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Pandamania Slot Machine

Developed by NextGen, Pandamania is a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot machine that’s available in online casinos.

Given that panda bears are found in the forests of south central Asia, we figured this would be a game that takes place in a bamboo forest.

But Pandamania is actually a zoo based game with an interesting atmosphere. What’s more is that the panda has escaped and taken over the zoo.

A panda bear commandeering a zoo is a very unique theme. But what does this game have to offer beyond this unusual backstory?

Find out as we cover Pandamania’s background, music, animations, pay table, graphics, and betting options. We’ll also compare this slot to a few other panda themed games.

Pandamania Slot Machines Overview

Atmosphere / Background

This is an elaborate zoo since it features a cliff, rocks, and a waterfall. You’ll also see common zoo items like a balloon cart, cages, and signs that read Don’t Feed the Animals.

It looks like the pandas have caused some carnage because their cages are empty and snacks are spilled on the ground.

Overall, this creates a fun atmosphere that portrays the light hearted theme of a panda taking over the zoo. Our only issue is that the scene looks like a mixture between a zoo and Niagara Falls.

Music and Sound Effects

The main game doesn’t feature any music, but you’ll hear a playful tune when you spin the reels. A nursery rhyme plays when you look at the information screen.

Pandamania also features several sound effects when you hit winning payouts. The most unique sound effects occur during any win with the panda wild, when the Pick Me bonus is triggered, and whenfree spins are triggered.


Pandamania’s animations are highlighted by what happens behind the reels, including the panda riding the balloon cart, and sneaking behind the reels occasionally.

You’ll also see several animations occur during winning payouts. These include: the Pandamania sign spinning around with a bamboo forest behind it, the panda throwing snacks into its mouth, andice cream cones shooting out of the bottom of the screen after big wins.

Pandamania Pay Table and Graphics

Pandamania’s symbols and payouts are as follows:

  • Panda WildThe panda substitutes for all other symbols except the sign scatter and Pick Me bonus symbols. By itself, the panda pays 3,000 credits for 5 symbols, 750 for 4 symbols, 100 for 3,and 10 for 2. This wild symbol also doubles any payout that it appears in.
  • Pandamania Sign Scatter3 or more Pandamania signs anywhere on the reels triggers free spins. The sign also pays 100x your triggering bet for 5 symbols, 20x for 4 symbols, 5x for 3, and 1x for2.
  • Pick Me Icon BonusThe Pick Me bonus is triggered when you land 3 or more of these icons, which are padlocks on gates.
  • ZookeeperThe zookeeper is having a rough day since he’s been kidnapped and tied up by the panda. But the zookeeper is good news for you since he pays 500 credits for 5 symbols, 250 for 4symbols, 25 for 3, and 3 for 2.
  • Zoo TicketsThe tickets pay 250 credits for 5 symbols, 100 for 4 symbols, 20 for 3, and 2 for 2.
  • Spilled Candy, Balloon CartThese two symbols pay the same, offering 200 credits for 5 symbols, 50 for 4, and 15 for 3.
  • A, KThese two letters offer 150 credits for 5 symbols, 25 for 4, and 10 for 3.
  • J, 10, 9These four letters pay 100 credits for 5 symbols, 20 for 4, and 5 for 3.

Symbol Graphics

The symbols look solid in this game, with the best detail being seen in the balloon cart, spilled candy, zookeeper, and zoo tickets.

The panda, Pandamania sign, and Pick Me icon aren’t as detailed, but they look above average when compared to other games.

The escaped panda riding a balloon cart isn’t a symbol, but it looks better than anything else in Pandamania from a visual perspective.

Pandamania Slot Bonus Features

Pandamania offers a few different bonuses and special features, including free spins, a Pick Me bonus, and a Gamble feature. Below you can see more on each of the bonuses and special features.

Panda Escape Bonus

You’ll randomly hear a ringing sound during the main game, which indicates that a panda has escaped from the zoo.

You’ll then see the panda ride across the screen on a balloon cart, randomly changing one of the symbols into a wild.

Once again, this bonus is totally random, but we estimate that it happens 1 out of every 10 12 spins when you’re playing all 25 pay lines.

Pick Me Bonus

When 3 or more Pick Me icons land anywhere on the reels, the 3 icons remain on the reels while all other symbols are greyed out.

You select the icons to reveal credit prizes, extra picks, and/or a Win All sign that awards you all the prizes.

Every time that you make a selection, you’ll see the panda take the padlock off his cage and escape, revealing your prize in the process. The round ends when you’ve either uncovered a Win Allsign, selected all of the Pick Me icons, or selected a credit prize with no Pick Again option.

Free Spins

When you land 3 or more Pandamania signs and trigger free spins, the sky will turn to night and you’ll hear a fun tune playing during your free spins.

The panda can also be seen running around in the background and even jumping off the waterfall for a swim.

The two perks to these free games include all wins being doubled, and extra Panda Escape wild symbols appearing on the reels.

