels.

The Wheel rotates and can land on prizes such as four progressive jackpots, credits, extra spins, free spins, and the CDC wheel.

This is arguably the most exciting feature because there is so much potential to win big. We wish there were a The Walking Dead online slot machine so that we could play it more often!

CDC Wheel

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta played a significant role in The Walking Dead TV show. In the season one finale, Rick and the gang finally arrive at the CDC only to find out that it’s not the safe haven they anticipated.

Aristocrat weaves this storyline into the CDC Wheel bonus, dedicating a vertical wheel to the CDC. It’s a massive single reel of prizes like multipliers and credits. You get three shots to win some.

Walker Bonus and Exploding Grenades

The CDC wheel has free spins, multipliers, and cash payouts. There’s also a Walker Bonus with spins and payout multipliers.

But one of the most exciting spots is the grenade. When you hit a grenade, it explodes money above it.

You’ll see something like six or seven spaces with cash prizes. Depending on the blast radius, you could activate all the spots, or just a few.

It’s exciting to see the special effects from the exploding grenade, as well as what the explosions produce for you – and your credit balance!

Escape from Atlanta

The Escape from Atlanta is The Walking Dead free spins round. You can claim up to 15 free games trying to flee the city.

We didn’t trigger the Escape from Atlanta free spins game during our The Walking Dead slot game review. Maybe you’ll have more luck than we did.

The Walking Dead Jackpots

We’ve mentioned the $500,000 jackpot prize already. But that is just the start. The Walking Dead slot is seeded at that amount – it only gets bigger from there.

While that’s the jackpot to keep your eyes on, The Walking Dead progressive slot game has three other jackpots you can win.

Seed Amounts for The Walking Dead Progressive Jackpots

The Walking Dead progressive slot game
  • Grand Prize: $500,000
  • Major: $500
  • Minor: $50
  • Mini: $10

The prizes can be bigger, sometimes much bigger, by the time you win one.

Each of these four jackpots is represented by a wedge on the Wheel Level One. Just remember that you need to stake 3.00 per spin to be in the running for one of these prizes.

Walking Dead Progressive Slot Winning Potential

Because The Walking Dead slot is a progressive jackpot game, the sky’s the limit with the win potential.

Of course, if the grand prize isn’t triggered frequently, players get turned off on the game. So, we wouldn’t expect to see multi-million-dollar payouts on this particular slot.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t win a million dollars. Or even two. Other The Walking Dead slot players have been lucky enough to do just that.

The Walking Dead slot game created its first millionaire in 2015. A player at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula watched as the CDC wheel landed on the Grand wedge, just ten minutes into playing.

Her reward for beating the walkers and the odds? $1,053,775.64!

No one can guarantee the same will happen to you if you play this slot game from Aristocrat. It didn’t happen to us during our The Walking Dead slot review.

But what we CAN guarantee is that you won’t win the jackpot if you never even try!

Should You Play The Walking Dead Slot Machine?

If you’re a fan of the show, then it’s just a given that you should give The Walking Dead slot game at least a few spins if you come across it during your next trip to the casino.

Even if you don’t follow the storyline, you can still have a lot of fun playing this action-filled slot from Aristocrat.

There is plenty of payout potential between the progressive jackpots, growing reels, multiple prize wheels, and other surprises.

We enjoyed playing this slot. Maybe you will, too. Here are some pros and cons we discovered during our The Walking Dead slot machine review. Maybe they will help you decide for sure.

  • Progressive jackpots
  • Grand prize seeded at $500,000.00
  • 4,096 ways to win
  • Multipliers
  • Wild symbols
  • Expanding reels
  • Guaranteed wins in main game mini-bonus
  • Three bonus rounds
  • Two bonus wheels
  • Bonus cash payouts
  • Up to 15 free spins at a time
  • Bonus games with payout multipliers
  • An exciting premise with familiar faces
  • 3D special effects and video clips
  • Jackpots and special features require a maximum bet of $3.00
  • It can be too bloody and gory for some
  • Offline slot only – no online casino sites have The Walking Dead slot

About The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead TV Show

The Walking Dead started as a comic by Robert Kirkman, produced by Image Comics. The first issue began in 2003. Kirkman unexpectedly ended the series in April 2019 after 193 issues.

AMC loosely adapted the comic book into a TV series. The first episode premiered in 2010.

Season 11 of The Walking Dead will be the last. The first episode of Season 11 will air on August 22, 2021, and the last episode will air sometime in 2022.

But that won’t be the end of The Walking Dead. You can continue to enjoy reruns, spinoffs, movies, novels, and more about Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, and all your favorite The Walking Dead characters.

Another option is to play one of the three The Walking Dead slots from Aristocrat. This Walking Dead slot machine review focused on the original, but there are a couple of other games, too.

The Walking Dead Slot FAQs

Can I Play The Walking Dead Slot Online?

You can’t play The Walking Dead slot online for real money. However, Aristocrat has a social gaming version you can access online (PC or mobile) and play for fun.

The original Walking Dead slot is a physical slot machine available only at land-based casinos.

How Much Can I Win on The Walking Dead Slot?

The Walking Dead slot game features a progressive jackpot. The grand prize starts at 500,000.00 and climbs until it’s claimed.

So, you could win at least a half-million dollars with only a 3.00 stake. Some gamblers have been luckier than that, taking home more than 7-figures.

Why Isn’t The Walking Dead Slot Available in Australia?

With The Walking Dead slot’s popularity, you would assume that it would be available throughout Australia, but it’s not.

Aristocrat can’t offer The Walking Dead, or other licensed brands like Game of Thrones in Australia, because slot machine providers can’t participate in revenue sharing agreements (aka licensing agreements) as they can in the United States.

Where Can I Play The Walking Dead Slot Machine?

You won’t find an online casino with The Walking Dead slot machine. But you can play it in casinos across the United States that carry Aristocrat Gaming titles.

Many on of our team have played it on the Las Vegas Strip. We recommend you start there the next time you’re in town.

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