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Britney Spears Slot Machine

Somewhere in the 1990s slot machine game designers borrowed cheap synthetic music from the Internet and PC games to enhance the experience of pushing a button or pulling down a mechanical armthat set 3 to 5 reels to spinning. The casino world was inundated with ringing bells, false clicks, and canned music that created an electrifying, exciting atmosphere. And that was good for abouttwo hours. But then you probably found yourself gravitating toward the table games where you could hear the young guys screaming at the top of their lungs when they didn’t crap out on the dice,or when the roulette wheel paid some prize.

And that was a fine break from the frenetic bubble gum sounds of the synthesized games. It was like waking from a bad dream to realize you had been on a weekend bender and now it was time tosuffer through the aftermath. Only you still had at least another two hours left. At some point the raucous noise of a thousand synthetic soundtracks would dull your senses again.

But all that gradually changed as big movie studios began licensing their franchises to slot game makers. Slowly the favored riffs from fully orchestrated soundtracks began mingling with the badacid trips of the ding-ding-ding and whirl-whirl-whirl older slot machines. And then the wolves started howling and the dinosaurs growling and somewhere in the distance television show hostsbegan congratulating players for spinning big wheels and little reels. But something was missing. Something you could easily fill in for yourself with an MP3 player and a set of headphones. Andsoon enough people began tuning out the exciting noises of the casino for their own private worlds of music and relaxation.

Game designers catch on quickly enough. It’s not hard to think of slot games that have fully orchestrated soundtracks, but what was missing was the song list. The human mind needs some variation. Aristocrat Leisure seems to agree with that point of view because they developed a fully immersive audio visual experience with their Britney Spears slot game. The soaring console curvesover your head and the Surround Sound chair blasts song after song into your ears.

This game has to be the ultimate Britney Spears fan experience.

You can listen to entire songs, watch video clips up close, and just focus on the lady up there without worrying about anyone else thinking you’re a little too excited. If the game is payingyou money everyone will understand your deep interest in “Oops, I Did It Again” and “Crazy”. It’s almost like having a front row seat in a Britney Spears television special.

Rules of the Britney Spears Slot Game

The Britney Spears slot machine begins play as a 5-reel, 6-row video game. Prizes are paid from left to right except for Scatters.  60 pay lines afford many opportunities to win prizes butsome of the pay lines are only active during the bonus features.

The game’s Wild symbol is the “Wild Heart” logo. It substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter symbol. The Wild pays 250 times bet per line for five of a kind, 50 times bet per line forfour of a kind, 20 times bet per line for three of a kind, and 5 times bet per line for two adjacent symbols.

The Scatter symbol is a portrait shot of Britney from the “You Drive Me Crazy” video. The symbol only appears on reels 1, 3, and 5 and pays 50 times total bet for three of a kind. The Scattersymbol triggers the Crazy Bonus round, where you win one of four special bonus games described below.

Other Symbols in the Britney Spears Slot Game

The high value symbols are 3-row stack images of Britney wearing outfits from concerts and music videos. They are color coded Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. On the pay table the pictures arearranged so that the Red and Green images show her almost facing forward but turned slightly toward the center of the screen. The Yellow and Blue images show Britney facing each other with herbody but her face turned toward the player.

The Red picture
Pays 120 times bet per line for five of a kind, 40 times bet per line for 4 of a kind, 15 times bet per line for 3 of a kind, and 3 times bet per line for 2 adjacent tiles.
The Yellow picture
Pays 100 times bet per line for five of a kind, 30 times bet per line for four of a kind, 10 times bet per line for three of a kind, and 2 times bet per line for two of a kind.
The Blue picture
Pays 90 times bet per line for five of a kind, 25 times bet per line for four of a kind, and 8 times bet per line for three of a kind.
The Green picture
Pays 75 times bet per line for five of a kind, 20 times bet per line for four of a kind, and 5 times bet per line for three of a kind.

The low value symbols are a Diamond necklace in a Dark Blue case, a Light Blue Bottle of perfume, Golden Stack shoes, a Purple Fedora, a Headset, and a Lipstick Kiss.

How to Play the Britney Spears Slot Game

When the Scatter symbol triggers the Crazy Bonus game the player must press Start so the game can randomly choose a prize game. The game consists of up to three rounds (spins) in which any of thebonus features can be won. The game ends when the jackpot is won or when three rounds of Crazy Prize credits have been played, or when one of the other bonus features has been won. The prizes aremultiplied by the Bet Multiplier displayed on the game’s main screen.

Crazy Symbol Feature

The Crazy symbol is an upward-pointing arrow with the word “CRAZY” and surrounded by (virtual) neon lights in marquee style. When the game chooses this symbol it either awards Crazy Prizecredits or the Jackpot. Crazy Prize credits are randomly awarded as follows: either 1000 or 2500 in the first round, 000 or 5000 in the second round, and 3000 or 10,000 in the third round.To win the jackpot you must play the maximum bet, although that does not guarantee you will win the jackpot.

