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Captain Nemo Slot Machine

The Captain Nemo slot machine from Amaya allows players to journey beneath the ocean waves for a hearty dose of mystery and action. Your constant companion on this adventure is none other thanCaptain Nemo, a legendary anti-hero created by Jules Verne and featured in the novels Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island.

The game features a fantastical aquatic feel, complete with reel symbols of uncharted islands, menacing octopuses, and ancient ships resting in a watery grave. Two bonus rounds increase theexcitement for the player, and the minimum progressive jackpot clocks in at a generous 175,000 coins (with a million or more being possible).

This article is meant to detail all the features of the game, from the basic symbols to the control options located beneath the reels. While the following text can’t guarantee a winning session,it should adequately prepare you for a maritime adventure unlike any other.

10 Interesting Facts about Captain Nemo

If you’re unfamiliar with the literary character of Captain Nemo, this section is meant to educate you about one of Jules Verne’s most famous creations. While far from comprehensive, it shouldprovide a brief glimpse into the personality of one of the most complex characters in Victorian era literature.

  • Nemo’s real name is Prince Dakkar, and he is the son of the Hindu Raja (“great king”) of Bundelkund. After losing his kingdom and family during the First Indian War of Independence of 1857,he retreated from the surface world.
  • Nemo’s massive submarine is known as the Nautilus, and it’s powered by a cutting-edge electrical propulsion system designed by the captain himself.
  • The Grand Salon of the Nautilus is a massive art gallery, displaying immense pearls and surface masterpiece both ancient and modern. According to Professor Pierre Aronnax (the narrator ofTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea), it far outshines the collection housed in the Louvre.
  • Nemo hates the imperialistic surface nations, and he holds a particular dislike for the British Empire.
  • In addition to speaking perfect French, Latin, English, and German, Nemo is also a master of underwater navigation, marine biology, and electrical engineering.
  • Despite his contempt for the surface world, Nemo is known to perform good deeds for the downtrodden. He gives a fortune in pearls to an Indian diver, and he also provides assistance to Greeksrebelling against the Ottoman Empire.
  • After reaching Antarctica, Nemo raises a flag with his emblem and claims the continent as his own.
  • Due to his intense aversion to the surface world, Nemo is nicknamed the “Angel of Hatred” by Professor Aronnax.
  • Despite his desire for revenge, Nemo is shown to be greatly troubled by the deaths of enemy sailors.
  • In Latin, Nemo means “no one.” In Greek, it translates to “I give what is due.” Both of these are appropriate for the character, as he’s an enigmatic figure who sails about dispensing his ownbrand of justice.

Captain Nemo Slot Pay Table

In this section, we’ll be looking at the various symbols available in the main game. Special icons and bonus features are discussed later in the article.

  • Captain Nemo

    The brave and incredibly complicated creator of the Nautilus. One part freedom fighter and one part terrorist, he is a man consumed by revenge and regret.

  • Battle of Vigo Bay Wreckage

    In the novel, much of Nemo’s wealth comes from the sunken cargo of the French fleet during this 1702 naval engagement. This symbol represents the wreckage of these vessels, and an underwatersearchlight can be spotted on the icon, scanning the nearby area for long-forgotten silver and jewels. This is the most valuable symbol in the main game, and it also serves as the wild(substituting for everything except the scatters).

  • Buoy

    I’m not sure if this icon is meant to represent the kind of buoy used to mark a maritime channel or those released by submarines for communication. Either way, it provides yet anothernautical symbol for the game.

  • Pearl

    Produced inside a clam, this beautiful gemstone is easily obtained by Nemo and his men. In addition to bolstering his already immense fortune, he also distributes them as currency todeserving individuals on the surface (such as freedom fighters and destitute pearl divers).

  • Giant Octopus

    In the novel, the Nautilus journeys to the Atlantic Ocean and gets attacked by a pack of “poulpes.” These creatures are depicted as squids in most adaptation, but the French versionhas them correctly listed as octopuses. The underwater dwellers manage to kill one of the crew, sending Nemo into a state of melancholy.

  • Lincoln Island

    The setting for the novel The Mysterious Island, which was also written by Verne. This featured the second appearance of Captain Nemo, and it also revealed his backstory and whathappened to him and his crew after the events of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

  • Sonar Screen & Headphones

    As a testament to the advanced nature of the Nautilus, this icon represents the sophisticated equipment present on the ship.

  • Diver’s Helmet

    This antiquated helmet looks like something you’d see in a horror film or Scooby-Doo episode, but it’s also vital in underwater exploration. The diver’s entire head is covered whilesubmerged, and breathing gas is pumped in via a tube that runs to the surface. In the novel, these helmets were used in conjunction with air-guns to hunt sharks and other underwater life.

  • Compass

    When you’re in the middle of the ocean (or under it), there are often no landmarks to refer to. That’s when a map and a compass come in handy, and this symbol depicts the latter.

  • Map & Magnifying Glass

    Just like the compass, these items are invaluable to anyone attempting to cross the ocean (especially in the 19th century).

  • Nemo Logo

    This golden icon is the game’s scatter symbol. In order to activate the bonus round, you’ll need to get three or more of these on any reel position during a single spin.