You start with 10 free spins, and you can retrigger them at any time by landing 3 or more Pandamania signs.

Gamble Feature

You have the option to gamble your winnings at any point by clicking the button with a heart and spade on it.

This takes you to a second screen, where you can either double your payout by guessing if the card’s color will be red or black, or quadruple your winnings by guessing what the card’s suit willbe.

You can win the Gamble feature up to 5 times before you have to return to the main game.

If you wish to quit gambling at any time, just click the Take Win button. If you lose at any point, your triggering win and all earnings from the Gamble feature are lost.

Betting Options

You can change pay lines from 1 to 25, and change your coin denomination from €0.01 to €2.00. This makes the minimum bet worth €0.01 per spin and the max bet worth €50.00.

You can change pay lines by using either the arrows at the bottom of the screen, or buttons on the sides of the reels. You can adjust your coin denomination with the arrows underneath the screen,or click the gold coin icon for the max €2.00 denomination.

Other Options

Auto play is available through the green button next to the spin button. Clicking this allows you to auto spin the reels for 1 100 spins with your betting preferences.

The only other option that you have is the ability to turn sound on and off using the speaker button.

Win Frequency

The win frequency in Pandamania is high for a 25 pay line slot machine, and we won almost half of our spins.

Granted, many of these wins were worth less than our €2.50 total spin cost. But we also triggered the Pick Me bonus and Panda Escape wilds frequently enough to raise our bankroll.

After several hundred spins, we won over €62.00, which isn’t bad for our moderate bet size.

Return to Player RTP

RTP for Pandamania is 95.53%, which is average for an online slot. Given how often we won, it’s surprising that the long term prospects of beating Pandamania aren’t very high.Nevertheless, thewin frequency is high enough in this game that you can play Pandamania for a while, even with a small bankroll.

Comparison to Other Panda Themed Slot Machines

Pandas may not be as popular in slot machines as cats, dragons, dogs, and lions, but there are still several panda themed games available. Below you can see how Pandamania compares to a couple ofthese slot machines, including WGS’ Amanda Panda and Aristocrat’s Wild Panda.

Amanda Panda and the Jackpot Journey

Amanda Panda is styled after Indiana Jones, with her fedora, brown jacket, and tan pants. You’ll even hear a tune when spinning the reels that sounds like it comes from the movie Indiana Jones.

Further movie parallels can be made between the jungle/temple setting, and how Amanda swings on a rope when appearing in winning payouts.

The graphics in Amanda Panda aren’t as good as Pandamania’s, but this game does a great job of creating an adventurous atmosphere.

The Secret Chamber bonus round only adds to the atmosphere since it takes you into a dangerous temple, where you’ll select prizes while trying to avoid Danger symbols. The goal is to select asmany prizes as possible before uncovering 3 Dangers symbols.

You can also look forward to free spins if you land 3 or more Amanda Panda icons anywhere on the reels.

Amanda Panda and Pandamania are both good games with a fun theme. We like Pandamania’s graphics better, but these slot machines are similar in many other respects.

Wild Panda

Wild Panda is a 5 reel, 100 pay line slot machine that what was initially created for land based casinos, then later adapted for online play.

The first thing to love about this game is how you can play between 20 and 100 pay lines per spin. You also activate 2 pay lines per $0.01, meaning you can play all 100 lines for just $0.50.

Unfortunately, the win frequency isn’t very high for having 100 pay lines in play, meaning this is more like a 25 or 50 pay line slot.

Another notable aspect about Wild Panda is how you trigger free spins by spelling the word P A N D A on the 5 reels. This gives you 5 free spins, which is the only point when the panda wildsymbol appears in the game.

While the 100 pay lines and bonus are interesting, Wild Panda doesn’t have much else to offer. It’s one of many Chinese slot machines that use the same good luck charms as symbols, like a koifish, lotus flower, temple, and gold coin.

For this reason, we don’t think that Wild Panda is on the same level as Pandamania and Amanda Panda.


The fun in Pandamania starts with its theme, which offers the unique combination of a panda who has escaped from its zoo cage.

This creates all sorts of possibilities, including the panda riding a balloon cart, eating snacks, and tying up the zookeeper.

Pandamania also has fun music and sound effects that perfectly fit its theme, especially when the escaped panda rides across the screen.

Another aspect where Pandamania stands out is its special features, which include Panda Escape wilds, a Pick Me bonus, free spins, and a Gamble option. Our favorite of these bonuses is the PandaEscape because it’s not only entertaining, but also gives you numerous wilds throughout the course of play.

One more nice thing about Pandamania is that it has a higher win frequency than most games. Plus, you don’t have to wait long for bonuses since the free spins, Pick Me, or Panda Escape featuresoccur frequently.

We don’t see any weaknesses to Pandamania, other than if the theme doesn’t grab your attention. If the theme does sound fun to you, then we definitely recommend trying Pandamania.

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