“Oops I Did it Again!” Feature

The Oops symbol triggers the “Oops, I Did It Again!” free games bonus feature. The bonus begins with 6 free games although more can be won. The free spins use 60 pay lines. Five symbolpositions are locked out, meaning they do not pay prizes. The Locked Out symbol shows a heart-shaped lock holding crossed chains. Every time an Oops! symbol appears on an active position inreels 2 or 4 one of the Locked Out symbols is removed, starting with the lowest value position. A portrait of Britney from the “Oops!” music video acts as a Scatter; when three of thesesymbols appear 2 more free games are awarded.

There are eleven other special symbols for the “Oops!” bonus game. The high value symbols are a new Wild and four pictures of Britney, color coded from left to right as Red, Yellow, Blue,and Green. These symbols pay the same amounts as the color coded symbols in the main game but the “Oops!” symbols are normal-sized tiles. The low value symbols are a pair of Aqua Earrings,a Pink Bottle of perfume, Blue Shoes, Britney’s autograph, a Microphone, and the Lipstick Kiss.

“Baby one More” Time Wheel

The “Baby One More Time” wheel bonus awards the player 3 spins on the big wheel. The wheel awards prizes as credits, additional spins, or a special “Hit Me, Baby” symbol which awards from 2 to 10credit prizes on the wheel. Two arrow indicators on either side of the wheel show which prize is awarded.

Toxic Bonus

The Toxic Picks bonus brings up a screen with 40 bottles positioned on shelves across the screen. The player picks a bottle at random to reveal a prize. This continues until three Red Bottleshave awarded prizes and Black “X” symbols. There are four types of prizes hidden by the bottles: Credits, Red Bottles, Green Bottles, and Britney. Britney breaks 2 of the remaining hidden RedBottles for you, awarding you their prizes without the Black “X” symbols. The bonus session ends when three Red Bottles have awarded Black “X” symbols. Green Bottles increase the session’s bonusmultiplier up to 15 times base credits.

Equalizer Spins Bonus

The Equalizer Spins bonus adds more tile positions to each reel. This bonus can be won on any paid game (not after free spins) and at the end of a spin the screen adds 13 to 16 new tile positionsper reel. Up to 190 pay lines can be activated. Prizes are only awarded on pay lines covering currently active positions on the screen. Hidden positions that have not yet been awarded won’t pay.All Equalizer prizes are awarded with a Times 3 multiplier, but that is negated if the Crazy Bonus game is triggered by a Scatter set. The Equalizer is guaranteed to pay at least twice the amountof the bet that triggered the game.

“Hit Me Baby One More Time” Respin

The “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Respin may be won after any paid game (not after free spins). This feature only occurs when two Scatter symbols appear on reels 1 and 3 and no prizes have beenawarded. The first four reels are locked into position and reel 5 spins again, guaranteeing a third Scatter symbol appears to trigger the Crazy Bonus.


Players have expressed a lot of enthusiasm for this game not only because it plays Britney’s music continuously but also because the bonus features are new or greatly expanded over older butsimilar features. The game makes use of the newest Arc technology developed by Aristocrat and it provides a clear hint toward where Aristocrat thinks slot gaming should go.

The prize combinations are varied enough that your past experience with slot games serves as only a minimal guide for what to expect.  The in-screen videos and the oversized pictures ofBritney are sure to make the game more interesting for many players while the randomness of the game keeps the excitement levels elevated.

What is missing is the ability to choose a play set or to change the order of the songs. That might prove to be an annoying experience for your neighbors, though, if you were to play the samesong over and over again.

Everyone is going to have their own favorite bonus feature. The Toxic Picks bonus offers the most interactive experience, as pick games do. The sheer volume of available picks is an impressiveimprovement over older games that limp along with 5 to 10 picks.  The big wheel game in the “Baby One More Time” feature is also quite popular because the “Hit Me Baby!” symbol promises bigwins. Players really get into the wheel spins when that symbol gets close to the pointers.

It’s hard to go back to synthetic slot game soundtracks after playing one of the modern games, but the Britney Spears slot machine will make that retro-transition even more awkward. The oldDouble Whatever slot machines will seem even less appealing except to people who really don’t enjoy Britney Spears’ music and will go out of their ways to avoid listening to it. Then again, thereis always the sound control button but you don’t get quite the same rich experience when you disable the sound on a slot machine.

The stunning visual capabilities on the newer slot machines may also herald the sunset of “Cartoon Animation” style slot machines, or force them to step up their design games. While people dolike variety they also like evolution in their gaming experience. More casino customers than ever have grown up playing video games and watching IMAX movies. That cumulative lifetime experiencesets a gaming environment expectation which companies like Aristocrat must tune into. The Britney Spears slot machine shows that Aristocrat is making the right moves. Their Arc technology shouldhelp them bring more games with rich, immersive experience to market with a minimal requirement for engineering innovation for at least another 3 to 5 years.

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