  • Nautilus

    This undersea juggernaut is powered by electrical energy and is more than a match for any warship of the 19th When one such vessel attacks during 20,000 Leagues Under theSea, Nemo simply rams it below the waterline, sending the ship and its crew to the bottom of the ocean. As mentioned earlier, it’s also large enough to house an art gallery that puts theLouvre to shame.


I was thrilled by the absence of playing card symbols on the reels. These icons are often used as filler on slot machines, and I’ve always thought it showed a decided lack of imagination onthe part of the designer. With the Captain Nemo slot, every icon relates back to the source material from Jules Verne.

Captain Nemo Slot Machine Bonus Rounds

While the symbols in the previous section provide player’s with respectable payouts, the game’s bonus rounds are where winnings grow to truly massive proportions.


Nemo Bonus Game

In order to activate this bonus round, you’ll need to get three or more Captain Nemo scatter symbols on the reels. This leads to a different screen, where the player is asked to choose from100 blips on a sonar screen. Each selection reveals something previously hidden, and these include cash prizes, jackpot tokens, multipliers, and strikes. Three strikes end the bonusfeature, while multipliers increase any uncovered cash prizes. In order to have a chance at the progressive, you’ll need to collect the jackpot tokens (which look like a ship’s steeringwheel).


Progressive Jackpot Game

In order to reach this stage of the game, the player needs to collect a minimum of three jackpot tokens in the Nemo Bonus Game. If this occurs, the player is once again taken to a differentscreen. This time, the screen displays a colorful wheel of fortune. It’s actually three wheels in one, and the outer wheel is the first to spin. In order to advance to the next section ofthe wheel, the player must land on an arrow symbol (otherwise, the game is over). A successful spin causes the middle wheel to be set into motion, and yet another arrow is required foraccess to the innermost section. If you make it all the way to the end, you’ll either land on a cash prize or a jackpot symbol. The former pays a predetermined amount of money, while thelatter awards the current value of the progressive jackpot (which was $2,516,974.89 the last time I played).

Game Controls

Beneath the reels of the Captain Nemo slot machine, you’ll find a number of game controls that can be used to personalize your gaming experience. In this section, we’ll take a brief look at eachone.

  • Autoplay

    Clicking on the spin button over and over can become tedious, so this feature is meant to free up the player to do other things while the reels are spinning. Whether you’re taking a bathroombreak or grabbing a bite to eat, you can live your life while the automated feature cycles through a preset number of spins. Options range from one to fifty, and the feature can be stopped atany time.

  • Play

    Once the autoplay number has been set, this button initiates the feature.

  • Advanced

    Also tied to the autoplay feature, this button allows the player to set various parameters for when the automatic spin should stop (such as cumulative wins or losses).

  • Paytable

    A list of the games symbols, payouts, and bonus rounds.

  • Lines

    Adjusts the number of paylines, from one to 20.

  • Bet

    The size of the wager per payline can be adjusted. This ranges from $0.25 to $20, allowing for some incredibly pricey spins.

  • Spin

    Clicking this button sets the reels in motion. Unlike most online slots, this game doesn’t allow the reels to be prematurely stopped. If you’re impatient or want to get in as many spins aspossible within an hour, this can be a significant drawback.

  • Bet Max

    Places the maximum possible wager based on the current denomination and active paylines.

  • Balance

    The player’s overall funds are shown in this field.

  • Paid

    Indicates how much the player received on their last winning spin.

  • Total Bet

    Displays the player’s wager for their upcoming spin.

Movie and TV Depictions of Captain Nemo

If you don’t have the time or patience to read through the two novels starring Nemo, you may be relieved to learn that the 19th century character has also been depicted on the silverscreen and television. For those with a couple of hours to spare, any of the following should provide valuable insight into the nature of the complicated undersea adventurer.

It should be noted that, despite the fact that Nemo hated imperialism and especially the British Empire, a number of his depictions in movies and TV are portrayed by English actors. Ah, theirony.

  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)

    When a masked villain threatens to plunge the globe into a world war, a team of special men and women (who all happen to be literary characters) are assembled to combat the threat. In thisversion, Nemo is played by well-known Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah.

  • The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo(1973)

    This international project started as a five-hour European TV miniseries, but it would also be cut into a 96-minute version for theatres. Omar Sharif plays Nemo, and the project is noted forpresenting one of the truest adaptations of Verne’s original work.

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954)

    The most famous movie depiction of Nemo came in this Disney feature film. James Mason plays the role of the famed mariner, while the excellent cast was rounded out by the likes of KirkDouglas and Peter Lorre.

  • Mysterious Island (2005)

    This Hallmark Channel TV movie includes a hidden island, giant insects, and an aging Captain Nemo (Patrick Stewart) who’s obsessed with ending war through any means necessary. Directed byRussell Mulcahy (Highlander), it co-stars Kyle MacLachlan and Gabrielle Anwar.

  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1997)

    This two-part ABC miniseries stars Michael Caine as Nemo, and he received strong reviews for his work on the project. The supporting cast includes Patrick Dempsey, Mia Sara, and Bryan Brown.


While the Captain Nemo slot machine from Amaya doesn’t have any crazy animation or cut scenes, it does offer solid artwork on the reels and background music that’s a cut above most releases. Iwish there were more bonus rounds available during gameplay, but the possibility of a progressive win more than makes up for that deficiency. If you’re looking for a solid slot with massivepayout potential and betting options for people of all income levels, then I suggest giving this one a try.

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